My Next Meeting with Master part 1


My Next Meeting with Master part 1One day I received a text message from my Master, who had asked if I would be free in a week and half time, I text back to say yea I would be free and then he said good and asked if I would be free for at least two days. I replayed saying yes I would be free. So we had arranged to meet at his place at 830pm. He asked that I would bring with me the straight jacket, all my hoods, mitts, collar, whip and brand new padlocks that were still in a sealed case for him to open when I get there. Also that I need to wear my mini dress that is wet look and boots.I could not wait for this day to come as I was wondering what Master had got in mind, I did try to find out but Master told me in a text to not ask or I would be in trouble. Then about a week before we were due to meet he texted me to say that I needed to be shaved all over and that my cock and ball and ass needs to be smooth and clean. He then said that I had to text him back with my address. When I text him my address he then told me that I would be picked up by a taxi so I cannot chicken out this time and that I would need to be fully dressed as Masters slut in the wet look dress and makeup and wig. I tried to reget as I don’t want to leave the house dressed as my family and friends don’t know that I dress. But master said that I didn’t matter what I think and that the taxi would pick me up at 8pm so I would be at his by 8.30 and that it would cost me £30 each way and that I would be paying for it. The day before I am meeting with my Master he texted me to make sure that I was already for are meet and he also said that I was not allowed to have anything to eat after 10am and only three glasses of water nathic else. I was now wondering what he was thinking of doing to me. I did try to ask him but he just did not replay to my text.The next morning the day of are meet I did burdur rus escort not sleep well last night as I could not stop thinking of what master had plained for us to do or what he was going to be doing to me. I got up and had two slices of toast as master had told me to do before he put me on a nil by mouth. Not sure why yet but I will find out tonight. I then went into the bath room where I put the hair removal cream on all over my body as this is a lot easier to use then trying to shave and miss areas as I could not reach places so I use the cream it is a lot better as well. While I was waling for the cream to work I could not help thinking what would happen if I got court dressed up. Then I came the time to shower the cream off and remove all my hair from my body and cock and balls and ass as my master had instuced me to do. Then I made sure that I was smooth all over by putting another lot of cream on and stand for another 10 min. Once I was done I then had a nice hot bath before I cleaned my ass out ready for master to use and abuse as he saw fit. Now I was ready to get ready first I put on my makeup as master had requested I was to wear lots of it to make sure I looked like a slut and then I put on a pair of latex pants that was slight small for me to wear but it would hide the cock and balls from under the dress. I then put on a pair of sink colour tights and then I put the dress on that was made of wet look and lace and only just covered my ass. Now for the knee high boots to finish the look off and the red hair wig, hopefully no one will notice me when I leave my place.Then the doorbell went, my hart jumped a beat not know who it was then I looked out the window and say that it was a taxi there. So I went and got my bag and went out to the taxi. I was hopping no one was going to be around when I walked burdur rus escort bayan to the taxi. When I got in he asked if I was Lucie and I replayed and said Yes Sir. Good then let go. Master must of already told them where to go as I did not know his address. While I was in the taxi my phone went and it was Master asking if I was on my way and I text back and said yes Master. Cool he said that he would see me soon then and told me to text him when the taxi had dropped me off. After what seem like hours but I know it was only 25 min the taxi stopped and said that we were here and that I owed him £30. I gave him the money and then I got out, then then drove off leaving dressed like a slut in middle of a street that I didn’t know where but I could tell there was a station down the road. I then text Master to say that I was here. Master took some min to replay but he said that his house number was 8 and that he would be at the door waiting. I noticed that I was dropped off outside number 20 so I had a bit of a walk did master tell the driver to drop me off there so I had to walk down the road. I got to number 8 and there was Master standing in the door and he told me to come in. When I got throw the door he told me to hand over my keys and to turn my phone off and hand it over, if not then I could get back out of his house and fuck off and find my own way home. I did as I was told and handed over my phone and keys. Then I followed him to the bedroom where he told me to lay out my stuff and to wait. I did as I was told after a few min Master came back into the room and inspected the stuff that I had layed out on the bed for him. He said good stuff, now take off the dress but keep the boots on and when he say that I had the latex pants on he told me to keep them on. He then proceed to get the ear plugs in rus escort burdur his hand then tells me that I would be having something to eat but he was going to put them up my knows as he did not want me to smell what I was going to eat then he put my doggy hood on me as it had a blindfold on it, he then took me into the kitchen and told me to kneel down, When I had done that he blindfolded me and then put a bowl of something infront of me and told me to eat it without using my hands. But then he had made sure that I couldn’t use them by putting the mitts on, all I could tell you that what ever I was eating was smooth. Master did whip me couple of time to tell me to hurry up. After I was finished or should I say think I was fished as the bowl was taken away from me and he un blindfolded me and gave me a bottle of yellow liquid to drink which was piss.Master then took me back into the bedroom and removed the hood, he then told me that this would be the last time I hear him and asked if everything was ok. I said yes master everything is ok, he then proceeds to tell me that he was going to put earplugs into my ears and then put a latex hood on which has got the eyes and mouth holes but then he would be putting in the ball gag and that would be the last time I would be able to speak as well until he decides to take it out was I be ok with that, I replayed with yes master. He then good news and then proceeded with putting the plugs and the first hood went on I could not hear what he was saying or doing he then put the ball gag into my mouth and put on the other hood that only had a small hole in it now I have lost all my scenes in one go and cannot hear see or speak to my master, He then put the straight jacket on me but something did not feel right then I started to get itchy master must of put itching powder in the jacket but I could not do anything as I could not speak and even my arms where now being tied up so I just had to stand there in pain and not able to stop the itch.. Master then had me to sit down and then he changed my boots to my ballet boots that I could not even stand up in them yet. Then master made me stand up and walk me towards the wall where he tied me up.

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