Olivia’s Liberation

Big Tits

“Are you even listening, Liv? Seriously!” My focus suddenly snapped back to my workmate, Nicole, who was waggling her hand in front of my face. My thoughts scrambled as I tried to recall what she’d just said, while I was too preoccupied thinking of what I planned on doing that evening.

“Yeah, sorry. God, I’m so out of it after that meeting. What did you say?” I said casually, her eyes rolling in response.

“You’re always out of it I swear, meeting or no meeting. I said I have my step-sister’s wedding next Friday, and I know that’s your rostered day off, but I really, really need you to cover me. No amount of ‘reallys’ can express how much I need you to do this favor for me. I know how flat out you’ve been, but I already asked Candice and Bill and they’ve both got Friday commitments. I didn’t notice anything on your calendar,” she said, gesturing her head toward my desk with a pleading look in her eyes.

I remembered Nicole mentioning a few times about having a ‘thing’ for one of the groomsmen, and I assumed that this would be her day to make the big attempt at hooking him. I ran over my plans for next week in my head and came up empty.

“Fine, sure, okay. I’ll do it. But you’d better not leave me a bunch of half-completed tasks or I will not be a happy camper.” I said, and I could tell she’d stopped listening right after I said ‘Fine’, her round face beaming.

“You’re the best. Thank you so much,” she said, making a delighted noise.

“No problem,” I replied with a quick smile before picking up my bag off the dividing half-wall between her cubicle and the walkway, and fumbling around in its main pocket until I reached my mobile phone. Unlocking the phone, I found two new messages.

The first, from my boyfriend, Jack: “Text me if you have any problems ok? You know that though. I love you.” My heart swelled with pride reading those three words.

The second, from Mark, who I’d met last weekend and hooked up with briefly outside one of the clubs in town. “Yeah, definitely,” it said, in response to my asking whether or not we were still on for tonight.

He’d got my number; he was the only guy out of all the ones who’d tried. It was something about him, an innate sexiness that really drew me in. His confidence and his charisma, complemented with his physique.

I hadn’t felt that kind of allure from a guy other than Jack in a long time — with all the other guys it was just fleeting lust, enough for one fuck. But Mark had a certain essence that drew me to want to see him again.

I’d been doing Girls’ Nights Out with some new work friends as a tease for Jack, a grand finale to a week he’d spent in chastity. They started with me just going out and flirting with other guys while he was home in chastity and I had the key. It was a fun way to get him horny and desperate for me, like he was when we first got together.

I loved pushing the boundaries with him psychologically as well as sexually, and seeing how he would become frustrated knowing that any other guy I met while out could physically have their way with me, but no matter how hard he tried, as long as I had the key and his otherwise irresistible cock was locked away, he could not.

I loved the liberating feeling of being able to go out and ‘act single’, explore my sexuality and feel free, while also having my long-term boyfriend at home and the emotional sense of security that offered me. Considering I only did it one night every month, and for the week before that night Jack would be in chastity but not at any point outside of that week, we had a pretty good dynamic going.

At first I’d been a bit tentative about going out and being sexually open with other people while I was with Jack, not sure how he would react, but after the first experience of me coming home with physical evidence (a hickey from another guy), and the resulting rage-fuck I got from Jack as he strove to prove his superiority over other guys to me, all hesitation was gone.

He would hate me doing this if he weren’t in chastity, but when he was, it was the only way he could feel like I wasn’t just guaranteed to fuck him whenever he made a move on me, because usually, he was the dominant one who always had me wrapped around his finger. He felt powerless for the first time in our four year relationship, powerless and jealous.

It gave him a spark and a hunger in his eyes for me that he hadn’t had for a while prior to these Girls’ Nights Out. I craved that hunger, that fury, that need he would have for me when I got home. He’s always been so good-looking, so desired by other women, that to have him so desperate for only me made me feel like a goddess. To feel that wanted by the only guy that I really needed, was the most liberating part of it all.

I felt a rush of adrenaline and warmth spread from my chest around my body as I read Mark’s message. I was genuinely excited to be seeing him. We’d texted a couple of times since last weekend, just getting to know each other a little. He knew I worked ankara eve gelen escort at this crap-hole insurance company, I knew he was a boat-builder.

