Nigg Fucks Filipino

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Nigg Fucks FilipinoJed pulled into the parking lot. He was driving his mocha bronze 2014 Buick LaCrosse sedan. He was coming to visit a young Filipino sissy. They had talked countless times. Today, they were both free. The five-foot-ten, light-skinned father-of-three walked to the apartment that the young dude shared with his mother. His mom was away at work this Saturday morning..Dajilo was the sissy’s name. He was in the ninth grade at his high school. He hit Jed up and told him he was free.Jed had driven an hour. He was 31-years-old. His wife knew he was going to be away for the night. He told her he was going to visit a frat brother.Dajilo answered the door. He was only wearing a pair of lace yellow boyshort panties. The boi looked just as expected.Jed preferred canlı bahis dark-skinned skinny boiz. His sissy had recently moved away. But he admired the plump booty the youngster was sporting and the puffy little boi-titties. He liked Dajilo’s long black hair and soft features. Jed was impressed that the faggot thought to put on lip gloss. “Sexy,” the married man opined. “Kiss my ring!” He held out his left hand so the bitch could smooch his 7-millimeter titanium wedding band.Dajilo complied and then said, “Come have a seat.”The slim, athletically built local daily talk radio show host, took off his gold and black sweater emblazoned with the letters of his fraternity. He sat on the couch. There was a movie on the TV. He unbuckled his jeans.Dajilo pulled bahis siteleri Jed’s dick out through the slit in his boxers. He kissed the head of it then wrapped his lips around it. The tool was thick and grew to eight inches in length. The sissy slobbered and moaned the entire time. Jed reached down and picked up the brown paper bag he carried into the apartment. He opened up the bottle of Hennessy and took a big gulp. Dajilo carried on with his duties.“I’m ready to fuck you,” announced Jed.“Okay! Let’s go to my bedroom,” Dajilo smiled.The bottom dude got on the bed and before he knew it his guest was eating out his ass. The sissy whined out, “Oh, daddy!”Jed climbed on the bed and spat on Dajilo’s pink hole. He stuck his dick inside the faggot slowly. bahis şirketleri He eased in until he was balls deep. He began to thrust in and out.“Fuck me, daddy,” Dajilo called out as the bed began to squeak.Jed grunted, “Yeah! Li’l sissy faggit! Take my dick!”“Yes, sir! It feels so good!”“This pussy feels good, bitch!”“Awwww, daddy!”“You like when a married man fucks your ass?”“Yes, I do!”“I bet you got all kinda grown married dudes trying to fuck you.”“A few I guess.”“Bitch ass punk! I know you do!”Jed got tired of doing it doggystyle so he pushed the sissy flat onto the bed. He went in for the anal assault. He was going hard and the fairy was screaming with pleasure. The young booty hole was tight and gripped his member.“Shit, boi! You gonna make me nut,” barked Jed.“Cum, baby,” begged Dajilo.Jed’s snake shot a huge load inside of Dajilo’s wet, open anus. He collapsed. “Give me ten minutes and then I’ll get up so we can go get the room. I’m fucking you for the rest of the day!”

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