My Lonely Stepmom

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“Uff! Oh! Mast hoon! Zor se! Zor se!”

“Mast randi ko zor se dal laurda!”

“Madorchod! Behenchod!”

I was shocked as I heard my stepmom through the walls of my parent’s bedroom.

My stepmom reverting to Hindi when she was in the midst of sexual ecstasy made the act seem more elicit than it was. I could not help but masturbate to the sounds of her moans. I stroked my hard cock to the sound her being fucked. The sounds of their sweaty bodies smacking together made me harder than ever before. My mind conjured erotic images of my stepmom’s body covered with a sheen of sweat as she was pounded from behind by my dad. My stepmom the curvy goddess, her luscious breasts, erect nipples and dripping cunt.

It made me so horny hearing her get fucked in each and every way by my dad. My stepmom never used a bad or rude word in everyday life. She always tried to speak correct English as we lived in America and she was new to the country. She was only 28 when she married my dad who was 50. The age difference never seemed to bother my stepmom and she was happy with my dad. My dad kept her satisfied in and out of the bedroom.

It made me horny hearing her use such expletives in Hindi. I was unable to escape the thoughts of their fucking as I ejaculated hard over my hand.

My birth mother had moved back to India to be close with her family following a bitter divorce with my dad. They kept the details from me but the acrimony between them was hard to avoid. I would visit my dad and my stepmom infrequently on holidays and summer breaks. My mother was reluctant to let me bond with my dad and she was possessive but it was inevitable for me to grow closer to my dad as he was my only male role model. This arrangement changed when I began college. I moved in with my dad and stepmom when I began college as it was important for my development to attend college in the states due to the education standard. This was one thing my parents agreed upon.

I was always close with my dad and I grew closer to my stepmom, who I affectionately called Ritu Mommy. I enjoyed being a part of this family unit as there was vibrancy and my dad seemed younger and happier than ever before. In my second year of college things were to change drastically for me and my new family unit.

My dad suddenly collapsed at work from heart complications. He was ill in hospital for some time and my stepmom would spend most days in hospital attending to his needs. I would visit my dad on weekends but I would not stay as long. I knew it was selfish but our bond was different and I struggled to see him in this state.

In the evening I would hear her sob and cry herself to sleep whenever I passed her room as she coped with the role of being a care provider for my dad. There was a sadness that was evident in her demeanor and it was a drastic change from her usual bubbly persona. I found it difficult to watch her lose the bubbly energy she always seemed to have. She was in a fragile state and it made me want to protect her from the world.

There was always awkwardness between us due to her role as my stepmom. Initially she felt uncomfortable with boundaries as she did not want me to feel like she was taking the place of my mother. I always saw them differently in my life.

I also found her extremely sexy and I had a few accidental boners around her. She never made me feel uncomfortable despite being aware of my boners for her as they tented out of my jeans or trousers. She acted oblivious to them and it remained our silent secret. She was 5’2″ with a beautifully curvy body. I had snuck in to her bedroom and masturbated with her underwear a few times. From my escapades in rifling through her drawers I learned her bra size was a 34D.

I felt ashamed of my horniness around her and wanted to be the son she deserved. I made more of an effort with her and I would spend more time with her just doing normal things like watching TV or taking her shopping.

We were more comfortable with each other and she would often play with my hair as I lay my head in her lap. On a few occasions my face would rub against the underside of her breasts but I tried to forget my horny feelings for my stepmom.

She would often watch late night television in her bed and I would worry she was developing bad habits such as sleeping late. She obviously missed my dad.

One night I went in to check on her as I worried she was not sleeping.

“Rakesh beta, what are you doing still awake?” She asked in a concerned voice.

“Ritu Mommy, I could not sleep. Can I sleep with you?” I asked as I rubbed my eye. I thought she would sleep better if she was not alone with her thoughts. She looked at me with sympathetic eyes and lifted the blanket to her bed.

The age gap between us was no more than 10 years but she always treated me like a young man. This was the first time we slept in the same bed.

I snuggled up to her and my face rested on her chest against her breasts. I automatically had one of my accidental boners and it bodrum escort pressed against the side of her thigh.

She did not complain and simply curled my hair between her fingers as I nuzzled my face into her breasts.

