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Subject: Operation Pied Piper – Part 91c IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL READERS: Any references made to Schools, Castles and Aristocratic titled personages around England and Scotland are pure fiction. None of the story features about those places or named titles personages are true, none of what you are about to read actually happened. This story and all the characters are 100% fiction. I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories. If you enjoyed my story or any others on this site then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. Remember you can make your donation in Honour of your favourite writer too. fty/donate.html No part of this story may be reproduced in whole or in part in any manner without the permission of the author. ******************** I felt my balls tighten against the base of my shaft, I lost it, the violent pulse in my cock, wrenched my balls even tighter to me, as my cum began spurting out, jet after jet vanishing into the darkness, my knees buckled and I had to steady myself against the wooden hut; fuck that was intense. I took one last peak as I regained control of myself. Bruno was still easing Niki’s head down his shaft: wait, what was that in his other hand, it was up near his neck, he was holding something; No, hang on, how could I have missed that? Seriously, how had I missed that? Between the fingers of Bruno’s other hand was a `Star of David’ on a thin chain; no! he couldn’t be, could he? ******************* Operation Pied Piper � Part 91c Davy continues the story I was helping out in the kitchen, Bruno was settling in well, poor Gregor was really struggling and kept trying to do more than he should and making himself even more uncomfortable, but bless him, Landers was fussing around him like a mother hen which was lovely to see. Niki too seemed to have taken up residence in the kitchen, he was holding a little cloth shape, which he kept talking to and kissing, I would have to ask him about it when I got the chance. He would carefully lay it down, before helping out and running about getting things for Bruno, and then return and pick it up and hold it to his chest again. Considering Bruno was one of the enemy, he was a jovial fellow, always smiling and laughing especially when Niki was in front of him, it was all very relaxed in there; how quickly things can change. The door burst open `Gregor, can you get yourself along to the staffroom as soon as you can please’ Gregor struggled to get to his feet, Landers abandoning what he was doing to rush and help. `Certainly Athol, what’s happened? Athol shook his head and sideways nodded in Bruno’s direction, then shaking his head again and mouthing “not hear, in front of him” `Davy can you come too’ I nodded, grabbing a cloth to dry my hands, what on earth could be going on. I took hold of Gregor’s arm as he got his crutches into position and slowly, we made our way along to the staffroom. `Come in, take a seat’ Athol looked up, the mood in the room was very sombre, Archie was next to Athol, with Torcall, Digbey and Leahy standing staring at the News Paper. Athol glanced round `Has anyone seen Forts or Gary? We all shook our heads `Well, I can bring them up to speed when they get here, Gregor, Davy, it has just been announced in the papers that the British Battlecruiser Hood has been sunk and the Battleship Prince of Wales seriously damaged by the German Battleship Bismarck; there have been many fatalities’ Gregor and I exchanged glances; we were both stunned by the news. I heard myself mumble `But the Hood was the pride of the fleet’ I glanced at Athol’s desk calendar, Sunday 25th May 1941. `When did it happen? Archie looked up at me, `Yesterday, the news has just been released, now are you aware of any more of the boys whose relatives are in the Navy and may have been affected, we want to avoid what happened with Downton, when they sank the Royal Oak? `Err, I don’t think so, but I can check’ Athol glanced up at me `If you would, please. I want this kept quiet too, everyone: bad news like this could affect some of the younger ones badly’ We all nodded `Okay everyone, thank you, that’s everything, Oh, tomorrow, I will be letting the rest of the boys know about Forts, Russian heritage, I have heard there are a few rumours going about, so best get the truth out there’ Gregor and I headed for the door, as we made our way down the corridor, he took my arm. `Davy, I am not going to say anything about this, in front of Bruno or Niki, probably best we don’t mention it’ I nodded, as a voice called out `Oh Davy, can you come back’ Archie waved to me, I made sure Gregor was okay and turned back to the office. Athol, greeted me again `Davy, sorry to leave this to you, but can you speak to Hugh and make him aware that we will not need as many hymns tomorrow, look what Archie has been able to get hold of’ I crossed to the desk and picked up the 78 record. I chuckled, but wasn’t too sure how it would go down with Forts. `I am going to play it when he comes into the assembly, what