Subject: Marcus Rules the Pool 2 Disclaimer: If you don’t know what it’s about by it’s category, you shouldn’t read this story. Everyone else, welcome and thank you for stopping by. I’ve gotten lots of nice compliments on part one, thank you! If you want to reach me, you can email ail or message on Wickr at coloradotex. I adore any and all correspondence, dirty is awesome, sweet is nice, one line is great, a novel of specific points that got you off is amazing. It’s all good and I always write back. Quick note, the narrator of this story is a little less kind and a little more selfish than I make most of my characters. I liked the change of pace and it turned me on to write, but it’s not how I feel boys should be treated. See all of my other stories to see how I really feel. Speaking of which, stories are on the author page under Tex Colorado. Please consider a donation to the archive. Isn’t it great to have this place where you can find all matter of targeted jack-off material? Let’s keep that free and available: fty. Thanks, this is the last part of this little story, I hope that you like it. Love, Tex Marcus Rules the Pool 2 by Tex Colorado (m/b oral, anal) When I entered the room, shadows had started to stretch from the open windows, the drapes blowing in the gentle breeze, casting streaks of light over the sleeping boy. He was tired, wanted to nap and always loved my plush bed. I let him be for a couple of hours before I ventured into the bedroom. I could see his tiny suit discarded on the floor, Marcus on top of the covers, face down, his gorgeous, smooth backside lit by the late afternoon glow. He was so beautiful and I wanted him so badly. I would never force myself on him, he could take back his offer and it would be fine. Still, he had promised, and I was eager to cash in. Not that I minded watching him sleep. The strong boy who had taken the pool as his own today was so peaceful as his slow breathing caused his back to rise slightly and expand, drawing my eyes to his silky skin that I so badly wanted to caress with my fingertips and taste with my lips and tongue. I was naked myself, we didn’t have all night, after all. He was here because his mom needed a sitter and this was easiest. As I sat downstairs and watched the clock tick slowly, I decided that I needed to have everything as ready as I could to save time and that included not needing time to disrobe. Plus, it allowed me to slip my hand over my cock and stroke gently, dreaming about what was to come. I thought that I couldn’t wait anymore and that I would need to wake him when a barely perceptible movement of his backside started. He did this often, his waking erection pressed between his body and the mattress. It was something that he’d done most of the time that I’d known him and watching that action made me think of the first times that I would lick his nether places. I’d have to chase his butthole as he thrust his little, baby, nine year-old penis against the mattress, giggling and gasping the whole time. After declaring his confusion that first time, “Why are you licking my bottom?!” he had exclaimed in shock, he quickly began to enjoy the pleasure. It became a requirement after that, the little guy demanding that I push harder with my tongue to get to a fabled spot. I loved his awareness of his own pleasure at such a young age. Rimming a fourth grader was heaven, his hole was perfect; pink, tight, the wrinkled ring responding to my insistent licks. Once he opened a bit, the logical progression came, fingers introduced, first one, then two and finally three. He would be so relaxed, claim to love the feeling, “It feels good to be stretched. I don’t know why,” he told me. Twisting my fingers, getting between his legs and sucking on his little scrotum while I fucked him with three digits, he would be beside himself. It didn’t progress from there until, one day, I convinced him to try it once. There’s no reason that he couldn’t take me easily. I’m average, no bigger than my fingers that had spent so much time inside him. We prepared, we took our time, he was gaping before I introduced my lubed up cock. Then the fear, “Stop, stop, stop!” he begged when just the head started to open him. Reassurances convinced him to stay with it, but it was not a rousing success. He endured, he consented, but he professed his fear that the stretching would be more than my fingers. In the end, he took three quarters of me and we did fuck. There were a few tears, but he was determined. While it may have been bad for him, for me it was a complete rewriting of my whole life. I was moving slowly, him on his back, me above, as I withdrew then entered, his sphincter the most glorious band to ever squeeze my cock, his tiny tunnel an amazing warm sheath; squishy, pliable. When he finally relented, watching me as I pumped away, each thrust shaking his small, plump body, his belly jiggling between us. I asked him, “Is it ok if