Lockdown Series Pt. 01


My name is Aniket. This story explores how I came to seduce my younger sister and took her virginity during lockdown. My sister’s name is Anushree. My sister is only a year younger than me. I was 19 and she was 18 when this incident took place. She and I were more than siblings in the sense that we only had each other to play with. There were always fights, there were always the kinds of teasing two juvenile playmates throw at each other, and there was always the bond two young people who are close in age feel for each other.

My family is quite rich and we have our own bungalow and cars etc. My father is very loving man and we were spoiled as kids as dad made sure that we are well-provided for. However my father is very protective of my sister, who is the delicate little flower in his life. She is well- -preserved. She is thoroughly looked after and her needs are seen to immediately. My mother treats her like a little doll, mostly because my father wants her to be treated that way, and my sister is a little doll when it comes to her looks and behaviour.

My mother is not as strict with her, though, as my father. Being a woman herself, she understands the frustration my sister feels while growing under strict rules and she does let her have quite a bit of freedom. But she will never, ever, ever, allow my sister to associate with a boy where something can develop between the two of them. My sister is being raised to be a good wife to a man that my father will choose for her, and one of the requirements of a good wife is to be chaste, innocent, and virtuous. Basically it means that she has to be a virgin, apart from being a good cook and a good housekeeper.

This story begins when the Indian government announced a lockdown, and there we were the 4 of us, locked in our home. It meant that we could not go to anybody’s home, and nobody could come to our home. Only I was selected by my family to get household and food supplies occasionally, either in the very late of night or early morning.

It was the 1st day of lockdown. As I settled into my room, my sister came by with a few things I might have needed, like soap, shampoo, toothpaste, and razor. My room is my own and only our maid used to enter in it. Our maid was with us since the beginning and literally saw us grow up.

As I was busy taking my shower, I heard the door open and someone came in. This was not unusual because our maid used to bring me a towel or clothes when I was younger; but I was no longer a young boy and I didn’t like such intrusion into my private time. Luckily the shower door was partially closed, but not completely locked, so she couldn’t have seen anything through the door.

I hadn’t expected anyone to come in while my shower was running; otherwise, I would have locked the door. I thought of saying something but decided not to; it was no use; she was already there, doing something to the long handle attached to the shower door. I just waited for her to leave before resuming my activity.

As the vague outline moved to leave the bathroom, I heard my sister say, “I am leaving a fresh towel for you.”

I was surprised to discover that it was my sister and not my mother who had brought me the towel. I found my sister’s presence in the bathroom to be very upsetting. I had to say something to her about barging in on me like that, so I opened the door and stuck my head out, making sure that the rest of my body was hidden from her view. When she heard the door open, she turned back to see what I wanted. I said to her, “Anushree, you shouldn’t come into the bathroom while I am showering. I am naked.”

She replied, almost nonchalantly, “It was mom who made me do it. Besides, I heard the shower running so I knew it was okay for me to come in. I can’t see anything while you are inside the shower.”

I didn’t know what to say to that. She didn’t wait for me to say anything else and left as casually as she had spoken of her not being able to see anything.

In the night, at around ten, I was getting ready to sleep when she came to my room with 2 glasses of warm milk. I asked her, “What happened to the maid. Any chance she can come and stay with us during lockdown?”

“Oh NO, mom called her and the maid conformed that she cannot break the curfew due to COVID protocols. “Too much police surveillance in her slum” she added.

“And since mom cannot climb the stairs, she has deputed me to look after this part of the house.” With those words she put the milk on the side table and then sat on the bed towards the feet area.

“Then you must be the new maid,” I teased her. “You are going to get more skinny working as a maid…………. and for free.”

She threw one of the pillows at me, “You can laugh all you want, but I am not free. Actually, I am very expensive.”

“I guess you are right. Look at the jewellery and expensive clothing you are wearing. Only a favored maid would get such treatment.”

“Just remember,” she shot back at me, “Be nice to me, or else be ready to do all the house eryaman arkadan veren escort work on your own.”

