Subject: ManCunt Memoirs 00: The First Day ManCunt Memoirs 00 The First Day By xerxys Hey there, I hope you’re well. This is the first part in a story series I’m hoping to develop. It’s more of a prologue, so there’s no action, but it’ll come! Any feedback or comments would be appreciated. Also, consider making a donation to this great site, so that we can continue to offer you our stories. As always, the usual disclaimers apply. Be above the age of 18 or leave and do not continue if homoerotic material in your country is illegal. Otherwise, enjoy! Arriving at our all-inclusive resort, we are beginning the vacation of a lifetime, and a milestone for us. My wife and I are vacationing alone for the first time since we were married 14 years ago, so as I hop out of the slightly aging transfer minibus, it’s with a huge smile. The drive over, it was clear to see that Barbados is not rich, but it is very beautiful and looking up at the main resort building � four floors, not a huge monster of a hotel but something more subtle and refined � my reservations about having such a lavish trip fade. “Ugh! Give me a hand, Frank,” Lorna snaps impatiently, even as I turn to assist her, knowing she will need some help. We had to sit in the back row and maneuvering herself out of the vehicle was not an easy task. “If they want to get me back in that death-trap for the ride back to the airport, they’ll need to install some air conditioning at least,” she continues to grumble as she finally disembarks, landing with a heavy grunt and the minivan creaking audibly as it rocks backwards. We make our way towards reception, Lorna continuing to mumble her displeasure at this and that. I make the appropriate noises at the right times, my brain long ago having learnt to filter it out. Having been at the back of the bus, the other guests that arrived with us naturally are quicker and once again Lorna has something to say about that, although I could also point out that her weight would have meant that even with a head start, even the old couple would have made it to reception quicker. I would never say such a thing, of course; my life wouldn’t be worth living if I did, but I smile to myself as I imagine Lorna’s reaction to such a blunt truth. We have just arrived behind the guy that I spoke to briefly on entering the minibus who seems to be traveling alone. He turns just as the smile spreads across my lips and he returns the smile for a moment, his eyes seeming to search mine, for what seems an uncomfortably long time. “Hey there, I didn’t introduce myself before. I’m Evan, from Trenton, New Jersey.” He offers his hand and Lorna takes it, smiling sweetly, although I know that there are instantly a hundred reasons, New Jersey not least of them, why she won’t like him. Evan looks bemused as I laugh and take his offered hand. “Well, Evan, I’m Frank and this is my wife Lorna, and we’re from Wyoming; a little place called Evanston,” I say, revealing the source of my amusement. Evan gives a hearty laugh as he continues to shake my hand vigorously. “Well, shit!” I cringe inwardly as Evan speaks, knowing that Lorna’s list of reasons not to like him just got a major new number one: cursing. Until a few years ago, that kind of thing wouldn’t have fazed her. “That seems to be a good omen if I ever I saw one. Listen, would you two like to join me for a drink in a short while, once we’re all settled in? I’m not usually so intruding, but as you can kocaeli escort see, I am traveling by myself and you seem like nice people.” Lorna could not have been more charming as she accepts and we continued to chat, although I have no doubt that as soon as we get upstairs, I’ll never hear the end of it, as well as how it was likely all my fault. An hour from now, we’d be sharing drinks with Evan and I was dismayed that Lorna would be so false and that she would find some reason to brush him off for the rest of the holiday, as he seems like a really nice guy. He even offers to let us go ahead to check in as the reception desk frees up, Lorna immediately accepting, which I think is a little rude of her. We step up to the reception desk and a large black man greets us with a dazzling smile. He’s very large and very black, not only well over six feet tall, but very thickly built. Certainly not muscular in the common sense: he’s chunky, but also clearly powerful. His polo shirt is crisp, white and unsurprisingly quite snug on his massive frame, but I’m suddenly struck by the strangest thought: on my skinny 5’7″ frame it would be like a circus tent, in every dimension. The gold-colored name badge reads `Clifton’ and I couldn’t help