Mistis’ Adventures Part 221 (Cont.)

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Hatsune Miku

Mistis’ Adventures Part 221 (Cont.)SORRY about the delay. Brain Freeze.Bruce escorted Joyce into the bedroom where he had been sleeping, MOSTLY alone, and turned to her. “Would you like a shower first, or do you prefer to wait until later?” he asked. She smiled, warily, as if she wasn’t sure about what she was doing. “I don’t really know.” she answered. “I’m not even sure about what I’m doing here. This is taking me much faster than I usually go. Give me a minute to catch my breath, and see where I want to be.”Bruce chuckled at her hesitancy. “Things DO go rather abruptly, at times. May I see if I can help?” She smiled at him, again. “PLEASE!!! I feel like I’m in over my head.” He reached over and guided her to an easy chair that was sitting at the end of the bed. He went and got them glasses of ice tea from the refrigerator, fielding a few questions from the others. He returned, and held the glass out to her. “Just plain ice tea. Nothing but sugar and lemon in it. I never try to use anything to make a girl do something she doesn’t want, as much as I want. If she tells me “NO” then no it is.”He, u*********sly, had knocked down a barrier. She relaxed and took a sip of the cool liquid. There was a small table next to her chair, and she sat the glass on it. She looked up at his eyes. They were just the same as hers. Coal black. Same as her hair. He was just a bit lighter skinned than she was, but not by much. She had what was described as Ebony skin, and his was just a few shades lighter. She asked him if he had any African American blood in him, that he knew of. He smiled at her. “Our people have just as wide a range of colors in the tribe as what we called the “new people.” Many of the runaway slaves found homes with us, before the war. If they became one of us, then they were welcome. They took wives, AND husbands, among our people. The men were made warriors, and the women had many c***dren. They were treated as equals in all things. I wondered, my own self, if you might have some Cherokee blood in YOUR past. Your features are particularly fine. Especially your HIPS. Most, pardon me, Black people, have more pronounced hips than yours. And the shape of your eyes, and your hair both suggest a bit of First Nation blood. I wouldn’t be surprised if you did.”She thought back to her past, and shook her head. “Not that I’m aware of. With the way things were, back then, though, anything could be possible. BUT, for now, I would have to say no.”He smiled at her, again. “I wish that you could have met my Granny. We just lost her and Grandad this past winter. Both of them were near 90 years old. Grandad was a retired Sergeant Major from the Army. He served for 38 years of his life, and fought in 3 wars. He was highly decorated, and even thought by some as a hero. He would simply reply that EVERY man or woman that took the oath, and wore the uniform, was a hero to him. Some just did more to serve at times, and faced different challenges. Granny, in the old days, would have been a “Beloved Woman.” A place of high honor among our people. She showed much more than usual common sense, and wisdom. She was, above all else, an uncommon healer, and “plant woman.” She knew all the plants for their medicinal qualities, and food values, and how to use them for healing almost anything in our lives for many centuries. The new diseases, that came among us from our shores, were harder, but we even found remedies for some of them. We are an old people, and were the first to have a written language.”They sat talking for a long time, and she told jim about her çankırı escort life, and he told her about his. She saw, right away, that he was proud of his family, but even more so of his Grandparents. His love of family was just as strong as hers. Any hesitancy in her fell by the wayside, and she, after a bit, stood and moved over to sit next to him, on the edge of the bed.She reached over and took his glass of tea, now, near empty, and sat it on the table, next to hers. She looked into his eyes, and spoke, barely above a whisper, “I believe that I would like to take a shower, now. IF I can find someone to wash my back.”He stood and took her in his arms. “If I may be of service…” Anything else he was going to say, went by the wayside under her kiss. She held it for a long time, as her tongue probed the depths of his, and his went into hers, the same way. He was so much TALLER than her, and he was as strong as any man that had held her. He was every bit as strong as her PAPA. He wasn’t a big man, but he was VERY strong. She felt the same sort of strength as he had made her feel. It made her feel like she was still a little girl.She stepped back from him, and he pulled the zipper on her dress. He held