Subject: My Boss Steve 2 Chapter 9 My Boss Steve 2 Chapter 9 Hi, and thanks for reading my story this far. I’d love to hear what you think of the tale: my email aol The story is fiction and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives. Nifty can only continue with donations, so please give any Pounds, Dollars, Yen or Euros etc. that you can. Steve and Stu walked up the few steps to the front door of Stu’s flat. “So you’ll understand, we’ve all, for the sake of the regiment, kept this strictly to ourselves ever since. The last words spoken about the whole affair was to reach agreement that none of us could ever speak of it to anyone else ever. Our secret, never to be shared. I’ve kept that promise until now. Stu knew, that his plan to tell his boss that he was tired and to say goodnight and part on the doorstep was now not a possibility. They stepped over the comic ‘welcome’ mat Stu had bought at the local market soon after he’d moved in and into the small living area, Steve kicking the door shut behind him as he threw his arms around the younger man and bent for a kiss. “Boss, Steve, I really need to tell you something,” Stu moved his head away and realising he would need to keep a distance between them if he was to be able to say what he needed to, took a few steps backwards, moving through the open door into the bedroom. He didn’t notice the new black satin sheets on the bed neither did he see the tea-lights all round the room until his boss began to awkwardly move around lighting the small candles. “Please stop doing that and listen,” Stu said, feeling the urgency now of the news he must now share. “Fuck, you’re sexy,” the bigger man sounded breathless. He wrapped his arms around his young lover and pulled him tightly against his muscular frame. “Please boss, it’s important. It won’t wait, I need to tell you…” “Yes, yes, but this won’t wait either. You can feel that can’t you.” Stu felt the familiar hot, hardness pressing into him and struggled unsuccessfully to free himself. “Steve, no. I don’t want this. We need to talk. Let me go. I told you I can’t do this. I’m tired. I didn’t get much sleep last night and anyway….. for Christ’s sake let me go.” “Do you think I went to all this trouble not to get to fuck your brains out tonight? What do you think I am? Now get your clothes off and get ready to get a fucking good seeing to.” “But we fucked at the restaurant. That’s it. That’s enough now. Please boss.” His powerfully built superior held him firmly and pushed him backwards so he fell onto the bed. Unable to stop him, Stuart felt his trousers being roughly pulled down and the weight of the other man press down on top of him. He tried to struggle but wasn’t strong enough. He found himself lying on his front diagonally across the bed, his trousers and underpants round his ankles restricting his movement and the weight of his larger and heavier boss on top of him. “Please Steve, please let me go. Get off me.” Stu tried to struggle free but could barely move. There was no reply to his pleas, instead, he felt hot breath against his skin as his neck was nibbled and his face pressed into the duvet beneath him. He tried to thrash his legs but they were soon held in place as his boss’s powerful legs moved one each side of them pressing them together. Soon he felt the hot tip of the man’s massive prick once again press against his anus. He tried to scream but what little sound he was able to make, was smothered by the bedding against his mouth. Unable to resist kocaeli escort in any way, Stu felt tears wetting his face. He was going to be raped. Yes, it was rape. The man, his boss that he had adored and looked up to; the man who had made him feel so good so many times was pinning him down and forcing himself on him. Stu gasped as the familiar giant organ slid slowly but determinedly onto his overstretched hole. It was still loosened and slippery, but he was unprepared and it hurt, it hurt like hell. Suddenly and desperately reacting to the intense pain, his body instinctively needed a big gulp of oxygen to alleviate the raw nerve endings, but because his face was pressed so firmly against the bedding, he started to cough violently. The obscenely swollen shaft, now past his defeated sphincter, slid all the way in, every inch now possessing him, owning him. He felt a bit less weight on him and moved his head, now able to fill his lungs. Now the gentle friction inside him began to rub and stimulate right where it always did, every time, yes every single time. The full feeling he needed and craved was there once more, but he didn’t want this, did he? He had tried to make it stop, but now his treacherous body was reacting the way it always did to this, his man, his expert lover. He felt his own traitorous cock stiffening to its full