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Subject: Physical Therapy Chapter 9 Physical Therapy Fiction by Greg Stevens This is a work of fiction. All names and places are fictitious. Physical Therapy — Chapter 9 I arrived at my next Physical Therapy appointment a few minutes early. I was eager to see what treatment Dr. Kennedy would try today. As I entered the lobby I was greeted by Erick. “Hey Brian” he said with a broad smile. He was wearing the navy-blue polo shirt with the company logo over the left breast that looked like it was painted on. As I followed him to the exam room, I couldn’t help but notice how the Khakis seemed to hug his firm ass. Erick opened the door to exam room 2 and I stepped in. Erick followed me in and closed the door. I waited for instructions but instead Erick approached me and placed his hands on my chest. There was a look on his face and without hesitation he leaned in and placed his lips on mine. My initial reaction was to pull back, but this did not deter Erick. He moved his body closer, pressing it against mine as his kiss intensified. Erick’s lips were soft and there was a hunger to them. I opened my mouth and allowed his kiss to take over. My arms wrapped around him, and he sank deeper into my body. “Ok let’s get your treatment started” Dr. Kennedy said entering the room and not saying anything about what Erick and I were doing. “Please strip down to your underwear” Dr. Kennedy instructed. As I pulled off my pants, I realized my dick was rock hard and precum caused a visible wet spot. It was obvious that Dr. Kennedy and Erick both saw my hardon and the wet spot but neither said anything about it. “Let’s start Brian on his stomach today and work on his lower back” Dr. Kennedy said to Erick. Erick silently moved to the container that held the wet heat compresses then brought it over to the exam table and wrapped it in the towel. Erick reached for the elastic band on my underwear and lowered it mid-way down my ass, then laid the compress on my back. The warmth felt good on my lower back and the top part of my ass, and I allowed myself to relax my dick still rock hard under me. “Let’s remove the heat compress and start some therapy” Dr. Kennedy said stepping to one side of the table. As the compress was lifted up, I could feel the cool air swirl against my skin. “Hand me the massage gel” Dr. Kennedy said, and I heard him squeeze the bottle and cold liquid hit my warm skin. “We will start from this point of the lumbar spine and resonate outwards as we apply pressure” Dr. Kennedy explained to Erick as he placed his fingers against my lower back. As Dr. Kennedy moved the fingers of both his hands in wider and wider patterns, I could feel the massage oil slowly sliding into the crack in my ass. Then I felt another set of hands. I could tell right escort izmit away that they weren’t as firm, and they felt like they were moving more cautiously. “Move a bit lower” Dr. Kennedy said, and I could feel Erick’s fingers sliding down the crack of my ass. “That’s it” Dr. Kennedy said approvingly. Erick’s fingers continued to move lower and deeper into the crack of my ass. His fingers teased my hole and my dick swelled under me each time he touched it. As the 2 men worked my body, my breathing became deeper, and I could feel precum pooling under me. Erick began probing my hole with this finger, slowly pushing it into my hole. Deeper and deeper his finger slowly moved. “That’s good. Now insert another finger” Dr. Kennedy instructed. Erick slid his finger out, then I felt the second finger slowly being pushed inside of me. “How does that feel” I heard Erick ask. My breath had become ragged, and I could only get a simple “good” out. Dr. Kennedy removed his hands from my back, and I could now only feel Erick probing my ass with his 2 fingers. “Ok that will be enough, please go around and work on Brian’s shoulders” Dr. Kennedy told Erick and moments later I felt Erick’s hands massaging my shoulders. I raised my head up and saw that Erick’s cock was rock hard and protruding from his Khakis. “Move closer Erick” Dr. Kennedy said, and Erick’s hard cockhead was pushed against my lips. Erick took one hand from my shoulder and wrapped it around the base of his cock, then began to slide it over my lips. As he did, I could smell the musky scent coming from his cock and I opened my mouth to allow Erick to slide it in. Erick moved forward and began to slowly move his cock in and out of my mouth. I reached up and placed my hands on his hips to control his movements. As I continued sucking Erick’s thick hard cock, I felt movement on the table. The table creaked and I felt Dr. Kennedy above me. He moved one leg over my body then I felt his naked skin touching mine. Then his hard cock began sliding lengthwise against my ass crack. Dr. Kennedy lowered his face close to my ear and I could feel his warm breath against my skin. “Just relax Brian, this is going to feel very good” Dr. Kennedy said softly. As pain seared my insides, I tried to let out an “ouch” by Erick, placed a hand behind my head and held his dick in my mouth. Dr. Kennedy wrapped his arms under my arms and began to slowly draw his dick out of my hole. “Relax” he said, and the pain subsided for a moment. Then Dr. Kennedy pushed his dick back inside me and the pain washed over me again, except this time it wasn’t as intense. Each time Dr. Kennedy pulled his dick back the pain went away, and my ass felt great and each time he pushed forward it hurt but less and less. Before long Dr. Kennedy was izmit rus escort driving his dick in and out of me with an intensity. He panted