Subject: Loner To Lover HOLA PEEPS!! Before anything else, I wanna wish you all health and safety during this scary and uncertain times. We need to kill this virus. It’s wrecking lives. Hope you guys enjoy what I wrote in lockdown this afternoon. Feel free to mail me! liciousryan@ PEACE AND LOVE, RYAN LONER TO LOVER Twenty-nine. Holy fucking shit. I am ancient. Well, at least that is what went through my mind as I woke up and realized exactly what day it was. Seriously, who of us has one day or the other sat up and wondered just where the heck the time went? Just the other day I was still in school, studying my ass off and dreaming of having sex with all the teen boys I could get my hands on. The freedom of having no bills to pay or stressing about work or paying rent… Those were the fucking days! Back then, you felt like your whole life was ahead of you AND that you had plenty of time in reaching all your goals all those years ago and suddenly… …it hits you like a dick inside a wet pussy… …you’re twenty-nine years old. You’re a waiter working inside a restaurant. You’re renting a small apartment residing in an awfully dodgy area. You have literally achieved NOTHING that you set your mind to when you graduated school. Why? Because reality hits and life doesn’t always work the way we want or planned it. I sighed. Time to get up and get ready for my shift at the restaurant. I grabbed one of my dirty uniforms and threw it inside the washing machine and turned it up to full fucking suds. Luckily I still had time before I had to be at work. I sleepily waddled over to the kitchen, opened the cupboard and poured myself out some cereal. Corn Flakes was literally all I could afford right now. Luckily I managed to score a few meals at the restaurant now and again. But basically, on a waiter’s salary, it was Corn Flakes, tuna, as well as the classic budget baked beans on toast. By the way, I’m Kian. Welcome to my life. If it was a book, it would be banned. Don’t feel sorry for me. Not your fault I had literally fucked up my own life. This is what being hooked on crack and cocaine does to you. This is what pushing your family away looks like. Distancing yourself from every single friend you had left. All because your life didn’t work out the way you wanted it to. Because everyone had well paying jobs and you have to serve food for peanuts. Because they had the classic suburban house complete with the white picket fence and pumped out the average 2.5 kids. Oh…did I mention I was gay? My washing was done. I placed my uniform and a pair of wet jeans inside the tumble dryer. Out of the corner of my eye, images of people walking past my kitchen window got my attention. Several more strangers followed the first few and they were all carrying boxes and countless numbers of household wear and tear. Oh, of course…The apartment next to mine had been empty for weeks now. Looks I would be getting new neighbours then. Oh joy. I tried to see if there was perhaps a hot guy between the lot of men carrying stuff into the empty apartment but just as my luck worked, majority of them were overweight, full of acne, and much, much older than me. Probably some of those Rugby fanatics who drank beer every weekend screamed their heads off when a player scored a try. Touching each other so intimately but of course it’s because of the competitive passion… Riiiiight. Living next to me…the ultimate loner. Life couldn’t get any better. Lunch at John Dory, where I worked, was incredibly boring. I did my job and got people their food and drinks as fast as I could whilst trying my best to convince them to leave me decent tips. I made a satisfactorily amount that particular day and left work as quickly as I could. My colleagues knew by now never to invite me for drinks after work or even to socialize. Kian Merriman walked alone. Always have and always would. I had enough of fake friends. Been there, got hurt. As I exited the elevator when it reached my floor in the apartment block, there was a huge maracas of bloody noise coming from my apartment. No…more specifically, the damn apartment next to mine. My eyes shut and I stopped for a moment to take a breath. I knew exactly what was about to happen if I didn’t take a time out and recouped myself. This was a panic attack in waiting to happen. I couldn’t handle big crowds. I couldn’t handle noise. Nor could I handle loud, seedy and downright drunken people near to me. This has never been a problem in the three years that I had lived here. The previous tenants were the kind that went to sleep at eight in the evening. God. I’m gonna have to move. I can’t handle living next to…to this! I