Subject: My Cousin’s Husband Feedback and suggestions are welcome. Please contact me hoo I will get back to everyone. As always please consider donating to to keep this unique platform for sharing stories going. ( you can do that here: fty/donate.html ) When I was younger, a female cousin whom I have never met along with her boyfriend (JR), started to reconnect with the family. Over the next few years, they eventually got married and had kids. Over time, I got to know my cousins’ husband. I viewed him as a father figure, someone with who I can ask questions and trust. Growing up without a father, having him made my life a little easier. At 12, I started to discover my sexuality. I found myself more attracted to my friends who were males instead of the females. I began to look at my cousins’ husband a bit differently when he would come over. But at such a young age and being a bit na�ve, I did not know what it fully meant. Almost every Memorial Day weekend, since I was 11, JR would take me with him to his house in the Poconos for the weekend to open it for summer. By the age of 12, I was looking forward to the 3-4-hour car ride alone with JR and my fantasies would run wild. I imagined what would happen once we got to the house. But all that weekend brought was hard work. I did not mind as he would walk around shirtless and be all sweaty. He was 31, 6’3, 240lbs, crewcut brown hair, green eyes, hairy chest, not muscular but well-built and solid. I would peer out the window as he cut the grass or chopped wood and get hard thinking of him. The infatuation continued over the next few years. Though we have not gone to the Poconos in a few years, I would look forward to the holidays when they would come over or look for any excuse to go over my cousin’s house to hang out. By this time, they had 4 children. As I was beginning to have questions about sex, I began to ask him questions about girls (as not to lead on that I was gay.) He was very understanding and always answered whatever questions I had. He explained to me many topics. This only made me want him more. I was beginning to accept the fact that nothing would ever happen between JR & I. So, at 16, I had my first experience with a guy (he was 19) that I met through friends. It started as nothing more than a few blowjobs, but eventually over weeks it became more. He taught me the ins and outs of sex and how to be more comfortable with my body. As the summer approached, I was making plans to go on vacations with my friends and family. JR who by now is 36 called and asked if I wanted to go open the summer house and spend half the summer (until the end of July) with him there to do major renovations to the house. I asked if my cousin and the kids were going to be there. Secretly, I was hoping it was only us. He then explained that they would not be there until Mid-August. My heart skipped a beat as all the feelings I tried to suppress came rushing back. We left late on the last Thursday in June and spent the car ride (4 hours) talking about life, school, and family. Over the course of the drive the conversation began to focus on sex and my dating. I made some small talk as I was still closeted to him. He began sharing stories of his sex life as a teenager and a young adult. This turned me on but every so often I would ask a question. As the conversation got more sexual, I began asking about size of dick and when does it stop growing? How do I know if I am hurt someone during sex? What about sex in the butt? He answered the questions with his personal stories. The thought of JR doing these sexual acts made me want him so bad. After what seemed like forever, we arrived at the house around 12:45am and settled in for the night. The next day we were up early to begin opening the house. Late in the afternoon, as we are getting ready to eat and relax before the next day’s work, the subject of sex came up again and he asked if I had any questions since the drive up and that he was glad we were so close that he could share it with me and if I needed he would help me understand any questions I have . I nodded. This would happen a few times over the next few weeks. Over the next 2 weeks, we completed a lot of work around the house. He suggested as a celebration that we go into town to grab a bite to eat and do some food shopping as he planned on not going into town for another 2 weeks so that we can complete the rest of the renovations and then we could relax. The next week flew by and we were 95% done with all the work that needed to be done. Wednesday night around 11, he came in from the garage with some packs of beer and said we deserved a drink to celebrate all the work we were doing. (My mother had given him permission for me to have a beer.) I