Subject: Man Cam (Meaty Matt (4) This is an fictional story of sex with men from an internet chat site. This is completely fictional as most of the men live far far away. Some are straight, some gay and many bisexual. But all are hot, hot , hot. Enjoy… +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Man Cam (Meaty Matt (4) ……I kissed matt once before climbing up on his chest. I then crawled up more and sat on his face. he started to lick at my hole and get it prepped for the big cock that would soon be pushed into my hungry ass. I grabbed at his cock and continued to pull on it to make sure it stayed granite hard. Then after several minutes of his slopping up my hole with spit. I crawled off his face and lowered myself to his dick. I spit on my hand and covered his dick with my drool. Then I just sat down on his cock. I didn’t even stop until I was fully impaled on it. We both moaned from the pleasure of this act. “Aweeee yessss’ I groaned and then pulled my self over an to his huge chest. I buried my face into his hairy torso as I moaned bursa escort from all that cock inside me. “Sooo good baby” I cooed “Nice big cock in my ass” I then began to grind myself on his lap. Rising up to sit upright on his dick and crotch. My hand clamped down on his massive pecs as I rode his cock like I was riding a bronco bull. He moaned and grunted under me as he felt all parts of my bowels clamping down on his steely rod. “Damn that feels soooo good what you ass is doin baby” he said “Ride my cock like that man. Ride me good” “Oooooo fuckkk yess” I cried out “Have all that hard cock up in me stud” “Its reaching deep inside my guts” I continued to grind my ass on his dick for a bit more. Then I grabbed his tit and started to bounce on his lap. I pulled gently on Matt’s nipple as I rode his awesome dick. He was moaning from my ass on his cock and the way I bounced on him. Then after a few more minutes like this I wanted to feels him better. I climbed up off his dick. I grabbed it and bent my head down to kiss his beautiful dick. I licked at the dewy head and bursa escort bayan slurped on it a few times. The taste sending me through the roof. Then I lay on my bed on my back now. Matt got the hint and crawled up and between my legs. he pulled them up and repositioned his dick head at my entrance again. I felt his cock head press to my hole and reached for his chest again. “Fuck my ass hard stud” I said as I tweaked his tit again “Ughnnn” He grunted as he thrust his dick back into me He then just began to fuck me like an animal. He lowered his incredible body on mine my legs were thrust up to my face and he began to rut like a bull. Pounding away at my lucky bowels with a reckless abandon. he began to grunt like an animal too as he pummeled my guts harder and harder. His hairy body was a dream as he rubbed himself on my body and he pounding my ass. I was groaning from the feel of his cock in me and the sensations of that huge furry chest as it raked along my skin. “Faster baby” I cried “Take that ass stud. Breed my hole with you cum dump” “Make this ass all your escort bursa man” Matt accelerated the slamming at my guts with that beefy dick of his. Faster and faster he went. I could feel the heat at my hole from the friction of his pounding assault. ‘Ugnnn fuck. Ughn, ughn, ughn” he grunted as he drew closer to cumming ‘”Yesss baby” I cooed “Breed my big bull, Breed” And he did, His body then tensed up hard as a stone slab for a moment. The muscles throughout his body clenched up. Then Matt howled as he stabbed his cock back down into me. Then his dick exploded and a geyser of cum poured into my body. “Fuckkk yesss” I cried as I felt the fiery blasts “Yeah fucker” He growled “Take my cum baby. Take all my fucking cum inside you” Shot after shot went into me as he came in my happy ass hole. then after a good 7 or shots. Matt slowed down and then just slumped over on my body. His body was damp as he had started to sweat from the awesome fun we had just had. I lay there with this hot beast just laying on my body. His breathing slowing as he calmed down. then as we lay there for a while, I heard the sounds of Matt starting to snore. He had fallen asleep on my. But, hell I was fine with that………………………………….. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ END

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