Subject: Prisoner Dad And Big Son Part 7 This story is pure fiction, and the contents should remain fiction. It contains sex acts between adults and boys. The author condemns unwilling abuse of children in every form. Do not read this if this subject matter upsets you. Just stop and go somewhere else. Comments ail AND EVERYONE, DON’T FORGET… PLEASE DONATE TO NIFTY Prisoner Dad And Big Son Part 7 After ten minutes of playing musical cocks the three pairs settled down where they’d started. Little Bobbie squatted and bounced happily on Roy’s long black cock. Jake on his back with his heels pumping Eddie’s shaft up his now loose and loving ass. “You happy now, Eddie?” Jake kissed his lover as the shaft dug into him. “I was always happy. It’s you who’s happier now.” On his back too, Brady smiled at the new lover and wrapped his muscled arms and legs firmly around his son and master’s body. “I already know you’re happy.” He kissed his stud boy. “Do you?” Tim looked down into his father’s huge blue eyes, drooled spit into his open mouth as he slow pumped his prisoner dad’s warm fuck hole. “Oh, fuck, Daddy.” “Yeah, fuck Daddy, and I’ll do whatever the Master says.” The magic between them was pure adoring love. Tim had never met anyone who could take his thick, ten inch baseball bat completely, and he’d fucked lots of guys since his mother’s boyfriend put him on the circuit. Soldiers still came from other bases on holiday, and men from the town to try out the horse boy. He’d fucked them all since he was old enough to get an erection. As a prisoner in the desert Brady had been fucked by so many men and animals his body, and his brain, had changed. He accepted every cock put in him. Normal for him now was right here, with his son and master’s huge cock up his ass loving him with its strength. Trained to please every penetrator who dominated him he moved his body like an animal to satisfy every male organ put into him, united by need and lust. His son was now a reward from heaven. He wanted nothing more than to please his fantasies. “What are you thinking, Daddy?” Tim dug in deep. His heavy balls warmed against his father’s smooth ass back. Brady pulled his ass cheeks open. “How much I love you.” “You mean my cock.” Tim gave him some long, nine inch thrusts, leaving just the giant prick head in. Brady’s head fell back and his mouth fell open. “You love my cock.” “I love all of you, Timmy. You are my life now, my Master. An angel.” “You know I like teasing your ass though, and I like coming in your fuck hole when you’re full of cum.” He looked at the others. “Anybody want to fuck my dad’s ass? I like watching him take it. How about you, Jake? He fucked your ass good.” Jake looked over, then back at his lover man. “No, thanks, Tim. I’m pretty happy right here under my Eddie.” “Oh, fuck. I’m gonna come right now, Bobbie.” Roy rolled the child onto his back, bent his legs up to his head and used him like a fuck bag, slamming nine inches of smooth black cock up the child’s raw ass. The boy whimpered as the testicles slapped against him, but he held Roy tight. “I’ve never had such a big one, Roy.” “Oh, my little fuck baby. I’m gonna put so much cum up your ass you’ll turn brown from all the nigger hormones.” “I hope so, Roy. I want to be dark like you.” Te boy moaned from the ramming he was getting. “Oh, fuck, Roy. Come on. My butt’s getting hot.” “Yeah. I can feel you throbbing hard.” Another minute of jackhammering and Roy yelled, “Fuck yeeeesssss.” He kept panting and slamming as he dumped a heavy load, oblivious of the child’s pain. Once he’d stopped shooting he rolled onto his back, the boy still stuck on his shaft. “Oh, fuck, baby. You like that?” In fiery ass daze the little white boy nodded yes. The long black fuck organ that had pounded him lay quietly leaking its black treasure deep up his ass. “I want to be dark like you, Roy.” He licked the teen’s chest. “I love your big black cock so much.” “OK, then. I put all my friends on your ass for the rest of the week you’re here.” “OK.” Bobbie nestled down onto the smooth black skin as Roy pulled the white ass cheeks down to his black cock root. “We got til 4:00. Let’s go find some black cock to put up your ass.” The boy raised his sore ass gently off the long black shaft, got between Roy’s legs and licked up and down the long cock. “I’m so glad I met you, Roy. I didn’t know anybody down at the