Locked Up Part 2


Locked Up Part 2Keno Reese yawned as he woke up in the top bunk of his prison cell. His eight-inch yellow dick was rock hard. He nestled up close again to his cell mate, Winnie. He squeezed the chocolate bottom’s butt cheeks and placed his manhood at the sissy’s hole. He spat in his hand and rubbed the saliva along the length of his dick. Successfully lubed up, he began to slide his cock inside of the punk.Winnie grimaced as he woke up. “Owwww, Daddy,” Winnie screamed.“Shut the fuck up, bitch,” Keno demanded delivering a blow to the side of his girly boi’s face.“Yes sir,” whimpered the young fag cunt boi.“Take this big dick in that pretty li’l ass!”“Mmhmmm!”“You like bein’ my li’l nigga bitch?!?!?”“Yes I do, Keno!”“Damn straight!”Winnie’s stood at only five-feet-four-inches tall. He had a slim waist and a juicy ass. He was owned by Keno and he was proud of it.“You got damn, faggit,” Keno whispered in his slut’s ear. “You got the best muthafuckin’ pussy I ever had!”“Thank you, sir,” Winnie called out.“Get on them knees, hoe!”Winnie complied with the instructions and tooted his ass in the air.“Hell yeah,” Keno smiled before smacking Winnie’s round butt.“Oh, Daddy,” Winnie purred.“Wake up, muthafuckas. I’m tearing my cunt fag’s ass up,” Keno roared out.“Yeah! He fuckin’ me good,” Winnie added.“Damn, what faggit wanna get on this dick,” the five-foot-nine-inch, one-hundred-sixty-pound, diyarbakır rus escort dark-skinned man known as Veep yelped.A young Mexican punk named, Daisy, replied back, “Is that you Veep! You can fuck me!”Aiight, bitch! Bring that ass here!”Keno and Winnie never missed a beat. There were going at it like wild teens having their first bout of sex. “Who’s fuckin’ pussy dis is, boi,” Keno crowed.Winnie replied, “It’s your pussy!”“Hell yeah, sissy! My li’l faggit ass boipussy!”“Oh yes sir!”“We finna make an ass-baby!”“Oh, Keno! Fuck me!”“I’ma get that ass pregnant!”“Mmmmmmm! Daddy!”“Get on the muthafuckin floor, piggy!”Winnie hopped off the top bunk and got on his knees. By now, there were three other inmates gathered outside the cell watching the pair go bonkers.“Fuck that boi,” the first, who was six-foot-one and three hundred pounds, said forcefully. “I’m bout to go get me a sissy!”The second man, also Black, and standing at five-foot-eight with a stocky build, added, “Hell yeah! Get that chocolate ass!”“I need me a li’l sissy bitch like that,” the third man who was tall and lanky asserted.Keno looked over at the onlookers and said, “Y’all like how I fuck this li’l nigga?”“Hell yeah,” the first one exclaimed before walking away. “Get y’all some faggits and fuck ‘em ova heah,” Keno requested.“Shit yeah,” the second diyarbakır rus escort bayan confirmed.Keno pounded away in Winnie’s big booty. Winnie’s hole was gaping and farting. “Pack that fudge,” the muscular Rock yelled from down the way.Rock was six-two and cut up like crazy. He was now fully awake and kicked his fat bitch in his side. “Macy, I need that ass,” he yelled. The chubby bottom woke up and got off the bottom bunk.“Keno fuckin’ that bitch. I wanna fuck you too!”“Yes sir!”Macy got on his knees facing Rock. The jiggly fat boi was totally naked and facing his owner.“Get them lips on this dick,” Rock yelled. “Yes, sir,” Macy complied.Rock’s seven-inch dick was hard as fuck. He started pissing all on Macy’s big fat sissy ass.“Ooh wee, bitch,” Rock said. “Take this fuckin’ piss!”Macy took every ounce as he cooed, “Mmhmm, Daddy!”“You fat ass faggit! You ready to take this dick in that big ole ass?”“Yes, Rock!”Macy put his head on the bed and put his humongous ass in the air. He knew it was time to get fucked.Keno and Winnie were still fucking. The first thug from earlier had returned with a cute little Asian boi that loved Big Black dick.Keno went wild on Winnie.“You dumb ass, faggit,” Keno scolded. “I just wanna fuck that faggit ass!”“Oh, daddy,” Winnie cried out.Keno continued giving his sissy all of his rus escort diyarbakır big cock. The first thug pulled his Asian fag by the hair.“You gon’ let me fuck that ass,” the tall, beefy brotha asked.“Yes sir,” the short Chinese femboi asked.The big dick nigga thrust all nine inches in his Asian slut boi. They fucked mercilessly. The second dude returned. He was five-foot-eight, and was built like a full-back. He had a hot big booty sissy Black boi with him. “I’m finna fuck that ass,” the second dude remarked.The young sissy replied, “Oh shit! Fuck me!”They went wild outside they cell. They stocky nigga tore the faggot up as they watched Keno and Winnie go hard.Finally the third man returned. He was six-feet-four-inches tall. He weighed one-hundred-ninety-pounds. He brought a pretty caramel-skinned big boi with him. They got in the doggy position and started fucking like hounds.Back in Rock’s cell, he continued tearing Macy’s ass up.Keno had not stopped giving Macy a hard pounding.“Take this dick, boi,” Keno screamed.Veep now had has Mexican sissy in his cell.“Damn, bitch,” Veep said.“You like that, Daddy,” the pussyboy answered.“Hell yeah, fag!”Veep fucked his sissy hard. They were acting fools in the cell.Macy and Rock were still hammering away.“You fat fuckn’ slut,” Rock called out.“Fuck me, nigga,” Macy yelled.“Oh yeah! I’m finna nut!!!”Rock came hard in his chubby sissy boi’s ass.Keno and Winnie were doing it big. Keno slammed his big fat eight inch yellow dick in Winnie’s ass.“You ready for this nut, li’l nigga?!?!?”“Yes sir!”Keno began to pulsate. All of his juices shot forth into Winnie.“Daddy, it feel so good,” Winnie opined as he felt Keno’s hot cum shoot inside him.“Yeah, fag,” Keno said. “You my bitch!”

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