noticing the contour of his nipple just below it. It seems very large and I quickly focus on finding our passports, dismissing such bizarre thoughts. “Good afternoon and welcome to the Barbados Gold Resort I don’t want my husband drunk at dinner,” She jokes, wagging her finger dramatically at Evan. “I’ll just pop to the bathroom. Honey, would you run upstairs and fetch the voucher? The day is flying by and I don’t want to miss the chance.” The two of us get up from the table as Evan catches the waiter’s attention again. Lorna walks to the reception area with me, where the guest bathrooms are. “Well, like you said, you wouldn’t have enjoyed the spa anyway, plus I have the perfect escape route again if Evan decides we’re all going to be best buddies. Did you hear him? Flying around the world at his dead mother’s expense and making out like it was her idea all along! The nerve.” I don’t know why I thought this wasn’t a typical Lorna move. I can’t even be bothered to murmur an agreement. She doesn’t need it anyway. “Frank, you have one more drink and then you’re done. I’d rather not have to spend my entire vacation hosting a loud-mouth East coast freeloader,” she declares as she turns on her heel, leaving me at the lifts as she heads for the bathroom. I watch her stalk through the lobby, ignoring Cliff’s greeting. Five minutes later I’m back down at the pool with Evan, our glasses refreshed and Lorna happily on her way to nirvana. “To Lorna,” offers Evan as a toast. “She’s quite a woman.” I smile tightly. “May I offer a counter-toast? To your mother, also quite a woman.” Evan smiles warmly at this, and we clink glasses, then sip. The first cocktail is already giving me a mild buzz. “So, how did young Luke take the news of you two heading off without him?” “He’s a teenager, he couldn’t have been happier to see the back of us. He wasn’t so thrilled at having his Uncle Paul move in while we’re away, I think he thought we were going to let him stay at home throwing wild parties every night.” This made Evan chuckle. “Besides, we promised him that we’ll go away next year together. Lorna and I will celebrate our fifteenth anniversary.” “Didn’t you say Luke was turning fifteen this year?” kocaeli escort bayan “Ah, yeah, thing is, I’m actually Luke’s stepdad. Lorna and I have been sweethearts since high school and, well, everybody makes mistakes. Lorna’s was a one-night-stand. I’ve stood by Lorna and Luke has never known another man as his Father. But that’s all way in the past.” “Shit, Frank, that’s some straight up gentleman shit right there. You must really love Lorna.” Without even thinking, I give a little snort and raise my eyebrows, then ducking down to my cocktail to try and cover it. I’m caught off-guard and my response to his question was totally out of line. “Lorna doesn’t like me much, does she?” The sudden twist, straight after my slip-up, catches me off-guard. I look up at Evan, not knowing what to say. “Look, I don’t give a fuck what she thinks, I thought you really needed a lifeline, Frank. She never gave you a moment’s peace in that minibus. This is your holiday too, right?” My mind is frozen for a second. Lorna’s always been domineering, but over the last few years it’s just gotten really bad. Now other people are noticing and commenting. I can feel my face burning, with the embarrassment. What is Evan even up to here? “Lorna’s not always been so bad,” I say meekly. “I’m… I guess… I just go along with it, most of the time. I want a quiet life, you know?” The burning in my face intensifies. I’ve never spoken like this, never let on how I’ve been feeling. “Frank, a quiet life is being the person you really are, without anyone telling you what you should or shouldn’t be doing.” He leaves his statement hanging in the air as he takes another drink of his cocktail. Children playing in the pool behind me suddenly sound so loud, I can ever hear the sprinklers watering the gardens beyond. I have no idea what’s going on. “I guess I don’t really stand up to her. She used to be better, but it seems like every time I give in to her, she gets a little bit worse. And I always give in to her. I’m a coward. Why… Why the fuck am I even telling you this? I don’t even know you!” “Hey, you’re not a coward. You’re just getting along, doing what everyone expects of you, right? But this shit right here is unhealthy as all fuck. Yeah, you don’t know me. I don’t know you, but I can see what’s going on here. Saw it the moment I climbed into the minibus. I kind of thought you’d be on my wavelength, but I guess you’re not there yet.” “Wavelength? What are you on about?” “Look, if you are so far