Subject: Posing for Little Dale, part 2 Posing for Little Dale, part 2 This is a work of fiction about my favorite subject: Perpetrators. This work of gay fiction is for adults who enjoy fantasies not meant for to be taken as instruction. If this tale offends you, please leave now. If you enjoy the story here please donate fty/) to keep the site going. It provides a needed service to our community. ota When I was 10 I found a cache of my father’s muscle magazines in a box in the rafters in the garage. I had been looking for them for a couple of years. I saw them first when I was 8 years old and sneaking around in his underwear drawer. These weren’t regular muscle magazines. Sometimes the guys were completely nude. You could see butt. But their cocks were tucked into the most amazing apparatus I had ever seen: a posing strap. Part 1 recap: It’s 1964. 10-year-old Kit spends some time with the neighborhood pedo, Little Dale, and tries on his first tiny posing strap. Kit finds out what “Chicken-Hawk” means. Dale and Kit promise to keep secrets. Kit gets rimmed for the first time. Dale loads up Kit’s buttcrack and the hole with his adult cum. Then they both hear a knock on the front door and freeze. Part 2 Then there was a knocking on the sliding glass doors on the front of the house. Little Dale and I must have fallen asleep. I was groggy from the rum and coke and not sure where I was but the smell of little Dale’s hair tonic next to me brought it all back. I panicked that it was Dad, looking for me. I tried to get up, but I felt Dale’s hand holding me down in bed. “You hush and stay in here while I see what’s happening.” I looked at him and he was pale white like a ghost. I pulled a blanket up over me and groaned as my head was hurting. Dale wrapped a threadbare towel around his waist, kind of covering up his big cock, and padded out of the room. I could hear the sliding door open and then two men talking. It didn’t sound like Dad, but it did sound like Len. That probably wasn’t good either. I just stayed under the blanket, wanting to disappear. I felt gooey and reached down to my crack that was still strung with the posing strap, but also still loaded with Dale’s cum. Eek, now what? I heard Dale and Len talking, then I head them both laugh. Suddenly I heard the door open to the bedroom. I just stayed under the blanket. I was practically crying now. “Hey, sweetie, it’s okay, Len knows you are here. He’s not mad or anything.” I next heard Len, “It’s okay Kit, come on out and let’s get you ready to go home.” I was frozen in place. Then I felt the blanket being pulled down. I was on the stomach hiding my face like an ostrich. The blanket dragged down over my butt and I knew the men were looking at my butt in the posing strap. “Holy cow, Dale, you have child-sized posing straps?” “Sure. You know what I like Len, they come in handy.” “Seems like it came in handy today, you old pedo!” I felt Len kneel next to me on the bed. He rubbed my flattop and stroked my head. Then I felt his finger drag up my butt crack. “Christ, Dale! Did you fuck him? His ass is full of cum!” “Relax, Len. I came on his ass not in it…mostly.” Then I felt Dale lie down on the bed on the other side of me. He stroked my head now too and I felt less in trouble, so I peeked at them over my shoulder. Len picked up the glass with the rum and coke dregs that was on the table next to me, and he sniffed. “Geez Dale, did you get him drunk, too?” “He slept some of it off already — is his dad gonna come looking for him?” “Nah, he’s too drunk.” “Like father, like son?” Len smirked but did not laugh. “I told his dad I would look for him out in the neighborhood, but when I walked by your place, you had left the living room curtain pulled wide open, and I could see Kit’s bike in there. You are a bad pedo.” That all confused me. I could tell I wasn’t really in trouble, but that made no sense either. And what is a pedo? “Put your arms around my neck and we will clean you up” Dale carried me into the bathroom, with Len following close behind. Dale had lost his towel by now and he turned on the shower and adjusted the water. Len held me by the shoulders while Dale fixed the shower. “You better get in the shower with him, he feels unsteady,” Len cautioned as he stripped the soggy posing strap down my legs, and I stepped out of it leaving it on the floor. I had never been naked in front of Len, so it was weird, but I was pretty messed up. Dale stepped into the shower and Len picked me up and plopped me in with him. Dale soaped me up all over and scrubbed his bare hands through my crewcut and ran his finger over my butthole getting the left over cum out. That felt really good, and Dale and I both got hard. He started stroking my penis and my legs trembled. Len sat on the closed toilet, smoked a cigarette, and enjoying the show, “Kit has a fine little ass, don’t he?” Len was smiling. Len and I were not close really. Not until now. He was Dad’s friend, and I was so unsure about stuff. No one ever explained to me how this works. Was he like my step-mom now? He was sexy to me, just like Dale, and even my dad. Hell, all the grown-up