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Subject: Peeping boy part 2( Gay, Adult youth, m/b, oral, mast and anal). Peeping Boy (Part 2) By: Papa bear The following story is completely fictional. None of the events or characters are real. Warning: This story contains sexual relations between a consenting youth and an adult male. If this kind of story offends you, is illegal in your municipality or you are under the age of 18 leave now! This story may contain explicit sexual content involving masterbation, oral and anal sex , between a M/B. If you enjoy this story and other stories here on , please consider contributing to the archive! If you enjoy this story or would like me to continue this story, you may contact me at ast I will try to answer all emails. Please be kind I’m a new author! Flamers will be ignored and blocked! A brief summary: A continuing story of an older next door neighbor and a relationship with a peeping preteen boy. This is part two of Papa Bear and Joey. Joey will be turning 12 soon and Papa bear is in his 60’s. We left off with Joey experiencing his 1st orgasm. After his introduction to masterbation, Joey has been quite actively seeking out and chatting with me almost daily. His eagerness to explore the new found feeling and sexual contact is a special thing at that age. The fact that I was the one helping him, was almost as exciting for me! It had been many days since our first encounter. Other than chatting over the fance and occasionally outside our homes, we have not been able to continue our exploration. The main reason is between the weather and the fact his parents had not been going out lately. It was beginning to frustrate Joey and I have to admit it was frustrating to me as well. One day Joey informed me that he found out his parents are going to an event, which he didn’t want to go to. They agreed to leave him alone, even though they are going to be gone most of that particular Saturday. Joey was extremely excited as we continued our conversation. ” I can’t wait till Saturday Papa” he said with excitement. ” I can’t wait either Joey, we will have a lot of fun.” I said and then excited tone myself! ” Yeah I hope we can do what we did last time” Joey said, with the continued excited voice. ” Oh yes my little friend, we surely will and more, if you want” I quickly replied. “What do you mean more Papa?” Joey question with curiosity. “Oh my young friend there is so much more, I only introduced you to masterbation” replying back. “Really Papa, I can’t wait” he said. “Well let’s continue planning and when your parents leave you can come over” replying with authority. The Friday night before our special Saturday that we are planning. It did not look good weather wise, but fortunately it didn’t seem like it was going to affect the event his parents were going to. Joey and I talked over the fence that Friday and everything was a go for his parents to be gone. They would be in another City, which would give us plenty of time to have fun. We planned out the time and when he would come over. He was very excited and to tell the truth I was too! I awoke that Saturday morning and to my disappointment the weather forecast was calling for rain. I quickly though well we can always have fun inside! Time could not pass quick enough, so I could once again be near Joey! I’m sure Joey felt the same way! Time finally passed and our fun time could begin! I went outside to my island Oasis and quickly went to the fence. It was very cloudy and looked like it was going to rain any minute. Not hearing my angel on the other side, I began to worry our fun time wouldn’t happen today. Suddenly I perked up as I herd Joey approaching the fence. “Papa, Papa are you there?” Joey asked in an excited voice. “Yes buddy I’m here” “Oh goody, I was worried you wouldn’t be, because it looks like it’s going to rain.” He replied back in a worried tone. “Oh no my friend we will have fun, we can go inside.” I replied. “Oh, I wanted to do what we did last time.” He replied in a disappointed tone. “Oh Joey we can and maybe even more inside.” I replied in a reassuring voice. “Can we be naked like we were last time?” He asked inquisitively. I laughed and reassured him “Yes buddy, of course we can be naked all day!” Joey quickly replied ” awesome”, “can I come over now?” ” Yes Joey, if your parents have gone” replying in a questionative tone. ” Yeah they left 10 minutes ago, I wanted to make sure they were gone, before I came out.” Joey replied quickly. “Awesome, come on over now. I’ll meet you at the gate” I quickly replied. Quickly moving to the gate, as I was excited and horny, at the thought of being with my sexy preteen boy all day! I quickly opened the gate and there on the other side was Joey. His face was lit up with a big smile and he was dressed in just a small pair of blue shorts and a cute v-neck tee shirt. “Hi buddy