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Subject: Playing the Part 3 Disclaimer: the following is fiction, it involves a fantasy containing sexual relations between males of varying ages. If that’s not allowed for you, please move on. I’m sorry that I’ve let this story drag out. I was distracted by a couple of other series (see my author’s listing under Tex Colorado), but have been re-inspired to work on this one. Thank you for your patience. If you’d like to contact me (lots of you did for parts 1 and 2, don’t be shy about joining them or reaching out again), I can be reached ail or coloradotex on Wickr. Please consider donating to the great Nifty Archive: fty Thanks for reading, hope to hear from you and I hope that many orgasms are induced by these words. Happy stroking, Tex Playing the Part 3 by Tex Colorado (m/b/b(11, 13), b/b, oral anal) Gavin’s first week with me was an unprecedented success. Not just beautiful and talented, the boy was an absolute joy to be around. Outgoing, kind, precocious and eager, he was having a great time learning and practicing the skills that he would put to productive use during his career. I was having a great time too. I’m sure that it would seem obvious, but there are situations with some boys where there are issues that make it not as fun. Since the boys need to be taught how to be the best at what they do, lest they get rejected for the part, the ones who are struggling can be just as frustrating to me as they are for a casting director. Keeping my emotions in check while remaining forgiving of the boy was key to these situations and I never failed as long as the boy truly wanted it. If he didn’t, it would become apparent and we would cease that line of training. But not with Gavin. We had covered ground incredibly quickly. The morning that I had my breakfast encounter with Sebastian, I hadn’t worried about wasting my orgasm because I had no plans to do anything but pleasure Gavin that day, as well as a surprise guest. That all changed when he burst through the door and ran full force into me, wrapping his arms around my waist and burying his head in my stomach. His mother followed him through the door and looked very uneasy with the familiarity that the boy was showing. “Gavin!” she scolded briefly, “that’s enough.” Lifting his head to look behind him, Gavin answered, “You can go mom, I’m fine,” pretending not to have heard her plea. She stood for a moment, all three of us staring at each other, then seemed to come to a decision and turned around, walking out the door without comment. He turned back to me and excitedly buried his head again. “Hey, buddy?” I said, using my hand to tilt his head up, “you need to be nice to your mom and respect that she may be uncomfortable,” I tried to explain, “I know that it’s fun for you, but try not to throw it in her face.” He gave me a pouty look, “Sorry,” he said sullenly, “I was just excited to see you and tell you what happened!” “Oh, yeah? What happened?” I asked. A naughty smile crossed his lips and he said, “I’ll show you,” and he stepped up high on his toes, pulled down on my shoulders so that he could get to my lips and gave a quick peck. This wasn’t new, kissing had been a big part of the previous day’s lesson, but then he dropped back down and took hold of my belt buckle. I was pleased with his aggression and let him continue without comment. Despite my encounter earlier that morning, I was already responding to the fumblings “down there” with a bit of a firming up. In short order he had me naked from the waist down, my cock resting in his supple little hands. He looked up into my eyes, smiled, then opened wide and let my cock slide into his small mouth. I gasped, we hadn’t gotten this far yet, the day before he had just taken a few licks of the underside and a quick stab at my balls, nothing like the way that he was completely taking me into his mouth and working on my shaft. It was a struggle, but he was gamely using his tongue around my now fully erect dick and tickling the glans until he let me slip out to give his jaw a break. “Wow!” I said in surprise and joy, “Where did this come from?” “It was Ronnie,” he explained. Ronnie was Gavin’s tutor, but he was also responsible for reinforcing each day’s lesson. In this case, Gavin would have been allowed to explore Ronnie’s naked body for the first time, just like he had done with me the day before. As I mentioned, this had involved the placing of small lips on a big cock. “I was kissing it like you showed me and I just couldn’t help but try and suck it. It feels so great when you guys do it to me, I just wanted to see what it was like.” “And,” I observed, “you liked it, I take it.” “Oh, yeah!” he said, emphasizing the words by jerking my cock a little, “there’s so much that’s cool, like the different ways that it feels and how you guys react,” he explained. “You taste different, and it’s so dirty!” I couldn’t