Ritu Mommy continued to watch the TV as I continued to nuzzle and nip against her breasts. She was not wearing a bra and I could feel the softness of her large pillowy breasts. A few minutes later, I could feel her nipple getting hard and pressing against my lips.

I looked up at Ritu Mommy and her focus was on an Indian drama that was on the TV. She would often be engrossed in these dramas and did not pay no mind to my actions.

I began to kiss the nipple through her thin blouse. It was gentle kisses that nipped against her nipples. I knew she felt it but there was still no reaction.

This made me bolder and I moved my arm up her stomach to cup her other breast. She bit her lip and pressed my head into her breasts.

No words were spoken but this was the tacit acceptance I wanted. My groping became more aggressive and I began to suck and kiss her nipple.

“Oh! Uff! Oh!” I heard her moans and it made me so horny. My hard cock was humping against her leg as I sucked her nipple.

I desperately craved to hear her speak Hindi. I felt her hand over mine squeezing her breast.

Her other hand reached down and squeezed my boner over my pants.

“Oh, Ritu Mommy!” I moaned out loud as I ejaculated against her hand. It was my first time with a woman and I did not know how to control myself when her soft hand touched me so delicately.

She gently patted my cock as it shrank and receded.

“Rakesh beta, we must sleep now,” she said before turning me around and sleeping behind me.

My head was confused that night as I tried to process what had happened between us. I felt like a pervert for doing what I did with my stepmom but did she feel the same way? The horny boy within me was hard once more as I tried to force myself to sleep.

The next morning my stepmom acted as though nothing happened between us and I also behaved normally. She was at the hospital for most of the day but my day was spent differently. I spent most of the day watching incest porn that created absurd scenarios of stepmom’s being stuck under beds or in washing machines. I came three times to the idea of fucking my stepmom. I was spent by the time my stepmom returned home.

I was already in bed by the time my stepmom returned from the hospital. I could hear her footsteps outside of my door as she contemplated what to do. I could hear her heel squeak on the wooden floor as she seemed to be considering her options.

She then turned to door handle and opened my door. I turned away from the door and pretended to sleep.

My eyes were closed and I pretended to sleep but despite my exertions during the day, the anticipation of Ritu Mommy approaching was causing me to be solid as a rock knowing Ritu Mommy was so close.

She crept into the room and walked up to the bed. I stirred a little pretending to be awoken but she put her hand on my head gently caressing my hair and said, “Shush beta. Sleep now. It is only Ritu Mommy come to check in on you.”

She then slid under the covers beside me and wrapped her arm around me. My back was to Ritu Mommy but I had pressed into her breasts and I could feel the heat between her legs. The bed was small and we had to be close together.

I did not want to show my perverted intentions as she was in need of warmth and support. My boner was as hard as ever but I hoped she would not notice. I soon began to drift off when I felt her hand begin to play with the waistband of my pajamas.

I continued my pretence of sleeping and did not acknowledge her curious hands. I then felt her slide her fingers in and I took a deep breath. She paused just as her delicate fingers played with my pubic hair. I did not stop her and she continued her perusal.

She wrapped her small hand with long fingers around my hard boner.

She started to stroke my engorged boner and I groaned in response.

“Shhhh beta. Let Ritu Mommy take care of you,” she whispered in my ear and my boner jerked in response.

She was stroking faster and faster as I jerked in response. I was humping against her hand as she rubbed my back and stroked my boner.

I could feel myself about to cum but then I felt her clasp the base of my cock in a tight clasp. The tight hold stopped me from cumming.

“Not yet beta. You must learn to be in control. Ritu Mommy will teach you,” she whispered in her nurturing way.

She repeated this several times and kept on edging me until I finally unleashed a powerful orgasm. She slept in my bed but when I woke up she was not there.

The following day I felt guilty thinking she needed my support but I was lost in my horny feelings.

The next day I tried to be better behaved and waited for my stepmom to return. I had not masturbated all day and I wanted bodrum escort bayan to be a good son to my stepmom.

My stepmom returned earlier than usual and we just enjoyed a comfortable evening. She then invited me to her room for a ‘movie night.’

It was not something we had done before but it could be fun. My stepmom made some popcorn and we got comfortable on her bed. The popcorn was between us and we were not as close as before.