do you think’ I had no idea what to say, so I just laughed and headed out to find Mr Davies the Organist. I found him practicing as usual; he spotted me coming into the Hall and immediately switched to the `Arrival of the Queen of Sheba; apparently my theme tune. I loved the sound of the pipe organ and sat and listened for some time, while he practiced for the assembly, once he had finished, I explained Athol’s plan. So far, the only person who seemed to think it was a good idea was Athol, maybe I should speak to Archie. I left the Great Hall and headed back to the staffroom, Athol and Archie were still trawling through boys’ files, trying to find any who might have had a relative on the Hood, I had just closed the door behind me when there was shouting and then singing from outside, interspersed with more shouts, Athol and Archie leapt up and rushed to the window, I tucked in behind them and peered out as Athol, began shouting. `What now? What the fuck’ The German Prisoners to a man had thrown down their tools and were standing arms outstretched belting out. `Deutchland, Deutchland Uber alles, Uber alles in der welt, wenn es stets zu Schutz…’ Leahy and the guards were screaming at them to stop, but they just continued only stopping after one of them, cried out `Drei zieg heil fur die Kriegsmarine’ As one, the rest barked out, arms shooting out straight each time. `Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil’ Before they finished Athol ankara escort was already on his way down the stairs with Archie in hot pursuit. I stood by the window watching, finally the guards got order restored and the prisoners quiet, I watched as Athol stormed up to Leahy. `What the hell is going on? `Athol, one of them speaks perfect English, we didn’t know, I was talking to Brandt about the Officers meal tonight in Inverurie, that the Camp Commander is hosting; then, I realised he had missed your meeting, so I told him about the Hood and Prince of Wales; I am sorry’ Athol glared at the now quiet Germans. `Which one is it that speaks English? `I am afraid, we don’t know; sorry, they all play dumb when we speak to them’ Leahy looked to the ground Athol spun away, striding back towards the Castle, his snarled words hanging in the air. `For Christ’s sake, this is exactly what I wanted to avoid’ Nobody noticed Oberleutnant Flieshler, smiling to himself, “an Officers meal later in Inverurie; Mmmmmm”. At the door Athol practically ran into Gary and Forts `Where have you two been? Staffroom now! Moments later, the door opened and they all came piling in, Forts smiled at me and came and stood next to me; he leant into my neck. `Hi gorgeous; what’s up with him? He nodded towards Athol. I tried not to smile. `Shoosh, listen’ Athol, began to tell them what had happened, then turned to shuffling papers on his desk. I felt Forts, moving closer to me, he pushed his hands behind his back; rocking back on his heels; what was wrong with him. I tried to concentrate on Athol, catching more movement out of the corner of my eye; what was Fort’s up to. I jumped as his hand landed on my bum and gave my butt cheek a squeeze. I grinned at him, and tried to shuffle away, seamlessly he matched my movement and moved closer, his hand squeezed my bum cheek again. I glanced round, mouthing “what are you doing?” He winked again and gave me another Fort’s grin. “I love you” he mouthed. What was he up too, I mouthed back as I caught a whiff of alcohol as he breathed over me, “have you been drinking? He grinned again and turned to look at Gary, he smiled again mouthing “he made me” `Forts, is there something you wish to share with us all? Fort’s smile vanished as Athol spoke. He shook his head `No, sorry Dad’ Athol turned to Gary, not letting on that the silly grin on Gary’s face had been noticed. `Archie, Torcall, Leahy, Brandt and I are all going out tonight to meet the Commanding Officer of the POW Camp, he is holding a meal at the Crown Hotel in Inverurie, you will be in charge here, with Mr Evans, is that okay?’ `Yes Athol, I will speak to Rhys after this meeting finishes’ Thankfully it didn’t last much longer. Forts grabbed me and whispered into my ear. `Follow me’ ** Gary takes up the story I nodded to Athol, trying not to look at Forts or laugh. I had taken him into my confidence, a few days ago, well, partially. During my explorations behind the walls, I had found an old Copper still; carefully hidden in an old store room, and amongst the old books in Athol’s fathers secret study; the Fraser Castle “water of life” recipe; once upon a time all Scottish estates would have had their own stills and produced their own “water of life”; Whisky. Then the Government had outlawed all distilling, unless duty was paid on the alcohol produced. I had been amazed when it still worked, Brookmeyer and I had moved it to the walled garden and set it up in one of the old potting sheds, but I had needed some more equipment and if anyone could get it released it would be Forts, so he became the third man in our operation. This morning was the first time we had managed to produce anything; it