sat down in the living room to watch a movie. JR passed me went to his room, put on a pair of shorts, and came and sat next to me on the couch with a VHS tape. He asked me if I ever saw a porno before. I told him I have. He smiled and laughed. He popped it in to play and explained that since I was asking questions over the last few weeks, he would just show me somethings. There were some things in the video that I have never saw or knew of. I started asking about different things that were going on in the video. He began to explain how doggy style is his favorite and how much likes getting his dick sucked. He started to explain to me what it felt like on his dick in the doggy style position. He wanted to know what I have done with girls and I blurted out that I do not really find girls attractive. He was taken aback and assumed that I liked girls. He then started to point to the men and explained how whatever I was seeing that two men can do the same exact things. Acting stupid, I looked at him and asked how man can do that too and if he could show me. He looked at me and explained that meant the two men were gay and he was not. I told him but I am and do not understand kocaeli escort why he could not help me understand and ran into the bedroom right across from the living room and cried. He came in a few minutes later and explained that even though he is not gay, he understood what I felt as he experimented when he was younger with friends but realized that he was not gay. He put his arms around my shoulder pulled me close to him. He began to hug me and tell me everything was going to be ok. I told him, it would never be ok because I want him and have wanted him for a long time and that I have had sex before because I was waiting for you since I could remember. He stood up all 6’3″ of him to my 5’6″ and extended his hand to mine to get up and follow him. We walked into his bedroom and I stood near the bed. He explained to me that he would help me anyway he can, but whatever was going to happen tonight could never leave this house or my lips. He told me he had not done anything with a man since he was about 15. He began to rub my back and put his hand on my head and pushed my head on his chest. He kissed my head and told me to lay on my stomach with my head hanging off the bed as he stripped off his shorts to expose his semi hard cock. He told me to stick my tongue out and he put the head of his dick on my lips and on my tongue. Telling me to open wide and he slowly began to push his hard cock into my mouth and told me to close my mouth and suck on it. He was so gentle as he began to face-fuck me hanging off the bed. He kept reassuring me that everything was OK and that what we were doing is natural. After a while he laid on his back on the bed and I continued sucking his dick for a good 15 minutes. He told me to stand up and takeoff my clothes and kneel on the bed on all fours like the girl did in porno we watched. He pushed my head down, picked up my hips and arched my back for me and explained this position is what makes him crazy. He sat up behind me and said that he could not believe that my ass was making him hard. He started rubbing my ass with his large hands and used two fingers to open my ass apart. He told me that what was going to happen tonight was something he never thought about with a guy but looking at my mouth around his cock and looking at my ass in front of him made something in his mind turn on. He began to cup my cheeks of my ass in his big hands and explain that he was going to put his finger in between. Slowly I felt his finger rub against my hole, and he explained that if I felt uncomfortable to please tell him to stop. He slowly started to push one finger into the tightness of my hole to open me up he explained this was needed before we fucked for the first time. A few seconds later his whole finger was inside of me and then I heard him spit and felt a little wetness on my hole and a second finger began to enter. After a few minutes of my hole getting used to his fingers, he slapped my ass and said “Damn, I haven’t fucked an ass this tight in years.” He began slapping both checks. He asked me “Do you think you are ready for me to stick my cock in your hole?” I could not believe this was happening. I said “Yes, JR” He looked at me and smiled. He knelt up and positioned the head of his cock at my hole. “If it hurts, we will stop.” With a loud grunt he pushed in the head of his dick into my ass. I let out a scream and moan. He put his hands on my back and said don’t worry daddy `s got you. At that moment, I felt so safe, I turned my head, looked at him and said do to me what you told me you did to those girls. I want to feel you. I have wanted you. This sent