it so it wouldn’t fall to the floor, and held her arms as she stepped out of it. He then turned her and kissed her with the same feeling as she had kissed him. She stood there in just her panties, and reached over to unbuckle his belt. It opened, and she undid his pants, and pulled down his zipper. Anxiety got the better of her, and she lowered them and his boxer shorts at the same time. He had already undid the snaps on his shirt, and let it fall to the bed, behind him. A quick flip of his arms and his T-shirt was off, and all that remained was his socks. Her eyes grew big at the size of his manhood. She had thought that her brother had a big one, but it wasn’t as big as HIS. She had thought that Jimmy had a big one, but. she had never seen one of the monsters that everybody though black men had. She had seen pictures, but that was all.Seeing him made her pause for a second. She had remembered what it had been like to have Jimmy put his inside of her. It hadn’t hurt, but had made her feel like she was VERY full. And when he had cut loose inside her… After, he had held her hand, and told her to squeeze it out, and to pee. She had squatted there and done as he told her. There was a lot of the cum on the ground under her. He told her to put warm water inside her to wash the rest of it out. She was already taking birth control pills, that she had got from the Health Department, so she wasn’t THAT worried about it, but had taken a bath right away, and washed herself carefully. He sat back on the bed, and removed his socks, and she reached down and peeled her panties off. BOTH got an eye full of eye candy.He stood and took her in his arms, once again. He held her for several minutes, as his hands and hers did their own exploration. She noticed, right away, that his body was almost as hairless as Papa’s. He had a few sparse hairs on his belly, up to his belly button, but none on his chest. She raised her eyes and saw that he had no telltale marks of shaving on his face either. He saw what she was looking at, and smiled, telling her. “I don;t shave. I pluck mine off. I don’t have but a few around my chin.”She laid her head against his chest, again, enjoying the smooth warmth of him. “You know.” she started. “I don’t really need a shower. If you’d rather wait until after…” He kissed her on the forehead, çankırı escort bayan and released her, turning to take the bedspread, and turn it, and the blankets, down to the foot of the bed. He picked her up and laid her gently on the bed, and climbed in beside her, putting an arm out for her to rest her head on, and wrapping the other around her. The window was open, but the door was closed, and the lights were still on. She would rather have them on. She wanted to remember this night, forever. She had the feeling that she was about to get one of the most memorable nights of her life.Bruce had been described by the other women as a tender and thoughtful lover. Among other descriptions. One of them had called him a “leg-shaker,” and another had said he could “rock her world.” Then she remembered. It had been Julia that had said he was a world rocker, back when she was just getting into the “swinging” scene. It had been Essie that said he, HER OWN BROTHER, was a “leg shaker.” She was comforted to know that she wasn’t the only girl to let her own brother make love to her. Essie had laughed and said that ALL of the women in their group, except Cathy, Barb, and Rhonda, who didn’t HAVE any brothers, had let their brothers get a little from them. Robbi, Carol, and Sharon had laughed when the word “little” had been used. Their brothers had fucked them almost daily. Then they had said that the other girls were the same. Most of them had given their brothers their virginity.Bruce was pulling her to him, and was kissing her. He moved, putting her on her back, and kissing her so gently that it was almost impossible to feel, other than the slight moisture from his lips. Her face and neck were burning with the want from his kisses. Be patient, she told herself. The rest is coming. He went down her face and neck, to her chest, and fastened his lips around her nipples. Sucking them, and licking them with his tongue. It felt like nothing she could imagine. He spent many minutes on them, and went from there to her tummy, and even farther. He had put her on her back, and was kissing and licking his way down. She felt the pressure slowly building inside of her, and the heat was spreading up to meet it.She felt his kisses on her groin, where her thighs and her abdomen met, an it tickled and burned at the same time, leaving her to wish he would give more of it to her, but curious as to what he would do next, to her. He had moved down just as slowly as the hands on a clock, and he lifted her legs, and kissed the backs of her thighs, and continued down to her