reached in to my bag and pulled out my capsule case. Pulling out a small little white pill and carefully placing it underneath my tongue. I knew it would take a while. I tried my best to block out the noise and shouts that was rapidly still coming from the apartment next to mine. I breathed in… and out… in… and out… Over and over until the capsule started to do what it was there for. Calming me down and slowing my heart rate. My breathing eventually became smoother and color started to return to my cheeks. I still did my breathing exercises until it felt I was ready to do move forward. To walk past their apartment in order to get to mine. Don’t make eye contact. Don’t talk to anyone. Just walk by and get inside your digs. The noise got louder and louder as I gently but firmly made my way past the noisy neighbours. I mean…if it was still music I could relate to, I would have been fine. But I never, ever had a taste for this… demonic type of sounds blasting through their speakers. Knowing the people who lived here mostly and their fondness for complaining though, this surely couldn’t last long. There was still hope. I made it. I was right in front of my apartment sınırsız escort door. I got out my keys and started to unlock the door. “Yo dude!” The sound of keys crashing on a marble floor was heard. My body froze. “Someone call a fucking ambulance, our neighbour is about to shit himself!” I stood frozen in one space. My brain was telling me to reach down and grab my keys and get the hell into my damn apartment but my body was telling me the exact opposite. Suddenly there was another object in my way. Another arm… and then eventually a hand. That same hand picked up the same keys that I had slipped through my fingers and held them dangling in front of me. “These yours?” he asked. Almost smugly. He was toying with me. This guy was twice my size, wearing a tank top with boxer shorts. He stank of alcohol. His hair was a greasy mess. He wasn’t a bad looking guy by any means. He was muscled and ripped, that was clear. Early thirties at the most. Something told me he wasn’t as good a person as he looked. “Y…yeah. Thanks,” I said and reached out to grab them keys but he was too quick. With the swiftest movement of his hand he swung them around me and they slipped off his fingers and skidded down the hall. The look on his face was priceless. “Then go get them.” It took everything I had not to freak out and have another panic attack due to the sheer brutal and cruel way this stranger had just treated me. I saw it in his eyes. Evil personified. He clearly enjoyed every second. I did the most stupidest thing I could have done in the circumstances. I sped off in the direction of my keys. Falling down twice along the way, I grabbed them from the floor and ran for the elevator. Pressing the first floor button several times. Maniacal laughter thundered across my floor. I wouldn’t stop shaking. I just had to get out of there and away from that…that monster. ** It was close to four in the morning that I eventually had the guts to try and enter my own apartment. The noise had died down by then and the corridor was eerily empty and quiet. I sped past my new neighbours’s door, unlocked my own, entered and closed the door behind me. My chest was heaving. I struggled to breathe. Why…why was this happening? All I wanted was for people to leave me the hell alone. I never bothered anyone. Now it seemed like I had a modern bully living next to me. After taking a shower, and eating some fries I bought back from work, I felt a little better. I opened the door to my small balcony and looked up at the stars in the night sky. Why couldn’t I be normal? Why couldn’t I be straight and banging girls like the few friends I did have? At twenty-nine, they had kids that were already at school! And here I was…scared…trembling…a pathetic ex-drug user mess. A tear rolled down my cheek. As I reached up to wipe it away, I saw something in the air. It seemed like a fleeting light that had suddenly disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. Ha..e on Kian…no way was that a shooting star. Shit like that didn’t exist. It was probably a small plane who had taken a wrong turn. Well…if it had been a shooting star…that meant I had one wish. One wish for anything in this world. I smiled. This was crazy. What was the worse that could happen… ? “I wish I wasn’t so lonely and afraid. To have someone…to share my life with. I wish I had a guy who loved me as much as I loved him…” I whispered so softly, I could hardly hear it myself. The world didn’t end. David Beckham didn’t suddenly appear next to me, naked. Of course it wouldn’t. Why