My Cousin’s Insatiability Ch. 01

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I listened lazily to the radio, hoping for something interesting on the AM/FM wavelengths but it’s all the same shit. News radio keeps talking of some coup in a country I couldn’t find on a map, music radio puts on song I don’t want to listen to, and the talk shows are talking politics which no one gives a damn about. Bored, I just switched off the radio and watched the Florida countryside flowing by as I drove for my uncle’s hometown.

While I have seen beach fronts before, I’ve never seen much trees and greenery in one place. My hometown of New York City isn’t known for being filled with trees, just concrete skyscrapers and buildings. If there was green, only Central Park and the rich had them. And New York’s beaches were just stormy shores and grey sand while down south, the beaches were whiter and bluer.

If I had a choice, I might come down here for vacation. It wasn’t by choice though, just necessity. It was necessary for me to move to Florida from New York in order to get a job. New York had plenty of jobs to come around but they always open and close in the blink of an eye. Just searching for an open one was difficult enough as it is but catching it before multiple other people was another matter. And with more people coming to the Big Apple for opportunities, the competition was heating up and I just couldn’t compete anymore.

My parents weren’t happy about it either, their eldest son with a business degree having no job was unacceptable. Dad always got on my case of being a freeloader and Mom kept worrying about feeding me and my two younger siblings. They weren’t poor by any means but a twenty-four-year-old like me with no job is a disgrace in their eyes. I would flip burgers at a diner just to have a job, but my parents wouldn’t have none of it.

A day came, during a family dinner, when my parents for the umpteenth time were railing me on not having a job or supposed lack of trying to find one. Out of impulse, I angrily told my dad, “Maybe if you were out there trying to find a job you like, you get why I can’t find one!”

That was either a brilliant move or the dumbest. Dad took up my challenge and asked around for any openings for his unemployed son. A lot of it was small-time, none of those Dad wanted for me and, like I have said, were already gone. Then he asked around my family, my retired grandpa if he had any connections left from his time in real estate or my engineer uncles in Texas and California. They all had squat.

Except one, Uncle Tim living in Florida, running a hotel in a tourist hotspot. He doesn’t run those big-shot resorts you see in commercials, just a modest hotel for customers who don’t want to pay too much cash to relax on vacation trips. Haven’t seen him, my aunt, or my cousins in years, not since I left for state college after high school.

So, this was the first time I’m seeing my uncle and his family. I’m almost ashamed that I get to see Tim only to ask him for a job, but Dad said my uncle was more than happy to take me under his wing for his business. At this point, I neither care nor have any choice. If it gets me a job and my parents off my back, I’ll do it.

I turned on my GPS, punched in the address Dad gave me on my uncle’s hotel and followed the directions the robotic voice gave me. It led me past downtown, past the high-scale condo glass buildings with their own pools and view of the beach front and into the suburbs full of beach houses and more humbler hotels close to the coastline.

Seeing Florida’s beaches, it was definitely nothing like New York’s beaches at all. With its white sand, palm trees and blue water, it was almost like those beach pictures on postcards. Young guys my age was either jogging on the sidewalks, jogging in place only when the traffic light was green, riding bikes or eating food from local restaurants.

And the girls were a sight to see. Some of them were arm in arm with another man, assumingly their boyfriends. Others were jogging alongside their male joggers. But they were all wearing clothes that showed more skin, like shorts and tank tops, than girls in New York City, who have to put on more layers of clothing because of the weather, even during the summer. And on the beaches, girls in bikinis were laying down on their towels, most of them on their stomachs and showing their asses. Already I was liking trading New York for Florida if I get to see more of that

I kept driving past hotels, shops and water parks, following the directions the GPS gave me until it told me the destination was at the next right.

I turned right to see a waterfront hotel, three stories high with white-railed balconies and lounge chairs for every room. A boardwalk with chairs and tables covered one half the hotel building facing the ocean while wooden stairs on the other half led down to the white beach and blue waves below. For me, a city boy, this place didn’t look half bad at all, especially with the gorgeous view rize escort of the waterfront before it.

I parked my car and walked into the lobby, then stopped in my tracks when I saw the front desk attendant.

She was about 5′-4″, with dirty blonde hair falling in curls to her shoulders. Piercing pale blue cat-like eyes on a cute face and a kissable mouth. She was wearing a turquoise collared shirt with the hotel name stenciled on the chest. While I couldn’t see them under the shirt, her breasts were straining hard against the fabric of her uniform, forming a pair of large bulges on her chest.

