Subject: The Council of Elders: Mrs Brown’s Massage Parlor 2 Mrs Browns Massage Parlor Part 2: By Kingeorge My natural instinct was to trust my elders. I had gotten myself into a situation where I was face down, bent over and lubed up with a liberal amount of vaseline. There were adults in the room. What could possibly go wrong? I felt the tip of the rubbery phallus at my asshole and felt it rubbing back and forth. Like the finger, it tickled a bit. Then I felt it stop directly over my rectum and pressure began to build. It was, after all a rubber penis not much larger than my own and it took very little effort for the elderly man behind me, to force it past my sphincter and lodge the head inside my ass. I squirmed and wiggled on the table, unable to move because my ankles were restrained. I thought that the sensation was uncomfortable, but not really painful. I did, however, have only the head inside me at the time. Mrs Brown walked off towards her desk and I felt the fake penis moving slowly deeper, so I knew it was the retired school teacher doing this to me. Mrs. Brown walked over to me and brushed my blond hair aside. “Are you doing alright?” she asked sweetly. “I guess so.” I said. “Remember if he does it too hard, to tell him the safe word; otherwise, he is going to keep doing it faster and deeper unless you tell him to stop. He likes doing this to young boys. I have done it to a few older men, but I have done it to an occasional boy when my friend is not available. But its nice for him to do it. That way, I can relax and make a few phone calls before my next client comes here.” The man behind me had now forced all 5 inches of the thin dildo into my bottom and was slowly pulling it back and forth. My cock felt incrediably alive and I felt sensations that I had not experienced when I had mastubated. I did not understand it at the time, but every time the head of that dildo touched my prostate, it felt as if I was having an orgasm. “You boys have fun now. I have a few phone calls to make and I will be back to check up on you. We have about ten minutes before my next client, so you know, do whatever feels good but we will have to finsh up before he gets here.” She said. I heard the door to the room open, then close shut. The man behind me stopped moving the artificial cock and left it lodged inside me. It was perfectly still and quiet in the attic room. A few seconds later, I heard the distinct sound of a zipper being pulled down and the sound of clothes being brushed against each other. I could hear and sense movement now and before I could process all the information, I felt the small dildo being pulled out and a much warmer and softer object being placed against my rectum. I was not stupid or naive. In fact, I had experimented with a neighborhood boy a few times, feeling and touching each karşıyaka escort others penis. Although I was not circumcised, I had felt the other boys cock and in particular, the rubbery head of his dick. I knew what was going on behind me. As soon as Mrs. Brown left the room, the retired schoolteacher was going to stick his own cock in my ass. And there was not much I could do about it. The head of his cock went in with a slight amount of discomfort and when my sphincter closed down behind it, I realized that I was going to get an adult cock in my ass. I had come this far without objecting. I had let them do unspeakable things to me. But for some reason, I did not make any attempt to tell him to stop and it would all be over in less than ten minutes anyway. Slowly the first inch or two entered me. My ass was still slick from the vaseline that Mrs Brown had put in. He stopped advancing for a moment, then grabbed my hips. With a powerful thrust, he forced the entire remaining length into my ass and I let out a high pitched cry. He quickly pulled back again and pushed forward until I could feel his pubic hair against my cheeks. I could hear the sounds of footsteps coming up the stairs and the cock in my bottom was quickly pulled out. I heard the adult shuffling behind me and pulling up his zipper. The fake penis was quickly put back into my ass. “And how are you boys doing? Are you having a good time? Well, I was just on the phone with my next client. He was supposed to be here at three, but he called to say he is going to be a half hour late. So as far as I am concerned, you two dont have to be in a hurry to finish. You take your time, but I will need you to finish in oh, twenty five minutes, so I have time to clean up.” she said. The entire time she was in the room, the adult behind me slowly worked the small rubber cock in and out of my bottom. I saw her turn and walk out of the attic room, but this time, I did not hear the door close behind her. No sooner had she left, when I felt the man behind me remove the rubber cock and sit it on the small of my back. His zipper and pants were pulled down quickly and with no fanfare, he shoved his entire erection into my bottom hole. I grunted out loud enough, I discovered later, for Mrs Brown to turn back and come into the room to investigate. Although the activity was behind me, I could sense that the retired schoolteacher had been caught with his pants down. Mrs Brown now stood beside me, watching here elderly friend sodomize me with his stiff member. He was unaware of her presence and continued to thrust in and out of my bottom with increasing speed. His hand was on my penis and balls, squeezing them both as he forced his cock in, and pulling on them as he withdrew his cock. Mrs Brown whispered to him, which startled him enough that his cock kartal escort popped completely out of my hole. “I didnt know you were going to use, you know, your own thing on him. Stanley