size where it was, squashed beneath him. “Are you OK Stu? I don’t want to hurt you, I want to love you. I want to make you feel good like I always make you feel; better even”. Stu didn’t answer, still trying to resist, but knowing his resolve was weakening and losing the battle of fighting his feelings, his ever increasing ecstatic feelings of having this big, beautiful, sexy man on him and in him. He began to gasp and let out small whimpers. Steve heard his quiet moans and realised instinctively that he was more than capable, as usual, of pleasuring his boy. He kept his weight on Stu’s back, and slowly withdrew his hot, hard engorged shaft half way by rolling his hips, then jabbed it back all the way in. The gasp he heard confirmed it. “Yes, oh God, oh fuck. Boss please.” Neither of the two men now able to decipher what those words actually meant, and neither of them caring. The long, fat prick once again now slid slowly out, then shot back in all the way, deep and hard. Steve felt that wonderful tingle in his bollocks and raising himself on his arms, began moving faster. Always proud of the intense pleasure his body gave, he expertly began to pound in and out of the warm form beneath him. The slap, slap, slap of flesh against flesh and the increase in volume of the moans of joy rendered him incapable of any thoughts now other than to work harder to reach the glorious achievement that nature demanded; to pump his DNA as far inside Stu’s body as he could manage. He gritted his teeth, determined to make this last as long as possible and knew he’d have to force himself to stop moving. He pulled his cock out and heard another groan. “Turn over Stu”, he panted, “I want to see your face when I make you cum.” The younger man turned onto his back when his boss lifted off him slightly and his own stiff, aching dick rubbed gently against the wet, cock hovering above him. “Steve, I…..” “Shhh now”, was the response. “But I….” Steve moved his face down for a kiss, but Stu turned his head away. He felt unable to separate his thoughts, unable to decide what he really wanted to happen. All he could do now was to let the demands of his body dictate to his brain. His conscience, what he knew to be right: together with the fact that he knew he should kocaeli escort bayan be stopping this, all ignored and bypassed, as if all these feelings were in a different place. He gave in to the mind-blowing feeling of his boss Steve’s thick, hot shaft propelling the all too familiar mammoth swollen knob up and up inside him, massaging his body’s most sensitive part as it moved. He felt the usual, glorious feeling of dizziness and his mind going blank. “My wonderful Stu. I love fucking your arse so much. You feel so tight, the way you hug me down there.” The big man was moving faster, thrusting deep inside his young lover. He heard the usual little whimpers and gasps then, “Oh fuck Steve. Yes, yes, fuck me harder. I need you to fill …… ahh, jeez, Oh, Oh I love your knob. Push it deeper, that’s it. Yes yes yes” Steve was pumping as fast and as deep as he could. The desperate need driving him on to the inevitable. With a moan so loud it was almost a shout, his cock began to spasm, pumping his creamy spunk deep. The contractions so exaggerated as usual that the world around him disappeared. The panting gasps and yells from the man underneath him told him that he’d done his job and delivered total satisfaction as he always did. They lay still together, the two of them alone in the universe. As their breathing slowed, Steve once more moved his face down for a kiss. “Please Steve, you’re heavy.” Stu said and pushed to move his boss off him. Steve lifted himself slightly, but Stu was still trapped. “I need to pee”, Stu finally said and felt the pressure on him ease. He wriggled free and walked to the bathroom. In the bathroom, Stu finished and shook the last drips off his dick. He flushed, moved to the mirror over the sink and looked at his reflected face. He looked worried, sad and stressed. He knew he was all those things, swallowed hard and walked purposefully back into the bedroom. “Come back to bed you handsome boy”, the big man in his bed said quietly. Stu sat on the chair by the window. “Boss, Steve, I have something I need to tell you. It’s hard.” “Mmm, well if it’s hard, then definitely come back to bed!” He was lying on his back, a sleepy smile on his face. “Look, this isn’t easy, so please just keep quiet and listen. I’m giving in my notice at work tomorrow.” His boss sat up, suddenly very much awake and alert now.”You’re what? Seriously? Why?” “Steve, you know this can’t go on for ever. People at work are becoming suspicious, you know the guy next door knows about you and me. It’s only a matter of time before your wife finds out. And anyway, while I was in