My last rubber splash and go event

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My last rubber splash and go eventA few weeks ago my partner was lamenting the fact that he had not had the chance to fuck me with my pussy already full of spunk for a few weeks, something he rearly enjoys doing after a gangbang or dogging evening and I never say no to getting my pussy well filled. As spring was in the air I was feeling a bit horny anyway so we decided to host another of my what I call my Splash and Go evenings.I have several adverts on swinging and fetish websites so I can usually rustle up a number of cocks when needed, the trouble is its always a bit hit and miss to get the numbers rite, as there is a lot of dreamers,time wasters and no shows out there. I do have a few regulars that i can rely on and with a few newbies I aim for about six to eight.What we do for these spunk fests is to invite the guys over, my partner lets them in and shows then to the bedroom where Im laying on the bed on a rubber sheet blindfolded, they fuck and unload in me, then leave ready for the next one, no marathon fucking as its there spunk Im after so i can get in a thouroughly spunky mess by the end.I usually wear some sort of rubber outfit making sure that Im fully excessable and on this occasion I was laying on the bed wearing rubber stockings and suspender belt, crutchless knickers, open topped bra, long shoulder length rubber gloves and of course my lovely Acquo rubber thigh boots. diyarbakır escort Its such an exciting feeling laying on the bed with blindfold on waiting for the first cock to arrive without knowing whats going to unfold as the evening goes on, and the wait after the door bell rings until you feel someone get on the bed.The first guy was shown in and I soon felt his tongue on my nipples which instantly stood to attention ( and I do have big nipples when aroused ) with his hand playing in my pussy which I had previously lubed with Wet Stuff. He soon had his hard cock in my mouth and i could already taste a dribble of pre cum when he suddenly came in my mouth. There was quite a lot so I thought not to waste it and spat it into his hand telling him to rub it into my pussy which he did very expertly giving me my first orgasm as he did so. I could hear muffled talking and soon felt a big cock nudging into my now spunky cunt which went rite in to the hilt and started a lovely rhythmic thrusting until he shot his load deep in me and pulled out wiping the last drips off as he did so. The feeling of a bid cocks first entering me is so exciting that i almost orgasm on the first thrust. The next guy was a bit hesitant about sloppy seconds so I told him I would wank him off and when he was going to cum let me know and I would hold my pussy lips open for diyarbakır escort bayan him to shoot over which we did and the feeling of his cum sprting over my pussy was almost as exciting as having it in me. The next two climbed on, fucked me, came quickly and pulled out and buy now there was this lovely squelchy, splashing sound as they thrust in and out in all the spunky mess that I was getting into.I then felt a huge cock trying to get in my mouth, god it was so big it gave me jaw ache sucking it, when he moved down to my pussy I told him to lubricate it well in all the spunk running about down there before putting it in which he did. Once he got it in it did feel big but was beautifully tight and he soon made me come off twice before he came in what felt like gallons of cum and then I realised that I had quit a big squirt when i came so some of it was piss.There was now a bit of a lull in the proceedings but my partner said that there were still a few more guys due to arrive so I started to finger myself in the mess in my crotch and got myself off a couple of times slipping and sliding about in the spunky rubbery mess until I felt my hand being pulled away and replaced with a cock which proceeded to cum after only a couple of thrusts, he must have been young I thought as they tend not to last long but can usually recover quickly.I escort diyarbakır was now getting into my stride and rearly horny as they pounded away and I was having orgasm after orgasm and it was difficult to stop sliding about on the rubber with so much cum everywhere.Things went quiet now and Id lost count of how many had used me but I felt absolutly great being a dirty cum slut getting filled with all there cream when I felt someone else climb on the bed and then I felt a stream of hot piss hit me in the face , I opened my mouth and took a mouthful while I was getting a good hose down from top to bottom. When he stopped he took of my blindfold and it was my partner over me wearing his rubber catsuit. He then put his cock in me and we fucked rolling and splashing about in the puddle of pissy spunk both getting completely covered as the feel of wet slippery rubber turned us on until we came together, I then rolled us over with me sitting on top and him still in me and just let go and pissed until I was empty with him still in me and we just laid there for a wile as we came down to earth both stinking of piss and cum. He then carried me into the shower and we showered and washed of our rubber including my boots which were beginning to stink of piss after the last time I purposely wet myself when wearing them out shopping.As we dozed of to sleep my partner whispered that I had had eight cum in me including him and one in my mouth and one wanking over me and i replied there is never enough.We recently had a call from a guy who wants to take us to a porn cinema which we will organise in the summer as he says that I would be the centre of attention with as much cum as I could ever want, looking forward to that.

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