Petting Kitten


All characters in sexual situations are 18 years of age and older.

The cheerleaders piled in the SUV, jammed as tightly as possible, but Casey didn’t mind. She always positioned herself so she’d sit on someone’s lap, and secretly wished they had more away games. Everyone was too loud, either complaining or giggling. Someone always cursing at someone as they fought for some semblance of comfort, but Casey never said a word, and just cuddled in Jill’s arms with her back to everyone else.

This was the team’s last ride home from an away game, and the thought depressed her. Of all the things she enjoyed about cheerleading, being on Jill’s or Erica’s lap and in their arms was by far the thing she’d miss most.

She nuzzled her forehead against Jill’s neck and cuddled with her in the overpacked car, wondering why she never misplaced a hand or turned and accidentally touched lips. And she smelled so good. How obvious did she have to be? She couldn’t snuggle any more suggestively. God, she loved lying with her and was grateful Jill didn’t complain, but disappointed she didn’t offer any sign of interest, either. Her pulse secretly quickened as a fleeting thought entered her mind. Did she dare move Jill’s hand? Couldn’t Jill tell she wanted her to? She couldn’t cuddle any more suggestively or seductively.

She felt her breathing deepen. Time was running out. She thought, what’s the worst that could happen? She inhaled and held Jill’s hidden hand, then slowly slipped Jill’s fingers under the bottom of her cheerleader sweater. She waited a moment, hoping Jill would get the hint, then inhaled before placing her hand on Jill’s elbow and nudging her hand further under her sweater.


She heard the whispered word leave her lips and suddenly felt embarrassed, then she felt Jill inch her hand up, and she held her breath.


She didn’t know why she repeated the whisper, but she didn’t feel embarrassed this time. It was her desire speaking more than her brain…and she yearned for the intimacy. She had fantasized about it since finding herself in Erica’s lap, traveling to the first away game.

She felt Jill’s fingertips against the bottom band of her sports bra, then sighed as Jill slipped her fingers under the tight garment. izmit escort bayan She wanted to whimper with delight, but wrapped her arm further around Jill’s neck and squirmed discreetly on her lap, instead.

She felt Jill inhale as her hand slid further up her chest, then whispered, “Yes.” as Jill’s hand came to rest between her sports bra and soft breast.

They sat motionless, except for Jill’s soft caresses as everyone else continued being rowdy.

She whispered in Jill’s ear. “Is this alright?”

Jill offered a barely audible breath.

“What’s going on with those two?” Colleen pointed.

“Oh, my!” Angie felt Jill’s arm underneath Casey’s sweater as she pulled on her torso. “It looks like we have a kitten in our midst!”

Lindsay reached around Angela and felt Jill’s hidden fingers as she slipped them from Casey’s bra, then copped a feel. “A petting kitten?”

Angie slid her hand under Casey’s sweater. “I think we do!”

“Well, pass her around so we can all have a turn.”

Casey looked down at the three hands inside her sweater, but remained silent.

“And her titties are really soft and nice!”

Colleen reached from the front seat. “I wanna see her pretty coochie.”

Casey shut her eyes as she felt her cheer-shorts being tugged down, then whimpered as multiple hands began fondling and groping her.

“Oh yeah. She’s already getting wet.”

“Let me feel.”

She went limp as they pulled her from Jill’s arms, and she fought her desire to moan in pleasure as multiple hands continued exploring her; sliding over her breasts and thighs, and penetrating her swollen, sensitive pussy.

Someone lifted her sports bra while others pulled her sweater and exposed her breasts as she lay awkwardly across her teammates, but she didn’t try to cover herself, as the hands on her elicited more pleasure guilt than she ever imagined.

Hands continued groping but she offered no resistance except to spread her legs ever-so-slightly as she lie limply across her teammates.

“Oh, my! I think she’s a willing kitten!”

“Special locker-room shower today!”

She heard the others cheer and giggle, and felt a secret sensual satisfaction. They were cheering for her.

“Look at her pretty coochie!”

She izmit eve gelen escort felt the fingers spread her soft swollen labia.

“I can’t wait to taste it! It’s so pretty!”