agree more, seeing this handsome youngster worshipping my cock was such a naughty treat, especially knowing that the cock that he was now fellating had been inside another young actor’s butt only a couple of hours before. Yes, I’d used my office shower to be ready for Gavin, but it’s still an amazing thrill to think of all the boys that I’ve been able to enter, today it happened to be two back to back. I allowed Gavin to nurse on my cock for a few minutes. It hadn’t been my plan, but, since we had gone this far, it would be a waste to not let him practice what he had learned. To be honest, his technique needed some work, but I had no doubt about his ability to pick it up quickly. He was becoming my star pupil. There was no question in my mind; sexy boy sucking so lovingly on my cock was going to be a movie star. Finally I had to make the tough move and stop him. Having cum so recently, he had his work cut out for him to bring me off, and a disappointing first blowjob leaving him with a sore jaw didn’t seem like a good tactic. “You’re doing such a good job,” I said, “you’re lips feel amazing and you’re doing an incredible job with your tongue. That’s always the hardest to learn,” I complimented him, “and it kills me to stop you, but I want to do some other things this morning.” Gavin stopped sucking me and held my cock against his cheek. The obscenity of my adult dick pressed against his all-American, little-boy face was enough to make me want to change course. I had to resist holding his head and slipping myself back into his warm oral cavity. I groaned in frustration at his display and the boy smiled away, already realizing how to wrap men around his finger by using his body. “Ok, sexy,” I said, patting his head, “let’s head into the office and get you a little less clothed.” We moved into my office and Gavin took my statement to heart, removing every stitch of clothing as soon as we closed the door. His comfort level with all of this was outstanding, so much so that I had decided to really move things forward. First, I decided that I’d remove my own pants, increasing his comfort with adult genitalia being exposed and possibly pressed against him even when there wasn’t an explicit sex act taking place. Gavin hurried ahead and took his place in my desk chair while I kicked my underwear from my feet and walked toward him, my cock still semi-hard and wet from his impromptu blowjob, before I squeezed into the seat next to the naked boy. Gavin immediately lost his way. You could tell by his sideways glances that he wasn’t sure what to do. Was he supposed to start something? Was he supposed to touch me? Suck me? I let him wonder for a few seconds, then let him off the hook, “We are doing something besides just having sex right now,” I explained, “this may be something that is requested of you, to sit by a man while he works or the two of you work together. Nothing is expected of you but your presence,” I clarified, “but that doesn’t mean that you can’t touch him or even stroke him a little, but it’s not the time to distract with something like sucking him, make sense?” “So, should I touch your wiener?” he asked, the innocent word making it so much sexier. “You should do whatever crosses your mind, it just can’t distract from any business that’s going on. Right now, we’re looking at more videos, if you feel like touching me or I feel like touching you, that’s fine, but we need to get our job done, too,” I tried to explain. This was a difficult line that was sometimes misunderstood, especially by the hornier boys. You were ultimately there to make movies or tv shows, so if you only wanted to mess around, you’d quickly be out of work. I mussed his hair and patted his thigh as a demonstration and Gavin smiled and placed his hand on my inner thigh in response, holding onto my leg and legging his wrist rest on my shaved sack, “That’s it, baby,” I told him, “that’s a good boy.” Now it was time to get to work. “Ok, so there is a very big thing that men and boys do that we haven’t talked about,” I started, “do you have any idea what that is?” Gavin looked down shyly, but recovered and looked up at me when he answered, “Like, umm, the butt, you know?” I laughed inside at his attempt at euphemisms, but didn’t let it show, not wanting to embarrass him, “That’s exactly right,” I congratulated, “and do you know what they do with the butt?” It sounded hilarious to me, but I wanted to adopt the child’s language. “You know, they put it in the butt,” he said as plainly as possible, “does that really happen?” he asked. “It happens all of the time,” I informed him, “it is something that will be expected of you.” Letting that sink in, I moved to our lesson, “Dylan or me?” I asked, gesturing to the two folders on the computer. He looked at the screen, then said, “You first, I can see Dylan in real life anytime that I want, but I can never see you.” I was proud of him for the astute