My early sex life with men

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Big Tits

My early sex life with menLet’s face it, i****t really does rock, not as a lifestyle indulgence, but a one off romp really does add that something special that the boring old ‘Wham-Bang-Thank you Maam’, lacks.Playing Doctors and Nurses with family members evokes those first moments when sexual feelings creep into you loins, by the time my brothers fingers touch me, my panties were soaked with what could only be describes as ‘Lust Juice’.Realizing my vagina could respond in the same manner as my brothers cock did when I kissed it, was a revelation to both of us, we learned about sex ourselves by simply following our instincts and enjoying our bodies.I remember lying on my belly in bed with him on top of me, using my bum to roll around in circles with his cock inside me when I reached back and asked him to try my asshole to see if he felt different.I actually preferred this new found anal sex enjoyable, my brother did have a long penis, so in that position he could rub my ‘G-spot’, in behind my pubic bone, a very different orgasm was achieved so now I had three free and wonderful feelings, vaginal, anal, and clitoral, this is why I enjoy my sex and a lax attitude towards it.I have a pretty face and a honed body, gym workouts drive my hormones and endorphin’s, both men and women excite me as does threesomes and colored men, not because of their penis sizes, (I find no difference) but because of the mental stimulus of giving myself to men who would otherwise think that fucking me was out of their league and yet here they are putting their cocks up my arse and grunting their profanities into my ear, I get off on their pleasure and grip their moving cock with the pelvic and sphincter muscles I exercise for just that reason.Once on a cruise ship in Scandinavia I was dancing with a guy old enough to be my father I could feel his need for me pressing into my crotch as we sashayed around a darkened area, ‘How does a man get to fuck such a hot young woman like you’, he whispered as I moved my hips to accommodate his very obvious erection against my vagina, canlı bahis I was commando so his pressure against me was only separated by a thin layer of cotton.I stopped dancing in the dark and turned my skirt 180 until the zipper was at the front and eased it down about one third of its length, then his pants zipper, eased him out and into my very wet pussy, we danced until he came inside me, my kegel muscles doing wonders on his inserted cock as we danced as if glued together in tight circles whilst everybody was unawares we were fucking in a very public place.The warmth of his ejaculation inside me I answered his question as he orgasmed, ‘This is how you fuck a girl like me’, and at that broke our connection and left him squirting his semen down his pants leg, I still think of that night whenever I need to masturbate, I love the spontaneity of the response and my sex life has always been like that, feel like it, just do it.Expressions and an attitude like mine towards sex is in every woman it just manifests itself in the manner in which she has been educated, if her parents are tight-assed about sexual freedom she will be a lousy fuck, whereas in my case, bohemian parents, naturism and nude beach holidays, I learned to be naked around men from four years onward and sitting on their flaccid cocks and wriggling my bum got responses even from family members, especially my uncle Dick, aptly named, Richard, my mums oldest brother who lived in Newcastle, had a thing for girls, especially girls who were inexperienced but willing to let him do his thing and as I found out sitting cross legged with his cock sticking up from between my tightly crossed thighs and I wanked him off as if it were my own cock I was playing with.We never disclosed this to anyone and that Christmas I received an iPad and an iPhone, their combined value close to £1500, I was gobsmacked at the value my little hand job could give, and it was this that was on my mind some five years later when I was returning from a holiday jaunt in Denmark with some Danish girlfriends, Richard bahis siteleri was going to meet me at the point where the ferry docked and I was going to spend the weekend at his place, it had been five years since I last saw him and being sixteen, I was still in that age range uncle Dick enjoyed his girls, only more experienced sexually and in need of money.The ferry back was a 1 hour journey and I had opted not to pay for a bed in a cabin, instead opting for the way I traveled over, meeting some guy in the bar and spending the night with him, all I needed to by was a packet of condoms and fuck my way over.All the seating was pounced upon by people with a similar attitude to paying the high cost of a cabin, especially families who seemed to take over the huge area surrounding seating, thankfully the weather was kind and grabbing some plastic deck chairs was sufficient to grab a few winks of sleep if the need arose.Being just sixteen with a knapsack and little else to hide my femininity drinks and surreptitious offers of sex started flowing in my direction and one guy in particular interested me, so when he offered his bed in his cabin, I immediately thought, ‘Wow he must have an expensive cabin’, so when he suggested we go visit his, I was ready for a mid-North sea romp, that is until I made my way down to the bowls of the ship and walked into what I thought was a single cabin, it was a four berth and had three dishy looking guys in there to boot.When I entered I was immediately surrounded and he was given god-like status, apparently they had spotted me on the quayside and took bets to see who could pull me, so I was set up and here I was in a cabin with four horny guys and a freshly opened bottle of Vodka.We drank and got frisky, the guys were all unsure of themselves and one was a virgin. Soon we were having beers and a kissing competition was stared for me to nominate the best kisser, I liked that as kissing was always guaranteed to get me wet, I had already made my mind up I was going to fuck all of them, I just wanted to establish the ground bahis şirketleri rules and make sure as I went from guy to guy it was going to be civilized and loving so I could enjoy each guy as individuals and have my orgasm, as I was a multi-orgasmic girl. So the kissing began in total silence, that way everyone could hear the noises we were making, which included my own little grunts I made as my knickers got wetter and wetter.By then the bottle had been drained and another was opened, as was my knapsack and the guy brought out my vibrator, given to me as a parting gift from my two Danish girlfriends, a Lelo top notch multi-vibration 8 inches in a purple velvet bag. That put a whole new slant on the sex thing, now they knew I was carrying a sex toy, I must have been a horny little slut who liked to play with her pussy, which was true but the sexual immaturity of some of the guys showed, so I had to take control of the situation and told them outright, I was willing to bed all of them, but it had to be a watch and wait your turn and anything goes once its your turn with me.Great, ground rules established and Joey, the confirmed virgin was to be my first, I was to go gently with him and introduce all my orifices to his cock for penetration, until one of the guys whipped his cock out and compared it to my Lelo vibrator, he was really bigger then another whipped his out and I finished up holding and comparing both cocks, Joey went to the back of the queue and a free for all fuck session was on and I experienced my first triple-penetration which lasted two hours of non stop sex.In the morning I awoke earlier than the guys, I shared the small bunk with Joey now a non virgin and showered as they slept. I stood naked between the bunk beds and dried myself and put on a pair of heavy woolen stockings that were thigh high cut, too much for one guy in the top bunk at mouth level, and I proceeded to blow him, still tasting my dinner from his cock as he never washed it clean after a session, but I got a mouthful of fresh semen as the others slept, I finished dressing and went for breakfast.I never saw any of the guys again, which was just as well, because there was Richard, waiting for me and I kissed him on his mouth wondering if he could taste another mans semen from my mouth.

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