I finish inside? It would be the fulfillment of a dream,” I had explained. For as long as I could remember I’d dreamt that I was depositing my seed inside of a young boy instead of into my hand. “Ok,” he said quietly and I blew. It was immediate, intense. I’d never cum like that, so fast and so hard, shot after shot almost painful as my body manifested my brain’s excitement. When I finished, I knew that he hadn’t been hurt, but it was completely one-sided and I didn’t push for it again. It took months and prodigious promises that I would only play with him and that I wasn’t going for a repeat fuck for me to be allowed near his butthole again. The trust rebuilt, he once again started to demand attention to his secret spot, attention that I was always overjoyed to provide. Another year of oral play took place before he decided to try again. It went much better, but was still stressful and I had to wait another six months before he lifted his legs again and said, bluntly, “Ok, stick it in.” Since then it had only gotten better, and he mentions it a lot, so I know that it’s always at the forefront of his mind. It makes sense, for someone who likes to be fingered relentlessly, it’s just a matter of giresun escort time before the trust is high enough that he lets go and allows himself to completely surrender to me, letting those great feeling course through him. Finally there was more deliberate movement on the bed and his eyes fluttered open and his body lengthened. When his gaze lit upon me and he saw me naked and caressing my adult cock, he smiled, propped himself up on his elbows and gestured as if to say, “Come here,” with a hooked finger. I walked across the room, my hard cock leading the way, and he licked his lips on my approach. When I was within his reach he took me in hand and led my glans past his small lips and hummed a sweet, “Mmmm,” that vibrated through my shaft and made me purr right back. “Oh, fuck,” I groaned when his warm, wet tongue surrounded me, “oh, I love you kid.” This was a little bit of a slip, I tried to avoid professions of love, but I did feel pretty strongly for him, which was only ramped up when he pleasured me. He didn’t respond, so I didn’t make a big deal. After a small amount of time, I brought one knee up onto the bed which made Marcus turn onto his side, his amazing, uncut cock standing at attention when it made its appearance. A boy being turned on by sucking on my cock was one of the hotter things that I could imagine. To look down and see that extraordinary strength that only young erections have, demonstrates their joy at giving blowjobs. I ran my hand along his cheek and he made eye contact, retuning my smile as well as he could with my dick stretching his lips. Finally I pulled away from him and joined him in the bed. As I was lying down I wrapped him in my arms and brought our lips together. It was momentarily soft and sensual, but quickly moved to forceful and passionate. I could taste my own precum on his lips. Far from being a turn-off, this added dirtiness was working me up. I’ll never get over the excitement from knowing that a boy willingly takes my cock in their mouth. My perverse mind loves the feel of my mouth engulfing Marcus, my tongue likely felt like a swollen worm as it was pushed between his lips, my boy gamely sucking on the intruder like a dick and making me shiver. Rolling him onto his back, I started to kiss down his neck, crawling down his prone body, leaving a wet trail along the way. Momentarily licking his pert nips, Marcus holds my head while I descend past his belly, across his bald pubic pad until I reach my goal. But I passed it by and instead got between his legs, gently urged them apart so that I could get at his ballsack and little nuts. These days he hung a little more, something that I really enjoyed, slipping the entire sack inside and massaging each testicle with my tongue, then letting them pop out, glistening with my saliva. When I took his penis between my thumb and index finger to pull it toward my lips, I stared mesmerized for a moment by its beauty, he really had a perfect cock. “I love your dick,” I said before slipping him into my mouth and hearing him groan as the smooth shaft glided across my tongue and I swirled around the uncovered glans and tight skin of his preteen boner. I didn’t stay there long, though, we had pressing business farther back and I needed to steer us in that direction. Reluctantly leaving his delicious piece of boyflesh, I licked straight down the underside of his cock, down the center of his sack, then sucked his balls back into my mouth for a momentary swab before releasing them into my hand. Holding his scrotum out of my way, I went to work on his spongy perineum. I loved worshipping this area, so sadly ignored as the “taint”. To me it was wonderful, an internal extension of the boy’s cock, it provided intense pleasure for the recipients when it’s licked and