He lived in a well-known block of flats near the wharf, well-known because with its art deco features, it stood out from the regular sandstone buildings of the port-town-turned-city we called home. His house was conveniently only a short walk from the main pubs and clubs of the city, and a short cab ride to mine and Jack’s place.

“Bye, Olivia! Have a good one,” my boss called out to me as I headed toward the elevator.

“See you Monday, Richelle!” I called over my shoulder, before stepping through the gray doors. I pulled my hair tie from around the tight bun I’d been wearing all day, letting my light ash brown hair cascade around my shoulders and down to the middle of my back.

When the elevator hit the lobby, I walked, charcoal high heels clicking, into the bathroom where I changed into a sleek, tight, dark red dress, topping it with a thin black jacket.

I met my three girlfriends at our favorite watering hole, and ordered a light salad and a glass of white wine. Isobel had attempted to a blonde dye job at home, and the results were orange, so that was her latest fiasco. Naomi’s boyfriend was dropping engagement hints, asking Isobel what size ring Naomi wore, news which made us all excited. Casey had just applied for a higher-up position at her company, and we all told her how well she would do and not to worry, though we knew she’d worry herself sick until it was all over anyway.

When their attention came to me, I had to take my time chewing on a lettuce leaf to come up with something interesting that had happened to me in the past week that wasn’t revolving around Jack being in chastity.

“Uh, well…” I said, thinking that if I didn’t hurry up they were going to think I’d gone a bit stupid. “Jack’s just finished a major project at his work, so that’s been great! The boss is talking about a bonus, so the Whitsundays may not be too far on the horizon after all,” I said with a wistful tone, to which the girls all smiled and nodded.

After we chatted some more and I finished my meal, I remembered that it must be getting close to six. “Shit,” I said, checking the time on my phone. “I’d actually better run, guys, I’m meeting him for dinner to celebrate.” They all waved me off and told me to give him their congratulations. I felt a strange sense of disconnect as walked away, like I was living a double-life.

Was I? I’d been catching up with them like my regular old self, but going out clubbing with workmates who had no idea about Jack once a month. They thought I was single, and spotted hot guys for me to hook up with. I felt a glowing sense of independence in my chest as I thought of how I could juggle my regular life, and my after-dark, once-monthly secret.

The cool evening air and light wind caressed my body as I walked up to Mark’s apartment building. I walked through the lobby and caught an elevator up to his floor. Knocking on his door, I felt my heart race a little. I felt a bundle of nervous anticipation and a flame of sexual desire begin to grow inside me, and I hoped that I hadn’t ruined my lipstick too much from biting my lip on the walk there.

When he opened the door, I took a second to look him up and down and admire his chiseled, broad frame. His large brown eyes looked at me cheekily, and I realized he’d noticed me checking him out. “Hey little one,” he said with a light teasing air to his voice. “Come on in.”

He took my jacket off and placed it on a low table near his door. I slid my shoes off and left them near his door and he returned to my side, handing me a glass of wine.

I noticed through his shirt how muscled his arms were, and standing close to him, I took in his scent. A nice deodorant mixed lightly with sweat. He smelled good. I was glad I put on some perfume before I arrived.

We stood around for a short time, just talking about how our days were. I placed my wine on the coffee table and we continued our small talk when I decided to broach a topic that I’d been nervous to discuss.

“I just want you to know, now, before anything happens,” I began, “I don’t want anything serious.” He seemed non-fussed by this. “I’ve just gotten out of a relationship fairly recently, to be honest. I just want to hook up. Are we on the same page?”

He looked at me and smiled, looking relieved. “That’s great, I just got out of a seven year relationship myself, and god knows I don’t want anything serious right now.”

“Oh, cool then. Um, I can only come around once a month too; I’m just floored with work at the moment.”

“No worries, babe. Just let me know when you’re free. I have a couple of other girls on rotation, I won’t die without you.”

“Oh, is that a fact?” I said coyly. “Who am I kidding, that doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. You could have a whole harem if you wanted.”

“Well right now, gaziosmanpaşa escort Liv, all I want is you.” I looked into his eyes and saw that he was feeling the tension between us as it’d been rising.

“And what exactly do you want to do with me?” I said breathily.