under the thumb then nothing I say is going to matter. I really hope you enjoy your vacation and if you want to talk then I’m in room 207, or I’ll see you around, I guess. Bye, Frank.” Just like that, Evan is gone. I have no idea what the hell just happened and I’m sat at the table processing my thoughts until the waiter asks if I’d like another drink, the cocktail sat in front of me now just a pinkish glass of melted ice water. In one stroke, Evan had made me question everything about myself, then taken off. I’m sat here trying to get angry at Evan and whatever mind-fuck he was trying to pull, but I can’t stop hearing Lorna; all of those nasty things she says, the way I just nod and smile and get swept along by her. Another five minutes later, I’m standing in front of 207. I still have no idea what the hell this all is, but Evan can’t just leave me like that. I try to knock, then again, a third time still no luck. Berating myself silently, izmit escort I put my closed fist up in front of me and force it against the door. It’s not knocking, but the best I can do. A moment later, the door opens and Evan just stands aside, not saying anything. Mutely, I walk into the room. It’s not a lavish suite like ours and for a second, I think how much that would please Lorna to know that. The way she judges other people and looks down on them. “Lorna was not always a bad person and I do love her.” I have no idea what the fuck I’m saying, but I am adrift in my own mind and Lorna seems to be the only thing that I can focus on. Evan reaches into his small minibar fridge and pulls out two bottles of water, handing one to me. Then, he flicks on the TV and sits on the bed, his eyes on the screen. Still, he says nothing. “She’s always been stronger than I have, but things have just gotten out of control. She’s gotten bigger, like, way bigger than when we were first together. It’s kind of isolated us, I suppose. We don’t have any close friends, nobody to really talk to, just us. Luke is now growing up and he’s going out into the world and we’re just left behind.” He’s just letting all of these words bleed out of me and even though he’s not looking at me, I’m being heard more clearly than I have been for years. “First, you aren’t a coward. You’re just doing what you’ve always done. Routine becomes something so familiar and so comforting that even when it’s choking us, it’s still all we have. “My Mom didn’t die. She never picked out this vacation for me. But my partner died. He was a monster and for twelve years I was trapped underneath him. I never went out when except to go to work, I never spoke to anybody that he didn’t allow me to and I was sealed into this suffocating existence and I allowed myself to stay there because I saw nothing else beyond that. Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. His heart just stopped and he was dead before he hit the ground. So, I’m now enjoying ever single moment of my life because I was this close to having it crushed before my eyes and I did nothing to stop it.” I’m standing there and just letting tears slide down my face. Not by what Evan’s telling me, but because each word echoes inside of me and resonates so deeply that I’m terrified. Evan stands up and, in a moment, I’m clinging to him like a drowning man in the middle of a vast, empty ocean, my face pressed into his neck, sobbing like a child. His arms are around me and how long we stayed like that I will never know. ** I wake up on Evan’s bed around five, with no memory of ever having fallen asleep. Evan is sat on his balcony and, I don’t know why, but I sneak from the room without saying a thing. In a daze, I head upstairs to my room and change, then five minutes later I’m tearing through the pool like a man possessed. My mind, as if the gears had been jammed and rusted all this time, was now spinning wildly and pounding the water back and forth was a way to distract me from my thoughts. At seven, Lorna returns from her spa treatment and we head down to the buffet restaurant for dinner. We make our way slowly through the presented food, filling our plates, and dinner passes. We head to the cocktail lounge and sit mostly in silence. I’m living in a lucid dream and there is something distinctly unreal about everything that is happening. “You are on another planet this evening, Frank. How many cocktails did you have? You’d better not be hungover.” “Just the one more, like you said. I went swimming after and then dozed in our room, where you found me. Guess I didn’t fully wake up.” “Hmm,” Lorna expresses skeptically as she sips her drink.

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