observation. escort ankara I opened the chosen folder and selected a video. This one didn’t start subtly. When the video program opened, the still to start the video was a young version of me, though you couldn’t tell that yet, because it was shot from below me as I lay back and held my legs to my chest, my pink hole squeezed tight and filling most of the frame. Gavin gasped at the sight, “Sorry, it gets right to the point, huh?” I laughed. “Sure does,” he answered, “is that your bottom hole?” “Yep, cute, right?” “Um, I don’t know,” he answered honestly. I hadn’t expected anything else, but it would have made life even easier if he was automatically drawn to the pink star. That would come with time. Knowing Gavin, probably not a long time. “That’s ok,” I reassured him, “it’s important to be honest with me, I’m always on your side,” then explained, “when you work, then you may need to hide your feelings a little more. But hopefully you’ll grow to be excited by this sight,” I added as I clicked play on the video app. This was another video shot by our show’s director, so the composition was mouth-watering. Even though I was staring at my own butthole, my little, hairless sack hanging down toward it, I could imagine myself sliding right up that inviting tunnel. As soon as the sound kicked on you could hear me purring and pleading. Then a head blocked the view momentarily and the camera swung up to get a dick-side view between my legs. The head once again belonged to my tv father, who went right in and took a long lick on my hidden hole causing Gavin to gasp, but otherwise remain silent. After a few moments of watching my young self get more and more excited, I felt a bit of movement and was pleased when I felt Gavin’s little fingers seeking out my cock. Limp when he made contact, I plumped up a bit at his touch, the boy instinctively squeezing gently, stroking occasionally, but just enjoying the contact. It was delicious and perfect, even earning a smile when he momentarily looked away from the screen and into my eyes, “That’s exactly what you should do, baby,” I assured him. The action had moved on, Hank working a slick finger into my hungry passage. “Do you know what’s happening?” I asked Gavin as I paused the video. “His fingering you,” he said breathlessly, “getting you ready, right?” “That’s right, well done,” I said, then asked, “can you tell me what he’s getting me ready for?” Gavin actually blushed. Still excitedly playing with my genitals, he said in a quiet voice, “He’s getting ready to butt f-f-f…” “You can say it, Gavin, you’re a big boy,” I encouraged. “He’s going to butt fuck you,” he finally got out, almost breaking into a sweat. “And you know what that is?” I asked. We had restarted the video and Mr. Jacobs was lovingly suckling on my little balls while he worked a third finger into my kid-sized chute. “He sticks his thing in your butt, right?” he responded. “Yes,” I told him, “do you have any questions?” “Does it hurt?” “It can,” I admitted, “and it may always feel uncomfortable when you get started. But when someone does it right, it feels great, at least that’s what I think.” “Ok,” was all that he responded and after he turned back to the computer I raised the volume and his my childish groans immediately filling the room. Hank was doing an incredible job of working over my balls, then my little cock as he plunged and twisted his fingers inside me. Finally he slipped off and said, “Get him good and wet to make it easier,” to someone off camera. At this point, the camera expertly followed Hank’s gaze, first a leg, then a whole ass coming into view where my face should be. It was easy to figure out what was going on when the small butt moved toward the camera then away repeatedly. “You’re ready, Bobby, why don’t you let me lube you up Riley?” Gavin quickly looked at me, “Riley Reynolds?” he asked in shock. Riley played my older brother on the show, just thirteen and barely developing, he was the perfect first example for Gavin of the most carnal of acts. I just nodded my head and he turned back to the screen, the butt moving back and a plump little sausage appeared, Riley’s dick about three and a half inches but fat, a dusting of hair around the base. Hank took some type of lube from a small bottle and used it to completely cover the cute cock, the whole thing a gooey, glistening mess. “You’re all set,” he announced and the camera pulled back, Hank getting out of the way as Riley got between my legs and lined his cock up with my baby hole. Experienced at this point, I reached down and took hold of him, guiding his cock to my hungry sphincter, ready to be fucked by this cute adolescent. “Oh my god, he’s so hot,” Gavin said in disbelief over my apparent luck. “You wish that you were me?” I asked, nodding my head toward the screen. “Uh, not sure, kinda,” he said, “I’d like to give him a blowjob,” he admitted, a very, very good answer. “That would