One summer pt 1

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One summer pt 1We just bought our house, my good friends back yard backs up to ours. John comes walking through the gate and up to the deck with 6 pack in his hand. He sat down and tossed me a beer. He said I need a favor will you drive with me up to the collage and pick up my niece. I said sure I guess you need me to drive my truck I say laughing. That Saturday we took off to pick her up as we start to pull in to campus I say I remember the best thing I like about collage, The woman walking around in their skimpy clothes. We pull up to her dorm and start to walk in about get whiplash from looking around. We get to her room and knock on the door and when she answered the door she was in a pair of spandex shorts showing off the perfect cameltoe and a sports bra. I couldn’t help but notice her nipples are pierced. She turns to put her jacket on and bartın escort says there the stuff. I thought to myself this was a good trade she didn’t have to much to move and I to see these young hotties. When we get back to the house we start to unpack the truck. She grabbed a box and towards the house she goes and I catch myself watching her tight ass bounce as she go in the garage. We get done unloading the truck John said we going out you guys want to go I say we can’t Sars is out she won’t be home til later have fun. after i finish working in the yard I was sitting on the deck and I notice some movement in Johns backyard by his pool. I see his niece she undoes her top then lays down. I can’t believe I was getting so lucky the wife’s not home Johns not home and his young niece is half naked so I grab another bartın escort bayan beer. She pull her bottoms up the crack of her tight ass and starts to rub lotion over her body. First her tits as hey bounce back in place own her tight stomach down her firm legs bac up to her ass. I’m starting to get aroused a little watching her. She stands up and walks over to the pool and dives in swims across and back gets out and go back to lay down. I hear the garage door open up so I go help Sara bring in the grocery’s in turning to get one last look. Sara says thanks hun I have to go I have to meet the girls for drinks. I grab a beer hoping maybe I get to see her some more. When I get back she was gone already Not going to lie I was bummed.. I open my beer and sit back the light in johns bathroom comes on and I see her escort bartın walk in and shut the door she drops her towel and takes off her bottoms she starts her shower then turn and looks in the mirror getting on her tiptoes sticking her ass out. She wraps her hair up and gets into the shower. By this time I’m starting to get a hard on as I catch myself rubbing him. I see her get out and grabs a towel and starts to dry herself off walking out the door then her light comes on in her bedroom. She walks over to her dresser and pulls out bra and panties finishes drying off. She puts her bra on then she bends over and starts to pull her panties up. They were white cotton with small print. Every since then I have alway favored that kind. She puts on her shirt then she turned and watched her cross the house to the front door and open it to let her friend in. They both go back to her room and finish getting dressed. As she is going through her clothes to see what she was going to work I see her friend start to peel off her skin tight pants off showing her thong then her top showing matching bra. They both put on short skirts and T shirts and go out.

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