was deceptive, smooth yet with the kick of a Donkey, Forts and Brookmeyer had both kept swigging it back saying it obviously hadn’t worked, I took it more carefully; now Brookmeyer was sleeping it off in my room and Forts was “tiddly pissed and playful”. I still hadn’t decided what to do about Niki’s clandestine meetings with Bruno. For a few nights now I had watched him slip out of the Castle and then listened and wanked off as Bruno and Niki made love. Could he really be Jewish, how could he have covered that up on his ship, if half of what we heard about Nazi Germany was correct; how could he have hidden it, I would have to keep watching and learning. ** Fort’s takes up the story `Come on Davy, I want to speak to you’ Davy had given me a strange look `Are you drunk? `Come on let’s go up to the roof’ `The roof? `Yes, I want to be alone with you’ I half dragged Davy up to the Observation Point, one of the regular Observer Corps guys was there, I told him to go and get something to eat; we would keep look out. He seemed relieved, I led Davy to the stacked sandbags. I couldn’t keep my hands off him, I wrapped my arm round him and pulled him close, my fingers toying with his earlobe. `Fort’s what is it? You’re acting really strange’ `Ahh Davy, but your beautiful, I love you, can’t I have a little cuddle? Davy turned his head to look at me, I leant forward and pushed my lips to his, my hand pulling him tighter to me. I snaked my tongue into his mouth; he seemed a bit resistant to start but that soon crumbled. He wrapped his arm round my back; holding me closely and began kissing me passionately, I felt his hand drop into my lap, it slipped under my sporran and gripped my rapidly swelling cock. I eased back from him, and kissed his nose `I knew you couldn’t resist me’ I pulled apart from him and stood up, he looked at me puzzled. I mouthed “one second” and then slipped over to the door out on to the roof, taking a chair I wedge the back under the door handle so it couldn’t be opened; now we were alone. I would tell him about the home-made Whisky soon, but first; I wanted to get naked. Davy stood open mouthed watching as I undid my fly plaid and having removed my sporran and undid my belt I let my kilt slip to the roof, I toed off my shoes but kept on my off-white boot socks, Davy stood open mouthed. `Come on Davy, strip off, it’s amazing’ He stood shaking his head, I bounded over to him and swept him up in my arms burling him round. `Forts, your drunk’ `So what, let’s have fun’ I began undoing his kilt fastenings, he stood, his face a picture, his hands on his hips. `Your nuts’ I grabbed him, again pushing my lips to his, I walked him backwards to the sandbag seating, lifting his bum so he was sitting on it, then dropping to my knees in front of him; I took in his body escort ankara as he kay back in the sunlight, his chest was filling out, he was no longer a boy, I sat facing his dick and balls. Davy was hard, his uncut cockhead proudly straining at the end of his beautifully curved six-inch shaft. His balls tight against the bottom of his shaft, beautifully smooth; so different from his now bushy brown pubes, even his treasure trail was more defined. I stared at him, suddenly I felt ashamed, I realised that although we had a fair amount of sex, I hadn’t noticed the changes; no that wasn’t right, I hadn’t appreciated how much he had changed in the last couple of years, he had turned from a boy into a man. I felt Davy’s hand on my head, I glanced up as he spoke. `Hey what is it? I shook my head, he spotted the tear in my eye, he glanced downwards, his hand moving to press his stomach in as he looked at his cock and balls. `What’s wrong, what can you see? `Nothing’ I smiled up at him `It’s just that your beautiful; it just hit me how much I really love you’ Davy looked puzzled `Fort’s you’re frightening me’ I blew him a kiss and smiled reaching for his cock, I took it into my mouth. His hands tried to pull me off, I could hear him `Fort’s, Fort’s…Fort’s…Fort…For…’ His voice trailed off and was replaced with a low groan as his hands moved to the top of my head. I tasted his precum on my tongue, its sweet saltiness electrified my taste buds, I let my tongue sit on his bowstring just below his cock lips, waiting for the next ooze of it to appear and find its way to me. As he groaned, I slipped my hands under his thighs, near his arse cheeks and pushed them slowly upwards, his balls previously sitting on his legs now dropped lower over his taint, I kept sucking his cock, aware the more I eased him backwards, the more of his taint and hole, I would expose. I pulled off his cock and kissed each of his balls as they hung before me, nudging aside his ball sac with my nose I pushed into the crease of his thigh. It smelt hot and just a bit musty and sweaty; I felt a switch click in my brain as my horniness levels rose again. I felt my own cock throb, I dropped a hand to it, it’s wet head coated my fingers in precum, I squeezed my fat shaft, causing more precum to dribble out, I smoothed it down my shaft to my balls. I pushed my face deeper, licking