and I could feel sweat between our naked bodies as he continued to plow my hole. “Your ass is so fucking tight” I heard Dr. Kennedy say very softly. Dr. Kennedy started to drive his cock into me harder and deeper. Each thrust pushing me into the padded table and forcing my own cock to grind into the vinyl covering. Dr. Kennedy panted and grunted, and I could feel his body tensing and his movements becoming erratic. Then he lifted his body up onto his hands and his dick slipped from my hole and slid on top of my ass. “Argggh” Dr. Kennedy grunted loudly and something warm and wet splashed my back. Then another splash hit me and then more. Dr. Kennedy ran his cock softly against my crack as more cum seemed to ooze from his cock. Then finally he took a deep breath and let it out with a sigh. Erick’s dick remained in my mouth the whole time, but I was so focused on what Dr. Kennedy was doing that I almost forgot about sucking Erick. Once Dr. Kennedy’s orgasm passed, I went back to sucking on Erick’s hard cock with more focus. “No. Stop!” I heard Dr. Kennedy say and I sensed anger in his voice. Dr. Kennedy carefully climbed off the table and moved around to where Erick was standing. With a tug his dick plopped out of my mouth as Dr. Kennedy moved Erick to the side of the table. “You need to work on him now” Dr. Kennedy said. “But” Erick started to say before Dr. Kennedy cut him off. “This is part of the treatment” Dr. Kennedy told Erick. I heard a rustling sound and realized Erick was removing his pants, then I felt him climbing up onto the table just like Dr. Kennedy had done. “Now move closer to Brian” Dr. Kennedy instructed, and Erick placed his hands on either side of my body and began lowering himself on top of me. Immediately I felt his thick hard cock nestled into the crack of my ass. “Ok now gently slide it in” Dr. Kennedy continued. Erick moved his midsection and I felt the tip of his thick cock enter my hole. Erick lowered his body completely onto mine and I felt his lips on my shoulder. “Are you ok?” He asked softly. “Yeah” I said simply waiting for him to fuck me. Erick began to make small grinding motions as his hips gyrated and his dick slid deeper into my ass. His body rested on top of the cum that Dr. Kennedy had deposited onto my back and was now feeling cold. “Let’s try something different” Dr. Kennedy said. Erick slowly pulled back extracting his cock from my ass. “Let’s move you onto your back Brian.” Dr. Kennedy said. I thought about it for a moment then began to move my sweaty naked body, which was partially sticking to the vinyl tabletop, moving my legs carefully kocaelide escort so as not to hit Erick who was kneeling at the end of the table. “This is better.” Dr. Kennedy said looking at Erick. Erick moved forward and placed a hand under each leg and began to push them up towards my body. He began moving closer until his knees were touching my back. Then he gripped his cock and began to slip it into my wet stretched hole. Erick stared into my eyes as he continued to push his dick into me as if he were asking if it were ok. I gave him a bit of a smile as he continued. Then I felt his hips against my ass, and his dick deep inside of me. Erick adjusted and lifted my legs up onto his shoulders, then began to draw his dick in and out of my ass. Each thrust sent a slapping sound into the office. I reached for my cock and began to stroke it. Precum coated it and allowed my hand to slide up and down the shaft nicely. Dr. Kennedy had other ideas and moved my hand away then bent forward and sucked my dick into his mouth. His head lay on my abs as Erick continued to fuck my hole. I placed my hand on Dr. Kennedy and slid it over his muscled back and down over his hairy firm ass. I allowed my fingers to slip into the crack and I found his hole. As my finger probed his tight hole, he let out a loud moan. I slipped my finger into his hole and his mouth went crazy on my cock. Whatever I was doing seemed to be driving his excitement level. The feeling of Erick’s dick in my ass and Dr. Kennedy’s mouth on my cock were driving me crazy. My breathing became ragged, and my body felt like it was vibrating with excitement. “Oh fuck” I moaned, and I tried to stop myself, but I was beyond any control. I could feel my ass clamp tight onto Erick’s cock as I felt my orgasm rising in my balls. Dr. Kennedy continued sucking my dick and I took a few rough breaths and then I felt my cock erupt into Dr. Kennedy’s mouth. I left my finger in his ass and began to probe him harder as my orgasm took over. About mid-way through my orgasm Erick began to moan loudly and his body turned beet red, then he slammed his dick deep inside me and I could feel his warm cum in me. Erick pushed his dick deep in me as we both continued to writhe from our near-simultaneous orgasms. Dr. Kennedy continued to suck every drop of cum from my dick as my finger remained inside his tight ass. Once my orgasm had passed, Dr. Kennedy released my cock and began to place soft kisses on my dick and abs before rising up to his feet. Erick’s dick remained hard inside me as his breathing slowly returned to normal. “Good job” Dr. Kennedy said while Erick slowly drew his dick from my ass and got up off the table. Dr. Kennedy grabbed some towels and handed one to Erick and me. Dr. Kennedy quickly cleaned himself up and got dressed. “See you at your next appointment Brian” He said before leaving the room while Erick and I got cleaned and dressed. Please support Nifty Erotic Stories. Your donations provide great stories. You can donate at: fty/

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