Whoa, was the only thought I could comprehend. Suddenly, I was having my own bulge between my legs, my cock springing to life at the sight of her. I gritted my teeth with a forceful will and put on a tight smile before walking up to counter.

“Hello, welcome to Seashore Resort Lodge,” the attendant said with a welcoming tone and smile. “Checking in? New in town?”

“No and yes. I’m looking for the owner of the hotel,” I asked, trying to ignore my hardening manhood.

The attendant cocked her head. “Who is asking?”

“Will. I’m…uh… the owner’s nephew. Uncle Tim’s nephew.”

The attendant pursed her lips. “Alright. One moment, please.” She disappeared into the back. Less than a minute passed before the attendant reappeared with my uncle.

Uncle Tim didn’t change much the last time I saw him. A hulk of a man, he was about my height, a couple inches over six feet, with broad shoulders and a chin that seemed chiseled out of stone. He kept his dark hair short and his beard trimmed, now peppered liberally with grey. He was as strong as ever when he came around the counter and gripped my hand in a firm handshake.

“How you doing, Will?” he greeted in a booming voice. “My God, you’ve grown bigger last time I saw you. You were skinnier than a pageant queen.”

I cracked a wide, proud smile. It was true. Back in high school, my muscles were just noodle arms until Uncle Tim convinced me to start exercising to make them bigger. Throughout my college years, any free time I had was spent pumping iron or beasting it up to the point where I was straining my shirts because of my new jacked-up muscles.

Now broad-shouldered with a strong jawline, dark hair and hazel eyes, people regularly compared me to those movie stars that play the villains or badass heroes. Especially girls.

“Well, I followed your advice and here I am,” I said.

“Let me see your muscles, boy.” I lift up my arm and rolled back my sleeves to show them off. “Goddamn, your Aunt Belinda will be surprised for sure.”

“Yeah. I’m sure she would. How’s everyone?”

Tim wagged a finger at me. “You don’t recognize your own cousin?”

I opened my mouth to answer, “What? I haven’t seen Gr-,” until I saw the attendant smiling, stifling a laugh at me. My eyes widened in surprise. “Grace?”

“Hi Will. Long time, no see,” she said, putting a hand over her mouth to hide her laughing.

I stood there like a stump, stunned with disbelief that this bombshell of a girl was family. Last time I saw her, she was just a scrawny middle-schooler who was more interested in begging a phone from Uncle Tim. Now she’s this hottest piece of ass, totally not who I expected to see after all these years.

“Yes, my name is Grace, thank you and hold your applause,” Grace said sarcastically.

“Uh…Hi Grace,” I forced out. “You…changed a lot.”

Grace shrugged. “Eh. I guess.”

“How’s…” The words were difficult to put together when I felt my face burning up with embarrassment. Or lust. Desperate to change the subject, I asked, “How’s Shawn and Tristian?” They were Grace’s little brothers, a couple of years apart and were wearing diapers last time I saw them. Today, they must be about more than a quarter of Grace’s age.

“They’re good, thanks,” Grace replied dismissively.

“Come on in,” Tim said. “I got some work to do first. And then we’ll talk about what to do with you here.” He put an arm around my shoulders to pull me away around the counter and into his office. I glanced back once to see Grace walking back to the front desk, to see her bubbly ass beneath her khaki pants that looks close to stretching.

I gritted my teeth. Stop it, you fuck. That’s so wrong.

“Look how tall and handsome you’ve grown!” Aunt Belinda exclaimed, her arms attempting to hug me as tight as possible, but my height and girth made it impossible.

Aunt Belinda, for a woman in her late forties, she looked instead to be in her early thirties, a beautiful, older version of Grace with all of the good looks.

“Hi Aunt Belinda,” I breathed out when she let go. I smelled the smoky air. “Mm. Smells good. Cooking barbeque?”

“Yes sir, I am,” Belinda replied.

I smiled, and despite trying otherwise, was thinking how Belinda’s upbeat personality reminded me a lot of Grace.

Two little boys were playing soccer in the grass, one kicking the ball and the other trying to block the escort rize ball from getting into the imaginary goal.

“Shawn! Tristian!” Belinda called. “Say hello to your cousin, Will, kids!”

The two boys gave shy waves and said a weak “Hi” before quickly returning back to their soccer game.

“Did you bring your things inside the house?” asked Belinda.