massaged. All in addition to its role as the driveway to heaven; the path to his tight little hole. Which is right where I headed. The eager boy was more than happy to take my light push on the back of his thigh as an instruction to pull his legs up to his chest, exposing his sweet little hole. Holding his cheeks apart, I just took in the sight, such a perfect, clean boypussy, the tight ring of muscle belying it’s practiced ability to slacken. I wetted a finger and dragged it up and down his crack, then focused on his anus, pressing down and rotating my finger, but not trying to penetrate. Done with the pleasantries, I removed my finger, opened his buttcheeks and dove in, taking a first, purposeful lick at his hole. Lucky for me he had spent his morning at the pool. If he’d been a ball player and had spent several hours in a jockstrap, this activity might be off the menu. But Marcus was chlorine clean and tasted only of the swimming pool. Setting to work to find more tastes, I pressed at his center, pushed at the edges and burrowed in. He loved it, his legs were kicking, he was moaning and laughing, buttlicking never losing its base humor to the preteen. After a few minutes, he calmed, his breathing deeper and his sounds turning to contented sighs. His ring of muscle relaxed too, and he opened slightly, enough for a taste of boy to escape. I could write a dissertation on how the difference between the taste of a boy being prepared to fuck didn’t compare to anything else on the planet. I’ll go to my grave insisting that there are pedophilic pheromones released to encourage copulation. Maybe the ancient Greeks knew the correct order of things, maybe boy fucking is how god made us, putting us here to mentor there lovely creatures and pleasure ourselves at the same time that we turn them into quivering, panting, post-orgasmic blobs. A wetted finger slid past the opening with a slight hiss escaping Marcus’s lips. I was able to slide my whole index finger in, splitting my thumb and middle finger along his ass crack. Gently fucking him, I made an ungainly reach for the lube on the nightstand and was forced to withdraw to spread a bit around my fingers. One digit slid back in like a hot knife through butter, so I used a second, Marcus opening like a flower to let me in. He was so warm, spongy and pliable inside his lubed rectum gölbaşı escort I was able to do anything that I pleased as I slowly fucked him with two fingers. When the third finger entered, Marcus became very vocal, “Ah, jeez, whoo…oh, man,” and my attention was immediately drawn to the open window. Reluctantly pulling my slick fingers from his relaxed anus, I hurried over and slammed it shut. “Now you can be as loud as you want,” I told him when I returned to the bed and immediately returned my fingers to their warm home, earning a loud groan and a rock hard cock from my bedmate. Working his hole, I refocused on his scrotum, sampling the loose balls, taking his whole sack in my mouth at once. Then I released them and sunk down on his cock, causing Marcus to kick his leg, but couldn’t get far in this twisted up position. He was so hard, once again loving having his hole opened. Looking into his eyes they looked dreamy, relaxed and passionate at the same time. I realized then that we didn’t need to wait. Marcus was ready. Letting his tip slide out of my lips with one last tongue lash to the glans as it snapped to his belly, I said, “What do you think, baby? Are you ready for me?” He didn’t flinch, he actually bit his lip lightly and nodded his head. “I’m ready,” he said huskily. I responded by pulling my slick fingers from him slowly until they left his distended hole. I moved to his side, grabbed the lube and handed it to him. “Get me ready,” I told him. Marcus was watching my face cautiously as he took it, the mixed emotions returning. He spread a small amount on his fingers, then caressed my cock, coating me with the slippery gel, he was now staring right at the organ, the mammoth seeming thing that would soon be inside him. There’s no reason for me to make him do this except for my own perversion. The little boy preparing us to copulate was almost as erotic as the look on his face; excited but fearful of what was to come. Returning between his knees while he remained on his back, I encouraged him to bring his legs up and hold them to his chest while I lifted his butt and slid a small pillow underneath him, keeping him pointed up at me. I shuffled closer on my knees until I was at his entrance, momentarily looking right at his tightening star, I touched the slick tip of my cock to his hole causing it to quiver. Moving my gaze to his face, he had his eyes closed, trying to force himself to relax until I pushed forward and his eyes popped open. “This is what you wanted,” I reminded him as he tensed up, “you know that you like it, remember how good it feels to be stretched. Remember how you moaned when my fingers were