men were sexy to me, especially these guys who looked like the guys in the muscle magazines. Dale smiled down at Len. “Here, you dry him off, and make sure I got the jizz outta his hole,” he said with a wink as he handed me out of the shower to Len. I was wrapped in a towel and Len began to dry my hair and work his way down. The towel rode between my legs and made my hole feel great. I pushed my ass back at Len and he laughed. “You are one horny little boy, Kit. Lemme have a look at your hole to make sure Dale didn’t leave anything there.” Dale was out and dried off by now. He stood next to us and cradled his cock and balls feeling himself while Len lifted me up and stood me on the toilet lid. He turned me to the wall and kneeled down to look at my butt, prying my ass cheeks open for a look. He sniffed, got closer, and I felt his golden whiskers brush on my cheeks. Then his big adult tongue poked in my hole and swirled around, licking up and down, which made me completely hard, and I groaned. “What happens in Dale’s place stays in Dale’s place, right kid?” Dale laughed as he said it. • When you are a ten-year-old in 1964, the ways that adults act around each other is mysterious. But suddenly I was no longer just my father’s son, izmit sınırsız escort bayan I was also friendly with his partner Len. We had secreted ourselves into the house last night when Dad had already gone to sleep or passed out, or whatever. Len had stuck my Sting-ray in the garage then made sure I was on the couch and ready for sleep. He perched on the side of the sofa with me. “So, you know we need to not tell your dad about this, because I am sure he will somehow blame me, and put Dale in jail. But you had a very grown-up afternoon today. Are you doing okay?” I nodded yes and smiled at him. I liked the new Len. He was much friendlier. He hugged me and kissed my forehead. I hugged him back and he felt great. He pulled back a little and stared at me. “I think we should kiss on this, okay?” I nodded yes again, and his mouth closed over mine. His tongue felt huge, and he filled my mouth with it which shocked me. He smelled like aftershave and cigarettes, a happy fragrance for me. This kiss was suddenly the biggest event of the day, and even though I was tired I had a little trouble falling asleep. The next thing I knew, the sun was streaming into the living room and Len was stroking my back gently. “Hey, little boy, I’m making some breakfast for us. I bet you are hungry after, uh, yesterday.” Len put the phonebook on one of the dinette chairs in the kitchen and I climbed up still in my jockey shorts. We were basically white trash, so we didn’t hold to conventions. Besides I wanted to show myself off to Len when I saw that he was wearing only jockey shorts too. I think we both saw the other differently. It felt sexy to be almost naked with him. I wondered if he had any posing straps. Dad came in looking worse for wear. He downed some aspirin, got some coffee and sat next to me at the table. I felt his eyes look up and down at me. He was quiet for a moment, then “Where’d you get to yesterday, darlin’? We came back from the bar and you still weren’t back.” I was always a quick liar. I had been doing sex stuff with the older neighbor boys for a few years. Except now I was covering up about doing stuff with Dad’s friends. I had to be ready to make a new story at any time. So, I went on a long ramble about riding my bike to the empty drive-in, and then to the creek with the polliwogs. “You did that all alone?” Dad said peering over his glasses. “Oh, I met some guys at the creek, and we all hung out till it got dark. Sorry, I didn’t know what time it was,” I said, and I shot a glance at Len as he brought some waffles to me. So far so good. Dad wasn’t long for the world. He finished his coffee and went back to bed for a while. Len and I sat at the table after he washed the dishes. “So, a few questions,” he said as he sat next to me with a fresh cup of coffee. “I see you took my advice to see little Dale if you had any trouble. So, what, you just rode over there on your bike as soon as we left?” I blushed and shrugged. He’d seen me naked — well in a posing strap anyway — so I figured it wouldn’t be sly for me to be all coy about it. “How did he get you naked?” I explained that Dale had seen me zero in on his muscle magazines and then he picked one up and handed it to me. I had asked him about the posing straps, and he showed me a whole bunch he had in his closet. “Next thing I knew we were both trying them on.” My dick was hard now, and Len looked over at my lap, smiling at my boner. Len put the shush finger to his lips, “You want to see some more magazines?” Oh, boy, did I ever. I followed him to the back of the house, and we went into the office and shut the door. He opened the closet and pulled out a big box of stuff and put it on the floor. “Have at it,” he whispered. I got down on my knees in front of him and began to sift through. Wow! Permission to look as long as I liked. Some of it I was familiar with because of my previous treasure hunting in Dad’s stuff. Other things were new to me. There was a