“Rakesh beta, I am going to change into something more comfortable,” she said and I waited on the bed for her to return.

She returned in just a small negligee that was just below her ass. It had a deep neckline and her tits were struggling to be contained by the flimsy see through white material. Her dark chocolate nipples were visible through the material. It was the first time I was watching her body in this state.

I swallowed as I felt my boner return with a renewed force that wanted to tear through my pants.

My stepmom got under the blanket on her side of the bed as though I should not be affected by her dress.

There was a tent in the blanket where my boner was sticking up and I was unable to hide it.

We watched a Bollywood action movie. My stepmom would have her eyes on the movie as she picked up one popcorn at a time.

I would watch her delicate fingers as she picked up the popcorn and licked it from her fingers with her tongue. She was seductive and alluring despite doing nothing out of the ordinary. She was quickly becoming the centre of my world.

She picked up the popcorn bucket and placed it on her belly. It allowed me to sidle up to her and our thighs were now rubbing together.

Now that the popcorn bowl was on her belly my hand would brush her breast as I would put my hand in the bowl.

She would just continue to watch the movie as my touches become braver. There was a cool air in the room and her nipples were erect as they poked out of her thin negligee.

My touches involved rubbing or flicking her erect nipples. This elicited soft moans from my horny stepmom as she writhed from my touches.

“Ritu Mommy, can I hug you?” I asked as I desperately wanted to suck on her nipples.

She placed to popcorn on the side and a smile crept on my lips.

“Come here beta,” she opened her arms to me.

I nuzzled her breasts as she ran her fingers through my hair. My hard boner was pressed against her leg as I rubbed my face into her breasts.

My stepmom made agreeable murmurings and it encouraged me to kiss her breasts. My attention was drawn to her stiff nipples as they begged for attention.

I kissed and licked her nipples through the thin material of the negligee. I was feeling brave and petulant. I lacked the patience I had shown previously and I began to claw and pull at her negligee to expose her breasts.

She undid her negligee from around her neck and left it loose so I could easily pull it off her breasts.

I sucked and licked her stiff nipples that filled my mouth.

“Uff! Oh! Mmm! Beta!” I heard her moan. It spurred me on and I began to squeeze her breasts as I sucked like a hungry animal at their mother’s teat.

“Uff! Uff! Uff! Oh! Mmm! My mother moaned. I could sense she wanted to talk dirty as she loved to do with my father but she was holding it in.

I felt her hand sneak into my pajamas and she stroked my stiff boner. She had a gentle and soft hand. Her skin was perfectly moisturized. Her nails were painted pink. She stroked me up and down circling the head of my cock with my precum. She was masterful with her fingers and hand.

She was moaning louder and louder and I could sense her arousal by how much faster she was stroking my cock.

“Madarchod!” She moaned out loud as she arched her back.

As soon as I heard it my cock jerked like never before and I came harder than I had ever done in my life.

She gently stroked my cock down until I lost my erection. She wiped her hand on my pajamas and then patted my head as I still held a nipple in my mouth between my teeth.

“Beta, we should sleep now,” she said. I felt my petulance die down with my orgasm and I slept in her arms.

The next morning I woke up with a raging boner as I fantasized about taking my stepmom in the most depraved ways. She had already left to tend to my dad.

I was feeling horny as I woke up and found a pair of her panties to masturbate into. They still had her scent and I inhaled deeply before jerking my cum into them.

Ritu Mommy was now the whole focus of my thoughts and I desperately wanted to fuck her.

I waited and it was almost midnight before she returned. She was a little emotional and I could sense she was upset.

My father was not well or was it guilt from what we were doing?

She went to bed without much words exchanged. I went to my own bedroom not knowing what to think. I felt guilty about what my stepmom was going through but my boner was hard with the thought of escort bodrum ravaging her lonely cunt.

It was the middle of the night when I heard my door creek open. I opened my eyes and looked over to see Ritu Mommy at my door.

She was dressed in a white sheer robe. She was wearing a red bra and panties underneath which could be seen through the sheer material of the robe.

“Beta, I could not sleep. Can I sleep with you?” She asked in her soft voice. My boner was at full force as I heard her tender voice.

I nodded my head as I swallowed the saliva in my mouth.