Prague, I was offered a really good job. Leading a team in an internet networking company. The company are being flooded with new business. It’s a really great opportunity for me. “No, no, we can be more careful. Now come here and get some more of my prick.” “Listen to me please Boss. When I was away, I met someone. When my sister was driving us back from the airport after we learned my flight was cancelled, we picked up a hitch-hiker. He is a policeman and had been working, helping with the military exercise. That’s how we learned what was going on. Matyas, that’s his name, was in the car when you `phoned. Remember, the phone was on speaker and he, along with my sister heard what you said. I guess you “outed” me to both of them. Matyas was going to sleep at the railway station as his next train home wasn’t until the morning. My sister, generous as ever, insisted he slept on the settee at their place. And that’s how, well um…..” “So `well um’ what? What are you telling me?” “Steve, izmit escort I’m sorry, but it just kind of happened. Matyas and I spent an hour chatting after my sis had gone to bed. He’s such a lovely man. I found myself staring at his lips when he spoke and wondering how they would feel on mine, longing to kiss him. He leant over and kissed me. It felt so right, so right. I felt an electric shock run through me. At that moment I knew I never wanted to say goodbye to him. I just clung to him. Steve, I didn’t get any sleep last night. He came with me to my bed and we fucked the whole night. Oh God, I love him Steve. I really do.” “You can’t know that Stu. Be realistic. One night of shagging doesn’t mean anything. Except you’re a bit of a tart of course!” Stu let the insult pass, “I know Steve. Believe me I’ve never been so sure about anything in my life.” “But Stu, we fucked at the restaurant; over the table for fuck’s sake, and again here just now.” “I was very tired and a bit drunk in the restaurant. I didn’t mean to but you were hard to resist in those circumstances.” “OK. I’ll go and buy some booze,” it seemed his boss was not going to concede defeat easily. “And what about just now?”. “I told you I didn’t want to. That was virtually rape!” “You didn’t resist for very long though, did you.” “Steve, boss, you know how I feel about you. I’ll never forget that it was you that showed me what I’d been unknowingly denying to myself. It was you that made me admit to myself I am gay. You showed me what I’d been missing and wow, how good that amazing cock of course felt hot and hard, deep inside me, filling me up so completely. I love that and I always will, but you must know it has only ever been lust. We’ve both known it could only be temporary, a delightful interlude. I’ll always be grateful to you for that. “I’m moving to Prague. I’m going to accept that job and I’m going to move in with Matyas. I know I have no other choice. I’ll just have to see how it goes, but I know I have to give it the best chance.” “So you’ve really made your mind up eh?” Steve looked so dejected now, Stu resisted the urge to comfort him, quickly realising where that would be lead. “I think it’s best you leave now,” Stu told his boss, struggling to say the words. But knowing he must make a clean break. He watched the big man pick up his clothes and begin to dress. He looked so very sad, and for the big muscular man he was, rather pathetic now. “I suppose that’s it then,” he said softly as he pulled his shoes on.” “I’ll see you in the office boss.” Steve just nodded and left, the door closing with a gentle click behind him. Stu looked out of the window, feeling a mixture of sadness at the end of an amazing chapter in his life, a time that had changed things forever for him, and an excitement for what would be a completely new life with his handsome, sexy Czech policeman Matyas who loved him so much. He watched his boss walk down the lane until he was out of sight and decided to call Matyas. As Steve made his way back to the restaurant and his car, he too had a mixture of feelings. He was sad knowing he’d miss his boy Stu, miss the great sex they had and a bit angry that he’d no longer have sex on tap as often as he wanted. Then he remembered the new lad that the company had just taken on as a trainee. He was a bit of a geek, must be in his early twenties, but looked about fifteen. “I wonder how good he is with `Powerpoint’ presentations”, Steve thought. “Maybe he would appreciate a bit of coaching.” The end I hope you enjoyed the story. If you did, I’d love to hear what you think of my other efforts. (and if you didn’t, you might enjoy them more!) “Holiday” and “My Norwegian Athlete” are under Encounters and “The Shower” is under Incest. I’d love to hear if you find them — erm – interesting!.

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