Mother’s Milk


Another beautiful Florida day. The early spring brings with it the familiar heat and humidity, but it’s still not like the oppressive days the summer will bring. Classes are finally over until the fall. I still could care less; I still have to work. I miss the days when I was younger and the end of school meant freedom from all other responsibilities. I allowed myself at least one day off from work before I wasted my summer days toiling. I purposefully woke up early to go to the beach before it was too crowded. After a few hours of people watching and sunbathing, I headed over to my boyfriend’s place. He doesn’t live to far from where I was and as much as I love the beach, I hate the sticky, sandy feeling.

I showered off and put on some clean clothes I keep there. It was still early afternoon and he would be working late. I enjoyed the solitude and calm. I was sitting quietly reading by an open window, when I heard someone call, ” Hi Lysa!” It was one of the neighbors, Stephanie. I hadn’t seen her in several weeks. She recently had a child and was with her family until she adjusted. Her ‘fiancée’ left her when she told the bastard she was pregnant. I smiled down and said hi back.

“How’s the baby” I asked.

“Oh, just fine. She’s with my mom. I had some running around to do. I’m done until I pick her up later. Mind if I come up?”

“Come on up”, I was happy to have the company now, besides Stephanie had the look of a lonely, desperate young mother. I could see that she was looking for the company of someone other than an infant or her parents.

I met her at the door and gave her a hug. She actually looked good for just having a baby a few weeks ago and I told her so. She blushed and looked away modestly. ” I can’t wait until I lose some of the weight I gained.” she said, then added jokingly “…and most of it seems to be in my chest.” I took that opportunity to focus on her ample breasts. They were impressive before the pregnancy, but now they were even more so. My dirty little mind went to work picturing them hanging free in front of my face, if only for a split second.

We sat and chit chatted for a while about the baby and our families. I made sure to offer my help whenever she needed it. I couldn’t imaging raising a baby by myself; even with my parents help. It had only been about twenty minutes or so when uşak escort I noticed a dark, wet stain on her blouse.

Curious, I mentioned, “Um, Steph, it looks like you spilled something on your top.”

She looked down and out of nowhere started to sob. “Dammit! This is the third time today.” She looked at me with and embarrassed smile and tried to pull herself together. “I’m sorry. My hormones are still going crazy and I’m a little touchy. It doesn’t take much to get me emotional.’

“Are you OK?” I asked concerned.

She answered matter-of-factly, “Yeah, I’m just leaking. I need to pump myself.”

I was a little embarrassed that I didn’t realize that.

“I have a pump in my apartment. Since you offered, could you give me a hand? I still don’t have the hang of it.” She asked plaintively.

I accompanied her to her apartment, where she changed into a robe and set up the pump. She explained that most of her baby things were still at her mother’s, so she had a manual breast pump at the apartment. I couldn’t help but get excited as she opened the robe and shifted her left breast into view.

“OK, I’ll hold my breast and you pump.” She instructed me how to use the pump and how to place it. Soon she began expressing milk into the reservoir. I had never seen anything like this before and it was getting me hotter each second. Stephanie had a strange look on her face as the white fluid sprayed from her breast.

With a relieved tone in her voice she explained, “You know, I actually look forward to breast feeding now. It hurts so much when they get this full, that anytime the baby feeds it feels so much better.” With a devious smile she added, “Not to sound like a perv, it kind of makes me horny too.”

“Stephanie!” I said half scolding. “How could you say that?”

“You’ll see when you have a baby. Besides after nine months of no sex anything will get me horny.” She rebutted, then said ” this ones done.” and dropped her breast. One small droplet of milk hung perilously from her nipple. I could feel myself becoming flush and my mouth actually watered with the thought of licking it off. I was actually curious to try a taste, but kept it to myself. She wiped up then covered her tit with the robe, but also removed her right mound.

While pumping her right breast I could feel my heart van escort pounding. Stephanie had a serene look to her. She let out a small sigh and squirmed in her seat a little. As she did so her boob jiggled out of place and sprayed milk onto my hands. Stephanie quickly grabbed a towel and helped me dry my hands.