She walked up to my bed and then suddenly turned and slipped off her robe with her back to me. She was wearing a thong and her ass looked juicy.

“I hope you don’t mind Rakesh beta but Ritu Mommy gets too hot when she is in bed with her beautiful boy,” she says in a seductive manner.

I nod my head like a gawking idiot as she turns to me in just her bra and thong.

My breathing is quick and my heart is racing as I feel my boner twitch.

Ritu Mommy climbs under the covers and her hand delicately enters my pajamas. She calmly holds my cock and squeezes it tight from the bottom. She is holding a small device that she tightens around the base of my cock. My boner becomes harder than ever before by this device that has it in a vice.

“Beta, are you not hot in all these clothes. You must take them off and Ritu Mommy will keep you warm,” she says and I begin to strip in record speed until I am completely naked.

She pulls me into another hug enveloping me in her breasts. I feel suffocated but at the same delirious with excitement.

I do not waste time in sucking and licking her breast flesh.

“Uff! Oh!” I hear her moans. I am back to my petulant self as I squeeze her breasts and fuss at her bra. In my frustration I tear her bra strap and she unfastens it from behind releasing her pillowy breasts to my hungry eyes. I bury my face into her breasts and my hands go around her and cup her ass. My mind has been thinking about her chunky ass ever since seeing it exposed in her thong.

I loved feeling the fat of her ass. She had a desirable body and I felt like I had died and gone to heaven.

I push my fingers into the cleft of her ass and play with her delicate asshole. She tries to push my hand away but this makes me more determined. I press my thumb against her rosebud and then I hear it.

“Madarchod!” She moans out loud. I felt my boner jerk around but I kept control. The ring was helping me feel more confident.

I pinned my stepmom down and climbed on top of her. Tonight I was done with the games. I was going to claim her and fuck her.

“What are you doing Rakesh beta?” My stepmom asked.

“I am taking care of a mast Randi!” I swiftly reply taking her by surprise. She swallowed as I began to bite her neck and the top of her soft pillowy breasts.

“Oh! Uff! Rakesh beta!” She moaned in my ear.

I bit and kissed lower until reached her breasts. I took handfuls of the globes and squeezed before proceeding to bite and suck on her nipples.

“Behenchod!” She moaned out as I bit her sensitive nipples. They were a dark chocolate color that I loved to taste.

I slid her thong down and climbed further down her body leaving my mark everywhere.

I sucked her clit as I had seen on various porn movies but she soon took control and guided me to her clit.

I licked it and sucked on deep each time. She writhed in passion at my attention.

“Uff! Oh! Oh! Uff!” She moaned as I attended to her juicy pussy.

I slurped and sucked as her frequent moans spurred me on. She squirted and wet my face as I kept up the intensity.

I inserted a finger inside of her as she began to arch her back and thrust towards my face. I slowly fingered her in and out as I watched her juices coat my finger.

“Zor se! Zor se dal!” She begged in desperation.

I inserted another finger and began to finger her harder. Who was I to deny a Randi?

She moaned louder and I could sense her desperation to orgasm peaking. She was letting out small squirts and the sounds of my fingers fucking her wet cunt were becoming louder.

“Oh! Rakesh beta!” She screamed at the top her lungs as her body convulsed and she let out a flood of fluids. My face was drenched in her cunt juices.

She collapsed back on the bed but tonight I was not finished and I came up to her parting her legs with my body.

She was breathing heavily as she came down from her orgasm. Her body was limp and weak after her orgasm and she had no resistance as I pressed my hard boner against her wet and inviting cunt.

She looked at me with heavy lidded eyes as she was still in the afterglow of her orgasm.

I pressed my cock into her cunt but quickly pulled out. I enjoyed teasing her.

“Lund dal! Beta lund dal!” She begged. I could not deny my stepmom.

I pushed hard inside of her completely filling her. Her soft and inviting cunt made a pliant receptacle for my hard boner.

“Zor se! Zor se!” She begged.

I pounded her harder and harder as she pulled me into a kiss. I was in heaven as I fucked my stepmom.

She reached down to my boner and unclasped the ring around my cock releasing it.

I fucked her harder and harder as I feel an overwhelming need to cum inside of her.

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