come on in” I said excitedly. He ran in and I quickly closed the gate. “Hey Papa” Joey said, quickly giving me a huge tight hug. He was so filled with excitement, he jumped up in my arms! I returned his advances and hugged him just as tight! As we were enjoying our tight embrace, mother nature had other plans, as without warning the sky opened up and it started pouring! We laughed and quickly we moved to my porch. “Boy that rain came on quick” I stated. “Yeah Papa we got wet” he said giggling. I smiled looking at Joey, as his wet tee was slightly clinging to his preteen body. “Well buddy we better get naked, looks like we will have our fun time inside today” I instructed Joey. He smiled and without hesitation he began striping. Once again I was treated to his smooth young body, proudly displayed before me. I was lost in a lustful gaze, as I surveyed his preteen beauty! My trance was quickly broken as Joey proclaimed ” Hey Papa I naked, but your not.” He was giggling and all of a sudden he quickly started trying to take my clothes off. He is in such a rush, he almost knocked me over, trying to rip my clothes off. “Slow down buddy, your going to knock Papa over.” I laughed. “Oh I’m sorry Papa, I’m excited to see you naked again.” In an apologetic tone. I reassured him batman escort it was okay, as I proceeded to take off the rest of my clothing. “Ok Joey let’s go inside and dry off” I instructed. We proceeded into my home, as I closed the patio door behind us. Joey was surveying my house ,as he had not been inside of my house yet. “Wow what a cool house you have Papa” Joey chimed out, as he surveyed my surroundings. He continued looking quite intently, as my interior is set up quite manly for a gay male. There is all kinds of science memorabilia, from different science fiction shows,of which I’m a big fan. “Way cool Papa star trek, star wars.” He chimed out, as he continued to walk around naked as a jaybird in my home. “Why thank you Joey, I love science fiction, but you know what I love even more?” He turned and paused giving me a puzzling look and said “No what Papa?” I gave a big smile back and said “you silly.” His big smile and wide eyes, were worth a thousand words, as he rushed toward me in his nakedness. Once again jumping up, as almost to beckon me to pick him up. I scooped up my little naked angel, with great anticipation. We locked in a tight embrace, our naked bodies still damp from the rain outside. Locked in our passionate embrace, warming each other’s naked bodies. We hugged what seemed like for an eternity. I began to slowly caress his back, resting my other hand under his smooth ass. His legs were wrapped around me and his arms around my shoulders. Like a little monkey hanging from its parent, slowly be rocked. All the while I was caressing and fondling my young preteen boy. His little noises of pleasure were arousing me very quickly. I gently lifted his chin, looking deeply into his eyes. “Joey I’m so glad we can be buddies and share our nakedness together!” Saying with a very loving tone. Joey look deeply into my eyes and the most beautiful words came from his mouth. “Me too Papa, I love you!” Said in a very sincere tone. I gazed deeply into his eyes ,giving my unspoken approval. Our eyes transfixed on each other, still locked in a tight embraced. The feelings I had for this young preteen boy, were now rushing over me in waves. I gently lifted his chin slowly bringing my face to his. With gentleness, I gave him a loving kiss on the lips. Slowly backing off , as to read the expression on his face. The look upon this angel’s face, was one of curiosity and excitement. He whispered softly “that was nice Papa, can you kiss me again?” No words were needed, as I slowly embraced Joey, in a passionate kiss. Little pecks at first, that progressed slowly into more of an adult kiss, more than I expected. It seems this boy was a natural at kissing. Slowly our lips locked in a passionate kiss, as his lips started to slightly part, I darted my tongue in ever so gently brushing his lips. Our passionate kissing continued and increased. As we now were locked into a heated embrace, we began kissing very passionately. Slowly we progressed into a French kissing. The passion and lust in both of us seem to be growing equally. His legs still locked around my body, my hands moved under him to support his weight. Grabbing tightly on both of his ass cheeks. My cock now raging hard , was wedge somewhere between his little balls and the crack of his ass. Joey’s little pecker was stabbing me in the stomach ,with each movement. We enjoyed our naked embrace and passionate kissing, for quite some time. We broke our kissing and he instinctively he wrapped his arms around my neck, giving me a huge hug. “This is nice Papa, I like it when you kiss me” Joey said. I hugged him tightly still caressing his smooth little ass and said ” I love