Oedipus Was Right Ch. 06


Chapter Six

I felt a sudden adrenalin rush when I heard a voice say, “I told you they’d figure it out.”

I pulled off Stephanie’s tit and rolled over.

Of course, it was Greg and mom standing there, he was in the clothes he wore last night, she was in a T-shirt and jeans.

He walked around the bed and kissed Stephanie, saying, “morning, mom.”

Mom came over and kissed me, saying, “Morning, Davey.”

“Now come on sleepy butt,” she said, “we brought McDonald’s.”

She grabbed my hand and pulled me up. When I looked over I saw Greg doing the same thing with Stephanie.

As we started downstairs it struck me what an odd procession we made. Mom, fully dressed, me, naked, Greg, fully dressed, Stephanie naked. To make things a little more awkward, my dick got hard.

True to their word, the kitchen table was set with four places. Two McMuffins at one place that I took to be mine. Two oatmeals at another, mom’s. There were five McMuffins between the third and fourth chairs. Four coffees too.

It was an interesting tableau. Mom, slender and looking ready for a date in a bright blouse and tight jeans. Greg, thick and boisterous, freshly showered although in yesterday’s clothes. Stephanie, hair lank and still sweaty from last night, no makeup, a bit crusty under the nose where it had been running, and smelling of sweat and sex. And, of course, me, looking dapper ((chuckles)) for all that I pretty much mirrored Stephanie’s look.

Mom dug into the oatmeal and I took a big bite of my McMuffin, washing it down with the coffee, barely cool enough to drink.

Across the table, Greg was feeding Stephanie. He would put the McMuffin to her mouth and then hold it while she bit off a bite. But he would hold the McMuffin back to her mouth before she had fully swallowed. After three bites like that, when she opened her mouth for the fourth time some chewed McMuffin fell out of her mouth to end up on her big boobs.

Greg smiled and said, “can you imagine this beautiful woman fought her weight for most of her life. Isn’t she beautiful now that she’s accepted her size?”

Mom and I both said, “yes.” For me, I was fascinated. Stephanie seemed to be transported, almost unaware of the rest of us.

“So this is what they mean when they say feeder/feedee,” I thought.

I caught mom looking at me and raised my eyes in the universal, “what?” gesture.

“Are you okay with all of this?” she asked.

I took tuzla escort another bite and chewed, using the time to think, to formulate my response.

Finally, I swallowed, took a drink of my coffee, and started talking.

“I’m overwhelmed. I love you. I love Stephanie. Hell, I even love Greg,” and he stopped feeding Stephanie long enough to raise his glass in an across-the-table toast. “I’d heard the word polyamory before, but never really understood it. But that’s what this is, isn’t it?”

She smiled and said, “yes, It certainly IS possible to love more than one person at a time. Annddd,” she added, “the sex is pretty fucking good,” which made me snort the sip of coffee I had just taken.

“Prove it,” I said, shifting my chair around so I could face her.

She looked me in the eye, and then down, finding my erection, slipped to her knees and took me in her mouth.

“Okay,” I said across the table to Greg who was feeding Stephanie the third McMuffin, “I think I just crossed a line into truly weird.”

He grinned and said, “do you love her?”

I chucked and said, “yes.”

He stuffed another bite into Stephanie’s mouth, her cheeks bulging now, a little muffin and egg falling onto her boobs, “do you love my mom?” he asked.

I didn’t hesitate. “Yes,” I said.

He grinned and held my eyes.

“Do you love me?” he asked.

I smiled, and said, “yes.”

He chuckled. “Well then, it’s all good,” he said and returned his attention to feeding Stephanie.

I watched my mom’s mouth accept more and more of my cock as I chewed on a McMuffin.

There was a definite surreal quality to this morning, but the pressure in my belly was building and I couldn’t manage the energy to wonder about it.

I remembered what Stephanie had said, about sons being afraid to hurt their mothers, and looked down and met her eyes.

She had about half of my cock in her mouth and I could see her struggling, hear her swallowing noisily, trying to defeat her gag reflex.

I reached down and entwined my fingers in her hair and, holding her eyes with mine, twisted, deliberately pulling and hurting.

Her eyes got big but there was a smile there too.

I twisted harder, making her groan, but she didn’t stop what she was doing.

The sheer power I felt, controlling her, realizing she wanted to BE controlled, was my undoing.