inside you. Remember that you wanted this when I touched you back there this morning. You asked me to do it because of the memory of me inside you,” I finally finished, my hands caressing his body while I kept a steady pressure on his anus, the head of my cock lodged just inside him. There was still a bit of fear in his eyes, then he closed them, visibly relaxed and I started to slowly make progress into his warm tunnel. The opening of his sphincter to let me in was smooth and consistent, my length entering him not in fits and starts but in one long stroke. “Ooh, oh, hoh,” he cried as he let me in and my whole length began to disappear inside of him. “Oh, god!” I moaned loudly when the last inch entered and my trimmed bush pressed against his hairless taint. Holding myself there, his face scrunched and one of his legs shaking slightly as he got used to the large invader. My fingers are definitely wider than my cock, but the depth was something that only came when I entered him, so it took an adjustment. This was always the moment when I knew he considered asking me to pull out. But he was persistent. His breath coming in heaves, his erection withering to nothing. “I’m filling you,” I said, stating the obvious, but it was more out of wonder. This rare moment never failed to amaze me; his small body below me, his smooth skin, pretty face and tight muscles. I must have made a small movement, because he hissed, put his fingers on my stomach and said, “Don’t move,” then he said, “Fuck, it always feels like it’s ten feet long.” In response I stroked his body, running my fingertips across his stomach and chest trying to sooth him. I so badly wanted to move in him, wanted to start pounding away, but this wasn’t bad either; touching his smooth bare skin while his pliable, silky rectum spasmed and squeezed along my length. After an exquisite eternity, he calmed and finally said, “Ok, you can do it.” “Do what?” I asked, wanting so badly for him to say the words that I craved to hear. “You can move a little,” he responded, the sentiment was what I wanted but the phrasing wasn’t my goal. Moving slightly, pulling out only an inch at most, I reversed and sank in, causing Marcus to gasp. “Tell me what you want,” I said and pulled out a little farther, then slowly back in, “you asked for this, what is it that you want?” I asked, giving him another chance to quench my perverse thirst. “Fuck me?” he asked, as if he was confused. “Tell me, don’t ask me,” I said a little gruffly as I pulled out the farthest yet and then stabbed back into the slackening sphincter until I was again pressed against him, staring into his semi-frightened eyes and waiting for the answer. “I want you to fuck me,” he said a little louder and I slid out and waited, “I want you to fuck me…oh!” he announced with a cry as I hit against him, “oh, fuck,” he groaned while I pressed myself into him, my cock twitching inside the small child. “You’re so fucking hot,” I said as I started to move in a steadier motion, a few inches out, a few back in, “god do I love fucking you,” I told him. And it was the truth, it was my favorite thing in the world. He actually smiled slightly when I complimented him. It was only moments before I was really sliding in and out of his tight tunnel, Marcus starting to move with me and gasp or groan with each bottoming in his hungry anus. “I…I want to turn over, oh!” he cried between gulps of air when I thrust particularly hard. göztepe escort I roughly slipped all of the way out, my heavy cock popping up and then falling down, slapping Marcus right on his renewed boner. I pushed him slightly to the side and he moved around until he was on his knees and elbows, his ass presented to me in it’s beautiful smoothness. I relubed, then lined up behind the preteen, touching my tip to his butthole and pressing forward. “Oooooh,” he groaned as I filled him with my cock and resumed fucking him. Deep, guttural sounds were escaping from the small boy. He lowered his upper body, laying his chest on the bed while his back swayed, leaving his butt lined up with my plunging dick. With the window closed, it was getting warmer in the room and both of us had started to sweat. Our skin getting slippery as we copulated, Marcus moaning while my perspiration dripped onto his back, the slapping of my body against his ass growing louder, while I basked in the impossible sight of my adult cock disappearing into the child’s tiny, stretched anus. The vision and glorious feeling of his velvet sheath surrounding me was taking me to the brink. Slamming harder into him, Marcus started to collapse forward, in the matter of a few strokes I found myself buried deep inside the boy as he lay flat on the bed and started to encourage me more. “Fuck, fuck…oh, god, fuck me!” he squealed in a rising pitch. “I want to shiver!” he announced, one of his euphemisms for his dry orgasm. