Lusty Siblings

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Well, this story is about Sahil and Rubina. Sahil was 22 and a college going student while Rubina was 20 and doing her bachelors in pharmaceutical when something changed their lives.

Sahil and Rubina grew up in a family where both the parents were working and had to go out for their jobs. So from the early years, both Sahil and Rubina learnt to take care of themselves as well as household works. As siblings, they were very close to each other and shared their experiences quite freely.

By the time Sahil was 22, he grew up tall with the stature of a sports person. He kept beard which gave an additional manly look to his appearance. He resembled his father Robin, except the latter’s bright complexion which was inherited by Rubina.

At 20, Rubina was a replica of her mother, Simran. Rubina not only inherited the bright complexion of her father but all the exquisite physical features of her mother. She had slender body, buxom growth, deep and noticeable cleavages and even though she never used skimpy outfits, like Simran her body outline was too noticeable even when in traditional attire.

Both Robin and Simran were happy with both their wards and since childhood they had very little to complaint either about Sahil or Rubina, whether it was about their habits or education.

When this event occurred, Robin was 53 and Simran was 48 years old and had completed 27 years of married life. But both of them maintained their figure and looked much younger. Simran, in fact, looked voluptuous and no male ever crossed her without noticing. Rubina exactly shared the same thing and being younger she got many proposals from class mates, seniors and she frankly discussed those with her brother.

Robin was on a foreign trip with Simran for a week in connection with business and Sahil and Rubina were at home. It was around 10.30 PM when both Sahil and Rubina had gone to their respective bedrooms after dinner that night and Sahil was working on his laptop. After about half an hour Sahil felt nature’s call and went to the common toilet situated between his and Rubina’s bedrooms. While returning to his room from the toilet he met Rubina halfway, who was going towards the same toilet. But what took Sahil by surprise was that Rubina was just wearing a transparent nighty with no undergarments. Even under the low light, her voluptuous body was clearly visible. Both Rubina and Sahil were embarrassed as they confronted each other in the narrow corridor. Despite Sahil’s attempt not to remember what he had just seen, the image of Rubina’s youthful body haunted his mind and he had an immediate hard on.

Rubina went inside the toilet. Sahil, however, before going to his room peeped into Rubina’s room and was surprised to discover that Rubina had been watching a porno film in her desktop. He got further excited by imagining that Rubina must had been masturbating while watching the film. He quickly came out of her room and entered his own bedroom. He was almost locking his door when he saw the shadow of his sister in the corridor. He stopped for a moment and just as Rubina passed through his room, he stealthily parted the door to take a look at her back. The nighty was so transparent that he could clearly see the ass crack of Rubina. The sexy movement of her buttocks as she walked excited him further. And just at that moment, out of a sixth sense Rubina turned back and saw her elder brother watching her secretly. Rubina raised her brows and said in a half mocking tone, “Have you never seen a woman? You’re watching me as if you never saw a woman’s body.”

Caught red handed, Sahil was embarrassed and stammered, “No…no..I mean…sorry.”

Rubina laughed and emphatically asked, “What ‘no’? You haven’t ever seen a woman’s body or you were not watching me?”

“Actually,” he stammered again, “I…I never saw in real life except in films and pictures. Bu..ut I was not watching you.”

“I see,” replied Rubina sarcastically, “But I could see a tent on your trousers. I hope you were not watching a porno film like me prompting your little John to stand in rebellion!”

Sahil was at loss of words and lowered his gaze while trying to hide his hard on. Rubina said to him, “A hot porno is still running on my desktop, like to watch?”

“I know,” said Sahil, “But I am not sure whether to watch it in your room.”

“It means, my naughty elder brother has checked my bedroom,” said Rubina with awe, “I can lend you the pen yozgat escort drive if you wish to watch in your room. I also don’t mind if you like to watch in my room.”

Rubina beckoned her elder brother to her room. As the two entered Rubina’s bedroom, she asked, “Like to watch it from the start?”