the side of his smooth ball sack; my tongue and lips toying once more with his left bollock, coating his skin in my saliva as I absorbed more if his taste, then back into the crease, deeper, harder, I pushed my tongue into it, my head exploded as his pheromones, rushed me headlong in to a feeding frenzy. My tongue flicked across his hairless taint, I paused, roughly forcing his thigh’s even higher, unbalanced, he fell backwards; I swear his hole winked at me, I gently blew at it, watching it spasm in response. Davy’s hands regripped on to my head and pulled me into him. I kissed his hole; again, it puckered and kissed me back, I couldn’t believe how hairless his inner arse cheeks were; I gently stretched the skin; examining him closer than I had ever done, not a hair; not one, of any colour could be seen, just beautiful smooth skin. I breathed deeply, filling my lungs with his scent. I heard him groan again above me `Fort’s please, stop teasing me’ My tongue eased against his hole once more, I pushed at the centre, feeling it give slightly. I licked gently round, the little riffles of his sphincter toying with the tip of my tongue; he moaned again. I sucked one of my fingers and pushed it’s tip into him, letting my tongue lubricate it even more, I eased it deeper into him, easing forward until my finger up to its second knuckle. I swear his arse was lined with velvet; it was hot warm and soft. I turned my finger so it was facing upwards, hooking my finger I began to gently tap. One of his hands moved from my head and took hold of his cock; he pushed his arse deeper onto my finger; more moans came from him as my finger tip found his boynut. His hand was moving, I heard the skin of his cock click; amidst the groans, I looked up; God his cockhead was wet, I moved my mouth back to it, immediately tasting his fruity salty juice, I pushed my finger over his boynut again, immediately getting my reward of more precum. Davy was grinding himself against my finger his hand wanking his cock hard and fast; I struggled to keep the head in my mouth. He let go of his cock, both hands grabbing the side of my face, he pulled my head upwards, I let his cock head pop from my mouth as I stared up into his beautiful flushed face, his eyes pleading as he gasped. `Fort’s please fuck me, please, please’ I felt my cock surge and more precum dripped from my throbbing cockhead as I struggled to my feet, trying in vain to keep my finger inside his arse, eventually having to pull it out. I stood before him, his hands sliding down my chest as I raised my self-up, his fingers grasping at my nipples as they ran through my chest hair and down to my shaft. I mouthed “I love you” as I helped him lift and open his legs, feeling them slide round my waist, I grinned at him as I took control of my throbbing eight inches. I squeezed more precum to my cock lips and tapped the wet head against his puckered hole. `Fuck me’ He gasped again, I leant forward holding the base of my shaft. Watching him open up, the waves of pleasure engulfed my cockhead as his arse lips wrapped slowly round my glans. Time for me to groan as I leant forward putting more of my weight against my cock, forcing it into him. His legs joined behind my back his feet crossing as he pulled me in deeper, he smiled as my pubes pushed against his taint. `Fuck me Prince’ I felt myself grinning as he stretched out his hand with the Draco ring on it, I reached out my hand; wearing its twin, our fingers entwined, the rings clicking together, I eased back my hips and pushed back deep into him, he moaned again as my flared cockhead dragged over his boynut. I couldn’t stop myself; I began fucking him slowly, but was soon hammering my cock deep into him, his cock was bobbing around, glistening in the sun as his precum dribbled down his shaft, he began to pant. `Fort’s I am going to cum, sorry’ He grunted and I felt his arse grip my shaft tightly, his cock bobbed and then as if in slow motion, his cock head flared and began to pulse, spraying out his thick man cum on to my chest and his, he flung his head back. `Shit, shit, shit’ I speeded up as he came down from his orgasm, my balls tightened ankara escort bayan to my shaft, I began to cum, thrusting my load deep into him, he tensed his arse muscles, milking my cum from me. I stood, my buttocks taut, my balls churning in my sack. `Fuck that was amazing Davy, thank you’ I leant down to his face, our lips together once more our tongues duelling for supremacy, I went to move, but his legs tightened, holding me deep inside him; he gasped `No can we stay like this, I love you’ I kissed him back `I love you too’ And I did; more than anything. I slipped my arms around his lower back and slowly stood back lifting him with me, my cock still deep inside him, he wrapped his legs tighter and wrapped his arms round my neck, he looked deeply into my eyes and smiled. `Now, what are you and Gary up too? ** Oberleutnant Flieshler takes up the story I watched as the Commanding Officer and that stupid Lieutenant of his; he was exactly like the caricatures of blithering and bungling English