told me to give him the dildo because they are going to share a bed tonight. He wanted us to loosen him up so that he could get in himself. But I guess whats done is done. So its no big deal. Lets just not tell Stanley. Besides, with boys this age, there little hole closes right back up. When Stanley gets him tonight, he wont be able to tell. So you just go ahead and have your fun.” she said. Now, with Mrs Brown directly beside him, he put his cock back in my ass and pushed in about six inches. He pulled it out completely and then back in again. She watched him continue to fully remove his cock and heard muffled moans from me as it forced its way back in. “You like doing it that way? I bet that hurts. He hasnt said the safe word yet, has he?” she said. The elderly man behind me must have shook his head no. I figured out by now, that he did not want me to hear the sound of his voice and did not want me to see his face. I later learned that he had been doing this to several middle schoolers. Because he was still a teacher at that time, he did not want them to recognize his voice or face for fear that they might someday tell their teachers exactly happens at Mrs. Browns Massage Parlor. The retired teacher did not know that I was a visitor from another state, staying only five days before returning to my home. So he continued to keep his identity and voice a secret to me. During my visit, I did not even get a chance to see the cock that was so vigourously sodomizing my preteen ass. When Mrs Brown left the room, he slammed his cock back in so hard it lifted me off the massage table and did not let up on his pace until she returned bout ten minutes later. My ass was throbbing and sore. It was burning and tender but I did not know the safe word that would have made him stop. So I endured it for the full 20 or so minutes. My orgasms from him hitting my prostate were continuous and exhausting. I did not think I could cum another time without passing out, but I did, over and over again. Finally Mrs Brown came in and spoke to him sweetly: “So I think you need to, you know, finish up your business pretty soon. If you havent done so already, that is. You know, after you, you know, shoot your stuff in him, I have to put him in the tub to clean all that stuff out. We cant have him going home with your stuff in him. Stanleys mom will do his laundry this week and see your cream on his underwear and get suspicious. So I will give you a couple minutes to do your thing. I will be in the bathroom filling the tub. Come in and tell me when you are getting ready to leave and I will clean him up.” kastamonu escort she said. I had enough. Exhausted, I was now just a recepticle for his sperm. I wiggled my hips on the bed and rocked my hips. I wanted him to finish, even if it meant having his semen squirting into my butt. It must have worked. After lifting my hips up to meet his a dozen or so times, I felt him slam his cock into me as far as it could go. He held it there without moving. I felt his cock throbbing and for some reason, I counted two, four, six, then a pause. Then another three, then a fouth throb and another pause. He kept his cock still for another minute, fully inside me, before letting it slip out. My ass remarkably clamped shut quickly when the head of his cock was out and I felt him gently slap my buttocks. He pulled the towel out from under me then threw it in the laundry basket by the bed. I heard the sound of his clothes being put back on and his pants being zipped up. A few moments later I heard his footsteps, the door opened up, then shut behind him. The room was now strangely silent and still. I lay there with a sixty six year old mans cum inside my ass wondering how all this happened and how I got into this position. Mrs Brown came back into the room a few minutes later and unstrapped my ankles from the bed. She took a dry washcloth and held it against my bottom. “Hold this hear while we walk to the bathtub. I dont want his cum dripping out of you onto the floor. Lets get you cleaned up. Stanley is waiting for you outside in his car.” she said. The bathroom was downstairs on the first floor. It was a bit awkward walking down stairs and she held onto me to keep me from stumbling. I think I did incedibly well, considering I was a twelve year old boy who had just lost his anal cherry to a man older than my grandfather. Getting into the tub, I had to lift my leg to get in. I thought I felt a warm liquid running down the back of my leg as I lowered myself into the warm water. I sat down in the tub and Mrs Brown kneeled down beside me. She pushed my knees apart and told me to lie back and relax. “I am going to get his stuff out of you before we send you home,” she said. She reached under the water and lifted my balls up, givingher fingers access to my sore bottom. Her index finger extended and went into my hole. I could feel warm water circulate inside me. She moved her finger vigorously back and forth. Water sloshed into the tub. I could see a thick creamy fluid floating in the bathwater. She contiued finger fucking me for about a minute and a half. “That should do it, Robbie.” she said. “Lets get you dressed. Stanley is waiting for you in the car outfront.” I looked around the house and front yard, but I did not see the man who had sodomized me for the first time. He was nowhere to be seen. Mrs Brown told me I could keep the small dildo that she had used on me, but I declined, telling her, I had no safe place to hide it. “I will keep it here for you, for when you come back for your next visit Robbie. You will come back soon, wont you?” she said “Thank you Mrs Brown. Yes. I guess so” I said.

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