“Tim and Grace say they take care of that.”

“Come on over then. Relax.”

Belinda led me to the patio, where an expensive grill was crowded with food of all kinds. Corn, steaks, sausages, and peppers were roasting nicely, the smoky aroma smelling delicious. Guiltily, my mouth was watering at the sight. I moved closer to get a better look, but Belinda nudged me away, taking my arm and pulling towards a picnic table covered with a checkered tablecloth.

Tim came out with a case of beer in hand. “When’s the food ready, woman? We’re starving!”

Belinda wagged her tongs at her husband. “Keep that attitude up, and you’ll go to bed on an empty stomach. Did I say bed? I mean the couch.”

Tim handed me a cold can of beer. We both popped our cans open and Tim drank his nearly halfway as I sipped mine. While Belinda flipped the meat, coated it in barbeque sauce with a brush and drop slices of butter atop the corn and peppers, Tim spent the time talking my ear off on my life in New York City. How’s my dad, my mom and my brothers? Ever been to the Empire State Building? What’s the Statue of Liberty or Times Square like? How’s the cost of living in New York?

“Grace!” Belinda called when she was done cooking. “Can you bring the plates and forks?”

“Coming, coming! I already got it!” Grace called back out. She came out carrying plates and utensils, wearing a pair of sports shorts and a white t-shirt to accommodate in this hot, humid Floridian air. With her tongs, Belinda piled up the food on tin foil pans and carried them to the table. Shawn and Tristian scrambled to the table when their mom called. Tim sat at one end of the table, Belinda and her little sons sat together on one side and Grace sat next to me on the other.

Tim and I immediately grabbed whatever food we could reach. A pile of meat sat on our plates while Grace ate more modestly, eating food one at a time while Belinda took care of Shawn and Tristian. The steak was juicy, the ribs falling off the bones, the sausages seared with grilled marks just the way I liked it.

Belinda hammered me with her own questions on college and life while Tim ate ravenously. On the other hand, Grace sat next to me, her leg resting atop her bare thigh, eating and making small talk as if it were nothing. Usually she just comments in between conversations, but most of the time, she says little, only throwing me shy glances and little smiles. My heart was pounding at the sight of my hot eighteen-year-old cousin sitting so close me, enough for skin contact. I squeezed my legs together, deathly afraid my manhood would be acting up, hoping to the heavens above she doesn’t notice if it does.

“Did you meet any girls in college, Will?” Belinda asked at one point.

Butter was dripping down my chin as I bit down on the corn cob. I wiped it off with the back of my hand to answer. “Yeah. Why?”

“Do you have a girlfriend?”

“Not really,” I replied. “I was too busy with school to have one.” That was only half true. While I was focused on school, I wasn’t looking for any meaningful relationship with any girl. It’s not that I do not want to, but, to me, relationships sounded too vanilla. Flowers and hearts did not sit right with me. Hot and heavy does, though. Which was why whenever I’m with a girl, it was either at a party sharing drinks and bed sheets or an innocent flirtation turned into downright fucking.

“Really?” Belinda said in disbelief. “Why not? You’re old enough to date. You should be seeing someone special. You don’t want to be alone.”

Tim waved a dismissive hand. “Leave him, honey. He’s a big boy, he can make his own decisions on whom he sees or not.”

Belinda frowned in disapproval. “I didn’t hear you say that when Grace brought boys home.”

“Mom!” Grace exclaimed, blushing bright red.

I couldn’t keep myself from snickering until Grace prodded me sharply with her elbow.

“You had boyfriends?” I asked inquiringly, rubbing my side.

“No!” Grace shrieked. “Those were my friends’, not mine. I wasn’t looking for any and I’m not going to before college.”

“That’s right, dear,” Tim lectured. “You need to focus on school and get your education, set up your life.”

“Or set up with someone special,” Belinda chimed in.

“Mom!” Grace shrieked again.

The pans were emptied, and our stomachs were full. I offered to help with cleaning up, but Belinda would have none of it. “You’re our guest. This is our treat for you, for today anyway.” She turned to her sons. “Kids, help me with the dishes.” Shawn and Tristian childishly pouted at her but obediently took the empty plates inside.

I cleared my throat. “So…uh…where rize escort bayan will I sleep in the house?”

Grace nudged me with her elbow. “In my room.”

I stared at her dumbfounded. “In your room?”