“Let it continue from where it’s playing,” said Sahil.

It was really a hot porno and scene playing was the Indian actor sucking the nipples of the Indian actress. For five to seven minutes they watched. Then Rubina said, “More than the film, you’re watching me. Look straight at me. Why are you pretending to watch the film but your glances are all fixed on me?”

“Sorry, but you’re looking gorgeous and sexy in this nightwear,” admitted Sahil, “I just can’t take off my eyes from the sexy beauty of my sis.”

“Like to see a real woman in front of your eyes?” asked Rubina.

“Yes, if you don’t mind,” promptly replied Sahil.

“Then come,” said Rubina seductively, “Come near me, take off my nighty. But I must also see you. I too have not seen a living nude man.”

Sahil went near her. Both were breathing heavily. He lifted her nighty. She raised her arms to make it easy to pull out the nighty out of her body. As Sahil lifted it up to her eyes, she blindly moved her hands and caught Sahil’s dick from over his trousers and exclaimed, “Wow, it’s hard and quite big. It has grown wild too and needs taming.”

Sahil in the meantime took away Rubina’s nighty out of her body and as she was not wearing any undergarment, she stood before her elder brother in all her nakedness. She was not at all ashamed or hesitant but stood in full glory and put her left leg ahead so that her pussy lips covered under trimmed pubic hairs were visible to Sahil. Sahil was looking at her nude body with admiration in his eyes.

Meanwhile, Rubina stretched her hands and unknotted the knot of Sahil’s trousers which fell on the floor. Sahil was wearing VIP Frenchie brief and with his tool in its full erect position, it created an offensive style of a tent and through the gaps near the groins, his prolific growth if curly pubic hairs could be seen.

Rubina laughed and said, “You’re so bushy! Don’t you shave them?”

As she said this, her hands pulled down Sahil’s brief upto his ankles and as his hard cock leaped freely, Rubina said, “Let the little John breath freely.”

Almost instinctively, Sahil brought his hand in front of his crotch to cover his nakedness.

Rubina said, “Did I cover myself? Then why you?”

She stretched her hands and removed the vest that Sahil was wearing. The siblings stood before each other completely nude. Sahil’s brief was near his ankle. Rubina asked him to get rid of it altogether and Sahil jerked his legs one after another so that the brief was thrown in one corner of the room.

The porno film was still playing on the monitor of the desktop but neither Sahil nor Rubina was watching it; they were looking at each other’s nude body. Rubina was more daring and dashing as she stretched her hands and took her brother’s manhood in her palms and began to caress it lovingly. At her caress, his tool grew harder and leaped in excitement.

Sahil was observing his sister’s nude beauty: her slender legs, well shaped boobs, the dark areola, her pointed nipples, the slim waist and her rounded big asses, her tender pussy sparsed with trimmed dark hairs.

“I read about Greek goddess, Venus,” Sshil said, “You are the living epitome of Venus. I never imagined my sis to be so beautiful.”

Rubina blushed at the compliment and while still caressing Sahil’s cock said, “Don’t flirt. This is too much exaggerated.”

“I am not flirting,” Sahil said earnestly, “That’s what I feel looking at you.”

Rubina smiled, “Thank you for the compliment.”

Her fingers had in the meantime rolled back the foreskin of Sahil’s dick exposing its lightly pink glans. Her fingers played with his fertile growth of long and curly pubic hairs. Rubina said, “The King of the forest is fully awake.”

Both laughed. Sahil hesitantly asked, “Can I touch your tits?”

“Yes, why not?” Rubina said, “You can touch any part.”

Sahil very carefully touched her tender boobs, caressing them as if holding something precious and then his fingers played with her nipples. Rubina let out a groan, “Uuummh.”

Sahil was afraid and asked, “Did I hurt you?”

“Oh no,” replied yozgat escort bayan Rubina, “Your caress sent a forbidden sensation in my whole body and I trembled as if some electrical shock passed through me.”