I came, suddenly and powerfully, my oversized prostate fully recharged as I left pendik escort thick lines of semen crisscrossing her face.

She smiled at me and returned to her seat, making no effort at all to wipe her face, and digging back into the oatmeal.

As I say, surreal.

Greg grinned at me, across the table, and said, “ain’t life grand.”

I raised my coffee in an across-the-table toast to him.

The way he was feeding her, as we watched, was an odd mixture of sensual and sexual. I had watched her eat and had fed her, and realized that for her eating was a very sensual activity but with us, it had been almost, well, foreplay. What I was watching was beyond that. Greg was making love to her with food and I found it intensely erotic.

Her breathing was coming in quick little pants now, and she was blowing snot bubbles since all breath had to flow through her nose what with her mouth being stuffed and all. Her nipples were hard and dribbling and she was squirming in her chair. Her lips were smeared with half-chewed McMuffin and crumbs and overflow covered her chin and the tops of her breasts.

I guess I had been lost in watching the feeding because I jumped when mom touched my arm.

“Help her out honey,” she said, “she has trouble making it from just the feeding.”

Two things hit me at once. First, the thing with mom and Stephanie and Gret went deeper, had more history, than I had understood. Second, she wanted me to get under the table and use my mouth on Stephanie. I don’t know why, but I understood that clearly.

So I smiled, leaned over and kissed her quickly, and slipped off of my chair and crawled under the table to where Stephanie’s hips were rocking on the chair.

For a moment I just looked, fascinated. Sitting like that, the size of her ass was more obvious than usual. Her labia were distended and all of the visible parts of her sex were prominent, pushed out by the pressure from her pregnancy. Her big belly, distended with the “baby” in there, rose straight from the slit of her pussy, leaving no mons veneris at all. A thick string of combined mucus and semen, leakage from our lovemaking and the results of her current arousal, hung a few inches and wobbled as her hips worked.

I crawled the last two feet on all fours and caught that string on my tongue, fascinated by the mixed taste, salty, slightly tangy mucus, and my oily semen.

I liked it.

In that position, it seemed natural to aydınlı escort just begin licking her, almost like a dog or a cat would. I was surprised by how much tension I could suddenly feel in her legs as I gave her that sensation. I lapped at her nectar like that, just enjoying the mixed sensations. I liked being on all fours while I pleasured her like this. I liked feeling her body respond. And under it all, way down there at the lizard brain level, I liked that all three of them were watching me even though I knew they couldn’t see me if that makes any sense at all.

It didn’t take long to bring her to orgasm and it was interesting. I felt those hard contractions in her belly beginning and an image of mom with the semen lines crisscrossing her face formed in my mind. I licked some more and when Stephanie’s orgasm began I leaned my neck back painfully, my face exposed to her pussy, and as she came, her thick warm vaseline-like mucus flowing in a thick rope of release, I accepted it on my face and in my hair. She grunted through four waves and I accepted them all in that position.

When she was satisfied I crawled back over to mom and sat beside her, trying to look casual, as if this was somehow normal.

Greg finished stuffing the last of the last McMuffin into Stephanie’s mouth which was so full she could barely chew.

It flashed through my mind just how surreal this would look to an outsider who walked in. Mom sitting, dressed, with thick lines of semen crisscrossing her face. Stephanie sitting, naked, McMuffin crumbs covering her chin and thick on her boobs and belly. Greg sitting, fully dressed, looking like the politician he is. And me, sitting naked, my face smeared with a woman’s love honey, my hair soaked in it, drinking coffee as if it was the most natural thing in the world.

Yep. Surreal is the word. Picasso could paint this moment.

“So,” Greg said, leaning back and taking a long drink of his coffee, “here is what I’m proposing. I want to marry Mary. I want you,” and he nodded to me, “to marry mom. Then we’ll live together in a bigger house, we can sell your house and we won’t have rent on this place, as one big happy family. You,” and he nodded to me, “you lucky dog, get to keep the women happy because I’ll be busy a lot working my way up the political ladder. And God knows these women need attention.” At that, both mom and Stephanie giggled.

“So whattya say?” he asked. “Are you in?”

I looked at Stephanie and then at mom. Then I looked across the table and met my oldest and best friend’s eyes.

I stood and leaned across the table, holding my hand up in the classic “high five” position.

“HELL YES I’m in!” I said.

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