it too Joey”. We continued hugging for a few minutes, when Joey looked up at me and said “can we masterbate now?” I look back into his eyes and said “No rush my little friend, we have all day and there’s so much I want to show you.” I reluctantly released our embrace and set Joey back to the ground. “What do you mean more Papa?” Joey questioned. I paused for a moment and replied back “well Joey two people can do a lot sexual things, beside masturbating.” “Really, like what else?” In a very curious tone. “Well Joey if you follow me, I’d like to take you to my bedroom, where we could get comfortable and I can show you.” He got a big smile on his face as I grabbed his hand and led my little naked boy. We entered my room, where again Joey seemed very excited, as I had a big screen TV mounted on the wall and very nice huge king bed. Once again, because I’m a sci-fi fan, quite a bit of science fiction memorabilia. Joey was very excited and ran jumping on my bed. Looking around at all of my memorabilia, his eyes locked to the big screen TV. “Wow Papa that’s a big TV” talking with great excitement. “Yes I enjoy my big screen TV, I watch a lot of different things on it.” I replied back. So here I am in my bedroom , with this gorgeous preteen boy. Who is now laying naked on my bed. His smooth body sprawled out across the bed, with his little dick hard as a rock. To any boy lover this is a dream come true! I proceeded to the bed, gently caressing the naked beauty before me. Joey almost instinctively reached out and started playing with my raging boner. I began to slowly caressing his little boner as well. As we were enjoying exploring each other’s cocks Joey looked up at me and said “Papa what did you mean other sexual stuff?” I replied back “well Joey as we spoke in my island Oasis the other day, I told you this is only part of the sexual stuff, that people do.” Joey got a confused looking on his face and replied back “man this feels good, what else is there Papa?” Looking very seductive before me , I contemplated where to take this, with the naked beauty before me. I decided to start off slow. Replying back to Joey “well Joey I want to show you everything but we have so much time ,I want you to enjoy it!” Joey got excited , sat up and replied “Oh yes Papa show me everything, I want to feel good again!” I chuckled and replied back “Oh yes my buddy, Papa’s going to make you feel real good!” I gently move forward slowly bayburt escort pushing my naked angels back, indicating I wanted him to lay down. Slowly I kissed him on the cheek, then as our bodies met, I began to passionately kiss him again. As I proceeded grinding our cocks together,. Joey was really getting into this and he was kissing back, with great passion. Between the moans and groans, coming from my prepubescent young male, our cocks grinding and the hot kissing, I could feel my groin tightening. Worried I might cum to quickly, I decided to slow things down a bit. I broke our passionate kissing, looking at Joey and said “Have you ever seen any pornography?” Joey looked at me with an odd look, as though he was contemplating how to reply. “Well I’m not supposed to look at naughty things, at least that’s what my mama says.” He paused biting his lip and continued “but since you said everything we do is the secret,I can tell you that I’ve seen some pictures in a magazine” I smiled and replied back to Joey “well that’s perfectly normal at your age.” He smiled back and chimed in “Oh yeah cooI, I was with my friend Corey after school and he took me to a place in the woods, he showed me his hideaway” I listened intently as he continued. He said “do you want to see something neat and pulled out these magazines”, “It had pictures of naked women and men having sex” I smiled back and replied “well that’s good, so that’s something you understand, people having sex?” Joey with a confused look admitted ” well yeah, kinda but I’m not real sure.” Sitting up taking a break from our makeup session, we began to discuss the various aspects of sex. We continued with our conversation as I spoke to Joey “well my friend is there anything you want to know, but we’re afraid to ask?” He was fidgeting a little bit and replied back ” well I kind of understand how babies are made, because my mom and dad told me.” He continued “but I’ve never really seen any woman’s parts up close, so I’m not real sure.” I pause for a moment, contemplating how to explain. “Well Joey there’s all kinds of different ways to have sex.”, “You see, what we’re doing is considered sex” I continued with my explanation,as he intently stared at me with anticipation. “You see Joey there’s more than just one kind of sexual contact and forms of sex.” Looking a bit puzzled he replied back” like what?” I paused for a moment to gather my thoughts and continued ” well buddy there’s kissing, caressing, stroking, vaginal sex, anal sex