“How about you let me show you?” he said with a low, slightly forceful tone.

I’d just barely gotten back into his living room when he grabbed my arm firmly, and spun me around, pulling me close against his chest. His lips met mine with such in intensity and hunger that I nearly gasped.

His hands snaked around my waist and held me tightly as he kissed me passionately, and I placed my hand against his chest, feeling his strong body against my lithe, slender frame.

Our breaths became deeper and faster with each stroke of our lips and tongues combining, and he scooped me up easily in his arms and brought me down onto his sofa. He pulled away to lift off my dress, and I leaned up toward him to take off his shirt. He leant back down over me, kissing my breasts and grabbing my hip in his palm.

I sighed as he kissed my mouth again, deeper, and I broke off the kiss to undo his jeans. I moved up onto my knees by the end of the sofa, my face near his stomach and hips.

He unhooked my bra as I pulled down his boxers and jeans. I was happily surprised to see he was already standing firm and erect for me. It was nice to see such a hard cock for me after a week of Jack’s being unable to grow hard.

I felt myself gush with wetness as I stroked his cock. It was a great cock, nice and large and pink, and it looked like it would fit me well without much room to spare. Pretty similar to Jack’s really, maybe a little less long and a little more wide.

He cupped my breast with one hand and the back of my head with the other, and I looked up at him with wide eyes and an innocent expression as I leaned my mouth toward his cock. I opened my lips and accepted his wide girth, rocking my mouth up and down the shaft and paying attention to the head of his cock with my tongue.

I sucked him off for a good while, loving the sound of his moans as he wrapped my hair around his fingers and rubbed my nipple and breast in his hand. I broke it off and the pleasure and craving in his eyes was palpable.

He took no time in pushing me back down onto the couch and sliding off my panties. “Someone loves sucking dick,” he said as he ran his hand over my pussy, rubbing my clit as he leaned in to kiss me, his fingers tracing my entrance and the wetness they found there.

His kisses became more eager and he pulled away to take off his jeans completely, then came back to raise his body over mine on the couch. He hiked my legs up against his hips, and I became flooded with sexual desire as I felt him place his cock at my entrance. “Do you want this cock?” he said firmly, kissing my jaw.

“Fuck yes, you know I do,” I said, half-sighing.

“You want to get fucked by me?” he teasingly whispered into my ear.

“Fuck me already or I’ll throw you down and fuck you myself!” I said with bite in my tone.

Mark laughed darkly and pushed his cock inside me with determination. He began thrusting in me slowly, teasing me, grabbing my right breast in one hand and rubbing my clit with the other.

He fucked me slowly like this, and when my deep breaths turned to whimpers and I begged him to go faster, to fuck me harder, he picked up the pace and began fucking me forcefully. I threw my legs up over his shoulders and surrendered to his powerful cock.

My cunt felt so good and as he pulled back to fuck me deeper and harder, I replaced his hand on my clit with my own. As he bucked and thrust into me with fast, hard rhythm, I built steadily to an orgasm. “I’m going to fucking cum, don’t stop…” I said through moans.

I came and cried out from the pleasure. My world spun for a moment and I felt the tension leave my body as the endorphins flooded my brain. For a moment I nearly laughed thinking of how much Jack had missed out on this feeling in the past week. For someone who usually came at least three times a day, it would be like starvation. I couldn’t wait to see how much he would crave pleasure from me later.

Shortly after I came, Mark buckled over me and groaned slightly, coming inside me. For a moment, I was too happy and sexed-up to think about anything much. But then I realized, as I began to come back to a regular headspace, that we didn’t use a condom.

As we recovered, dressed and I gathered my things, Mark seemed to realize this too. He looked at me with a flash of concern showing through his face. “You are on the pill or something, yeah?”

“Yeah, I am.” I said, trying to smile through my fear. How could I explain to him that the reason I was uneasy isn’t that I thought he had an STI or I was likely to get pregnant, but that Jack and I hadn’t ever had the conversation about me having sex with another guy without a condom?

I said gölbaşı escort a quick goodbye, thanked him for the fun, and kissed him on the cheek. In the elevator, I looked at myself in the mirrored wall and noticed I was biting my lip.