be beautiful,” I replied as we watched the young version of me get completely railed by my costar. Riley and I screwed around a lot, so we became very good at pleasing each other. The sex was some of the best in my life and this particular session was quickly crescendoing into a series of groans, cries and begging from me to be fucked harder and harder. As we approached our onscreen climax, I glanced down at the antsy boy beside me and saw that he was rock hard and stroking his dick as he sat transfixed by the action. Hopefully he was putting himself in my role, we’d soon find out. “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Riley kept saying while he slammed into me, the camera catching every angle. He was always able to toss me around since I’d eventually turn to jello under his assault, Riley positioning me at will; first on my back, then to my knees, even standing, the young teen even screwing me while I leaned over and sucked the cameraman, a glimpse of Hank stroking his cock while he watched the show as we flew by. In the end we were back face to face, Riley above me, holding himself to me and his ass pistoning into my youthful rectum while his lips pressed to mine, a kiss as much for the audience as for ourselves. Unable to hold the kiss, I broke off with an, “Oh!” when I started to cum, a hands-free orgasm being a special skill that I used to attain before puberty raised its ugly, hairy head. My little body shaking and my anus clenching set Riley off and he cried out, but, being the professional, he was aware of the camera at all times so he pulled out and I grabbed his cock and jerked it over me until he started to shoot his little, liquidy semen out in three short spurts, coating my still hard cock and pooling in my belly button. I stopped the video when the camera settled on my blissful, post-orgasmic face, hoping to enforce that this was a joyous act, not something that had to be endured. “Whatd’ya think?” I asked. Gavin literally shook himself back to reality, “It was cool, you looked like you really liked it, I didn’t know that people liked it,” he explained in surprise. “I did, and still do, like it, I think that it feels fantastic and it’s so exciting to me to please my partner,” I told him, “that’s something that you’re probably starting to feel when you suck someone,” I continued, the teacher tone sounding so wrong with the subject matter. “Yeah,” he said quietly, “I get that.” Then he just looked forward and I could tell that he was thinking hard. “What is it?” “It’s just, well,” he started, “are you doing that to me now?” Just then there was a noise in the outer room, “Wow, that’s perfect timing,” I said out loud. “No, I’m not doing that to you now, you’re not ready,” I reassured him, “but you will be very soon, and when that happens, I think that we’ll be a marvelous pair. Now,” I continued, “I have a surprise.” Then I shouted, “Chris, is that you?” “Yeah,” came the high-pitched reply. “Come on in,” I hollered back and the door to my office opened. Gavin, who was completely naked, jumped at the sound of the door and instinctively covered his groin. But as soon as the door opened, he forgot about that and jumped up and shouted, “Christian Grier!” as he pointed at the boy standing in the doorway, “That’s Christian Grier!” Indeed, the boy walking in was Christian Grier, easily the most sought after child actor in the business. He was just coming off of his second film directed by a man we’ll call Steven S., the director showering me with gifts after what he described as the best experience of his entire life, his third load of the evening working it’s way through Christian’s digestive tract when he called to thank me for my work. Christian was giving Gavin his world-famous, megawatt smile as he walked into the room and toward the giddy fan. “So this is the new cutie that you told me about,” he observed, “you were right, he’s gorgeous!” he said to me. While Christian was undoubtedly my most successful client, he was also a genuinely nice person and loved to help me train new boys in any way that he could. He was here today to help with Gavin’s introduction to anal sex. If you want to instill a great love of male on male sex, fucking one of the hottest and most famous people in the world could really leave a good impression. And maybe, just maybe, the roles can be reversed and Gavin can have the same impression from below; the dreamy movie star entering him as he takes the young boy’s virginity. It may seem quick to move to full-on fucking so quickly, but it was a necessary skill to send him on auditions, so it was a skill that desperately needed to be learned. The myriad of other lesson we will work on I’ve trine to make him a better candidate, but the basics were needed to get him out there now. Christian was not much older than esenyurt escort Gavin and, in the tradition of Hollywood, looked young for his age and was, I was