Angela White

Subject: Mike’s New Gay Life – Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Meeting Manny Joe, Will and I had a couple years of amazing fun, I even started join them with other, mostly watching Will get fucked by our neighbors. I got a new job working Washington, DC and as my wife preferred to keep her job and the house, we decided I split my time between DC and Pennsylvania. After a few weeks I started to get lonely while in DC, I found a bar with male go-go dancers and became a frequent visitor of the bar. I befriended many of the dancers and bartenders, it was a look don’t touch situation which help me not feel guilty about cheating on my wife (or Joe and Will). One of the dancers was a 19-year-old Ecuadorian boy, he and I got very close, Manny was his name and I wanted to fuck him more than anything. One Friday night I decided not go home Pennsylvania and instead went to the bar, Manny was working, I bought a few private dances from him and another boy, Manny was perfect smooth dark skin with a well-trimmed bush and an uncut cock. I rarely stayed until closing but this night I had no reason to leave early, Manny approached just before closing, “Hey daddy, a couple of us pooling our cash to get a hotel ümitköy escort room tonight for a party, are you in?”. Being my flirty self, I asked what kind of party, he replied with, “The fucking kind”. I ran to the atm in the corner and pulled $100 out and handed him the cash, he told me the hotel and said he’d call me with the room number. I went to the corner drug store and grabbed some condoms assuming it’d be a good night, Manny called me finally “307”. I pulled up to the hotel, nervous I got out my car and walked into the hotel and went to the room, I knocked and Manny answered. Butt naked he let me in, he was gorgeous, he closed the door and grabbed me for a tight kiss. We walked into the rooms, another regular was on the bed getting railed by two the black dancers with 11-inch cocks, they were hot but I couldn’t imagine the pain he was in. On the other bed the owner of the bar, a fat old hairy man was getting blown by the boy I was getting a dance from earlier, on his back was business, still wearing his shirt and tie was fucking the boy. Manny led me to the corner with the chair, he started to strip me, I sat down and he sat in my lap and avrupa yakası üniversiteli escort started to kiss me. He got off me and started blowing me, it felt great and I started watching the crowd, the two black guys were trading places on the regular, he was a tall slender smooth many, the black guys were muscular and smooth, their asses were incredible as the humped into his holes. A knock on the door broke my attention, the owner of the bar disengaged from his blowjob and opened the door. He returned with two other guys, while they disrobed the owner got behind Manny, “Hey Mike, hope you don’t mind I’m gonna fuck this boy right quick”, not knowing what to do I just smiled. One of the new guys was young thirties, muscular with a light dusting of hair, took the owner’s place getting blowjob. The other new guy, a smooth twink-ish kid got behind the black guy fucking the regular’s ass and slid right in. The owner was lining up his cock to Manny’s hole, he had a beer can for cock with low dangling balls, he slammed balls deep right into Manny’s hole. This was a hot site, the owner was the first to cum, urfa escort he pulled out the desk chair and sat down, he ordered the dancer getting spit roasted to clean his dick, the guy he was giving a blowjob to took his place getting fucked by the business man. Manny climbed on top of me again while we kissed, he lowered himself on to my cock, I told him I had condoms and told me not to worry, I was so hot for this that I just went with it. Manny and I were fucking and kissing and fucking and kissing, after about 20 minutes I told him to pinch my nipples, he did and my cum joined his bosses lodged deep in his ass. The owner’s cock was cleaned and the dancers joined the two black guys and the regular fucking, Manny went to the bathroom to clean up. The owner started to talk to me, “that was fucking hot, I usually cum in Manny’s hole, he’s wanted you for a while now”. “He’s a fucking hottie!” I responded. “The boys usually get hotel room on Friday’s most of the guys leftover in bar at closing they invite over, I started coming to ensure safety then I started joining in.” he said, “the guy in the shirt is my partner, that’s my oldest son his fucking, and the young guy over there is my youngest son, I started them early. I fucked their mom because I wanted a couple boys of my own, my partner is my investor and my oldest was the first dancer. I caught them fucking one night and joined in, we started dating after that, most night they hook up while I spend the night with another boy”. My head was spinning but this was hot as fuck!

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