river, and Daddy won’t come into my tent until Mom gets in her sleeping bag with Andy.” “Who’s Andy?” Roy smeared the child’s face over his testicles, then raised his legs and pulled the punk lips to his anus. Bobbie’s tongue explored the soft brown hole. “He’s my brother. He’s seventeen. Daddy says he could be my father. They don’t know for sure. Mom takes them both at the same time.” “So your daddy won’t mind if I keep you for the rest of the week. Get you full of nigger juice.” Bobbie grinned. “I hope not.” The pain in his ass was gone now so he crawled up to the handsome nineteen year old and slid his anal ring down the nine inch love pole again. “Oh, pussy. You just like that thing, don’t you?” He rolled them over again and pumped his little fuck bag. “Yes. You’re bigger than Daddy.” Bobbie pulled the full ripe lips to his niğde escort as his ass filled with glory again. “He likes to watch though. Would that be all right? Daddy watching you and your friends fuck me?” “Why not? Does he like getting fucked?” “Yes. Andy used to do him until Mom found out. Now they do it together, so dad gets me, but he says I’m too little to fuck him. But I’m not. I’m bigger than him, and I come now. I can come for you now if you want.” “Let’s see.” Roy slipped the boy off his shaft and sucked the almost eight inch hairless cock. With a finger up his ass Bobbie came in a couple of minutes. A sweet load of little boy sperm dribbled into Roy’s mouth. After sucking him dry Roy crawled back up and slid his whole shaft back into he soft boy hole. “Does that still fell good?” Bobbie smiles. “Yes. Because I like your cock so much.” “Well, well. Let’s go find some more for you.” He put on his and Bobbie’s slip flops, held their shorts in one hand and the two went hand in hand into the woods toward his friends’ campsite. Roy knew half his soccer team would fuck this cute little white boy. Brady watched Tim study the tall, thin black beauty and the blond child younger than his son walk off naked into the trees. He reached under and held his Tim’s bull testicles to his ass. “You want to go find some horny studs to fill my ass before you give me what I want?” “Is my big muscle marine’s ass getting hungry for cum?” Tim swizzled his shaft around the paternal anus and then let a mouthful of spit drip into his father’s mouth. “Thank you, Master.” Brady pulled his son’s lips to an eager kiss. “Oh, my sweet beautiful Timmy.” He pulled his ass cheeks open, offering his anus completely. “You know how much I want you sperm in me.” “You saying you don’t want a few hot studs getting you ready for me?” Tim jacked his father’s steel hard shaft, then bent down and licked the pearl of nectar from the cum slit. Brady held his son’s head over his prick head. “You’re getting supple enough to suck me off while you’re fucking me. No one’s ever down that.” He pumped into his boy’s mouth. “But stop now. I’m close.” “You want me to suck you off right now, Daddy?” “No, Sir. Not until you’re coming up my ass. You know I want that more than anything.” He turned his head and closed his eyes. Tim pulled him back. “What?” Brady looked up at his son, the bull, the horse cock, the child he created and loved more than anyone, now his ass master, his god of cock. “I need you, Timmy. You cock in me is everything now. I can’t help it. I’d die without you. You keep me from going crazy.” “I’m never going anywhere, Daddy. Not without you.” He slid his horse shaft out of the warm anus and flopped onto his back. “I waited five years for you, and now you’ve come back, the hottest dad with the hottest ass.” He pulled his father’s mouth to his prick head. “I just liker fucking you when you’re full of cum.” “Then we’ll fill it any way you want.” Brady licked the ass slicked, apple huge beauty. “I need to keep you happy. You’re my ass master.” He immediately knelt between his son’s legs and licked up and down the wonderful, giant organ. “All the cocks they put on me: men, boys, dogs. I thought I’d go crazy. It was all I could do to stay alive, but now I see all they did was get me ready for you.” Jake and Eddie watched him worship his son until Jake said, “Take your cock out of me, Eddie. I want to do that too.” And macho Jake, most popular athlete graduated form high school, knelt between his lover’s legs, the boy he’d been fucking since forth grade. He bowed down to the sticky fuck organ and worshipped