fortunate enough to know, delightfully undeveloped; the first hair yet to sprout on his precious, puffy pubis. Even though there was a power dynamic, you’d never know it from the sweet child, who would happily bend over for Gavin, and me for that matter, at the drop of a hat. Walking to us, he headed up to me and gave me a peck on the lips. He playfully grabbed my head and pulled it down while he forced his little tongue into my mouth before letting go and laughing as he pulled away. “You scamp!” I scolded, “it’s nice to see you, cutie,” I told him while I ran my fingers along his unblemished cheek. “You too!” he piped up cheerily, “I’m Christian,” he said to Gavin and extended his hand, “but you can call me Chris.” There was no way for Gavin to know, but this was code; the only people who called him Chris were the ones that fucked him, so he was basically offering himself up to the new boy. “I know who you are!” Gavin answered, vigorously shaking his hand, “I thought `Train to Nowhere,’ was the best movie I’d ever seen,” he gushed, “I couldn’t take my eyes off of you.” “All the credit goes to Martin,” he said, referring to the director of the best picture winner, “he really knows how to get the best out of me.” “That’s what I heard,” I joked, poking a finger into the movie star’s ribs at my not-so-subtle implication. “Anyway, let’s get to work,” Christian said, giving me a dirty look but not bothering to deny, “I’ve only got an hour.” His schedule was always loaded, getting an hour with him like this was unheard of for anyone else. “So, I see that you two started without me,” he ribbed me back, finally acknowledging the naked boy and pantsless man in front of him, “I guess that I need to catch up,” he added, immediately pulling his $300 t-shirt over his head, then started to push down his sagging pants. Taking the underwear with, he was soon equally as nude as Gavin. “That’s better,” he announced, ” standing with his hands on his hips, his little cock still a long, flaccid finger hanging over his dangling balls, a feature that he shared with Gavin. The two of them appraised each other and Gavin was the first to make his excitement shown, his sweet little dick that had shriveled up in his nervousness about the video and shock at the visitor, reversed course and very quickly lengthened to full mast, pointing up at its owner and pulsing to his heartbeat. “Like what you see?” Christian kidded him, but Gavin gamely bit his lower lip and nodded in the affirmative. “Good, `cause it’s yours if you want it,” he explained. “Let’s go into the bedroom,” I suggested. My office had a separate, small bedroom with a shower that Gavin had already visited earlier this week when we spent time getting comfortable with our bodies. Christian had been there countless times. “Cool!” Christian agreed, then grabbed Gavin’s hand and yanked him with him as he ran into the adjoining room. When I caught up, I found both boys on their backs, Chris as hard as Gavin now, and giggling at me, “Who’s first?” the famous boy asked. “You’re the guest of honor,” I responded as I shed my own shirt and moved to join them, “the question is who is doing the honors?” I gestures toward Gavin, indicating my opinion. Even though he was head and shoulders above me in status, the young star was always deferential to me. “What d’ya think?” he asked, looking at Gavin and holding his dick up, “you know about sucking?” “Oh, yeah,” Gavin said eagerly, “Bobby taught me and Ronnie taught me more!” He sat up and moved over Christian’s groin, then paused and looked at both of us in turn. “Use your instincts, what do you think that you should do?” I asked him. His response was to go down on the gorgeous young teen, the impressively lengthy, prepubescent cock slipping gently between the new boy’s lips, Christian moaning his encouragement. “He’s doing really good,” he informed me, “I love good cocksuckers.” He opened his legs wide and Gavin moved between them, his instincts serving him well as he ran his fingers along the sensitive inner thighs while he bobbed on the smooth, hard shaft. “Let’s try this,” I said, not wanting to pass up a learning experience. I put my hands on Gavin’s butt cheek and pushed him lightly, “turn around but don’t let his cock go,” I ordered. He was confused, but an eager Christian got hold of a leg and pulled him around until he was on top of him and gobbled the boy’s boner down. “This is a `69′,” I explained, “it can be tough to keep your concentration when someone is blowing you, so that’s an important lesson; whatever happens, keep pleasing your partner first.” I was kneeling down by Gavin’s head, watching him work, “You’re doing a great job, baby,” I said as I stroked his head, “I’m sure that Chris is in heaven,” which earned a muffled affirmative from the fellating partner. Leaning down between Christian’s still-spread legs, I couldn’t help but sample his little eggs, sucking his whole