My Wife Izzy : Deployed Pt 2

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Big Tits

My Wife Izzy : Deployed Pt 2Somewhat upset at the video and how it looked but I reminded myself that Rakim was talking to the woman he loves not my wife. I got up and left Rakim sleeping . He actually wound up sleeping through his next shift so I covered for him . The next week went by so quick . Very busy with how many people were in transit between bases and stopped at ours. We fed so many marines and soldiers . Skylar was really picking up the slack of the other guys too. He told me that Dewayne is really missing his girl and is trying to make videos for her like Izzy is for me too. I thought it was cool. I asked him if I can swing by and use the computer and he said I got to ask the guys cause they’ve been on it non stop with Izzy and their girlfriends. It made me want to cry I didn’t have the free time they had to talk to their girlfriends and their friends and how they made Izzy their friend too. I wanted to talk to my wife too.I saw Rakim at the store on base buying Newport’s and hey said the room was empty and the key was under the door mat. He mentioned to folder was already open for me cause Dewayne I guess just added to it . Perfect I thought . I didnt need them this time to plug in their password .I got there and took off my shoes to make sure I didn’t track sand in and sat down . Got settled in and Rakim was right the folder was open . Wow I thought . Tons of new video she sent me or they recorded . Pictures too.I opened the recent video to find Dewayne naked in the chair I was sitting with his thing out waiting for his girlfriend to join his chat I’m assuming batman escort . He was already kind of stroking it and it was glistening . It really made me feel uncomfortable how large it was . Uncut too which looked so weird . I was about to clock out of it when my wife joined the chat . “There you are “ he said “I was waiting for my woman to join” Izzy replied “oh my god Dewayne I’m so sorry I thought my hubby was on. You’re clearly busy with your girlfriend I’ll let you go”“No dont you’re fine. I thought you was her but it’s still cool . We were trying to make a video she could keep like the ones your man keeps of you. Just not really working to well” he told my wife “Are you sure ? This seems inappropriate like I’m interrupting your time with her” concerned she didn’t want to impose .“It’s fine . Maybe you can help me? “ he asked “I just need you to take some screen shots and videos of me so I can send them to her”“Sure ! I’d love to help” she offered “I can make one for Cameron too!” “That’s a real good idea girl” he assured her “I kinda already started though maybe you can take some screen shots of my big black cock for me?”“Sure ok” the computer snapped and she sent images . She asked him some questions about his girlfriend as I opened up . They were a big screen picture of his hard shiny thing and my wife in the smaller screen taking the pic . I still didn’t see why he needed Izzy to take these but I guess he just wanted to surprise his girlfriend “Don’t worry about my girl and dance for a nigga so I can make my video.” batman escort bayan He kind of ordered my wife Izzy was wearing a white thong and a blue and white striped V neck for me . She looked beautiful. I can’t wait to chat with her soon and not watch a video of her . I guess i should say then she was wearing this for Dewayne . But the video was for me so . She started dancing when I realized she wasn’t wearing a bra. I really hate when she does that cause it’s so gross .. just wear one, Jesus . So embarrassing . “Fuck yea bitch” Dewayne said Surprised , my wife responded “what’s wrong hun?”“Nothing I decided to throw on a porn for the video so I can cum real good . “ he replied “this is gonna be huge. FUCK”“What does your girlfriend look like Dee?” She asked Dewayne “Dark skin skinny chocolate girl” he replied “she ain’t shit. I’m watching a porn of this Dominican bitch with big ass tits dancing and slamming around . ““Like what I do for Cameron?” She asked “Yea just like it. Fuck I wanna beat your guts “ he spontaneously uttered“Well I’m glad you and your girl are so into each other “ my wife told him He was stroking so fast for this porno he was watching “fuck yea bitch . Your gonna make me bust , Izzy . Take some screen shots of a nigga now. “ he ordered I heard her snapping pics as she bent over the computer “Take it bitch. BUST THESE BLACK BALLS and take it. Take the pics Izzy” he yelled“IM TAKING IT! “She nervously replied and in a scramble to take more pics“FUCKING TAKE THIS BLACK NUT IZZY TAKE THE PICTURE” he gritted escort batman his pearly white teeth and cum started shooting all over the place. It didn’t even look like a human could do this much. It looks like a horse or what I would imagine a horse “I’m trying Dee I can’t take it fast enough for you !” She was almost sad The snaps from her taking stern shots eventually stopped and he stopped cumming hard after a while. My wife just watched on as his thingy continued to ooze like a faucet that wasn’t turned completely off. “ I tried to take as much as I could , dee . I promise” she was almost upset in the video recording .I wish I got to see the porno Dewayne watched. She sounded phenomenal .Izzy asked Dewayne about it “were you this hot for the girl in the video dee? Or your girlfriend ?”“Hell nawww the girl in the video. She’s stacked ““Gotcha” she replied “well I recorded our video and saved the pics do you want me to send them to you ?” She asked “Yea . Do that. And yea this bitch I was watching was built for black dick” he confided. He was probably right. Maybe Dewayne should find someone like the girl in the video. He stood up and told my wife he was gonna go shower . He noticed a massive amount of cum still pouring out of his thing and he told he to zoom in and take some more screen shots and save them to send them to him. She agreed and they both said good bye. I don’t hate how close my friends are getting to my wife and vice versa . I just wish I got to talk to her as much as they did. I’m really glad that she is able to help them. I shut the computer down and left cause I was going to meet with the first sergeant before I went to bed. We are getting leave blocks coming up where we get 2 weeks at home in the middle of the deployment but only 1 of us gets to go at a time. So I have to get information how it all is going to work so I can tell the guys.

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