My Smoking Fetish Story Ch. 02


I recommend you read chapter 1 before reading chapter 2. Although it is not essential, it will give you a background to where this all began … hope you enjoy this long overdue installment and please remember to drop me some feedback and vote. Thanks x

Chapter 02

I was impressed by Jeff’s very clean, neat, and tidy bachelor pad. During the taxi ride to his apartment, I learnt he was thirty-years old and had not long broken up with his girlfriend. I guess I was the rebound, but I didn’t care. I was single and enjoying life.

“Drink?” He offered.

I nodded, and then pulled out a cigarette. “Wine if you have any, please.”

“I don’t usually allow smoking inside my apartment,” he smiled, “but I think we are passed that point.”

We both laughed as he filled two glasses of white wine.

“I don’t mind smoking outside,” I shrugged, “you have a lovely place.”

“Here,” he said, placing our glasses down on the table, “I’ll just grab you an ashtray, its fine, you can smoke.”

“Thanks,” I said, before peeling away the cellophane wrapper.

Jeff watched as I unwrapped the packet of Marlboro reds and revealed the full, fresh pack of cork filters.

“How long has smoking turned you on?” I asked, thinking I had found somebody who understood.

I didn’t look at him when I asked the question. I knew he was watching me, so I continued to slowly slide a cigarette from the packet.

“I wouldn’t say it turns me on exactly.”

“No?” I smiled and placed the cigarette between my lips.

“Firstly, it’s the way you look … and then second … it’s the way you smoke.”

I let the cigarette dangle between my lips as I reached for my lighter. The intensity of the nightclub was going to rear its dirty, filthy head soon enough I thought.

“When did you learn to smoke seductively? For a twenty-two-year-old you seem very aware of the affect you had on me.”

I took the cigarette from my mouth and was about to correct him on my age being eighteen, when I quickly remembered that I had lied to him in the taxi. I giggled, placed the now lip-gloss-stained cork filter back between my lips, and lit the end of the cigarette. I sucked long and hard, burning as much of the white paper covered tobacco as possible.

“If I’m not mistaken, I’m quite sure it was you who started making sexual comparisons.” I reminded him, while trying to contain my surprise at the extra strength in the cigarette before exhaling.

“Guilty as charged.” He laughed and put his hands up in the air as if surrendering. “You do realise that every guy who watches you doing that is imagining it’s his cock?”

I took another, but shorter, drag as I tried to adjust to the strength of nicotine. “Like you did?” I said with a smile and tapping the ash into the tray.

“The lady has to be attractive, otherwise it doesn’t work for me. If she’s attractive, then watching her sucking on a cigarette does put the whole oral fixation thing into my head.” He informed me. “But I’m not particularly bothered if she smokes or not, it’s just a sexy accessory sometimes.”

I knew then that Jeff and I were on different levels with the smoking fetish, which made sense if I thought about it. Admittedly it was more common in men and rare in women. But none the less, smoking heightened my sexual arousal, and now I had found a guy who enjoyed watching me, even if he didn’t quite have a smoking fetish. More of an appreciation of its sexy appeal I’d say.

“Have you ever smoked?” I asked him curiously, whilst increasing the length of drags and volume of smoke into my lungs.

“Tried it when I was younger but coughed my guts up and vowed never to do it again.”

We laughed, before thoughts of my first ever cigarette came flooding back. I wondered if I hadn’t been so aroused by the thought of smoking, would I have resisted ever trying it again. I guess I’ll never know.

I looked at Jeff, he was staring right back at me. We smiled knowingly as I exhaled across the room. “Want a drag?” I offered playfully.

“No, thanks,” he grinned, “you enjoy it.”

Our gazes didn’t break for one second. I placed the cigarette between my lips one last time and sucked hard. He didn’t flinch or make a single sound, he just watched with intent. I sucked the smoke into my mouth with a sharp gasp of breath.

“Mmmmm,” I sounded as I inhaled.

Jeff raised his hand towards his mouth, rubbing his lips and chin as he smiled. I could see he was holding back, but I was too inexperienced to understand the levels I had pushed him to by teasing.