him off into pure ecstasy as he began to push the shaft of his dick into my hole, he grabbed my hips, spit down more spit on to his cock and my hole and started slowly pushing his cock in and out of my hole. A few seconds later I felt his big hands pushing into my hips and he said “Fuck this hole is tight, I hope I make you feel good but now I’m going to pound your little hole.” I could feel that he could not any longer going slowly. I tried to turn my head to look at him. I screamed “Fuck me harder!” He started to ram my hole with his cock as I screamed in pain, ecstasy, and pure enjoyment of having him deep inside of me. He kept asking if I were ok, but through his cock pounding my hole, and my as clapping back on his stomach all I could say was YES!!! I looked over at the clock on the dresser to time how long this will be. At least six minutes later he pulled out his cock flipped me over pushed my legs to my shoulders and rammed his cock in even further. He grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down on his cock while I was on my back. At this moment, I knew I want to forever be with him. He started to breathe very heavy and asked when he came where would I like it. He told me he would prefer it inside of me so he would be able to mark his territory and know that I would only be his. I told him that I would love for him to make me his. I knew this would be impossible as he was married to my cousin, but I told him this ass was his and to fill me up with his cum. He was so excited by this news he started to pound harder and scream as he let his cum flood my hole. He fell back on his back still holding onto my hips with his cock deep inside and told me to ride him while letting me cum. After I came. I collapsed into his arms. We fell asleep and woke up early the next morning. I was in the living room when JR walked in and he smiled, looking at me saying that he never thought he would do something like this. JR apologized that he took advantage of me that I was only 16 and he was 36 and how this was wrong, but he could not resist. He kept asking if I was ok. I reassured him I was countless times. “I would like to do this again and being we do not have to leave the house for another week, I would like to watch more porn and try all different things out.” He smiled kolej escort and said `Oh it’s just getting started, that ass is mine. He grabbed my hand and led me back to the bedroom. This began the beginning of a summer and years I will never forget. The Continued Beginnings Once summer was over, JR and I did not speak about what happened. Every time we were together, or I called the house, someone was around. On the many times we started to talk, someone interrupted. Early October, JR called my house. My mom called out to me and said cousin JR was on the phone. “Hello?” “You going to be home?” “Uh yea?” Not sure what to think. “Good, I’ll be in front of your house in 15 minutes, come with me, I have to pick something up at the store, your mom is cool with it” “Sure, I cannot wait.” I exclaimed with a huge smile on my face. As I got ready to go with JR, I wondered if we would be alone or he had the kids or my cousin with him. What had seemed like an eternity I heard him beeping his horn outside. I grabbed my keys and left. Closing my front door, I noticed JR pulling up in his 1997 Cadillac Escalade and was alone. This made me extremely excited. I got in the car and as I closed the door to the car, JR turned to me and smiled. “Hey, tight ass!” I smiled. “Hey JR!” “I figured since we came back from the Poconos and haven’t been alone since then, I’ll drag you around to a few places with me.” “That’s cool, but maybe we can go to the Poconos again soon?” Giving me a smirk, JR tilted his head to face me “That’s something that could be arranged.” We drove to a few stores picking up some things that JR needed for one of his jobs. JR owns his own construction firm. Most of the day he goes from job site to job site making sure his workers are doing their jobs. Our next stop was to pick up his new cell phone from the cell phone store. Once inside, I looked around and was playing around with the phones. JR kept smiling at me from the counter, motioning for me to come over to him. “After we finish here, we’ll grab some lunch and then I’ll take you home.” “No problem.” We quickly left the store, got in the car, and started driving to a place to grab lunch. As we were driving, JR hands me a bag. “I got you something.” “You got me something?” I grabbed the bag from JR, opening it slowly, I noticed a cell phone box in it. I looked over at JR. He had the biggest smile on his face. “I know it has been hard to talk since we got back from the Poconos. I wanted you to be able to call me