She said apologetically, “I knew I’d make a mess. It would have been worse if I didn’t have you to help me. I was just getting lost in the sensations.”

I almost missed that last part, but it eventually sank in. She was getting off on this. By now my own pussy was screaming and I had to do something about it. I tried to remain calm until I could take care of business, but I just couldn’t hide it. Light perspiration was beading on my forehead and my chest was bright red. Stephanie seemed to notice. I took up the pump to pick up where we left off. I figured the sooner we finished the sooner I could be back upstairs fucking my self with my dildo.

“You know once when I was done feeding the baby, I was curious to see what my milk tastes like so I tried some. Is that too weird?” Stephanie questioned.

“I guess it’s only natural to wonder.” I said feigning objectivity.

“It’s actually kind of sweet. Have you ever wondered what it tasted like?”

“Maybe” was all I could get out and now I was squirming in my seat.

Stephanie offered, “You can try some if you want.”

I nodded an mumbled a weak OK.

“Come here and kneel in front of me.” She said as she spread her legs to make room. Until that point I didn’t know she was completely naked under her robe. I took my place in front of her, shaking with anticipation and desire. She held her heavy tit in her hand and offered it for me. Her firm nipple entered my mouth where I flicked it with my tongue. I closed my lips around it and sucked gently. Stephanie moaned slightly then squeezed her boob gently. With that a sweet, delicate taste hit my tongue. At first it was just enough that I could barely perceive it. Then my mouth was filled with the white liquid. It had the consistency and color of coconut milk and tasted to me like melted vanilla shake with a hint of saltiness.

I edged closer to her and sucked harder for more of her mothers’ milk. In my zeal I had forgotten how sensitive she was, and she pulled her tit from my suckling. yalova escort “Careful, Lysa, they’re still tender. I have an idea. Let’s go to the couch.” She said. We made our way from the kitchen and Stephanie sat back in the couch, slouching a bit. I sat next to her and she patted her lap and motioned for me to rest my head there. She cradled my head in her arm and fed me like I was her child and I went along with it. I felt her free hand slip under me and between her legs. Not to be left out I slipped my own hand into my shorts. My clit was throbbing, and very sensitive. I rarely made it wait so long for sexual relief as I have today.

I had let out a long moan as my mouth enveloped Stephanie’s hard nipple and part of her boob. She returned with heavy breath, “Oh Lysa. Keep sucking. You’re making me feel so good. Just like a good little baby.” She giggled a little as did I. ” You’re gonna help me cum if you keep it up. Do you want to help make this mommy cum?’

I answered with a wanton ‘MM HMMM”, while I continued to work her squirting tit with my hungry mouth. My fingers we running wildly over my pussy; building a forceful orgasm inside the pit of my stomach. Stephanie continued to coo to me between intermittent sighs and moans. Her fingers plunged deep into her sopping pussy with a wet slap sounding each stroke. “I’m gonna cum Lysa! Mommy’s cumming!” she uttered with great urgency. This was all so kinky; I loved it.

I released her breast from my mouth, letting it slide across my face leaving a trail of milk and saliva on my cheek. “Cum for me mommy, cum for Lysa.” I held off my own climax until Stephanie began to tremble in orgasm, then I let loose with her. My hips bucked and gyrated as I attempted to prolong the intensity. I buried my face into Stephanie’s beautiful cleavage to muffle my yells as a second smaller wave rolled though me. As I settled down, she gently stroked my forehead and wiped the sticky milk from my cheek. I rose and we sat silently leaning against each other.

Stephanie said demurely, “I guess I better clean up and get to my mom’s. Thank you, Lysa.”

I smiled back, and kissed her cheek, “Oh Sweetie, thank you.” Then I leaned down and kissed each drained boob before she hid them under the fabric of her robe. We both stood and hugged one last time before I left. I still had a couple of hours before my boyfriend came home and I was far from sated. I ripped my clothes off and jumped on the bed in his apartment. As I pulled my dildo from the nightstand, I facetiously spoke to it. ” You have your work cut out for you today.”

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