Officers; we had seen in films back home. They climbed into the waiting staff car, the sergeant saluted him; now normally I wouldn’t have paid any attention; thinking, surely they wouldn’t leave just a Sergeant in charge, but that was exactly what I was witnessing. The barrier raised and the double gates opened as the car drove towards them, I knew Inverurie was at least twenty minutes away, the meal? That could last for hours. I called a few of my junior colleagues over. A few minutes later, I knew exactly how many guards were at the camp and that idiot Commanding Officer hadn’t even arrived for his dinner yet. Your right there were more things to consider; Yes, the guards were armed, but they were a young group of boys mainly; none of them, with the exception of the Sergeant looked like they had any experience of actual combat. I watched, as the plan went into effect. At my signal a colleague began shouting from our hut door `Guard, Guard, Hilfe, Hilfe’ He then rushed back into the hut waving for the guard to follow, the Guard a young boy, turned to one of his colleagues, who joined him, both approached carrying their rifles; not a problem, we could disarm them both. Seconds later, they were both over powered, I grabbed one of their uniform jackets and field caps and went to the door. `Sergeant, Sergeant, come quickly’ I called in English, I ducked back inside as he made his way into the hut, he came through the door. `Who the fuck are you’ He was tied and gagged, as he came round moments later, the rifle butt had done its work. I took his pistol, jacket and flat cap, then ordered them all stripped down to their underware. One of my men keeping watch at the window called out. `Oberleutnant, der Koporal ist hierein kommen’ (Lieutenant, the Corporal is heading this way) I looked out of the window, he had two more “boys” with him, both looked like they would shit their pants. I grabbed one of the men we had captured and put my pistol to his head. He began sobbing `Please don’t shoot me, please’ The door opened and led by the Corporal the two other guards came in, with their colleague pleading for his life the two “boys” handed over their weapons; The Corporal knew he had no option but to do the same. As he handed his pistol to me, he glared `You will all be shot for this’ His face flushed red, as I pushed the boy I had been holding back to the floor. `Yes, yes Corporal, be grateful, we are not barbarians, we would not shoot unarmed men’ Now to my reconning, there were only four more guards on duty at the camp. We got our prisoners to their feet, all now bare footed and in their underware, their weapons distributed between us, we marched them out of the hut and into the yard. A cry went up and the four remaining guards headed towards us. Their weapons pointing at us; we stopped facing them. More boys; I ordered them to put down their weapons, seeing their comrades, now our prisoners and fearing we would shoot them, they gave up and handed over their weapons. I quickly had them strip like their comrades and had their hands tied, returning all of them back into our hut; immobile and of no further threat to us. Stripping off the English uniform I put back on my own clothes and went back out into the yard. Calling the rest of the prisoners to join us, they all came running out and gathered round. I turned when I heard shouting in German, it was one of my Superior Officers Major Dieter. He barked at me, asking if I had gone mad, he seemed horrified when I said we were escaping. He ordered me to stand down and hand him the pistol; I refused, striking him and calling him a coward, he stumbled to the ground, shouting at the men to ignore me. I turned to him and struck him again, I turned to the men. “Meine herren, jetzt Ihre Pflicht, alles zu tun, um nach Deutschland zuruckzukehren und den Kampf fortzusetzen. Ich wunsch alles Gotte Segen. Heil Hitler” ‘Men, it is now your duty to do everything to get back to Germany and continue the fight, I wish you all God’s speed, Heil Hitler’ As the Major screamed after me, I walked towards the gates, two of the escaping prisoners opening the gates. Maybe it was over confidence on my part as I walked through the gate, I heard a pistol crack, I was knocked forward a searing pain shooting up my arm, my hand instantly becoming wet, I looked down blood. I glanced back, Major Dieter was now on his feet he had taken the pistol off one of the escaping Prisoners, he pointed the gun at me again, I waited to be hit once more, but all I heard was a click, Dieter was pulling at the slide; it had jammed, I raised my pistol and fired, he fell backwards clutching his chest, the look of shock fading from his face as his life began to leave him. Shit, shit, I broke into a trot, and headed into the countryside; Now were to go? ************************* Guy’s Thank you for taking the time to let me know you’re enjoying this story. There’s nothing more rewarding than hearing from you with suggestions or even just that you’re enjoying the story, please email me to let me know. 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