whenever you want and not have to worry about people listening in.” Being 16, having just received my first cell phone, I was ecstatic. I began to show my excitement when JR pulled into the parking lot for lunch. “Oh my god, JR. Thank you. I have been wanting a cell phone. This is the best gift.” I was screaming. He reached over and put his hands high on my inner thigh squeezing tightly. “No, thank you! You deserve it for being so brave when we were in the Poconos.” For the next hour we sat in that parking lot and discussed what happened in the Poconos and how he has come to terms with what happened. He explained how he never imagined that he would do things with a guy, how he was happily married with children to my cousin but something that night and afterwards made him reevaluate somethings. He told me that he would like to continue what we had though in secret. “We are going to have to be very careful, when hooking up.” “I completely understand, I wish I could be with you right now.” “Me too, Me too!” Smiling at me. After lunch, he drove me home while explaining some ground rules for use of the cell phone. As we arrived at my house, he turned to me. “This weekend, your cousin and the kids are going to some Halloween trip. I am staying home to finish some work around the house that needs to be done, would you want me to ask your mom if you can stay over and we can catch up?” He winked. I instantly got hard just thinking about the upcoming weekend. “Yes, please!” I shouted in excitement. “Good. I will call later to ask your mom and I will pick you up Friday night about 6. Don’t bring too many clothes, we aren’t leaving the house until I bring you home Sunday.” I stared into his blue green eyes. “Not leaving the house.” I smiled in excitement. JR smiled. I opened the car door and began walking to my house. Friday could not come fast enough. I could not concentrate all week. It seemed to drag by so slowly, but it was finally Friday. Just getting home from school, I emptied my bookbag on the floor and threw some clothes in the bag for the weekend. Before jumping into the shower, I texted JR. “Hey” “Hey tight ass, what are you doing? “About to take a shower.” “Good, all ready for later.” “I cannot wait for later.” “Me either.” “I cannot wait to be with you.” “Soon, real soon. I will be outside a by 6. Do not be late.” “I won’t. I want to enjoy every second with you.” 🙂 I received a call from JR around 5:30 letting me know that he was on his way. My heart skipped a beat, and a feeling of nervousness came over me. I grabbed my bookbag and waited by the front door for JR to pull up. JR pulled up a little after 6. He honked the horn, and I ran out of the house, as my mother waved by the window. Hopping in the car, JR flashed me a big smile. I knew this was going to be a great weekend. We pulled into his driveway about 35 minutes later. JR looked over. “Listen buddy, I know what happened During the summer was something completely unexpected. This is planned and something that I want, even though this is wrong in so many ways. I want you to be completely sure about this, like I am. If at any time, you feel uncomfortable like you want to stop, go home or anything, just let me know.” I reached over and put one hand on JR’s thigh and one finger over his mouth. “I have never been surer of anything before.” konak escort I leaned over and kissed JR’s lips. “Take me inside.” I whispered. JR quickly got out of the car and opened the door to the house. Thinking we would be going to the bedroom, I walked towards the steps. “NO!” JR exclaimed. “Follow me.” Walking over towards JR’s direction, I followed him to the door in the kitchen which led down to the basement. The basement was fully furnished with a guest bedroom. JR opened the door to the guest bedroom. “This is going to be our room for when you come over.” JR leaned down, put his hands on my ass and lifted me up. He pressed his lips against mine. Lifting me up I put my legs around his waist. In one fast swoop JR, laid me down on the bed. My legs still wrapped around him, we continued to kiss passionately. I slid my hands under his shirt, slowly pulling it off. JR positioned himself on my chest. His crotch in front of me. “Unbuckle my belt, I know what you want.” I undid his belt and began to unzip his zipper. I can feel his cock getting harder. I reached in and released his cock. JR stood up, took off his pants and repositioned himself on my chest. His cock was again in front of me. I slowly moved closer to the head. JR reached behind my head and guided my head to rub his cock on my lips. “Open wide, baby.” My mouth opened and I began to suck on the head of JR’s dick. As I lay there sucking JR’s dick, I cannot help but think of how amazing it