Holding the smoke for a few moments, I smiled mischievously and then exhaled. It was all a game to me, an innocent game without fully understanding my predicament. Here I was, a young eighteen-year-old woman in an older man’s apartment, a strangers apartment, and I’m teasing him while I experiment smoking keçiören escort seductively for the very first time. I knew we were going to have sex, I wasn’t that naïve, but I wasn’t prepared for what I had unearthed in Jeff.

He gently placed his hand on my arm and nodded towards his bedroom. “Bring the accessories with you.”

I giggled, picked up the cigarettes, lighter and ashtray and followed. It was still a game to me.

Inside the room, he closed the door and instructed me to undress. I suddenly felt a tad nervous, but it was still outweighed by the excitement. I placed the “accessories” on the bed and then eagerly pushed the straps from my shoulders, before letting the dress fall from my body onto the floor.

“Nice underwear.” He said nonchalantly, which confused me slightly. “Now lose the bra and panties.”

I began to feel a little self-conscious. His gaze was burning into me, he had an unfriendly, wanton look as he just stared, waiting to see me naked at his command. Something had changed in him. Was this still a game?

I reached round my back for the bra clasp, my gaze dropped to the floor.

“Look at me when you reveal yourself.” He said.

His tone made me question if I was now playing his game, and his body language was beginning to make me nervous. With no experience of being in such a situation, I surrendered and raised my head to look at him. With fumbling fingers, I unclasped and removed my bra to expose myself as per his instructions.

“You have a lovely firm pair of tits.” More nonchalance to his tone.

“Thanks,” I murmured before biting my lower lip.

“Now turn around and slowly show me what’s down below.”

Placing my thumbs into the sides of the waistband, I turned until my back was facing him.

“I like petite.”

I smiled, bent forwards, and pushed my backside out at him.

“Very nice.” I heard him say quietly, almost as if he was talking out loud to himself.

I slowly and very shyly pulled my panties down. I had never exposed myself to anyone this way before. I felt the waistband sliding over my cheeks before I heard him groan and curse at the moment I knew I had just exposed my pussy to him. I continued to pull them down my legs until I finally straightened up and stepped out of them.

“Turn around, let me see you.”

His one-way inspection began to feel awkward. I turned around and naturally tried to hide my modesty. I was giggly from feeling silly, too young, and immature to be in his presence doing as I was told.

“Put your arms by your sides.”

I hesitated, glanced at the floor, and began to sway gently from side to side.

“I like corrupting shy girls,” he smirked.

“Drop your arms, show me that sexy body in all its natural glory.”

I slowly lowered my arms until they rested at the sides of my body. Despite my initial awkwardness, I was deeply aroused, but I also felt extremely vulnerable as I finally appreciated that Jeff was a stranger after all. My inhibitions had disappeared the moment we met at the bar, but it was too late to go back now. I knew I wouldn’t be able to stop him doing whatever he wanted to do that night.

He stepped towards me and I felt myself tighten up.

“You seem to have lost your confidence.” It sounded like a challenge as he stood right before me. “Would you like to leave?”

I shrugged my shoulders, trying hard emotionally to deal with the situation.

“Spread your legs a little.”

I shuffled my legs a few inches apart, my mind and body in constant conflict with one another.

“You seem a little confused, so I’ll ask you again.” He said, placing a finger on my chin and raising my head to look at him. “Do you want to leave, Sophie?”

“I … I don’t think so …” I stuttered in total utter confusion.

He chuckled. “Shall we let that shaven tight pussy decide for you?”

A surge of adrenaline shot right up my spine. “Huh?” I replied.

Jeff looked deep into my eyes and placed his hand between my legs. He lingered there for a moment, not touching as our gazes locked.

“I bet your pussy wants to stay doesn’t it?”

“Ohhhhh, fuck!” I exclaimed.

I felt his finger firmly between my legs run the short, but full length of my opening. I was soaking wet. He brought his finger up to his mouth and tasted me, right in front of my eyes. He dropped his gaze and inspected my breasts. I knew my nipples were hard and sensitive as I tried to compose myself during the most erotic moment I could remember experiencing.

“I think I should check out these lovely tits of yours, they look a nice handful to play with.”

“I think you should.” I blurted uncontrollably.

I closed my eyes and sighed; the anticipation was unbearable as I waited for him to touch me again. I didn’t wait long before his hands were on both kızılay escort breasts. I gasped the moment I felt him. He started off gently massaging the top before moving to the bottom and then finally to the sides, where he really began to caress and feel them in his hands.