and oral sex.” I could tell from the look on his face that there was going to be a million more questions. I quickly decided to just show him. “I can see you don’t quite understand how about I just show you!” He smiled and said “yeah that would really help, but how are you going to show me?” I ruffled his hair and said “silly you see the big screen TV?” Joey shook his head in acknowledgment. I continued our conversation ” well I have all kinds of videos I can show you and this will help you better understand.” Joey’s smile was so big, it almost lit up the whole room. He was very excited and almost shouted out “oh man that would be awesome!” With that encouragement, I got up grab the remote and proceeded to turn on the big screen TV. Contemplating where to start in my vast selection. I decided to start out with the daddy’s son gay videos that I have. This would help better explain the type of sex, that we could explore. I returned to the bed lying down next to my naked little angel. Scooting him closely to me as the video was loading. The first title was appropriately named bears and boys part 1. Joey laughed and said “I thought we were going to watch sex movies” I giggled back and replied “Yes this is a sex video, those are nicknames used by mainly gay people.” “You see I’m gay Joey, but I also love young boys.” He quickly replied back, in a matter of fact tone “Okay yes, I know what gay means.” I chuckled and replied “well the title is about a person like me and a younger male like you” he smiled and said “awesome!” We snuggled in closely as I pressed play and the typical scene started, like most gay flicks. Starting out with the typical kissing and finally progressed into what Joey and I have done. His eyes were transfixed on the screen, as the action began. As the video progressed, they moved from mutual jerking into oral sex. Joey blurred it out ” Oh he’s putting his thing in his mouth” I laughed and replied “Yes Joey that’s called oral sex.” Giving a brief explanation I continued ” That is when the other person uses their mouth, to bring the other person.” ” by sucking, licking and more,on their sexual organs.” He continued to watch the screen intently as I explained. As we intently watched the action on the screen, Joey began to reach over, playing with my cock. I could see that the action on the screen was arousing Joey and his curiosity. There was an odd silence and I continued “You see Joey that makes the other person feel good, very much like what you’re doing and what we did the other day” he continued to play with my cock, intently watching the action on the screen. Then as we watched for a while ,out of the blue he stopped stroking my cock. Slowly he moved down placing his face so close to my cock, I could feel his breath. He grabbed a hold of my, cock slightly stroking it ,with a fascinated look upon his face. Then what he did even surprised me, as he slowly stuck his tongue out and licked my hard cock head. I encouraged him by rubbing his back and gently caressing his hair. I softly said “That’s very nice Joey, It feels good.” Briefly looking up Joey smiled, accepting the approval, that I had given him. This seemed to encourage him even more, as he began to explore my cock closely. Once again he stuck his tongue out, licking the head and looking up at me he said “taste a little salty.” I replied back with the smile and said “yes it does.” As we laid there with the porn playing in the background. Joey had lost all concentration on the video and was now focused solely on my cock. Occasionally he would look up at the video, as if bebek escort trying to get instructions on his actions. He began to try and mimic the action on the screen. Slowly he took my cock head in his little mouth, trying to do his best. I gave him words of encouragement saying “Good boy Joey, yeah take Papa’s head in your mouth.” That seemed to encourage him even more, as he now tried to engulf the head of my cock. I carefully instructed him to watch his teeth, as men’s cocks are very sensitive. He seemed to understand and was doing quite a good job for his first time. He continued his assault on my raging hard cock. Bound and determined to duplicate what he was seeing on the screen. I continued rubbing his back, working my way down to his beautiful ass. Going back and forth, gently guiding his head down further on my cock. He seemed to understand and tried his best, to take as much as he could, deep in his mouth. I whispered out “Yes Joey, that feels so good ,you’re making Papa feel great!” I could feel my orgasm building rapidly. The site of Joey, this naked prepubescent angel, going to town on my cock, mixed with his very good manipulation, was sending me over the edge. I was barely able to think at this point, not sure if I should cum in his mouth, as this is his first time. Quickly I was able to gain my thoughts and said “Joey