would it? I had to overcome my issues myself. I needed to get on with my life. Being this insecure didn’t help anyone. ** I did my best to avoid my neighbours but it was seemingly impossible. The more I tried to keep to myself, it seemed, the more I kept running into them. If you thought the bad ass who tossed my keys away was bad, then you haven’t met his wife. She was a real life sleaze. Wore her hair high on top of her head and three times as many make up as was needed. The word “fuck” and “pussy” seemed to be used in every one of her sentences. Especially towards her husband. The worst was when they had make-up sex. The walls were paper thin as it was. Need I say more…it was clearly established to me that my neighbour, Ronnie and his whore of a wife, Claire, had a big dick and could have multiple orgasms, respectively. Part of me couldn’t help but wonder what that dick looked like when it was hard and dripping pussy juice… Since they moved in, however, I seemed to be their new favorite play toy. Insults, laughs and cruel jokes were the order of the day. I came home one night after my shift and found…broken eggs smeared all over my door. A huge picture of a penis was found drawn in permanent marker on my window sill outside the apartment. When I would walk past their open door, cries of… “the faggot is home” could be heard followed by incessant laughter. They knew my number. They knew very well I wouldn’t have the guts to report them or to take action. I took it like a man… Crying on my sofa every night at the new normal my life had taken. ** A knock on my door startled me about two weeks after Ronnie and Claire had moved in. What the fuck … I never get visitors? At first I didn’t wanna open it up just in case it was another cruel trick awaiting me from The Terrible Two… but another few sets of desperate knocks convinced me to at least have a look. I slowly opened the door… and… Oh. My. God. “Hey Mister. Do you know where my parents are? I can’t get in.” I couldn’t speak. Before me, on my doorstep, was the most beautiful kid I have ever laid my eyes on. He was wearing a dirty football shirt, with the classic football shorts, complete with bare feet and a sports bag in his hand. His hair was light brown, almost şırnak escort blond. It was sweaty, sticky and standing straight up in the front… Jesus… “Uhm… and you are?” I managed to croak out. “They live right here. Ronnie and Claire. You must know them.” Oh boy… do I know them. “I don’t get it, they said they would be here at three. I have to piss really bad.” I hesitated for a second. They had a kid? Where has he been hiding all this time? Him clutching his teenage crotch shot me back to reality. “You can come in and use my toilet if you want?” “Fuck yeah I want to! By the way, I’m Jed!” he hissed and rushed past me into the apartment. “First door on your left!” “Thanks, I got it!” I didn’t quite know what to do or how to react just then…I mean… Should I close the door? Offer him something to eat and drink? Or will closing the door freak him out and make him think I wanna fuck him? Hell yeah I really want to…GET A GRIP, KIAN! I decided to leave the door open and I walked back into the kitchen area. This way he had the option to say no to a drink and get out if he really wanted to. Since the apartment was so relatively small, I could clearly hear him pissing. Now was it, that sick…but the sounds of his piss really was turning me on… Okay, WHAT was going on with me? He was the teenage kid of these…these imbeciles that lived next door to me. Who bullied and ridiculed me every chance they got! Why would their son be ANY different? I cleared my throat as I heard the toilet flush. I then heard the water running…was he washing his hands? The way his parents looked… and smelled some days, you wouldn’t think they knew what water or soap was. There he was…a beautiful boyish, boy. My God…how could two people as repulsive as Ronnie and Claire have created…something… someone so incredibly beautiful as Jed? “Thanks Mister. I had to piss like a racehorse. I’m thirteen after all! You got something to eat?” Yeah…he was most deffo his parents’ son. “PB and J sandwich okay?” “Totes. You got DSTV?” “No, only the normal TV channels I’m afraid.” “Yeah, neither do we. Shut up…I forgot Pokémon was on!” I smiled. Really? He was into that? So was I…although as a twenty-nine year old that wasn’t something I’d easily admit to. I made his sandwich as well as a coffee. I didn’t have any fizz or tea… And I certainly wasn’t gonna offer him water or beer. I placed the plate of bread and the cup of coffee in front of him and hesitantly remained where I was. He gobbled