loose sack between my lips and lavishing attention on the twin marbles. I could actually hear him groan louder when I bathed his balls that way. But I wanted to move things along. Pushing the backs of Christian’s legs up, he got the message and pulled them up and to his sides, tilting his butt upwards and exposing his well-used, yet perfect, anus. It drew me in, Gavin’s eyes following me as I inched closer, my hands spreading the firm cheeks before I closed the gap and ran my tongue from his backbone to his balls, a sharp poke at his center as I passed. I guessed that he’d be ready and I was pleased to find that I was right, soap with a touch of boy-musk greeting my senses. His earthy scent greeted my nostrils as I dug in, lapping at his tight hole, pushing hard at my target, digging with my stiffened tongue. He opened slightly right on cue, so practiced and in control of his sphincters that he could loosen his hole at will. When I was able to get inside, I took Gavin’s hand and stuck a finger in my mouth, swirling around it like a mini-cock. When it was nice and wet, I positioned it over Christian’s butthole, “Push it in slowly,” I instructed. Gavin had stopped sucking and was just staring at his hand as he tried to force his finger inside the other boy. The angle was tough and we needed to move things along, so I told Christian to let Gavin go and had Gavin join me between Christian’s legs. When we were both staring at his cute boypussy up close, I asked him, “Do you want to try a quick lick?” Already used to obeying, Gavin looked conflicted. “I don’t think so,” he answered. “Do this,” I offered, “lick all around his hole, that will still feel great. You don’t have to touch his actual butthole.” Gavin ran with this, tickling his perineum, skipping the nether star but licking down the rest of his crack before returning and tracing the inside of each cheek. When he had completely surrounded the wrinkled muscle, I knew that he was ready to take the plunge. My instinct was right and Gavin tentatively extended his small tongue and made his first contact with a male’s open asshole. “Good boy!” I complimented proudly, “that’s a big step. Not too bad, right?” “Uh, it’s ok,” he answered, about as good as I could hope for. “Ok, buddy, back to where we were. Get your finger wet and slip it inside of him.” Gavin had already tried to breach that gap, so wetting the finger was akin to tasting his hole again since it had already been pressed to his anus. But he was a trooper, stuck the funky digit inside his mouth and winced slightly at the taste. Getting it nice and juicy, the inexperienced child once again placed his finger at the movie star’s boyhole and pushed. Christian relaxed easily and with a contented sigh from the recipient, the boy’s entire index finger slipped into his soon-to-be lover. “Push it slowly in and out a little, then lick your middle finger,” I told him. I smiled up at Christian who winked conspiratorially, then pointed at me and then his ass and said, “Later, before I go.” I moaned quietly, hoping that would come true. He let out a grunt and I saw Gavin push a second finger in. None of this was necessary, Christian could take a boy Gavin’s size in his sleep, and it might not even wake him! But he was giving it his best, which was pretty amazing. He writhed on the bed and I encouraged Gavin to move back to the boy’s balls and cock. While he sucked dick and fingered ass, I popped open a bottle of lube and used a small amount to coat Gavin’s hard, baby soldier. He jumped at the cool gel, but was so hard it was really erotic to slather it all over his rampant little dick. “He’s ready,” I said softly, “put some of this on your finger and push it in to get him slippery.” Gavin again followed orders, lubing up the other boy’s tunnel before pulling his finger out and looking to me for reassurance. “It’s time, you know what to do,” I told him and held out a discarded t-shirt for him to wipe his finger clean. Gavin got on the bed between Christian’s legs and looked down to try to find his target. “Put it in, cutie,” Christian encouraged, “I want you to fuck me, I want to be your first.” Finding his destination, Gavin leaned down, Christian staring into his eyes as he touched the boy’s private place. With unpracticed effort, he pushed and his cock popped in and slid right to the hilt. “Oh, god!” Gavin shouted, stunned by the result. “Wow, that feels so good, it’s so warm,” he relayed excitedly. Christian had flinched at the rapid intrusion, but smiled at the boy fucking him, satisfaction written all over his face. “Go ahead, sexy,” he said, “you can start fucking me, oh!” he cried when Gavin took the instruction eskişehir escort literally and withdrew and reentered with maximum effort, “Ok, a little easier for now,” the experienced boy begged. “Sorry, sorry, oh my god, I’m screwing up,” Gavin blabbed. “You’re doing great,” I reassured him with a laugh, “you