you’re making Papa feel so good, I think I’m going to cum very soon!” Now that I had given him a warning, I asked Joey “do you want to taste my cum?” Joey paused for a moment, looking up at me, uncertain what to say I’m sure. Pausing for a moment on his first blowjob, he responded back “I’m not sure Papa, I don’t know!” I said “that’s fine, I just wanted to warn you, before I shot my cum in your mouth.” He looked at my cock and then back at me replying “I want to make you feel good Papa, I can try.” I quickly replied back “Oh my little angel, you’re making me feel good, I just didn’t want you to be too surprised.” He continued slowly playing with my cock and looking at me asking back “what does it taste like papa.” I smiled and replied “well everybody’s sperm taste a little different, but it’s basically a little salty, it can even be sweet sometimes!” he looked back at my cock and then at me and replied “I want to try Papa.” Smiling and gave him words of encouragement I said “Good boy Joey, you’re doing a great job, if you don’t like the way it tastes, you can spit it out.” With those words of assurance, he continued giving his first blowjob. He was now working intensely, as he seemed to be really into sucking on my raging hard cock. I continued to stroke my little angels naked body, enjoying his beautiful smooth ass. He continued his assault on my cock, as I watched on and caressed his body. It didn’t take long, as I could feel my impending orgasm building. I began to thrust back slightly with my hips and move almost in rhythm with Joey. Saying in almost a primal voice ,” yeah boy, suck on Papa’s cock, Oh yeah that’s so good Joey, Oh Joey… Oh Joey Papa’s going to cum….. here it comes Joey…. here it comes… Oh shit…oh shit… here it comes oh….ohhhh…grrrrrr ahhhhh!” My orgasm hit me hard, as waves and waves of electricity seem to shoot out of my body. I had almost lost all awareness of Joey’s actions. Shivering in sheer pleasure, I looked down at the little angel before me. His face and mouth were covered in my cum. He didn’t hesitate to take my jizz. As a matter of fact he continued to play with my cock, sending shivers down my spine. He looked up at me ,with his cum covered face and a huge smile. Joey was smiling at me and his little angelic voice said “did I do a good job Papa?” I smiled back, gently rubbing his hair and in a reaffirming voice replied “Oh yes my little angel ,you did a fantastic job.” “You’re such a good boy!” These words of encouragement and praise ,seem to reaffirm to Joey that he indeed did a great job. As I was coming down from my orgasm, watching Joey continuing to play with my cock, slowly wiping the cum from his face. The site was most spectacular! I continued stroking his hair, back and rubbing down towards his ass. He continued to play with my cock and cum, with great fascination. What he did next, I did not expect! He took my cock back in his mouth, as though nursing on a tit. He seemed almost primal with his actions. I had not realized he was still watching the porn and those were the actions on the screen, as I chucked to myself. He continued his nursing and cleaning of my cock. I could not believe this young prepubescent boy was now devouring all of my cum, as if it were breast milk from his mother. At this point I was completely spent, from the experience that just transpired. Joey worked on my cock for a little while. Then like most kids he seemed to tire of that task. He quickly moved up straddling on top my body. He was now positioned almost completely on top of me, as he reached up and kissed me on the lips. With the smell of my own cum,still on his breath, we began to embrace in a passionate kiss. We laid there in our sweet embrace, just cuddling, catching the very end of the flick on the TV. I began to think to myself, only a few hours had gone by and all the pleasure we have had , with many hours to go, was a wonderful feeling. The porn had stopped playing and we now had an odd silence, in the room. Not even realizing that it was pouring outside, we could now hear the rain beating down on the house. Laying naked on the bed, cuddling in the bliss from the experience that we just shared. Slowly stroking Joey’s hair and back, working my hand over his ass, we laid there enjoying each other’s company. Joey broke the odd silence and said “You’re right papa, you’re cum was good!” I chuckled and replied back “I’m glad you enjoyed it Joey, you did a fantastic job and made papa feel terrific!” He nuzzled into me even tighter gently caressing my chest hairs. Locked in this embrace, one of sheer pleasure and passion. Between the noise of the rain and our now relaxed embrace. We slowly drifted asleep, in each other’s arms. Slowly thinking to myself as I drifted off to sleep….After all there was no rush, we have all day… right? To be continued…. 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