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum if you do,” I told him, my desire through the roof, my body now fully on top of the small child as he disappeared below me. Our bodies were stuck together where we made contact and my butt was the only movement, rising and falling, slapping into him, fucking him hard as he whimpered. “I’m gonna,” he said, “you’re makin’ my dick rub the bed,” then he moaned and said, “I want to see when you cum, let me up,” as he started to push off of the bed in an attempt to get me off of him. When he was free, he flipped onto his back and pulled his legs wide, bent to the sides of his body with his ass up, he reached between his legs in a sort-of, “come here” grab with his hands. His asshole looked angry, but he was as hard as I’d ever seen, and that’s saying something! “You want my cum in your little hole?” I almost sneered as my dick entered him one more time and stopped, “tell me to keep going…” I started to encourage some dirty talk, but he was all in. “Keep going!” he shouted, gasping at the my pause, “Put it all in!” I immediately obeyed. “Oh god!” he groaned in a deep voice that sounded like he’d been punched in the gut. I was once again pressed against my boy when he looked at me and said, “Make me shiver, fuck me hard and I’ll get it, then cum in me,” he ordered. This was a new side of Marcus, who was frantically jerking his hard boydick, and I loved it. I pulled out and slammed back into him as hard as I could. “Fuck!” he exclaimed, still stroking himself, then repeated it with each thrust, “Fuck…fuck…fuck…oh shit, ohhh!” he moaned as my hips started to piston into him, his hole easily taking me. “I’m gonna go,” he said, “ohh, fuck, keep fucking me,” then he lost himself in the moment. His eyes closed and his fist sped up, working so hard to make himself cum. “Yeah, take my cock,” I said, feeding off of his delirious horniness, “you love me fucking your tight hole, I’m gonna cum so deep inside you,” I announced as the feelings started to swell. “Yes!” he shouted, his eyes opening and staring into my own, “cum inside me, oh man, yeah, do it, fuck!” Looking back at the child, my arms propping me up beside him, I leaned down and pressed my lips to his and wrapped my arms around the young boy, holding him to me as I pounded into his loose butthole. Marcus was moaning around my tongue, his hand still furiously beating himself, wedged between our bodies, his sounds reached a crescendo and I knew that he was about to orgasm. Marcus was unable to keep contact with my lips and his head fell to the side, so I gave a kiss and nibble to his earlobe that was right in front of me and whispered, punctuating each statement with a hard thrust, “I’m going to cum…I’m going to cum right inside your boypussy…I’m going to fill you up…I’m marking you…you’re mine,” I finished and Marcus cried out. His body flexed and I felt his hole start to clamp onto my cock in rhythm. “Oh!” he cried when his climax hit, “Yes, cum in me…oh god!” and I was done for. The jizz rose through me like a tidal wave and shot harder than I ever remember. The first shot almost hurt it was so hard. “Oh! Fuck! Oh my god!” I blurted as I emptied into the willing little rectum of my preteen lover, “Oh fuck, baby, I love you,” I accidentally said at the crest of my orgasm, my groin pressed so hard against him that I was pinning him to the bed as my climax went on and on until it finally eased its grip on my tense body and the last of my semen drooled out into his ass. We stayed like that for a minute, both of us gradually losing out hardness while we gave each other small kisses until I softened enough to plop out, a steady stream of my cum following me. “Jeez, you made a ton,” Marcus said, “I could feel it shooting over and over.” “I was really turned on,” I told him, “you were absolutely incredible. I’ve never had sex that good.” Marcus smiled, then, after I rolled off of him, he got up and ran to the bathroom, his cheeks pinched together. I went and opened the window to cool the room and lay back down on the bed above the covers and enjoyed the breeze over my naked body. Marcus took his time emptying out and finally returned several minutes later. He got in next to me and cuddled up close, laying his head on my chest and looking down. Running his hand over my stomach as if he was soothing a child, he eventually went all of the way down to my flaccid cock and took the dirty member into his hand, squeezing it and flopping it around as he looked on, “I love your cock,” he said out of nowhere, then he lifted his head to look at me, “and I liked it inside me for the first time really.” “Wow, that’s amazing,” I told him, running my fingers along his cheek, “I’m so happy to hear that.” “And I was wondering,” he started then stopped. “Yes?” “Can we do it again before you take me home?” It was no use fighting it anymore, I was definitely in love with Marcus after that. The End

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