book, but with cartoons, by a guy named Blade. It was called The Barn. I began looking through it and was hypnotized. This had much more information than the muscle magazines. Like a whole lesson about sexy stuff guys do and it all went to my still forming cock and brain. Very sexy black and white drawings of two young rancher types taking shelter from a storm at night doing stuff I never thought of. I had the magazine spread across my lap open to a spread showing one of the guys sucking the other guy’s big cock. It turned me on, but I had never thought of such a thing. “The guy with the penis in his mouth is a cocksucker. That is your dad’s favorite thing to do.” I looked up at Len standing next to me on the floor, and I saw his penis. His cock was really hard and trapped in his jockies across his thigh to his hip. “Did Little Dale suck your cock?” I nodded no, “He only stuck his tongue in my butt, then he rubbed his cock on my butthole.” Len stroked the top of my buzz cut gently, “You wanna try sucking some cock? Maybe you’ll be good at it like your dad.” I was beyond words and so turned on my head felt like it would explode. I nodded at him strongly. Len locked the office door. Len told me stuff that he said he wished someone had told him when he was young. Stuff like: “Be careful with your teeth, don’t forget to lick the balls, don’t try to take it all in your mouth cause you will choke, and when the cock starts shooting the white stuff (like I had just seen for the first time in the Blade book), just hold it in your mouth and let it happen.” “In that book, I saw the one guy shoot his juice all over the other guy’s face. Was he doing it wrong?” Len had pulled his Jockey shorts under his balls and his hard cock was pointing at me. “No, that is a good thing too. Some guys like to shoot a big load on the other guy’s face. Other guys want to see you swallow it.” That all sounded really good to me. Len cupped the back of my head and gently moved my mouth toward his cock and whispered, “Go ahead, Kit. Open wide and see how much you can get in.” I figured it would be hard. After all, his cock was so wide. But I got more than the head and he groaned. He held my head with his warm hands and started to pump my face back and forth on his big penis. He assured me I should get used to that, as a lot of guys want to do it roughly. Of course, I overshot the mark and choked some as I evinde görüşen escort tried to get it in too far. Len wiped away the tears under my eyes with his thumbs and then continued to pump my face with cock. “I’m so close already this won’t last long, so it’ll be a short lesson this first time.” I was so horny that I was slobbering on him and licking his balls, like he said to do. “Get it back in your mouth, quick, I’m gonna shoot.” I was so excited. I could hardly wait, and it tasted like some of it was coming out already. But no, he suddenly stayed still and held my head in place. “Okay, Kit. I’m going to shoot my cum in your sweet little ten-year-old mouth.” And come it did. My mouth filled up fast, but he had said to stay still until the cock stopped shooting. I must have looked like a squirrel with my cheeks full. “Okay, baby, don’t swallow, just hold it in your mouth — you good there?” I nodded with my mouth still latched on to his big thing. He was panting and stroking my head. All breathy and trembling he whispered, “Alright cocksucker, I’m gonna kiss you and we can share my load together, just open your mouth wide over mine and let it all drip in.” And it happened, just like that and it was wonderful. There was still a lot to swallow and some of it had dripped down my face, which Len licked right off of me. We just stayed like that breathing and coming down. I was relieved I could hear my dad snoring in the next room. Len kissed with top of my head and hugged me still on the floor on my knees. “So how was that? Did you like it? What did you like best?” “I liked that you called me `cocksucker,’ cause I want to be a good cocksucker like my dad,” I said rubbing my arm across my sloppy mouth. • I had a bunch of questions for Little Dale now. The next time I was there for visitation I told Len I wanted to ask Dale some questions. Len whispered so Dad wouldn’t hear that they were supposed to go down to the biker bar again. He said he would tell Dale to stay at home, so I could go over and see him. I could barely wait. Sure, I had some questions, but I wanted to do sex stuff with Little Dale again. As soon as Dad and Len were out the door, I waited for their car to take off and scampered across the street. Dale was in his driveway working on one of his motorcycles. He was shirtless and wearing a dirty pair of jeans so far down on his hips I could see the top of his butt crack and the dingy elastic band of a jockstrap crowning his butt cheeks. “So, the baby cocksucker has come to visit,” Dale smirked at me. I blushed embarrassed but I shouldn’t have been surprised that Len told Dale. Actually, I loved it. I wanted to be a great cocksucker like my dad, so I figured I was building my reputation. “Len says you wanted to ask me some questions. What’s up?” I looked