up the sandwich and took two big sips of coffee. “Are you a chef? You should be, these are great!” “I’m a waiter. That’s as close as I’ll ever get to food, I’m afraid,” I said. Why was everything coming out of my mouth suddenly sounding so dorky? “I have been on a soccer camp. I haven’t even seen the new apartment. Dad said it was a total dump but Mom said it was all we can afford.” Hmm…for people that were apparently poor they sure as hell had a handy supply of booze at hand everyday. I digress. “Yeah, I have seen your parents a couple of times,” I replied slowly. He suddenly looked right at me as if he was really seeing me for the first time. “Wait…glasses…geeky black hair…a total loner and loser…are you the `stuck up guy’ Dad told me about?” Damn. I knew Ronnie and Claire hated me but… damn… “We had some run ins…” “Don’t worry about it, dude. Dad always gets like this when he has a beer too many. And Mom, look, I like her, but she dresses like a prozzie.” I stared at him in total oblivion. “Do your parents know you’re dissing them?” “I tell them several times a day how fucked up they are. They really don’t care. Dad has a huge temper. I was so happy to get away for two weeks at soccer camp. They can be really embarrassing.” I gently took the empty plate and coffee cup from him, as he finished the hot drink, and walked to wards the kitchen. Dear God… even his thirteen year old voice was sexy. I didn’t really have a thing for kids but this one took the bloody piss. Literally. I really didn’t know what else we had in common to talk about so I went about quickly wishing the dishes he ate and drank out of. If not now, I’d only have to do it later. With my back totally towards him, I washed and dried off the plate and cup and placed it where it belonged. As I turned back towards him to check if he was still okay, I saw… Wait…was he asleep? As if inside a dream, I slowly walked in to the living room towards him. He was out like a light. Curled up into the fetal position on my couch, his chest was rhythmically rising up and down with every pulse of his young heartbeat. His hair was floppy and hanging over his forehead. He had the softest of hairs scattered across his arms. His legs looked healthy, hairy and strong. He was skinny, but in a muscled way. No doubt… NO doubt, he was hiding a more than average body underneath his soccer jersey. What to do…he couldn’t stay here? What if the Terrible Two comes home and finds Jed in here with me? Put two and two together and get five, most likely. I hated waking him, but it had to be done. I walked over to the sofa and gently placed the palm of my hand onto his shoulder and lightly shook it. “Jed? Jed, come on, wake up. Your parents will be home any minute.” As fate would have it… WHAT were the odds… That at the exact FUCKING moment I touched Jed… His father barges into my front door, which I had never gotten to closing after Jed had entered… “Found him…What the fuck? GET AWAY FROM MY SON!” “I wasn’t doing anything, I was trying to wake him!” “Dream on, faggot! Does he look asleep to you?” I nervously glanced down at Jed, he was wide awake. …and scared. “Dad, what…?” Ronnie pushed me out of the way with such force that I crashed into my coffee table. He pulled his son up and literally taksim escort dragged him out if my apartment. “Dad, stop, you’re hurting me!” “Man up, you fucker! What were you doing here with that faggot?” “What was I supposed to do? You guys weren’t home!” “Then you fucking wait outside! Stay with a friend! Anywhere but with that pervert!” Ronnie spat out and looked at me with hatred beyond belief. “Get inside before I do something I’ll regret! I’m talking, Jed!” Jed looked at me, and then back at his father. “Sorry”, he whispered before slumping himself out of my apartment. Ronnie though, stayed behind. His fists was balling up. His eyes were fiery red. His chest was heaving. “Ronnie, look…” “Shut your gay ass face. Say something. I beg you. Say ONE word. I dare you.” I retreated. This was insane…I did nothing to warrant this type of abuse. My heart was beating so fast it felt like I was a mouse on steroids. “If you ever…ever… so much as LOOK at my son again…I’ll kill you. You faggots and all your gay rights mean nothing to me. I don’t care. I’ll KILL you.” Ronnie turned around to leave but before he did…he picked up a glass photo frame that stood on my sideboard. It was a picture of me and my late mother. He looked straight at me…and dropped it. It smashed into million pieces. Glass fractures all over the place. “Touch my son again, and that will be your legs.” And with that, he was gone. ** The next morning, I called in to work. There