My Birthday Surprise


My Birthday SurpriseI have had the hots for my mom for as long as I can remember. I have wanted to bury my cock deep in her and drain my balls since I knew what my cock was for. And mom knew this. We talked about it. Mom is very attractive, wide hips, nice ass. She has red hair with a red bush to match. Her boobs are medium size. Dad is gone a lot so this probably is what dove mom and I together. Mom told me she wanted me too but that I needed to wait till I had reached the age of consent so everything was legal. Well that day came and mom made a hotel reservation for she and I. I could not wait. A week before the big I quite playing with my cock so I could let my balls fill with plenty of cum to make mom happy.Well that day came and mom and I went to the hotel. “I have a very special birthday surprise for you, my little man. It something that you have wanted fr a long time.” Mom said with a sexy smile. She told to wait in the room and she would be in soon. I got naked and laid out on the bed, my cock so hard it hurt and my balls were so full my cock was dribbling jizz everywhere. I laid there thinking about finally getting to fuck my mom. The door opened and the lights went out. I heard the water in the bathroom running, mom was getting ready for me. My cock grew even harder. The bathroom door opened and I felt a hand on my cock. I reached over and turned on the light as I wanted to see my cock sliding in and out of moms pussy. It was not mom, but the lady who was at the front desk when we checked in. I middle aged Hispanic woman, she was naked and in one hand she had a condom. She was slightly chubby, nice dark haired bush and okay boobs. She was trying to put the condom on me but could not get it. I took the condom and threw it across the room. I pulled her up onto the bed. She straddled me and lowered herself down on my dong. She was wet and I slid easily inside her. Her pussy felt good as she fucked me and she seemed to be enjoying it also. I was not going to last long and after a minute I started to squirt my hot sticky load deep inside her. I think she came also. Once my cock was soft she lifted herself off me. My cream trickling out of her cunt and sticking in her bush and running down her leg. “Did you like? Was this good for your first time? Want to do it again?” the woman asked me. “I had never been with a man for the his first time. I hope you like. Call down to the front desk if you want me again. I need to go clean up before my break is over, I do not need my husband to find out about this.” She said as she dressed and left the room. I laid there and mom entered about five minutes later.”How did you like it? my little man gets his first taste of a woman on his first day of being a man.” Mom said as she looked my naked body over. “She has a nice smelling pussy, are your loads always this big? That is alot of cum.” mom snickered. “Mom, it was supposed to be you, I wanted to fuck you for my first time. Not some woman I don’t know. She did have a nice pussy I guess and thanks kayseri escort mom for setting that up.” I replied sadly. “Honey, don’t be mad. I just thought this would be better, not weird.” mom said. “Mom, how can it be weird, we are not going to have babies. I just want to fuck you, be close to you, share something special with you and make you feel good. I know dad does not do it for you, I was thinking that I could be that for you when dad is gone.” I said. Mom sat there looking at me with a sad look. Then she started to rub her hand around my upper thigh and then brushed across my cock. My cock started to get hard. Mom laid down next to me with her face right near my cock as she played more with my cock and balls and my cum soaked pubes. Then she leaned over and took my cock in her mouth, only for a second or two. Then she stood up and took off her clothes. I just love her strawberry bush, her pussy lips, the freckles on her body and her boobs. She got back on the bed and mounted me. Just like the woman who was on top of me minutes before, mom worked her hips around my cock. Mom was wet, and tight. Because I had just drained my balls I was able to last much longer this time. Mom worked me over real good, then she came. She moaned loud and her whole body tensed up, even her pussy clamped tightly around my cock as she came. I could not hold back any longer and flooded mom’s womb with a large load. As my balls drained I thought about my sperm swimming around inside mom where I had got my start. Mom fell on the bed beside me. “Wow!” she said. My cock was now sore. I got up to pee. When I returned mom was asleep. I looked over her naked body, my cum was running from her cunt. “Wow is right” I thought to myself. The next morning I awoke with a massive hardon and rolled over and sank my cock deep inside mom’s still wet pussy. I made two thrust and then let my balls drain again filling mom’s womb to overflow. My cock was too sore to fuck anymore after that. Hell I could hardly wear pants. But a few days later I was able to fuck mom at home. And then we got on a regular fuck routine after that, pretty much every day when dad was gone. After several months mom wanted to go back to the hotel which we did. She paid that same woman to come to our room and fuck me again, this time mom stayed there and watched. This time I actually fucked the woman back and made her cum real hard. “Maybe she should be paying us.” Mom said as she knelt down and buried her face in the woman’s to clean up my sperm. As mom licked the woman’s cunt and moved in behind and sank my cock into mom. I fucked mom good and hard doggy style as she ate that woman out. The woman played with mom’s clit and made her cum as I exploded with my own orgasim filling mom’s sweet pussy with my spunk. That woman stayed with us in our room for the night. And I fucked both of them several times. I was happy to finally get to fuck my mom. I guess fucking the other woman and the three way was just a bonus. I am still fucking my mom almost every night but now my birthday surprise is having another woman join us.

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