Subject: Little Steven part 7 I hope you’re all still enjoying these stories. Keep emailing your opinions and responses. To keep this wonderful site going, and you all know how much pleasure it brings us, please consider donating. As little as you like fty/donate.html Little Steven part seven: the second Ian interlude. I woke up the next morning with an erection, which was normal, and I stroked it a little but decided not to wank myself but to go to the park toilet again and hopefully find someone to suck it for me. The day before had been a whirlwind: the photoshoot with Kyle, the gorgeous gypsy boy whose cock had been the first ever to penetrate my anus. It had been amazing, then the time we had with Bill and his huge cock, then a surprising encounter with my father. I had never thought of him as a sexual being before, though he must have had sex with my mum at least once for me to exist. I wasn’t sure what to think about it, and whether I wanted to do anything sexual with him. It might be too weird. It was after nine, so I knew my parents would both be away to work and I would have the house to myself. So I got up and had breakfast still in my dinosaur pyjamas (I was only eleven and people bought me cute childish things). You probably don’t want to hear this next bit, so if you’re squeamish skip the next paragraph. As usual I needed a poo after breakfast and I sat on the toilet and let it happen. It hurt a little because my anus was a bit tender, but it also reminded me of how my bum had felt with Kyle’s cock inside me and I got instantly hard. I wondered if pooing would now be erotic forever. Sorry but I have to tell the truth – it’s a feeling I remember. I showered, making sure my bum was lickably spotless and was deciding what to wear to the park when the phone rang. It was Ian. “Hi Ian. How are you doing?” “I’m fine. Can you come over?” “Yeah, I was just wondering what to do today. What do you have in mind?” “I’ll tell you when you get here. I’m just out the shower and I’m naked.” My cock twitched at that image. “I’ll be right over,” I said. I knocked his door five minutes later and he answered it in just pyjama trousers, his skinny torso on show for me. I loved seeing his ribs and I was already getting hard under my shorts. He looked a bit nervous and looked behind me as if checking nobody was watching. “Come in,” he said and stepped aside. Once in, he took my hand and led me to his bedroom and turned to face me. “Can you kiss me?” he asked. I didn’t answer in words but leaned down a little to press my lips against his and wrapped my arms round his small, thin body and stroked the soft skin of his back. His tongue pushed inside my mouth immediately and we kissed hard and passionately for several minutes while my cock got gradually harder. I slid my hand inside his pyjama trousers and squeezed his little bum cheeks, then round between us to find his small cock hard and erect. He was doing similar things to me. He broke away and said, “I loved it so much when you licked by bum before, I want to try anal sex. Will you do it to me?” “Are you sure? “Yes. Absolutely sure. I’ve been preparing.” “Preparing?” “I’ve been putting things in my bum: fingers, fruit and vegetables. I love it.” My cock grew even stiffer at the thought – Ian’s bum was so small, so round so white. It was like every man’s fantasy of the perfect fuck. Just licking it the other day had been wonderful and I wanted to jam my cock right in. ” I would love to, but it might hurt – you’re quite small and I’ve got a big dick.” “I think I’m ready. I’ve been reading about it and etiler escort know what to do.” “Wow. But just shout if it hurts and I’ll stop.” “Will do. Let’s go.” In a moment his pyjama trousers were off, his gorgeous little white willy jutting upward from his tiny scrotum. He grabbed it and started rubbing vigorously with one hand while his other hand fumbled at my belt. I stripped naked too and he looked admiringly at my swollen cock. He looked slightly nervous. “I’d forgotten how big it is,” he said. “You don’t have to take it if you don’t want to.” “Let’s try at least,” he said, and jumped onto the bed and got on all fours facing away from me. The view of the little puckered hole between his white buttocks was the sexiest thing I’d ever seen, and knowing he wanted me inside him was intoxicating. “Em, do you have vaseline?” I asked. “No, use the oil.” He gestured to the bedside table where there was a bottle of olive oil. “Really?” “They use oil in all the old books,” he said. “It’ll work. I’ve tried rubbing it on my willy and it’s very slidy.” I crawled on my knees onto the bed behind him and pushed the head of my cock between his gorgeous buttocks and began to rub up and down. He groaned under me and I reached a hand round, grabbed hold of his little penis and began to