What the fuck had I just done? Had amazing sex with a hot boat-builder is what. “Yes, but Liv,” I said to myself under my breath, “you went off in la-la land as usual and now you’ve gone and fucked everything up. Well done.”

I was usually so excited to be walking up to the door of my place on a Friday night in the week Jack was in chastity. I would imagine that he’d already be so horny thinking of what I could have been up to that night, his imagination running wild and his balls flooding with cum in preparation to teach me a lesson about who I should really be fucking.

I was still excited, but for the first time since that first time with the first ever hickey, I had a feeling in my gut like my heart was bobbing against my stomach.

I let myself in and laid my jacket down on the bench, it and my hair both sprinkled with some light rain. “Hey babe, I’m home!” I called out, and not a moment later, Jack walked up and pulled me into his embrace. He kissed my forehead, both cheeks, and then my lips firmly. “Nice to see you too,” I said, exhilarated by his presence.

I put my bag down and slid off my shoes as I walked into our living room. I barely got a moment to think before Jack was back in front of me, his strong arms holding my waist. I looked up into his eyes and couldn’t help but smile.

His dark, handsome features and those large green eyes were always amazing to come home to. “Did you have a nice time?” he asked me, almost smiling but I could sense envy in his eyes as I described the events at Mark’s.

His fingertips kneaded into my sides as I told him how I came hard with Mark’s thick cock inside me, and how good it felt to be fucked by a good hard cock and a man who knew how to use it.

I told him how I felt nervous to impress Mark, so I made an extra effort to suck him off really well. With each word that fell from my mouth, I saw his anger grow, but also his desire for me.

I had just barely finished my sentence when Jack picked me up and threw me against the wall. “Let me the fuck out, right now,” he said, staring into my eyes with such intensity that I was nearly afraid. But then I remembered that I was the one in power, not him.

“There’s something special I need you to do for me before that happens,” I said slyly. This threw him off guard, usually as soon as he became aggressive and showed he was going to fuck the absolute lights out of me like this, I gave in.

“As long as you let me out no more than one second after, I’ll do bloody anything. I need you,” he responded.

I looked him dead in the eyes, and went for it. “I will let you fuck me, when you clean Mark’s cum out of my cunt with that skilled tongue of yours.”

Jack stepped back, looking like he’d just been hit with a STOP sign. “What the fuck?” he said with an infuriated tone. “Since when did we talk about that, Liv?”

I swallowed and sunk down the wall a little. “I know, we didn’t, and fuck… I’m an idiot, but he just took me right then and there, and I was so wet I didn’t even have a second before he put it in to think about it. He made me so hot, I couldn’t help myself.”

Jack stopped dead in his tracks and looked at me with intensity that I nearly shuddered. I noticed his jaw was tight. He then pressed his hand down hard and suddenly against the table, staring at the floor for a moment. I noticed I’d stopped breathing momentarily. He then turned so quickly to look at me that I jumped. His eyes wide, he looked at me questioningly.

“So you’re telling me the only way I can fuck you so hard you will never find his cock satisfying again, is to clean his fucking cum out of you, right now?” he said, never once breaking eye contact.

I stood my ground. “Yep. That’s what I’m saying. If you want me, you’d better get up close and personal with how much other guys want me. How they blow their loads in me. How they lose control over my body, just like you do. Prove to me that you’re something special.”

I’d never been this confident before when being dominant with him. I hoped that he would be willing to go this far to prove himself to me. It was a gamble I had to take.

He took the bait.

Like a flash, he had me against the wall again, my back firmly against it. He had his hand around my throat, holding me there as he kissed me hard. “He’s kissed you here, fuck him, I kiss you better. I make you wetter than the fucking ocean and you know it,” he said in a low, threatening tone that scared me, but turned me on. He turned me on like nothing else. He was right.

He kissed me deeply and I felt the walls of dominance I’d built up shatter under his touch. He grabbed my breasts in his palms and squeezed and kneaded them as he kissed me. He knew just how I liked them to be touched, he knew me in ways no other guy ever could, even with their cum inside me.

He kissed my neck and bit it, sucking on my skin and giving me small, light hickeys as I whimpered. “That’s fucking right, I make you weak no matter how strong you act. I don’t need my cock hard to make you want me, that’s just a fucking bonus.”

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