“Ohhhhh, yes …” I moaned when his lips touched my neck.

He began to alternate between lightly kissing my neck, earlobes, and collarbone. I exhaled so much noise I forgot where I was and who I was with. He moved onto to my areola and then my nipples, gently stroking them before circling them with his thumb and forefinger.

“You have great tits.” He moaned, before I felt his tongue, again very lightly, drawing circles around my nipple. He took turns on each one, licking, flicking, and sucking. All the while he held my breasts and caressed them.

I had read that a woman could climax from nipple and breast play, but I never believed it even though I tried. Jeff, however, began to make me think it was possible as I felt myself reaching levels of arousal I didn’t know existed.

Then suddenly it stopped. I felt empty as he stepped back and let go of me. I opened my eyes and found him glaring at me, his eyes full of controlled lust. A cold chill swept the wetness on my breasts.

“Pick up your panties and put them on the side.” He told me, pointing at a set of drawers to my right.

“Why?” I asked curiously, expecting to have been thrown on the bed by now.

“Because they belong to me now.”

“Really?” I giggled.

“Yes, so do it and then undress me.”

I followed his instruction and placed my panties on his drawer. I then stepped towards him and began to unbutton his shirt, admiring his firm, but not too muscular body. I continued to giggle from the excitement that had now engulfed my mind, body, and soul. Once naked, I smiled at his thick cock pointing straight at me, ready to fuck. For a brief naïve moment I believed it was my turn to try and take control.

“Light a cigarette and get on your knees.” He said.

“That’s the second time tonight you’ve wanted me to do that.” I couldn’t stop giggling as I grabbed a cigarette. I felt high after all the attention he had paid to my breasts.

“Just do it and put that pretty little mouth to use.” He sounded annoyed.

I raised my eyes in shock as his tone reached another level of dominance. I lit the cigarette and welcomed the smoke inside my body. I barely had time to exhale before he grabbed me and pushed me to my knees.

“You know what to do!”

Disappointed I couldn’t gain any feeling of control, I took a firm grip of his cock and licked the tip. I took a deep drag and then exhaled the thick smoke at his cock. I moaned playfully for him as the plume hid his hardness for a moment.

“No, no, Sophie.” He hissed. “Take a deep drag and open your mouth like a good little slut!”

I did as I was told, but with a scolding look. Taking a large hit on the cigarette, he stepped closer, his swollen head no more than an inch from my mouth. I inhaled deep and then slam … I began to cough and choke as he thrust his cock deep into my mouth.

“Take another drag and this time do it properly!” he said.

So I did. I took another drag and prepared myself. Into my mouth the thick smoke went, travelling deep into my lungs, quickly followed by an angry cock, or so it felt like.

Jeff grabbed the sides of my head forcefully and pushed his cock right down my throat as I exhaled through my nose. My eyes began to water as I adjusted to what I can only describe as a smoky face fucking. By the time I had finished the cigarette, I felt relief and a little pride that he hadn’t broken me.

“Ahhhh, there’s a good slut.” He groaned when I finished the cigarette.

“Now light another one and get on the bed. I’m going to eat that pussy, I bet your soaking and aching down there.”

I climbed onto the bed, spread my legs, and sparked up once more. I suddenly realised that my ultimate fantasy was being realised. Me flat on a bed, cigarette in hand, smoking deeply as a man tended to my pussy with his tongue. The sensations consuming my body were electrifying as he licked, massaged, and teased my pussy with his tongue. With each deep drag and exhale, I felt my climax growing nearer … until finally … my soaking wet pussy was no longing aching.

“Ughhhh, ohhhh, yes … urghhhhhhhhhh, shit!” I climaxed all over Jeff’s tongue and probing fingers.

Before I had time to come down, I felt him on the bed between my legs. There was no loving tenderness as I stubbed out the cigarette and felt my legs being lifted up and placed onto his shoulders. There were no words or compassion, this was pure animalistic lust and I was about to get fucked. Jeff pushed up really close, lifting my hips and lower back off the bed so he could position his cock against kolej escort my slippery opening.

“I hope your as tight as you look.” He growled.

“Shut up and just put it in!” I said.

“You shy girls are all the same, sluts when your gagging for it.”

I ignored him and moved my hips up and down. He couldn’t take much more, neither of us could as he slammed his entire body down into mine, driving that thick cock as deep as he could.