around and saw that we had some exposure from the street. I asked him if we could go in his place. Dale cleaned his hands with some rags and hitched up his pants and headed inside. He grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge and plopped down on the sofa. I was hesitant to drink the beer because I got so drunk last time, but I couldn’t resist, and figured it would increase my chances that Dale would play around with me. He popped open the tab and handed it to me but yanked it back at the last minute. “How’re you gonna pay for this little boy? It’s not just free. What do I get? I kneeled on the sofa next to Dale and thought of the best way I could pay him. “Can I suck your cock?” Dale sputtered his beer and laughed. “You are your father’s son. Makes sense. You got so slutty so fast!” I blushed and he scooted over to me on the sofa and put his arm around me. “Ever since I saw you at your dad’s place, I have been dreaming you would do just that. But slow down, have a few more sips and how about you give me a kiss first. Len says you are already kissing with tongue and everything.” My penis was so hard already and poking straight up in my cut-offs. I sat higher on my haunches and put my arms around his neck. His head felt so big next to mine. I leaned in and tilted my head like I saw girls in the movies do. Dale’s hand wrapped around my little coconut head and pushed me firmly toward his mouth. I didn’t pretend, I just opened my mouth and Dale filled me up with adult, wet tongue, pushing my head into him. I swooned. When the kiss stopped, he pulled back and my mouth was full of his saliva which would have made me say `yuck’ a couple of weeks ago, but now I wanted more. Dale repositioned me so that I was spraddle-legged across his lap and sitting in his crotch, face-to-face. I could feel his big cock under my butt and ground my little butt on it. Dale grasped my butt cheeks in his big hands and slid his fingers up the leg holes of my cut-offs and I could feel his fingers almost touching my little hole. And no, no underwear. “Ok, little cocksucker, whadya want to know?” “Well, so I guess Len told you I sucked his cock — it was the first time I ever had an adult one in my mouth…” He bit my neck some then held my head to look at me. “I hope you guys know what you are doing. The idea of a little kid like you taking on a big one like Len’s is hot. But if your dad gets wind of this, we could all be in trouble.” “Yeah, I know,” I tossed it off like a kid would do, adults all being assumed clueless. “Len told me my dad is a cocksucker and I guess he’s really good at it. I want to be a good cocksucker like my dad,” I said squirming a bit on his hard cock. Dale leaned in and started jamming his tongue in my mouth, it was so sudden I almost choked. “You’re like my dream sex child. Beautiful, and a hopeless slut,” he huffed out in a big breath. “You want me to show you how to be a good cock-whore?” I nodded yes. “You want to learn how to suck a bunch of cocks, not just me and Len?” I nodded more emphatically yes. “You want me and some buddies to gang fuck your mouth and shoot gallons of cum all over your face?” I nodded yes and whimpered; I was so horny for cock. “Who made you into such a slut at 10-years-old? Not that I’m complaining — you are like a gift for a chicken hawk like me.” I was tired of talking. I slid down Dale’s legs and sat on the floor in front of him and began unbuckling his dirty jeans. I could see the long lump of his cock pushing up to the buttons of his Levi’s. I popped them all open and stroked kocaeli sınırsız escort bayan his cock through the ancient jockstrap. I looked up at him smiling down at me on the floor. “Len said when I sucked his cock that a lot of guys want to do it rough. He choked me some, but it was okay. So, if that makes me a good cocksucker you can do that too.” “So yeah? You like it rough? So experienced in such a short amount of time. I’ll give it to you rough alright; I know what a little whore like you needs.” He stood up and dropped his pants to his ankles as I looked up at him kneeling on the floor. He began rubbing his cockhead all runny with juice all over my lips. “Part of playing rough is that I get to say any mean thing I want to you, and you just have to accept that it turns me on and be happy about it.” I nodded at him and smiled and reached for his cock, and suddenly out of nowhere he slapped me hard across my face. I was shocked and my face burned. Was I doing it wrong? Dale leaned over and kissed me gently. “This is all part of being a good cocksucker — at least at my place. You should get ready to be smacked around some and have your little ass spanked. Just like in the muscle magazines. They play cowboys and Indians and cops and robbers and bully each other around.” I thought about it, and he was right. That is one of the things that I loved about Physique Pictorial. They played bully games and I got turned on looking at them. I wanted to be tied up and guns pointed at me, and even scared a little. “So, from now on if you need to suck my cock, you get down like this on your knees and beg me for it. And you