Mom liked me to watch (4)

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Mom liked me to watch (4)The day my dad left on his trip, mom and I fucked that whole night. We also talked about what turned us on and how we might try to make these things happen.Moms most favorite thing to do is to be able to tease guys by showing off her body. At first doing it so they think she has not idea that they are getting a nice look at her. Then later slowly let them know that she wants them to watch.I guess I was like my dad, I liked to watch her teasing guys then watching them fuck her good. It really got to me if they were men that knew her or my dad.She also said that she got wet when young boys tried to do thing with her. Like the neighbor k** did the other day.We got out of bed the next morning after getting each other worked up, but not letting each other get off. That would make us both horney as hell, as if we needed to do something like that get horney!We both showered then got dressed. Mom put on a very hot summer dress that buttoned up the front. No bra or panties. The dress was made of very thin material and as mom walked passed a window you could see everything when the light was behind her.I took her lead and put on some shorts and a tank top. I also didn’t use any underware. You could see the outline of my dick against the front of the shorts.Mom was fixing us something to eat as I walked up to her. Mom you look so great and sexy, you are making want to fuck you while you cook. Looking at the front of my shorts she said, In those shorts it is easy to tell that you canlı bahis like what you see. Mom backed against the the counter and with her finger motioned me to her. I stood in front of her and she wispered in my ear. Dry fuck my cunt for me, I want to feel that hard hunk of steel in your shorts. I press myself against her and begin to hump her. Sliding my cock up and down her pussy. Oh Jimmy that feels so good. You have to stop now or breakfast will burn.Just then the doorbell rang. Shit mom said, who in the fuck could that be? Damn, I forgot. Your fathers brother was coming over to help your dad fix the sink in our bedroom. Mom turned and started to walk out of the kitchen to get the door. Before she got out of the kitchen I had pulled the back of her dress up and stuck my finger into her wet pussy. She stopped and leaned against the doorway. The bell ring again. Mom yelled out. Hang on a minute I have to turn off the stove so it won’t catch fire.Jimmy, your a rotten boy, but I love it. Keep doing it. Only faster. Oh baby that’s so good! The bell went off again. I’m coming. You have to stop honey. I have to let George in. She started walking towards the front door and I followed her with my finger still inside of her.Going passed the stairway I pulled my finger out and told mom I am going to hide. Telling her this would be a great time to start our little plan of making each other wanting it so bad. I got in the hall closet and left the door open a little, so I could see what was going bahis siteleri on. Mom took a deep breath and opened the front door.Dads brother looked just like him only her was about 4 inches taller than my dad. He had a good build and was known as the one to watch out for. I had heard mom and dad talk about the many times he has tried to feel mom up. One time he had a few to many and pressed himself against mom at a party at our house. He had told her that she made do it by the way she looked. That’s when dad came into the room a saw him. Dad didn’t say anything at that moment. But later I hear him telling mom, that he was one guy he didn’t want to see her with.Damn Betty, where is the old man. She told him about the trip he had to take and forgot to call him and let him know. Oh well George said, I can handle it myself. But I must say that you are one hot fucking woman! How did Billy find a body like yours? Stop that George, I know what you are trying to do. Well can’t blame a guy for trying. You ass hole, I am your brothers wife. OK, OK.He walk behind mom as she went back to the kitchen. When she opened the kitchen door George had a real nice view of her body as the light from the kitchen windows made her dress see through.Mom fed him my breakfast. He went upstairs to her bathroom to look at the sink. I had already gone up and watched him from my room. He looked back to see if mom was watching. She was still downstairs so he picked up moms panties off the floor and put them to his nose, bahis şirketleri taking in a deep breath. He heard mom coming so he dropped them back to the floor and went into her bathroom. He was on his back under the sink, half inside the enclosure under the sink. Mom looked at me and blew me a kiss and buttoned three of the top buttons on her dress.She walked into the bathroom and stood against the sink and asked him if he could fix it. He looked out form under the sink and rite up moms dress. He couldn’t see all the way up because of the angle. But I am sure her still had a nice view of the top of her legs.His tools were on top of the counter and he asked mom to hand he the monkey wrench. She knew what he was talking about and grabbed it. She bent down to give it to him. The top of her dress opened up and her tits were in plain view for him. Her dress was also up passed her knees, giving him something else to look at. Her beautiful trimmed pussy.His cock was getting hard as mom was watching it. Not a word was spoke for at least 5 minutes.Mom got closer to the sink, with her legs on other side of Georges body. Her face was hanging over the sink as George began to slide out from under the sink.His face was now between moms legs, only a few inches away from her cunt. He was breathing rather hard and blowing his breath against mom pussy. Her hips began to move up and down a bit as she felt his breath on her pussy lips.George stuck his tongue out and made contact with moms clit. Oh God was all I heard mom say.She began to fuck his face, sliding back and forth letting his nose penitrate her opening. She did this for sometime. George pulled away from moms cunt and told her he wanted to put his cock inside of her.

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