really can’t screw it up unless you stop screwing!” and I gave him a playful swat on his snow-white ass to get him moving again. He finally got into a rhythm, with Christian moving underneath him, fucking himself back onto the neophyte, keeping the action going as they both began to grunt and moan. Gavin was in awe, I’m sure from the experience, but also who it was with. Christian recognized that and pulled the other boy’s head to his, kissing him hard, somehow making them seem like equals. This pulled the younger boy down until he was laying flat on Christian, his butt rising and falling as he plugged his new lover’s butthole. Watching them was so beautiful, Gavin picking up on how to do it and Christian grinding back onto him. I was so turned on now and stood beside the bed stroking myself while I observed. When they broke their kiss, I happened to be standing right by their heads, so I gently turned Gavin’s head to me and prodded against his closed lips with my cock. “Open up,” I said calmly, “suck me while you fuck him, but watch your teeth,” I warned, knowing that the coordination could be difficult for a first-timer. The wet sound of his lips parting made me tingle, then he closed his eyes and licked across my cockhead like an ice cream cone before gladly taking me inside. “Keep fucking,” a desperate Christian pleaded, Gavin having stopped all motion to start attending to my dick. Shaken back to reality, he began rocking his hips again while managing to bob his head a little on my cock. I didn’t stay there for long, but the little boy’s mouth was truly paradise and I struggled not to start face fucking him; can’t wait for that lesson! Reluctantly I pulled out and patted his cheek lightly, then bent down to give him a quick peck, “Such a good job, baby boy,” I told him. Gavin smiled but Christian grabbed him roughly and brought his lips back to his own. Christian broke their lip-lock just long enough to say, “Go as hard as you want, get yourself off inside me.” He was pulling on Gavin’s ass, the slap, slap, slap sound of their little bodies colliding was almost cute as they rutted. Gavin responded to the encouragement by fucking faster, his butt a blur as he banged the older boy harder and harder. Both boys were grunting with each thrust, Christian just as hard as Gavin, when the end came like a rush. Gavin was quiet, concentrating hard as the wave approached, then gasped as the feeling hit, pressing into Christian and holding himself there as he groaned rhythmically. I had moved behind them and was treated to the sight of his hairless perineum spasming with each dry contraction of his orgasm, his body giving its all to try to expel something that just wasn’t there yet. It didn’t seem to diminish the glory for Gavin who stayed there twitching through his climax. “Did you get it?” Christian asked, “I know you did, I could feel you flex in me, so hot!” Gavin was at a loss for words, finally pulling out and collapsing on the bed off to Christian’s side, his slick cock pulsing still as he lay back naked and sprawled, a picture of post-orgasmic bliss. With Gavin recovering, his little cock still hard and wet, Christian hooked his finger at me to indicate that it was my turn, “You’re up, daddy,” he announced playfully as he rolled back again and presented his slightly opened bottom to me. We’d done this an uncountable number of times, one of the reasons that he kept coming back was the familiarity between us, but it was always exciting and always great sex. I lubed up the length of my shaft, but focused on the head, which shined with the slick stuff as my dick bobbed in front of the breathtakingly beautiful boy. About to take him on his back, I decided that I wanted something different. “Get on your knees,” I ordered, my voice as authoritative as possible, “I want you from behind.” Christian obeyed quickly, spinning around and ending on his knees and elbows, his asshole tilted slightly up, he looked over his shoulder at me while I moved up to his backside and ran my hands over his butt and back. “Fuck are you hot,” I said, my thoughts escaping my mouth without intention, “I’m gonna fuck you so hard,” I told him as I stroked up and down his body, Christian squirming under my touch. Lining myself up, I touched my glans to his loosened sphincter and pushed, “Here it comes,” I announced and started to enter the boygod. He opened so easily, so practiced at this art, his gooey innards surrounding me, the rubber band of his anus holding me tight as I slipped in farther and farther. “When was your last time?” I asked when I stopped halfway into his molten-hot rectum. “Last night,” he answered with slight effort from my entry, “Martin after some audition for a little boy’s part. A bunch of eight year-olds got him horny so he called me.” I was surprised that I hadn’t received a call from the decorated director. He loved to call me, a technophobe, he never texts, and he