I laughed with her I started sipping the milk. She joined in and then after a brief pause, she asked, “Do you really think I am too skinny?”

She wasn’t looking at me when she asked the question, for some reason. I guess she knew what my answer was going to be and was hoping it to be different.

I looked at her carefully. She seemed very serious while waiting for the answer. I knew my answer had to be political. I mean, she was skinny, but not so much that it would be considered unattractive. Her long, black hair pretty much made up for anything that being skinny——took away from her looks. They were long enough to come all the way down to the back of her ass and were shiny. Whenever she stood tall with her hair flowing behind her, she looked beautiful.

“You are not skinny. You are slender. Your height makes you very graceful and attractive.”

She beamed with my answer as she looked at me, smiled awkwardly, and said, “Really, you think so?”

“Yes, I know so.” I liked the fact that my statement had made her so happy. It showed in her body language as she left my room.

The following morning, I was in the middle of getting dressed when she came back again. I had my shorts on but I still had my t-shirt to put on.

“Don’t you knock before you come in?” I protested.

“You should lock the door when you don’t want anyone to come in. That’s what I do.” She snapped at me. “I came to find out if you needed anything washed or ironed.”

I felt bad for my irritation. She was, after all, looking after my needs.

“Sorry, Anushree. Not today.”

She left the room quietly.

Thus, our routine was set. She would come to my room by 9 AM to clean my room. She would take away the old cloths for washing, occasionally change the bed sheet, dust and clean the room, clean the toilet and fold my cloths. In the meantime, Mom would be preparing breakfast and then we all would have breakfast together.

In the night, she would bring me warm milk and then sit with me and sip it slowly while we both chatted for a while.

The subject of her being skinny again came up a couple of days later. She wanted to hear more from me about the way she looked. I knew she was fishing for compliments, so I obliged, “You know, Anushree, you have a model’s body. Some people would call it skinny but a lot of them would find it very attractive. Haven’t you heard the term “SIZE ZERO.”

I was lying but she seemed to believe me. I figured I was probably the only one who ever told her about her physical features being attractive.

“Besides you have the hair to die for.”

She seemed very excited with my comments. She giggled with each remark. I was enjoying her excitement. I decided to go even further at the spur of the moment, “Come to think of it, a belly like yours is probably best suited for a pierced bellybutton.”

She jumped off of the bed, lifted her t-shirt up, and said, “You mean, like this.”

She was giggling as she bared her stomach to show me a stud in her bellybutton.

When I feasted my eyes on her milky white stomach that day, I felt aroused.

The view that I found myself looking at when she showed me her pierced bellybutton was a very rare occurrence.

There she was, holding the front part of her t-shirt up to her chest, the pyjamas around her waist hanging considerably below the bellybutton, the curve of her stomach disappearing down into her pyjamas.

Her pyjamas fit snugly around her hips and thighs, despite being a loose garment. I could make out a trace of her pubic hair visible around the top of her pyjamas. That surprised me and also excited me.

She must have seen that gleam in my eyes as I ogled that little bit of skin shining at me like the moon. She was nervous and giggled embarrassedly. I got hold of myself quickly and whispered, “My God, Anushree! Does mom know about this?”

She laughed, “Yes, she does. It took almost a year of begging before she consented. I am not supposed to show it to anybody, but I’ve been dying to show it to someone ever since I got it pierced.”

“Well, it looks very sexy, and I was right, you do have the best stomach for it.”

She dropped her t-shirt down and sat back on the bed. Her giggles continued to erupt now and then. She finally got up to leave and said, “I better go.”

That was a significant development between the two of us. She was so excited that she had to leave and calm herself down. I was excited myself by that small peek at her body, and I shouldn’t have been. Even though it was my sister’s belly; the fact that it was a rare thing for me to see had elicited my response.

As subtle as that interaction had been, it did have one lasting effect on us. We became a lot freer with each other.

The other result of our being freer was that I didn’t rush to put my shirt on as quickly as I used to when she came into my room. sincan escort Being a male, it wasn’t required that I cover myself completely in the presence of a woman, although modesty dictates that I should.