“Arghhhhhh, fuck! Yes! Oh fuck yes!” I screamed.

Jeff ignored my cries of pain and pleasure and proceeded to fuck me. His energy was relentless as he pulled his cock all the way out before driving it all the way back in. Over and over he repeated his actions, grunting, groaning, and using my body aggressively.

I quickly climaxed, but he didn’t stop. I began to scream, clutching at the duvet, throwing my head violently from side to side. I needed him to stop, the pleasure was too intense. His groans grew more aggressive and urgent with every thrust.

“Jeff, ohhhh Jeff I … ohhhhhhhhhhhhh fuck … please I …”

I climaxed again, experiencing my first multiple orgasm as it ripped through me like a hurricane “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh you fuck … ohhhhhhhhhhhhh my god!”

I slapped his arms over and over to stop, I couldn’t speak as I struggled to breath, gasping for air. I was convinced I would pass out if he didn’t stop.

“Mmmmm, you loved that didn’t you.” He laughed and slowed right down until finally, he pulled out and lowered my body gently back down onto the bed.

I was speechless, my thoughts concentrating on getting my breathing back under control. All I could do was lay there dazed and satisfied. I didn’t even realise Jeff had left to get me a glass of water.

“Here you go,” he smiled, “I might fuck hard but I don’t want you dying on me.”

We both laughed as he helped me sit up and take the glass of water. “Thanks, did you cum?”

“No,” he grinned, “Ill let you take a break before you finish me off.”

I drank the much-needed water and slid off the bed to grab a much more needed cigarette. He jumped into my spot on the bed, his cock still standing erect.

“Don’t light it yet.”

“Why not, what do you want now?” I smiled tiredly.

“Come and sit.” He spoke softly this time.

I walked towards the bed and sat on the side.

“No, I meant come and sit on my cock and smoke it.”

Glancing and smiling at one another, I got onto the bed and straddled him. Holding the cigarette and lighter in one hand, I grabbed his cock with the other and proceeded to rub him against my lips, they were still moist. We both groaned and I was soon soaking wet again, ready to accept him inside me.

Very, very slowly I began to lower my body, taking him gently inside me. I felt a sharp pain and grimaced.

“A bit sore?” he smiled proudly.

“Yes,” I flinched.

“Take your time,”

Finally, I was sitting on him. Our bodies connected in the way I preferred. I felt in control for the first time and enjoyed the moment as he lay patiently, his cock twitching and throbbing inside me. He reached up and grabbed my breasts. I slowly began to gyrate my hips. He moaned and fell back, releasing my breasts from his grip.

“Ohhhhh yes, you’re tight as fuck!”

“What,” I giggled, “even after that assault of yours?”

He ignored me, closing, and opening his eyes as I moved slowly on top of him. I placed the cigarette between my lips, his gaze instantly focused on me. I continued to move my hips without lifting my body and brought the lighter to life.

“All girls should smoke.” He grunted.

I slowly moved the naked flame towards the end of the cigarette, his groans grew louder as the flame made contact with the tobacco. I sucked hard on the filter and flicked my hips with a little more vigor, back and forth … back and forth as the cigarette burned a bright red.

He raised his knees and pushed his body up, lifting me higher as I exhaled towards the ceiling.

“Bounce on it, bounce on my cock and see if you can make us both cum before you finish that cigarette.” He said.

“What about the ash,” I asked, continuing to move slowly.

“Use those titties of yours.”

Jeff grabbed my hips and held me firm. I tapped the ash onto my breasts, smiled and began to bounce. Short, hard movements to keep my balance as I concentrated on smoking and the feeling of his cock. He started to thrust up hard inside me. With each drag on the filter, he withdrew his cock and paused while I inhaled. Once I felt the nicotine seep into my body I would exhale … and then feel that thick cock slam back up deep inside me.

It didn’t take long before we both climaxed. My breasts littered with cigarette ash, my pussy full of thick, warm cum and my lungs full of hot smoke.

“I thought you weren’t that turned on by a woman smoking?” I asked with a satisfied grin.

Jeff pulled me in close as we cuddled on the bed. “You made smoking and sex the hottest thing since … fuck I don’t know since when.”

We laughed before cuddling in silence and then fell asleep in each other’s arms.

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