Night Shift in the ER

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Night Shift in the ERMy buddy told me about his friends, I’m SO Jealous! Even before the bitch Covid reared its ugly fuckin’ head, life in the ER was a pressure cooker. Luckily for me and my lover, we had a fulfilling sex life to relieve the stress.My name is Trevor, and I’m an ambulance EMT in New York City. My lover, Michael, is an ER Doctor in the hospital I work for. We both work the 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. shift. My work requires me to be in good shape, but Doctor Michael puts me to shame. Michael played football in college, but decided the pros was not what he wanted to do with his life. Football got him a free 4-year degree. On to medical school.Michael works out as hard as me when our schedules allowed us to hit the gym together. That was where we met. The first time Michael fucked me with his donkey dick was in the steam room when I impaled my hole on his big cock and rode him like a bronco.He is a handsome, studly specimen of a man. I’d never much gone for swishy or effeminate men. I like sex a bit on the rough side and like a man who can give it and take it. But I wouldn’t turn down a chance for a blowjob from a faggoty queen or a chance to fuck one.What really attracted me to Michael was his big black monster of a cock. I love dark skinned men and I’ve always been size obsessed. I love sucking big dicks and being fucked by them. When the weather is warm enough and we’re working the same shift overnight, we try to arrange our lunch hour and have a tryst in my panel van in the parking lot. I have a mattress in back for such times.One night, Michael came into the van all steamed up, cussing a storm. He was incoherent about some hospital issue. I pulled his head to me and slipped him my tongue. “Babe, we’ve only got an hour. I know what you need.” I was already naked. I rolled over and got on my hands and knees after I handed him my lube and a rubber. He knew what I wanted. His big cock pounding my twitchy ass for the next 40 minutes until we had to get dressed and back to work.Big Michael (as I called his huge manhood) was ready. Dr. Michael rolled a condom on his cock and he thickly swabbed my hole with the lube. He was ready to take his frustrations out on my ass. He plunged right in and fucked me for 30 minutes like a rabid dog mounting a bitch in heat. I loved Michael the most when he was like this. “FUUUCK, MICHAEL!! FUCK!! GIVE ME THAT INJECTION OF YOUR MAGIC JUICE!” That seemed to incite him to deepdick me further.Michael grunted, arched his back and ejaculated. He often shot his load so hard, I could feel it filling my insides despite the condom. He collapsed us both and nuzzled eskişehir escort my ear. “Thanks, Trevor, babe. You know just how to get me off the best. How much time do we have?” I looked at the dashboard clock. “Time enough for you to peel the condom off and share your delicious juice with me. Then we’ll have a few minutes to cumswap it.” That was my lover, Dr. Michael.A week later, it was my turn. It was a slow night in the City and I wasn’t in rotation for the next call. I’d just had a pissing contest with my driver and supposed partner. I ran into Michael. He could see I was steamed. He looked left. He looked right. Michael opened the door to the janitor’s closet, grabbed me by the jacket and pulled me in. He pinned me to the inside of the door and tongue fucked me hard. He unzipped my pants and roughly dragged my cock out and groped it until it was throbbing. Michael sank to his knees and pistoned his mouth on it and made me forget my fuckin’ asshole driver for a few minutes. I wanted to be vocal but didn’t want anyone knowing one of the ER Doctors was sucking my cock.I grabbed Michael’s head and held it and fucked it hard. Michael had the softest lips and firmest throat I’d ever had servicing me. In a couple minutes, I felt my nutsack churn and explode a thick, creamy load. Michael greedily swallowed it all. He released my tool and shoved it back in my pants still hard. Michael stood up and whispered in my ear, “Feel better? I want you in the mood when we get in bed in the morning. We’re off tomorrow night and can fuck all day.”He poked his head outside the door. He turned back and said, “Wait a couple minutes before you leave.” Before he left, I wiped off a smear of my jism that dribbled out of his mouth onto his scrub top. “Babe, you might want to change your shirt. Come over to my place. I’ll fix you dinner before we fuck.” And I kissed him.The night passed with only a couple calls, and my driver and I talked out our issue.I got home first. Dr. Michael got tied up. It happens. I showered and put on a robe and started dinner. We worked all night, so 8 a.m. is dinner time for us. Michael came in shortly after me. He kissed me. We ate and cleaned up the dishes. He walked up behind me and put his strong arms around me. He was still in his scrubs and rubbed his hard monster cock on my butt crack.”Trevor, babe, I’ve been horny since I gave you the blowjob in the closet. You owe me one.” I reached behind me and slowly stroked Michael’s engorged cock. “One? I could suck you all day and never get full of your jism.” Michael reached down inside my robe eskişehir escort bayan and cupped my gonads. “Babe, I’ll settle for trading bj’s. You know how I