I usually sleep naked, so I made it a point to put up my shorts/underwear after I get up, in case Anushree comes in. Other than that I had no reason to lock the door of my room. Mom and dad cannot climb stairs and only my sister could come in, and I knew her timing.

She usually come into the room while I showered and had seen me a few times with only my underwear, so it became a routine for me to have only my underwear.

As a natural consequence of that, I wasn’t too concerned when one morning she came in and found me standing in my room in front of the mirror, brushing my teeth, with my underwear on. She came in casually as was her routine, placed the towel on the bar, and went out.

She was rather nonchalant at seeing me half naked.

There was, however, that one look she gave me as she walked by on her way out. She looked at me but she did not avert her eyes. As she was about to leave the bathroom, I called her back. She stood in the door looking at me. I just wanted to have a conversation with her, with only my underwear on.

“You don’t have to bring me a towel every morning. I can get it from you the night before.”

She didn’t look me in the eyes; instead she was looking at my chest. She replied, “It’s okay. I don’t mind.”

I paused as I tried to think of something else to add, but I couldn’t come up with anything. She continued looking at my chest while waiting for me to dismiss her. My pause was long enough to give her the time to drop her gaze down from my chest to my belly and my cock, hidden in my underwear. Then she looked away very quickly.

I found that to be very exciting.

I started to talk to her every morning after that, staying in my underwear only. She became more comfortable in my presence and our interactions opened us to each other in ways that we had never done before. She also started to spend more time around me.

Anushree became more and more receptive towards me. She would clean my room very nicely, change the bed sheets, wash and iron my cloths, tidy my room, clean my toilet and even took care of my personal belongings like laptop, books and even the embarrassing stuff.

She found cigarettes, condoms and beer in my cupboard but strangely made no complaint about it to mom. In fact she even arranged and neatly placed them in my cupboard drawer, so that I can easily access it.

The next day, I asked her to show me her bellybutton again. She was a little shy at first and showed a lot of reluctance but when I urged her on by saying, “Well, I have seen it once before. It won’t be a big deal if you show it to me again,” she relented.

She stood away from the bed with her t-shirt pulled up and her bellybutton in full view. It was as arousing as the first time, if not more. I took a good and deep look.

“You look very good.” I said.

She looked at me and our eyes held together for a brief moment before she lowered them and whispered, “Thanks.”

I tried very hard to stop myself but I couldn’t help saying, “You should never wear those clothes that show your midriff. You’ll drive people crazy.”

It was clear that I was flirting with her. Whether she realized it or not, I couldn’t say, but I was flirting with mild sexual undertones in my remarks and gestures. It actually felt good and she seemed affected by it.

Our acceptance was comfortable enough that one evening I asked her without worrying about a possible negative response if I could see her with her hair down, and she obliged without any hesitation. She immediately loosened her long hair flowing behind her and she twirled to give me a full view. She must have seen my eyes blazing, because she seemed to be pleased with the affect her hair were having on me. She looked really beautiful and I told her so.

Her hair started to stay loose in the evenings when she spent time with me as my compliments continued with more and more frankness.

It was almost 10 days into lockdown and I wanted to meet my girlfriend as I was dying for a hot fuck. I knew that was not possible so we chatted on snap chat, basically sex chat, and nude masturbation.

That evening, as we sat across from each other, I noticed that she seemed lost in her thoughts, with an occasional half-smile thrown in. I asked, “What are those smiles about?”

“I am thinking something—something rather naughty.”

“Well, then let’s hear it.”

“I don’t know if I should say it.” She smiled more openly at her own thoughts.

“Well, with a smile like that, you have to say it.”

She paused for effect, then said, “I noticed you don’t shave your armpits.”

“Well, my girlfriend likes my armpits ….so I grow the hair in them.”

“Actually I think it is kind of exciting to see a man with hair under his arms.”

I just looked at her inquisitively. gölbaşı çıtır escort She was sitting cross-legged in front of me. She did something that I found to be a little too much. She placed her hands a little distance away behind her, extended her chest slightly outward, shook her head to let her hair fall off of the bed, and looked at me rather mischievously.