was no way I’d be able to complete a shift today. I was shaking, I didn’t sleep at all and my anxiety was worse than ever. I used the most of the morning to look for a new apartment complex to stay in. There was no way I could keep residing here. When Ronnie said he’d kill me…you can bet your ass he had meant it. I had to get out of here. ASAP. I found two possible apartment listings that was reasonably close to work, and quickly phoned to arrange a time I could take a look the following day. With that done, I watched a little TV and took a nap. When I did finally wake up, I made myself some baked eggs and bread slices for lunch. I wasn’t really feeling like eating anything but since I was working double shifts all weekend… I probably needed some sustenance. As I was halfway through my meal, I heard it. Noises. Sex noises. “Fucking hell, not again…” I sighed. How many times did Ronnie and Claire need to have sex in a day? How was her pussy not disabled yet? They were so loud, I could actually hear every moan and every squeak of their bed…not to mention the backboard hitting the wall every five seconds. I shook my head and scratched my food out into the garbage bin. Didn’t have an appetite anymore. Well…whilst they were obviously busy having sex…this would probably be a good a time as any to take my garbage out for collection the following day… I really didn’t fancy running into ether of them later on. Sure enough everything was closed next door. Funny though…they never bother to close it even if they were having sex before…weird. I quickly dumped my bags into the block’s communal wheelie bins and made my way back up with the elevator. I had to move out and soon… lord knows no one could live in a fear such as this. As I left the elevator on my floor, I saw movement. Fuck! I speedily ducked behind the corner wall and carefully peered around. Was it Ronnie? A man…a very sexy, hot, must be thirty-something man, was standing in the corridor. He was semi naked, and busy getting dressed whilst talking softly to someone in my neighbors’ apartment. My God…that sure as heck wasn’t Ronnie! Was Claire having an affair? I carefully crept closer. Make no mistake, I knew how potentially dangerous this was, but hey… the man was a hunk… and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t jumping to any conclusions. “…make it same time next week? When they’re at work?” What…? My mouth literally fell open as I heard who was replying… “Sure, I’ll be waiting. See ya, Coach!” The man reached out into the walls of the apartment and pulled onto something… an arm appeared. Suddenly some muscular teenage shoulders came forth… followed by a head and finally the full sexy boy body… JED WAS KISSING HIS FOOTBALL COACH! The coach had his fingers running through Jed’s hair whilst holding his face tightly to his own . He attacked the boy’s mouth with such horny gusto…this deffo wasn’t the first time these two had kissed. Jed, in turn, clung to his coach like a man possessed. He gave every bit as good as he was getting. His thirteen year old body was even better than I could ever possibly imagine. He had the beginnings of a six pack, and his slender body lunged into his coach. The older man reached down and firmly squeezed Jed’s teenage dick. “Uhmmmmm oh god…” Jed hissed as he released his coach’s lips. “Good boy. See ya tomorrow at practice,” the older man said before first bumping Jed. The former was left with a quite sickening smile on his face. I waited patiently as the older man got fully dressed and got into the elevator. Jed, with his heaving naked teenage chest, his boy dick bulging inside his underwear…watched as his coach was leaving before jumping up in youthful exuberance, punching the air a fair few times. He quietly snickered before entering his apartment and closing the door. I was stunned. Jed… was gay? And clearly, into older men? Oh… but then again… Ronnie was a homophobe. He was a monster of a man. Did he know his son was gay? My God…he would KILL that poor boy if he knew! I quietly noticed my dick was hard. It could easily have been mistaken for a steel pipe right then. Jed…geez. He was so, so fucking hot! I didn’t know thirteen year old boys had such sexy bodies! And from the looks of his bulge, he had quite a average member going on down there aswell … Jed was into older men. Jed was…into OLDER men. Kian…stop it. Stop it now! THANKS FOR READING!! Wanna have another chapter? Clearly Jed is horny for older dick…and clearly Kian is hot for Jed hahaha. What should happen next, I wonder lol. Email me. I look forward hearing for you guys ail

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