would always ask the same giddy question, “Guess what I’m doing?” It was always to thank me for some amazing experience that he was in the middle of with one of my clients. Lately, it was all Christian, “He’s so tight, shit, Bobby, I’m buried to my balls in this hot kid,” then he’d offer unsolicited verification, “Chris, tell him what we’re doing.” “Butt fucking,” the talented boy shouted, knowing how Martin loved to talk about the sex. I’d listen while they grunted and shouted, both very vocal until the final moment when the famous director and his boy star flew over the edge in a series of groans and gasps until it was done. I could always hear the panting breath afterwards, the phone most likely discarded, I’d hear a shuffle of sound as it was picked up, “Thanks Bobby, you’re amazing,” he said in his clipped, New York accent and then the call would end. Part of this was to share the excitement, to thank me for the pleasure that I provided through my boys, but also, just in a tiny way, it was a demonstration that the boy was his now, he was the one doing the deed, not me. That’s why I wanted Christian this way. It was visceral, I was taking back ownership of my boy, proving that I could do anything that I wanted. I was marking him as mine. That’s where my mind was as I sunk my last three inches slowly into the writhing little boy, “Fuck, yeah!” I bellowed as I bottomed out, pushing the child forward slightly while he struggled to press back to me and keep himself upright. Immediately I started to move in him, sliding out a few inches then returning, the thrust always hard and quick. This wasn’t a luxurious mating, it was carnal and it was about my need and taking possession. It didn’t matter how rich and famous these men were, or the how rich the boy was for that matter, he was mine, he would always come back to me to be screwed again. Quickly pounding into him, Christian was crying out with each push, a high pitched, “Uh, uh, uh,” as I pushed harder each thrust, forcing him lower and lower toward the bed each time. I sensed movement from the side and realized that Gavin had roused himself from his afterglow and was standing next to the bed, his head down by the side of Christian’s ass, watching my oversized, grown-up dick slide in and out of his new friend’s hole. “Jeez,” he said involuntary. “Look cool?” I asked, my voice a staccato as I tried to keep my rhythm into the other boy. “It seems too big,” he answered astutely, “doesn’t it hurt?” “Christian,” I asked, “does it it hurt?” He had a tough time speaking, his head had lowered until he was pressing the side of his face into the mattress, “Yes…yes,” he tried to utter, “it hurts, but…it, oh, man!” he groaned after a particularly hard thrust, “but it feels amazing!” he finally blurted. Gavin stood up and without a thought I grabbed the back of his head and brought him to me, our lips meeting hard, my tongue thrust into his tiny opening, swabbing against his own tongue as we made out deliriously. I loved bringing Gavin into the act. Just as we broke apart, the boy gasping for air, Christian was unable to fight me off anymore and we collapsed onto the bed with a grunt, his legs wide as I pushed down into him, my whole body flat against his back. He was so small below me, dwarfed by my adult body as I fucked down into the child, both of us grunting as we approached our release, the bed springs groaning under my assault as Christian bounced against me. I could tell that the familiar signs were there, Christian was getting ready to explode, “Are you gonna cum for me?” I asked in a whisper right into his ear, “do you like my cock in you so much that you’re gonna have your little cum?” “Yes!” he shouted in response, “yes daddy, make me cum,” he cried out, “oh!” “You’re mine,” I said with almost a sneer, “you always come back to daddy to make you cum. Cum for daddy, say that you’re mine…” “Yes!” he shouted again before I even finish, “I’m yours daddy, oh god!” he made a deep guttural sound, animalistic, and then he finished, a squeak then a groan and I felt him contract around my cock, the spastic rhythm of his baby orgasm causing me so much pleasure. “Oh, baby boy,” I groaned, “here it comes, take my cum, ugh!” I bellowed and the felling hit, my cock sliding hard into him, slapping against his taut buttocks as the first shot exploded into the delirious child. “Uh…uh…uh!” I grunted with each volley, feeling like I was emptying a gallon of semen into the waiting colon of the beautiful boy beneath me. I kept pounding him through the entire length of my extended orgasm until I was finally drained, my balls depleted of their precious fluid. Our bodies were stuck together with sweat as I gently kissed Christian’s cheek, the boy smiling contentedly in the afterglow, “You’re so great, kiddo,” I whispered, “I love fucking you.” “Anytime, daddy, I’m yours. Always.”

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