is. The taste of his cock, the hardness I am feeling in my mouth as he slowly begins to shove more inches in. I grab his waist with my hands and hold him back a moment. I position my self up and open wider and pull him in deeper to my mouth. “Ah, baby, you want me to deep throat that pretty little mouth, don’t ya?” “Yes, please.” With one forceful thrust, JR began to face fuck my mouth, ramming it all the way to the back and holding my head until I gagged and almost lost my breath. Slowly releasing his cock, he repeated that a few more times in rhythm. “Ah fuck. That gagging is making my cock harder.” He continued to ram his cock in and out of my mouth. My hands pulling him closer. “I want to cum in your mouth. You can spit it out if you want or swallow it. Is that ok?” Releasing his cock from my mouth, I looked up at JR. “Yes, please.” In that instant, JR grabbed the back of my neck and began to push his cock in my mouth and pumped faster. “I want you to fully taste me, baby.” JR began to twitch and released his load deep in my mouth. I could not even think of spitting as it was continually shooting. I began to swallow his cum. JR slowly removed his cock from my mouth as some cum started dripping out. I stuck my tongue out and began to lick it up. “That’s right, we don’t waste that.” JR smirked. “I wouldn’t waste your cum, JR.” He bent over and kissed me. “Let’s grab some food, you’re going to need the energy.” JR laughed. I started to put my clothes on. “There’s no need for those.” JR smiled. We made our way upstairs. I sat on the couch and turned on the TV while JR ordered pizza. “Pizza should be here in an hour.” JR sat down next to me. I laid my head on his hairy chest and snuggled up next to him as he wrapped his arm around me. Looking down, I began to admire his semi-hard cock. “JR, I am so glad that we are able to spend this weekend together. It has been a long time just the two of us have been alone since the summer.” “I know, and I am sorry about that. A part of me was having second thoughts about what happened. Don’t get me wrong, I loved every minute of the summer with you. But you understand that you are 20 years younger than me. And I have known you since you were little. I am married to your cousin and being in the same room with everyone and you made me feel weird. I cheated with you, the way I took advantage of you and fucked you the way I did. It was very irresponsible of me. I am supposed to be a father figure for you.” I started crying. “I understand JR. Even though I have dreamt about you since I was 12 and never in a million years would I think anything like this would happen, I can’t help but know this is something I want. You are a father figure to me. I feel safe with you. You did nothing wrong by fucking me. It was a mutual unspoken agreement. I know you are married to my cousin, she will never know and we act like we used to before the summer anyway. She would never expect this. I just hope this is something that can continue.” “This is why this weekend is happening, I have come to realization that I want you just as much. This will be our secret for as long as you want. But any chance I get to fuck you, I am going to take it.” Smiling hard. “You can fuck me anytime, anyplace or anywhere.” I jumped up and straddled JR and began to kiss his lips. I began to feel JR getting hard when the doorbell rang. “Guess the pizza is here.” JR said laughing. “Let’s eat, we have a long night ahead of us.” After we finished the pizza, I made my way back downstairs to the bedroom. JR was finishing up some stuff upstairs. About 20 minutes later I heard JR come down the steps. “ASS UP, FACE DOWN!'” JR yelled “I want to see the place my dick is fucking.” As JR walked in the room, I did as I was told on the bed. “FUCK YES, just want I want.” JR walked over to the bed and slapped both of my ass checks. “DAMN, THIS DICK IS GOING TO ENJOY FUCKING THIS ASS AGAIN” “Yes, JR. This ass wants and needs your dick. You make me and my ass feel good.” JR began to rub his fingers over my hole. He had come down with a bottle of lube and began putting it on my hole. “Got to get you all lubed up for my cock.” He began to slowly insert one finger into my hole and rotating it slowly. After a few minutes I began to feel another finger enter my hole. JR added his spot to my already lubed ass. But then I felt him add a third finger. “I can feel you are almost ready for my cock.” As I kneed there, moaning in pleasure, I manage to say, “Uh huh!” Finally, JR pulls his finger out of my hole. I hear him tear open the condom package. I could feel JR climb on to the bed and position himself behind me. I felt one of his hands grab my waist and push down.

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