Both were standing face to face. Sahil pulled her towards him; Rubina responded by moving towards her brother and soon their nude bodies were entwined in a passionate hug. From over her shoulders, the monitor screen came to Sahil’s view. The actor and the actress were French kissing each other. Sahil looked downward. Rubina’s head was near his chin and her face was buried near his chest. Sahil slowly pushed her face from his body to find her face. Rubina was enjoying the warmth of Sahil’s body in hug. She looked questioningly at her brother. Sahil gestured her by moving his tongue on his lips. Rubina seemed to understand, she looked expectantly at Sahil and parted her light pink lips showing her teeth. Sahil’s face descended on her captivating her lower lip between his lips and started sucking. Rubina hugged him more tightly and pushed her tongue inside Sahil’s mouth and the two tongues were at a loving war with each other inside Sahil’s mouth. Very soon they were alternately sucking each other’s lips and both were whimpering mildly.

The kissed each other as if they were sucking out nectar for about twenty minutes and then Sahil took Rubina on his lap and carried her to the bed. On the monitor screen, the actor was hard sucking the nipples of the actress. Sahil, however, did not start sucking. He licked his sister’s brownish nipples and she shivered more as his tongue smeared her nipples with his saliva. As Sahil sucked one nipple, his hands were playing with the other tit of Rubina, sometimes moving his fingers on her flesh mound lovingly and at other times squeezing her snow-white boob quite intensely. Rubina sometimes let out mild screams escape her mouth but she did not prevent or resist her elder brother.

Sahil had, in fact, taken the active role by then. His hand caressed the smooth thighs of his sister and often his palm rested on her pussy. But when he started sucking her nipples alternately, it was unbearable for Rubina and she moaned loudly. She asked Sahil to stop. Sahil stopped sucking immediately and asked, “Was I rough?”

“No, no dear,” almost sobbingly said Rubina, “It’s unbearable pleasure. I can take it no more. My body is on fire.”

“You can take it,” Sahil assured his sister, “Don’t be nervous.”

Sahil, however, stopped sucking her nipples. They were quite sore and erect. He started kissing her legs, her inner thighs and his fingers found way through her pussy lips. Rubina was wet inside and the more his fingers probed and played in her love tunnel more wet did she grow. But when Sahil brought his face and kissed his sister’s labia lips, Rubina objected, “What are you doing? Don’t put your mouth there, it is dirty.”

“No part of your body is dirty to me,” assured Sahil as he sucked her labia lips making her moan uncontrollably. Soon Sahil’s tongue invaded deeper inside her love canal and started teasing her clit. Rubina clenched her fists, she was trying to push away Sahil’s head from between her legs. But her efforts didn’t succeed as her whole body was throbbing in passion. At one time she begged to her elder brother, “Please take me. I can’t bear it anymore. Make me your woman.”

Sahil looked deeply into her eyes and said, “Are you sure? We can leave it here or we can go further like a man and wife. We are, after all, siblings. Think what we do.”

“No siblings do what we did so far,” replied Rubina in the coldest way, “We are no more siblings but primitive man and woman. I really want to feel you inside me.”

Sahil kissed her on lips and sucked them mildly. He then said, “Let me caress the nether lips of my Venus before I put me inside you and be your man.”

Sahil kissed her nether lips, sucked them again, explored her love spot with his tongue while Rubina kept moaning revealing the sensuous and passionate pleasures she was in. Sahil positioned himself between the thighs of his sister and placed the tip of his manhood at the opening of her love hole. For quite sometime, his effort to insert his tool was not successful. Rubina, though enough lubricated, was tight. Sahil’s tool was about seven inches and after much struggle Sahil could put only less than half of his tool in his sister’s cunt. Rubina’s scream of pain dissuaded escort yozgat Sahil from forcing him further inside her.