She shut her eyes as her heart pounded. Were her friends really going to molest her in the locker-room shower when they got home?

“Are you going to let us taste it, kitten?”

She whimpered as she felt a wet finger tickle her sensitive clitty while others penetrated her.

Lindsay raised her hand. “I call first night.”

“I don’t know. Jillie discovered her.”

“I thought the captain got first night.”

“How about we bid on sleeping order and pool the money for a nice season-ending party!?”

“Does that sound okay, Casey?” Angie’s voice playfully derided her. “Do you mind being the prize for our party auction?”

“Twenty dollars.”

“Damn, Lindsay…you really want that, don’t you.”

“I definitely want to cuddle with our new kitten.”

Colleen cooed as she reached for an exposed breast. “Ten dollars.”

She went limp as Lindsay pulled her on top, then allowed her legs to be spread enough to give access to the fingers teasing and entering her.

“Can she handle more than one?”

“I think so. She seems to like a crowd.”

“I wish I could reach her with my mouth.” Angie added her hand to the ones caressing Casey’s breasts. “Where’s eleven bucks put me?”

She silently gasped as another finger toyed her anus.

“Where’s fifteen put me?”

“Okay, we have Lindsay, then Colleen, Imari, Erica, and Angie. Come on girls. It’s for a good cause.”

“She’s getting wetter!”

“Let’s make her cum.”

“Yeah! Let’s make our petting kitten, purr!”

“Do you wanna cum, kitten?”

Her cheerleading sweater pushed higher around her neck and she silently arched back as multiple hands groped her breasts and teased her pussy.

“Cum for us, kitten.”


“Jillie! Jillie’s now in the lead!”



A secret thrill surged through her. They were bidding to sleep with her! Would she have to go to each house and spend the night? Picturing the embarrassing shame-walk made her heart race! How would she ever regain her izmit otele gelen escort dignity, knowing she would willingly comply with being bought and doing so many unimaginable things?! She inhaled as her orgasm began building, then whimpered softly as Lindsay kissed her neck.

“I wanna taste that.”

“Let’s wait till we’re in the locker-room, then we’ll all have a taste.”

“Do you like that, Casey? Is it okay if we have a taste? We’ll let you taste, too. “

“Do you think she eats pussy?” Angie slid her fingers between her legs, then placed them between Casey’s lips. “You like the idea, don’t you.”

She feigned reluctance while tasting the wet fingers at her lips, then whimpered while fighting her need to writhe against the groping hands and inserted fingers.

“Do we have your permission to make you our official petting kitten?”

“Cum if we have your permission.”

Fingers continued working her pussy as hands slid over her breasts, and she shut her eyes and writhed in pleasure. Never had she dreamed of being group fucked, but the multiple hands and fingers teasing and pleasuring her were creating sensations never before imagined. She wanted Jillian or Erica in ways she had never expected, but the idea of all these sexy cheerleaders wanting to make her their play-toy, was sending an unprecedented pleasure-lust through her.

She pictured each teammate as her orgasm continued building; each one so different and so sexy. Angie’s dark and Colleen’s white blond hair…Sarah’s full breasts…Jill’s soft eyes, perfect lips,…and Imari’s long toned legs.

She inhaled and held her breath as her orgasm built, then reached down and bucked against the inserted fingers.

“Let it out, kitten. We all want to hear.”

“Yeah. Give us a show, pretty girl!”

She whimpered in pleasure as the orgasm started overwhelming her, and began moving her hips against the hands and fingers pleasuring her… until she released a soft ecstasy-cry.

“Yes! Cum for us, baby!”

Lindsay teased her titties until the nipples swelled. “Cum for us, pretty kitten!”

“Oh look! She’s squirting a little!”

“Oh! She loves it!”

She bucked against the inserted fingers as a pleasure-whimper accompanied each thrust.

“Good girl!” Angie twisted her head after kneeling next to her, then pressed their lips together and she moaned as Angie’s tongue filled her unexpecting mouth.

“Thirty. I up my bid to thirty.”



Janelle waved her raised hands in celebration. “Party!”

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