like flip fucking. We’ve got all day.”That day we didn’t fuck so much as made sensual, erotic love. We 69’d for 30 minutes before cumming together. We flip fucked and fell asleep in each other’s arms. When I woke, the sun had just set. Michael was lying on his side, staring at me. “You know what we haven’t done so far this summer? Gone up on the roof.”The building superintendent, Willie, is a fuck buddy. (Michael and I have an open relationship and know each other are getting strange cock from time to time. We even had some sexy, freaky threesomes.) In return for letting Willie fuck me with his big, fat cock, he lets me have a key to the door to the roof. Around the corner from the stairway is a unique little nook out of sight, where I could sunbathe nude. Michael liked going up there at night and having sex under the stars. The roof has a great view of midtown Manhattan from Williamsburg, and at night, the sight is spectacular. The thought that a million people could watch us fucking is highly erotic.We slipped some sweat pants on (temporarily) and climbed up. The night was gloriously warm, clear skies and a gorgeous full moon. I spread a blanket and slipped off my pants. I lay on my back and pulled Michael down next to me. “Lover, you haven’t face fucked me in a long time. Do me how I like it.”Michael took his sweats off and knelt down and straddled my chest. He leaned forward and braced himself on his arms. I grasped his hard butt cheeks and pulled him down and shoved his throbbing cock deep in my throat. Michael knew I loved a slow-stroke face fuck. He pushed in until his cockhead jammed in my throat, then slowly pulled out until just the head was in my mouth so I could lick around the crown and tickle his piss slit with my tongue. He purred and slowly pushed again. We did this dance for ten minutes until he was unable to resist the passion of the moment and feverishly pound my mouth. When Michael did that, I’d rub my tongue on the cumtube on the underside of Big Michael.When Michael was ready to orgasm, he knew I liked the first shot in my mouth, and the next 2 or 3 on my face. I love sloppy facials. He plastered me from my hairline to my chin. Then he put just his cockhead in so I could stroke the last precious drops out. The finale was Michael licking his manjuice off my face and feeding it to me. Michael was the most tender and most exciting lover I ever had.As we lay there caressing escort eskişehir and kissing, I asked Michael, “How about we get a shower and go down to The Metropolitan and pick up a strange cock for a threesome?” Michael was all in. Showering with a lover is sexy. Soaping each other up. Rinsing off. Groping and stroking and shooting loads of jism on the wall, all the while sensuously tongue kissing.We dressed in our best ‘I’m looking to get laid’ clothes. Snug tee shirt. Tight jeans. Commando. Jeans so tight our cocks are on full display. You know what I mean. It’s in the Gay Manual.When we got to the bar, we stood at the bar with our drinks facing the dance floor. Michael suddenly turned away. I asked, “What is it, babe?” He looked over his shoulder. “See that queen over there? The one with the shirt unbuttoned to show a glimpse of the pink lacy bra he’s wearing. I bet under those go-go shorts he’s wearing silk panties, too.” I looked. He was slightly familiar, but I rarely fuck sissies. He was the type who calls you “Dahling!!” and thinks everything is “FABULOUS!!”I turned around to Michael and asked who he was.”He’s a Physician’s Assistant in Radiology. His name is Skylar. He may act faggoty, but under all that he’s a ruthless fuckmaster. You think I’m sexually aggressive? One night a month or so ago, a night you weren’t working, he asked for a few minutes in my office. I thought there was some patient case to discuss. The little bitch is wiry and strong. He pinned me to my office wall and starts tongue fucking me and groping me.”Before I know it, he’s untied and pulled down my scrub pants and turned me around, trying to fuck me. I fended him off long enough to tell him to meet me there a little later during our lunch hours. He banged me hard for 45 minutes. He may look skinny, but he’s got a cock as big as mine. And thicker.”I said, “I think he’d be fun to take home. Call him over.” Michael turned back around and nodded to Skylar, who came skipping over. “Michael, dahling!! Give Skylar a kiss. Mwah! Who’s your hunky date? He’s delish!!”After I squelched my snicker, I said, “I’m the guy wanting to know if your skimpy panties are pink like your little training bra.” Skylar rubbed my arm with one hand while rubbing my cock with the other. “Oooh, so butch! I love butch boys. They’re so much fun to pin down and then make squeal when I fuck ’em hard.”I looked at Michael. He nodded. I pulled Skylar in and tongue fucked him for a minute. I whispered in his ear, “Your place or mine? Michael and I haven’t had a threesome in months.” Skylar grinned demonically and said, “I think it would be fabulous to take your ass in the bathroom stall right here. But your place will do. Maybe one night when Michael isn’t working, you and I can make your ‘love van’ rock.” He eyefucked Michael. “I bet you boys didn’t know there’s some of us would like to watch your lunch hour trysts. Let’s go boys. The night’s wasting away.”

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