From his glances, Rubina could feel why her brother couldn’t do it. He was bothered that she would be hurt and feel terrible pain if he forced himself in. Realising his dilemma, Rubina said, “Tomorrow if I get married to someone, he will not consider my pain and will make me his woman by putting his tool inside me. Be my man brother and make me your woman.”

Rubina’s words encouraged Sahil and he began to give hard thrusts to invade her tunnel. Rubina felt terrible pain as Sahil’s monster cock tried to invade deeper. But she kept from letting out any sound of discomfort so as not to distract Sahil. But then Sahil gave a decisive thrust that seemed to tear apart her, she screamed in pain as Sahil’s tool pierced through her virgin pussy and the brother was completely buried in his sister’s quim. But Sahil stopped at her scream and was frightened to notice the signs of tears on Rubina’s face and also as he noticed trails of blood on bed. Rubina forced a smile and assured, “Don’t worry. You’ve successfully deflowered your sister and made her your woman. Please continue to pound and quench the thirst of your bitch.”

Sahil kissed her lips and was too excited to fuck his own sister. He had hardly done in and out movement about half dozen times that he erupted inside Rubina’s cunt. Both Sahil and Rubina were frustrated at such abrupt ending of their incestuous game. The two disengaged and cleaned themselves and the bed.

Once they cleaned the mess, Rubina put on another porno film and said, “I am still hot. Come let us watch and make love like a husband and wife.”

Sahil was still under psychological frustration for having ejaculated so fast and said, “I may not be able to give you the pleasure you deserve.”

“Stop worrying,” Rubina said quite confidently, “We are doing it for first time. I want to take me as a man takes his wife, and you said, I am your Venus. So come to bed and let me now treat my man who turned me from a girl to woman.”

Rubina hugged Sahil and both went to bed. Rubina started kissing her elder brother, hugging him and played with his partially limp tool. Then the two kept caressing each other as they watched a hot porno on desktop. It was a BDSM one. The actress was tied and the actor was brutally fucking her mouth. Rubina got the idea. He lowered her face on her brother’s lap and started teasing his manhood with her tongue. At her skillful manipulation, Sahil shivered and his cock started growing again to its monstrous size. Like a slut, Rubina said, “Put your thing deep inside my mouth and make me suck it before putting it in my cunt.”

Sahil understood what Rubina wanted. He caught her by the hair and pushed his tool inside her mouth. She started sucking and licking his hard meat baton like a lollypop. After sometime, Sahil asked, “You want to be your brother’s slut?”

“Yes, very much,” replied Rubina.

“Then be on your back,” ordered Sahil, “Fold your legs, lift you knees so that you offer your pussy to your brother like a good slut.”

Rubina obeyed as ordered and Sahil penetrated his dick in her pussy, this time without much difficulty even though at the final point of entry Rubina let out a mild scream. Sahil started rapid thrusts from the beginning and Rubina was moaning shamelessly as her brother’s manhood treated her muscles quite brutally. It was nearly after forty minutes of continuous thrusts that Rubina appealed to Sahil to accelerate his speed and deposit his load in her cunt. Sahil accelerated his thrusts and the siblings kissed each other in deep passion as the two erupted almost simultaneously. The two slept nude in each other’s arm and in the early morning both woke up to resort to another session of wild incestuous mating like a new couple.

When they finally woke up after sleep, it was 9.30 AM. Both were nude and smiled at each other.

“Since we two are only at home, let us not put on any dress,” proposed Rubina.

Sahil agreed. Both washed their faces and took bath together. They soaped each other and when they dried themselves and came out of the bathroom, both were hungry and hot again.

Looking at Sahil’s dick leaping in excitement like a cobra, Rubina asked, “Shall we have our breakfast now? Or do you have anything else in your mind?’

“May be we can defer the breakfast,” replied Sahil like a naughty boy, “How about going to bed again and feasting on each other?”

“As you wish, boss,” replied Rubina quite enthusiastically, “I am yours now in every way and do what you like.”

The two hugged each other, liplocked in a passionate kiss and retired to bed.

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