Grace made a face. “Yes, my room. I’m speaking perfect English here.”

“Couldn’t I sleep in your brothers’ room?”

Belinda answered for her. “No, you cannot. The boys don’t know you yet and they need their sleep. If you’re in their rooms, they might not sleep because a stranger is in there with them.”

“How about the living room?” I asked. I did not want to sleep near Grace. The last thing I wanted was to share a room with her where she changes her clothes and underwear.

Tim shook his head. “No can do. You can’t sleep on the couch or you might ruin the leather. And the floor is hardwood so if you want to wake up with a backache every day, go right ahead.”

Grace looked impatient. “Don’t worry. I don’t bite.”

My mouth drew to a tight line, anxious at the dilemma unfairly put before me. Then I mumbled, “All right, fine.”

Tim nodded. “Wonderful. Grace, help bring his luggage from the living room.”

“Okay, Dad,” Grace said, gesturing at me to follow. “Let’s go roommate.”

I silently groaned.

I followed Grace inside the house. My luggage was left standing in the living room when I tried to grab it, but Grace beat me to it. “Let me,” she offered. It was heavy but Grace made the strenuous effort to bring it upstairs with all of its weight. For once, I allowed the temptation to get the better of me and stared at Grace’s sauntering ass, shaking each time my cousin jerked my luggage up the stairs until we reached the top of the stairs.


Grace led the way, dragging my luggage on its wheels until she stopped at the door and opened it for me to enter. The room was the typical bedroom layout with a wall of shelves lined with books and disc cases, a desk littered with pencils and papers, and a HD TV on a white stand. But there was also a drawer with an oval mirror and what looked to be a makeup box sitting idly on top. Framed pictures lined the walls of girls smiling giddily on the camera, with Grace being one of them.

I looked at the floor. “At least you have carpet.”

Grace waved a hand at the ground. “You can sleep wherever you want on the floor. We have a sleeping bag, some spare pillows and blankets, in storage if you want it. But the bed is mine.”

I sighed. “Your room, your rules.”

Grace grinned. “Good. Bathroom is down the hall. There’s only one so it’s first come, first serve. Shawn and Tristian’s rooms are next to my parents’ room – they just use their bathroom instead. I’m the only one who uses it.” Grace paused. “Well, not anymore.”

“Well, your room smells better than my old college dorm,” I commented. “My old roommate in college was disgusting. He smelled and kept littering our room with his crap.”

Grace laughed. “If you need anything, just ask my mom, my dad or me, we’ll take care of it.” She walked toward the door and stopped to turn around and say, “Welcome to your new home,” before sauntering off.

In a couple of months, I had settled in my routine working at my new life with my extended family. Days as Uncle Tim’s new employee at his hotel were simple, almost dull but I wasn’t complaining as long as my uncle reported back to my parents that I had a job.

Whatever Uncle Tim needed, I’m there to help. There were other employees who helped do those kinds of things, but I at least made things go along faster. In exchange, I get paid, a roof over my head and food in my stomach. Not a bad deal, considering this is my first real job after college.

At my uncle’s house, the days were just as simple. I wake up, use the bathroom, eat breakfast Belinda and Grace makes for everyone and leave with Grace to work at the hotel. Go home, I eat dinner with my extended family, brush my teeth and go to sleep in my new room with Grace, either falling asleep quickly or pretending not to notice Grace tiptoeing around me.

Being around Grace was a challenge. The sight of my curvaceous cousin was enough to make my heart beat faster. Every time I looked at her, I try to focus more on her lovely face and not her ass or tits that I admittedly fantasize about grabbing onto. How can I not when she’s wearing clothes showing off her legs, tight shorts squeezing her ass, or tank tops giving hints of her cleavage?

But there were other times when it was more.

The first time was during the weekend when Grace and I usually had our day-offs from working at Tim’s hotel. Because there was nothing else to do during on weekends, I was playing video games with Shawn and Tristian when my aunt Belinda called out, “Will! Can you come here a sec?”

“Ah man,” I groaned, setting my controller on the table. “You guys win.” My cousins gave me big grins at this, and I left them haggling which player character they want to be.

When I walked outside, my aunt was standing out in the backyard, next to a large garbage bag of wet leaves and twigs and a ladder leaning against the house. I looked up and saw Grace standing on the top rungs of the ladder, holding on to a bucket with dirty, gloved hands, wearing a white tank top, jean shorts, and sandals, her legs bare for the world to see.

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