stroke it, the soft foreskin moving easily over the rigid rod within. “Oh that’s nice,” Ian said. “Get the oil.” I ignored him and instead bent down and licked his juicy little bum. There were more moans of pleasure as I let go of his willy and used both hands to part his cheeks and push my tongue deeper, round and inside the tight little hole. My cock was demanding attention but I thought if I slid it inside that beautiful bottom I could come in seconds and I wanted to last longer so Ian could enjoy it properly. I kept my hands off it. Instead, I lifted my head and fetched the olive oil. I poured some on my hand and rubbed it around Ian’s hole,, moving up and down. As I did it his hole opened up a little, a tiny dark circle inviting me inside. I didn’t know bums could do that. I added more oil and slid a finger inside, just an inch at first. It went in more easily than I expected and Ian moaned in obvious pleasure. I pushed deeper and curled my finger a little. This was new to me and the texture of Ian’s inside was surprising to me. There seemed to be more room than I expected. I pushed the whole finger in and rotated it, the oil working perfectly. I pulled out and pushed back in, then added a second finger, all the way in. There was no resistance and he sounded like he was already about to orgasm. The sight of my fingers fucking his cute white bum was very sexy and I couldn’t hold back any more. I extracted my fingers and rubbed some oil on my massively engorged cock, not rubbing too much in case I blew a load before even making it inside the beautiful boy in front of me. “You ready for my cock now?” I asked. “Yes. Fuck me, Steven.” I lined it up and waited a moment just to enjoy the sight of my glans an inch from heaven. I pushed forward so it rested right on the hole and Ian gasped. My cock was a lot thicker than two fingers and I thought maybe I should have tried three fingers before attempting this but I was too far gone. I pushed gently and nothing happened – I thought it wasn’t going to go in. But a little more pressure and the tip popped inside. We both gasped and I stopped again to savour the image. My cock was embedded in the beautiful arsehole of a beautiful boy. His white cheeks were well spread, the curve of his etimesgut escort back and the blond messy hair on the back of his head. “Is that okay?” I asked. “It’s amazing. Is it all in?” It was barely in at all, only an inch. ” Nearly,” I said. I’ll feed in a bit more. I eased in another inch and felt him tense, less than half of my cock inside and I thought it wasn’t going to work. ” Too sore? ” “No, give me it all.” He relaxed again, a great effort of will, and I began to move in and out a little, fucking just with half my cock. “Oh that’s wonderful,” Ian said. “Can it go deeper?” “If you can take it,” I said. “Do it. All the way in.” I kept up the gentle fucking rhythm but pushed in a little further with every few thrusts until a minute later I was all the way in, my balls slapping against his taint. He kept up the groaning but didn’t tense up again or ask me to stop. I grabbed his hips and pushed harder yet. Every part of him felt different, and it got tighter again at the fullest depth so that the tip of my cock got a little extra sensation with every thrust. I picked up speed and was fucking him hard, both of us moaning in pleasure. “I’m going to come soon,” I said, breathlessly. “Go on. Try and get me pregnant,” He said. We both giggled a bit but then my orgasm hit and nothing made any sense any more. I felt it somewhere in my belly, and in my head, a glorious sense of well being. My anal muscles clenched and I tried to push as far inside Ian as possible. Then the pulsating started. I pumped squirt after squirt of my sweet boy spunk inside Ian’s gorgeous arse, every pulse accompanied by waves of pleasure too deep to describe. Under me, Ian was writhing and moaning. I didn’t even know if he was still enjoying it or if he was in pain and trying to get away, and I didn’t care. I came down gradually, realising where I was. I leaned down and kissed Ian’s shoulders and neck, my cock still inside, still hard and still gently pulsing with what felt like mini after-orgasms. “Was that okay?” I asked, right by his ear. “You went a bit wild at the end there Steve,” he said. “But it was fabulous.” I kissed him a bit more then straightened up and pulled my still stiff cock out of his bum. The hole gaped open for a moment before closing up again, as if it suddenly remembered what it was supposed to be like. “I’m going to the toilet. I’ll be right back.” I stepped off the bed and left the room. When I got to the bathroom I looked at myself in the mirror. In theory I was physically the same shy, frightened boy I’d been before I left primary school just a couple of weeks before, but my confidence had