butt. She squirmed at the feelings his kisses gave to her. She felt, suddenly, like she was full and it needed to come out. It was a feeling of heat and it demanded release. She hoped it wasn’t just a fart. Suddenly, it broke lose, and she screamed. It was the first orgasm that had started like that. Before they would start in the pit of her stomach, but this started MUCH lower. She took a deep gulp of air, and moaned. “That’s my girl.” she heard him say. “Sing for me, some more.” She moaned at him, and he went back, and she felt him licking at the very lowest part of her torso. He was licking her “taint” just like Albert had done. And was doing a great job of it. His tongue felt like it was drawing pictures on her body, but that wouldn’t feel nearly as good.She felt him kissing her butt, on both cheeks, and then he was on the move, once more. She felt her “little lips” moving, and she felt something else. His tongue was going inside of her. GOD, escort çankırı IT FELT GOOD!!! She wrapped her fingers around the back of his neck, and the other fingers around the back of his head, and threw her head back, and groaned out loud. It felt so much better from, this direction. The tickle of his tongue and her orgasms were mingling, and driving her out of her mind. She wanted to scream, but the voice wasn’t cooperating. Gasps were all she could manage. Her legs were drawn up as high as she could force them, and her feet were trying to tap dance on the ceiling. He was just full of surprises.His head camu up and when it came back down, he was chewing her nether lips, with HIS lips, and licking her inside. He was hitting a place inside of her that was more than she had ever experienced, before. Every time his tongue touched the spot, ir felt like she was getting shot with a battery. A boy had come to school with a part from an old motor, one day, when she was in the 5th grade, and he would touch it to a battery, then touch it to someone, and they would jump and scream. He had one it to her, and it had made HER jump, too. It was the same, except, where that had hurt, this felt so good she wanted to scream.His hands went around her thighs, and she felt his hands laying just lower than where she shaved her pussy, and his thumbs were at the top of her opening. He pushed down a tiny bit, and she felt a slight coolness, then the shock hit her, again. Over and over. He was licking her clitoris. She had heard the other girls call it their “love button.” Every time he licked it, she whooped, and had cum, again. He spent several minutes on her, and had her so bamboozled that she was dizzy. She opened her eyes, but couldn’t focus them, and shut them again. He went back up her body, still kissing everything that came close to his lips, until she felt him kissing her lips. She felt his arm move, and his had was lifting her hips, and sliding a pillow under her. He took her legs, and held them up, and she felt his arms go behind her knees. She had so wanted to see what it looked like to see something that big going inside of her, and now…He placed himself at the entrance of her body, and she felt it begin to slide inside of her. FUCK SEEING!!! FEELING WAS MORE THAN ENOUGH!!! She felt him sliding inside of her, and it felt so good. It was like something had been missing, and was now being put in the correct place. Where it should have ALWAYS been. Her body shook with the feeling of him going inside of her. She tried to move her legs, but they were pinned behind his arms, so she did the next best thing. She reached out, and drew him down, and kissed him, as hard as she could. She uttered her first recognizable words to him. “Fuck Me! Fuck me as hard as you can! Fuck this little nigger whore! Make me your mammy!!” Suddenly, louder. “FUCK THE SHIT OUT OF ME!!! GIT SOME PUSSY!!! MAKE ME YOUR MAMMY!!! OH, GOD!!! JUST FUCK ME!!! TEAR THAT THING UP!!! FILL ME WITH YOUR JUICE!!! OH, GOD, IT FEELS SO FUCKIN’ GOOD!!! FUCK ME ANYTIME!!! JUST FUCK ME!!! FUCK ME HARDER!!!”She felt the pressure inside of her building to critical mass, pause, and explode, filling her with such a warmth, as she hadn’t felt before. She didn’t scream, but fainted. Even though, Bruce kept on, and she responded with her shakes, and soon he was joining her. Her eyes had barely opened, and she felt the rush of his sperm into her body, and it set her off for the second time. Her head went back on the mattress, and her mouth opened in a giant O, and her eyes rolled back. She let out a long and heartfelt, ” OOOOOHHHHHH!!!” as her arms and legs flopped to the sides. Bruce used the remainder of his strength to move over enough to not fall on top of her. He did manage, however, to lean over enough to give her one more kiss, before going into Dreamland.A bath could wait until morning.

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