She said, rather seductively, “I don’t shave my armpits either.”

“Really!” I exclaimed as I took in the view.

She looked at me and asked, “Wanna see?”

She wanted to know if I wanted to see her armpit hair. I had to say yes. I couldn’t lose the opportunity to see more of my sister.

She giggled and got up. She was wearing a sleeveless T-shirt that fit snugly around her bosom and jeans that hugged her long legs, slim ass, and small hips rather deliciously. She held her arms up and crossed above her head as she posed for me; slightly bent at the knees, hips pushing one way while arms leaning the other. For the first time in my adult life, I actually saw my sister’s arms and shoulders.

My sister was looking real good as a woman.

“So, what do you think?” She asked. She couldn’t look at me because she looked very embarrassed.

“Very sexy!” I whistled at her. “Very, very sexy!”

Why don’t you lift your shirt up to show that bellybutton, again.”

She did. She looked very good as her hair spread behind her as a nice backdrop to her pose. I was getting an erection just by looking at her. She saw my erection through my underwear and just smiled shyly.

She came and sat on the edge, close to my feet.

“You really think I looked sexy,” she asked. Her face was still pink. She was anxious to hear my words, as if she hadn’t heard them before.

“Yes,” I answered; then almost without thinking, I added, “You are packaged very nicely. You will always look sexy.”

“Really, you think so?” I guess not having any compliments paid to oneself; one does tend to crave them.

At the same moment, my girl friend called me and I was already having an erection, and said to Anushree that I have to take this call. I just wanted her to leave, so I could go on for nude chatting and masturbation.

“Now, go away and let me sleep.”

She beamed with disappointment as she whimpered, “Thanks,” and went out almost dejected.

After having a nice session with my girlfriend, I ejaculated on the bed sheet and went off to sleep, thinking about how my sister was looking for validation—male validation—to boost her self-esteem. Since I was the only male around to give her any feedback of that sort, well, she went for it.


The next, morning, I woke up late and had just put on my underwear as Anushree walked in. My morning wood was still visible from my underwear.

She thanked me again. “I don’t know how to tell you this, Aniket, but you have made me feel good about myself and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

“Well, it’s my pleasure.” I replied as I excused myself to the bathroom and Anushree began cleaning my room. My room was clean in no time and surprisingly the bed sheet was also changed.

For the next 2 days, my routine was the same. My girlfriend would call me at 10 in the night, when Anushree would be in my room with milk. I would ask her to leave my room so I could get back to masturbation. Then in excitement, and frustration, I would ejaculate on the bed sheet, and sleep peacefully.

The next morning, Anushree would come and clean my room and change the bed sheet.

On the 3rd day, Anushree came to in the morning and I was showering as usual. I was naked and the bathroom door was just half closed. Anushree started talking to me while cleaning my room. It was a highly erotic experience, I am bathing naked and my own sister is just a few feet away talking to me.

Anushree continued “You know its difficult to explain to mom as to why I am changing your bed sheet daily for the past 3 days. Either you make adjustments or come up with convincing theory”

“Regarding what”, I asked casually.

“Regarding the cum stains on your bed sheet. How am I supposed to explain to mom about YOUR masturbation habits”

I just stood speechless. I had no reply. I had finished my shower, but did not come out.

Anushree then put her hand inside the bathroom door and handed me the towel. From her standing position, she could not see me naked.

I simple took it and wrapped it around my waist and came out.

Anushree was just about to leave but I stopped her. We both sat on the bed and I started.

“Thank you and sorry”

“For what” Anushree asked.

“Thanks for taking care of me and sorry that I am putting you through all this”

“Putting me through what…please care to explain”

“Well it’s been more than 2 weeks since I met my girlfriend and I don’t see any possibility of meeting her anytime soon. So I just satisfy myself with snap chat sex video call, and masturbate and relieve myself.”

She then got up from the bed and quietly left the room. She came back immediately with some silk napkins in her hand. She neatly placed them on the side table, near my head rest.

She then explained that since it would stay near my vision, I would remember to use it when the time comes.

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