Linda the Pet…sitter CH:2 Linda Prepares for Fri

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Linda the Pet…sitter CH:2 Linda Prepares for FriLinda spent the next several days extremely nervous fearful full of anticipation and frankly more turned on and she’s been in her entire life which was about to change. Her boring sexless single life of work and pet sitting is about to become more exciting. So she got a beautiful manicure and pedicure her hair done and she went for a full body massage and skin treatment during which she had an explosive orgasm when the cute young Latina girl who spoke very little English rubbed her vulva. Linda tried to hide it as best she could but that was futile the girl noticed and had a big smile on her face and said oh mami. You need this? Linda nodded and said I do as the cute Latina spread Linda’s legs and begin thoroughly massage her wet pussy.The girl stuck two fingers in Lindas lippy shaved pussy and finger fucked her g spot and it was only 30 seconds and Linda was bucking moaning and squirting-like a teenage girl. The girl slowed down and was still double fingering Linda deep and slow…..rubbing Linda’s clit with her thumb and squeezing one nipple of Lindas swollen breast. Then she began again….speeding up….deeper penetration…..inda raised her ass completely off the table as high as it would go and began to cum, didim escort and cum…bucking and making a fair amount of noise. The rooms only had a sheet as a door so…others could hear for certain.She fell limp on the table as the girl slowly slid her fingers out of Lindas pussy. This girl was only 19 or so. She raised her fingers to Lindas mouth and Linda sucked them. The girl rubbed her wet hand all over Lindas face. That’s a good mami.Linda sat up on the table hanging her legs off the edge and the cute young Latina then grabbed both of Linda‘s nipples between her fingers squeezed tightly wiggling Linda‘s tits as she leaned into Linda‘s face and said I love you Mami but you need to pay me now.Linda set up as the girl handed Linda her purse and Linda pulled out $100 and gave it to the girl as she stared at Linda and said mami I need more. Linda reached into her purse and pulled out two more $100 bills and gave it to the girl and the girl put her arms around Linda kissing her sticking her tongue right down Linda‘s throat telling Linda that she hast to come back to see her again.Linda told her that she would she got dressed and as she walked out of the massage parlor the girl was standing at the counter with three didim escort bayan other young girls all smiling and chuckling as Linda walked past. Hurry back mami….the girl who massaged Linda said…Walking to her car she could not believe what just happened to her but again she was more turned on and satisfied than she has been in our entire life and she knew that she had everything else she needed for Friday night at home the dress the shoes but she did not have the right nylons it’s very hot in Houston and not many girls wear nylons so she needed to go to the store to buy some.She knew she needed something quality sexy that she couldn’t get at the d**gstore so she went to the mall call the galleria and went to Nordstrom’s. There she was helped by a very beautiful sales lady in her 20s. Linda choose some beautiful dark black opaque opera length long by high stockings that needed a garter belt and so she also helped Linda pick a beautiful black eight strap garter belt. She also got several pair of expensive black thigh high stay up stockings as well as a matching bra to go with her garter belt to wear on Friday night.The girl rang up her items and checked her out winked at Linda and told her to have a great escort didim time she’s going to look fabulous.As Linda drove home she felt flush as she was thinking that she’s had more sexual adventures in the last three days then she’s had in the last 30 years and she knew this was just the beginning.Friday night came and Linda was shaking she was so nervous. She managed to apply her smokey eyed makeup, and got into her stockings. It took her a while to get the garters attached as there are 8 of them, She put on her black bra and cocktail dress that was quite tight and short. Small straps over the shoulders. A hint of sexy perfume…She hadn’t dressed this sexy…ever. Expensive hose, garter belt, bra dress heels and no panties. Makeup and Lipstick a whore would approve of. Hair flowing….she looked radiant….flush…..she had already had two big glasses of wine to calm down and was feeling buzzed.Thankfully her car was in her attached garage. She didn’t want her neighbors seeing her dressed like this.Linda pulled into the driveway of Maria and Roberts big home. She checked her face and hair and took a big deep breath. She got out of the car and a young couple was walking by with their baby….they looked at Linda and snickered. Linda was embarrassed.She got to the front door sand rang the bell. Maria answered and allowed Linda in and said. Wow. Now that’s dressing for the occasion. She walked to Linda in the vestibule and put her arms around her and kissed her. Tongue down the throat and better than Lindas ever been kissed in her life.Lets go in the living room….To be continued…

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