grown, largely with feeling desired so deeply by so many people. I couldn’t linger though. I looked down at my cock and the brown streaks on the tip. I must have been in really deep. It sounds disgusting, but seeing the little bit of mess made the whole thing more real to me. I filled the sink with hot water and washed my cock clean. It was still hard, and my soapy hands felt a lit like the inside of Ian’s bum. I washed harder, faster, holding myself tighter and I had another orgasm, spurting pale white liquid into the sink. It wasn’t as intense as what I’d had earlier but was very pleasurable, and unexpected. Back in the bedroom, Ian was lying on his back, his penis now flaccid and hanging between his milky thighs. His whole body was thin and almost white, ribs bulging above his flat tummy. “Do you want to try and come too?” I asked. He laughed. “I was wanking myself the whole time. I’ve come twice. Didn’t you even notice?” etlik escort “Sorry. I was distracted.” I lay down beside him and he turned his back and pushed into me, spooning, although I didn’t know that word then. I put an arm round him and kissed the back of his neck again. “Did you like it?” I asked. He giggled childishly and rubbed his bum against my soft cock. “I think I have a new favourite hobby.” I didn’t realise we’d fallen asleep until I woke up, still in the same position, but with my cock hard again. I moved gently and prodded it against his little bumhole, and astonishingly it slid inside again. Just a little. It hurt a bit as if my cock was red raw, which I suppose it might have been. Ian shifted a bit and pushed back onto me, taking more of my cock inside him. “I might have a new favourite alarm clock as well,” he said. “An alarm cock, perhaps.” We both giggled and I fucked him gently and stroked his stiffening little penis until we’d both had enough. Neither of us had the energy to come again, but the cuddles were nice. The next interesting thing that day happened at bedtime. I always slept with my door a little open. This was a long time ago before central heating so it was the only way to get some heat from the fires downstairs. But I left it open wider than usual, remembering my dad last night and wondering if he would come back. I lay reading for a while until I heard footsteps on the stairs, then I pushed the covers down and slid my pyjama bottoms down so my genitals were in full view. I wasn’t really feeling sexy because I’d come twice at Ian’s but a little stroking soon got my cock hard again. I kept wanking it, slowly and gently, not so much for myself but to put on a show. Sure enough, when I looked at the door, I saw my father’s face peeking round, watching. I couldn’t read his face but I would have said he looked worried. I looked back at my cock with my hand moving up and down. I thought myself that it looked sexy. It was as white and hairless as Ian’s but much bigger. The foreskin covered the tip completely at the height of each stroke and the purple tip was revealed with each downward movement. Because I was moving so slowly it wasn’t blurred so my dad could see it clearly. There was a knock at the door. I looked round. He’d seen me look round before but he was unsure what to do. “Can I come in, son?” “Yeah. I’m wanking though, is that okay?” “It’s fine. Don’t stop on my account.” I kept moving my hand slowly, so obviously not trying to pleasure myself, and my dad stared. “You’re very well endowed for your age,” he said. He looked me in the eye briefly but couldn’t tear his eyes from the hand moving on my eleven year old erection. “People keep telling me that,” I said. I looked at him. His face was a mix of emotions but there was a definite bulge in his trousers. “Is yours big? Can I see?” He thought for a moment then undid his trousers and let them fall to the ground along with his underpants. His penis was similar to mine, but perhaps not as big. He was erect. “Nice, bring it closer,” I said. He obeyed like a child. When he was within reach I let go of my own cock and wrapped my fingers round his. “Do you mind me doing this?” I asked. He only shook his head. I began to move my hand, waking my own father’s cock. I still wasn’t really horny but this felt so naughty it was thrilling. With my other hand I started wanking myself again, pumping both cocks in unison. Then I pulled him closer and fixed my mouth on his cock and started to suck. He made a noise that could have been a complaint or just a grunt and I took the tip into my throat. I sucked faster, my little head bobbing and it only took a couple of minutes for him to spray my throat with warm salty spunk. I swallowed every drop and kept sucking until I had extracted the dregs. When I let him go he looked stunned. “You can kiss me goodnight now, dad,” I said.

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