better call me Sir.” And so, I begged, because I really wanted it. “Finish your beer, little boy, I want your throat nice and loose so I can fuck your little faggot face.” That shocked me some but as I gulped down the some more my beer, I had a warm feeling in my stomach. I am a faggot, and he still wants me. Dale started by pushing all his fingers in my mouth then working back to my throat. I started to gag, and he barked at me, “Don’t panic, just relax it all and let me in. We need to stretch your mouth pussy.” With his other hand he reached under my T-shirt and began to firmly twist my nipples, and wow, I loved that, and I could hardly think of my mouth and throat. I was slow in growing up and I had only stopped sucking my thumb a couple years ago. I was anxious as a kid and would suck my thumb to get to sleep while I played with my nipples, so they got kind of big and puffy, and I was embarrassed about them. But Dale was pinching them and flicking them just like I did, and it put me in a trance. Suddenly I realized he had his whole hand, just over the knuckles, all the way back in my mouth. “Open your jaws up as wide as you can. We have to keep doing this so I can cram my whole cock in your little head.” I tried to stay calm as with one hand he held the back of my head firm and the other he crammed inside my mouth. I could still breathe through my nose. He stopped stood up and lifted my beer can to me. “Finish this off, slut.” While I took that final gulp, he untrapped his big very hard cock and set it on my nose. “OK start slow and let’s see if you have opened up at all.” When I opened my mouth, I took a big breath and he was pushing in already, holding my head with both hands. “See baby, you are just a hole for me to fuck, you are here to serve my cock.” It was like he was reading my dreams and giving them back to me. I started gagging and he didn’t stop. I choked and a bunch of saliva and snot spurted out on my mouth and nose. “Get used to it. A good blowjob is a sloppy business. You should be a mess by the time I am finished with you.” Then he just started speed fucking my mouth, not all the way in but much further than I thought I could take, and I learned to breathe between the fucks in. I continued to choke but other kinds of slime was coming out now, stuff I guessed was from my tummy. “You have a natural talent, like your dad. You’re going to make a lot of guys happy. I’m gonna line them up for you cause I like to share my cocksuckers, especially when they are ten years old.” His cock was getting bigger and thicker, and stuff was oozing out of it down my throat. I was feeling okay, so I was jerking my little cock in my cut-offs. I was loving all the goo and spit. I really wanted to be used and his bully moves were making me crazy. I felt like I was going to explode into outer space. Suddenly Dale just pulled out of my mouth and continued to jerk his cock at me as I sat there on my knees jerking my own stem. “Open your mouth you little freak, I’m gonna hose you down!” And he did, I just sat there on my haunches opening my mouth as wide as I could with my eyes closed, like a baby bird. Then I felt and heard the first slap of cum rope across my face followed by zing after zing of thick sperm stripes crisscrossing over all of me, my hair, and even my ears. I opened my eyes while I felt the slag of his heavy sperm sliding down my face in time to get one more big splash right in my left eye. I went to rub it out of my eye. “You touch that cum and I will wallop your butt. Just leave it there.” I stayed there kneeling and still jerking myself off. Something was going to happen. Dale ran into his bedroom and came back with a Polaroid Swinger camera. “Look at me and smile and keep both your eyes open.” I tried but the left one was glued shut. I heard the click and slide of the camera as he took one of those early instant photos like my dad had. Then I smelled the stuff he swiped over the photo to fix the image. Dad taught me how to do that, then I wondered if all these guys had cameras. I wanted to pose for more pictures if they did. Dale sat down in front of me on his butt and wrapped his legs around me. He held my head with one hand and the photo in the other. He leaned into my face and licked across my glued left eye with a very wet tongue. I was able to open my eye, but it really stung. “Ouch! It stings” “Get used to it cocksucker, with that pretty, innocent face of yours a lot of guys are going to want to paint you with cum.” As he sat around me, he used one finger to push more of his cum into my mouth from other regions of my head and face. “How’d you like that, Kit? You want to still be the world’s best cocksucker?” I was still breathless and jerking my cock wondering why I didn’t have a big explosion like Dale. “Yeah! I still want to suck more cocks. Where are these other guys that are going to squirt in my face and play rough with me?” “I need to figure out how to get you down to the bar. They would love you! Those old pedos would line up for a chance at your little mouth.” That sounded like heaven to me.

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