like Brady. Once he’d licked all the ass slick from the shaft Eddie pulled him to his lips. “We’re going to be lovers, Jake.” They kissed ” I need you, Eddie. You’re the only one.” His lips went back to the cock and slid up and down the long thick shaft. “I love your cock.” “Then sit on it again, you pussy stud.” Jake straddled his lover shaking his head. “You like my pussy ass.” Eddie grinned and pulled their lips together. “Uh-huh. I do, but we’re going to switch roles now and then. I still like you up my ass.” “Whatever my Eddie wants.” Jake rocked his hips over the wonder shaft. “But I’m kind of hooked now. I like my ass full of cock.” “Now you know what you’ve been doing to me all these years.” Eddie stroked Jake’s beautiful cock, not as thick or as long as his own, but the cock he’d loved all his sex life. When he smeared Jake’s pre cum over his glans Jake pushed his wrist to his cock root. “Don’t make me come, Eddie, unless you want to shoot up my ass.” Tim watched the two, happy they were so in love. Then he pulled up his legs. Brady knew what was expected. He let out a muffled sigh before he raised the anus to the sky and dug his tongue into the soft love hole. When Jake saw the muscled marine eat his son’s ass he slipped off Eddie’s cock and raised up his hips. He looked over the huge shaft that had just been up his ass and saw Eddie grin before he buried his face in the sweat wet ass crack. He spread the cheeks to expose the pink flower he’d fucked for nine years, and now loved in a whole new way. After a deep tonguing Eddie panted. “Jake, put your cock in my ass. Don’t nişantaşı escort come, but fuck me a little.” Jake lowered Eddie’s hips. His cock slid in so easily, like it always did. He’d always fucked him doggy style, either kneeling, standing, or half bent over. Now they faced each other, and Jake kissed him. Eddie rocked his hips. “Don’t.” Jake whispered. “You’ll make me come.” “Come then, if you want.” Eddie’s smile was like sunshine. “I don’t want to come this way, sweet butt.” He held his lover tight. “You know that.” “Then you’d better take it out because you’re going to make me come.” “I love you, Eddie.” “You love fucking me.” “That too.” “Then fuck me, big hunk. You know I love it, and I’ll come the minute I feel you shooting in me. Do it. I love you too, so fuck me. I know you liked it more than you ever admitted, so go the whole nine yards.” “OK.” And Jake tried to do what Brady had told him, to give more pleasure than he was getting. He knew Eddie’s ass by heart, every fold and corner of the fuck chute, and he tried to do what he knew Eddie liked best. They stared at each other. Eddie knew this was different. He was being made love to. He wrapped his arms and legs around the strong athlete, and they move as one animal. The fucking built up slowly, the anus loving the cock shaft as it always had. But now the cock loved back, searching for ways to excite the man under him. Eddie rocked his ass on the pumping shaft, sending vibrations through them both that neither had felt before. “Jake, you’re going to make me come.” “I hope so.” “Jake, you’re making me –. Making me come.” And his anus sucked on the shaft fucking him. When Jake felt Eddie’s ass spasm over him his own orgasm erupted. His balls slapped three times and tightened up as he slammed Eddie with love. And the sperm flowed, both at once. When a shot hit Jake’s chin he bent down to take the shooting organ into his mouth. “Doesn’t matter. Come here.” Eddie pulled their mouthes together. They panted into each other as drool and cum flowed into Eddie. “I wanted you to fuck me.” Jake still pumped the well known anus. “Next time. I promise. We’re lovers now.” After watching the scene Tim looked at his father still eating his ass. “Go ahead, Daddy. Put your cock in me.” “Timmy, Sir. Are you sure?” “Fuck me.” Tim ordered. Brady didn’t know whether it was lust or fear that made him shiver as he lowered his son’s hips to his drooling cock head. Tim swabbed the wet glans over his open ass flower. Brady shivered. “Timmy, it’s not what I want, what I’m supposed to do.” “Put your fucking cock in my ass.” “Yes, Sir.” Tim waved his huge horse shaft up at his father. “Now suck.” “Yes, Sir.” Brady gently eased his whole eight inch beauty up his son’s fuck chute. With closed eyes the muscled marine panted, “Timmy. Sir, Master. I never felt so good.” Then he knelt motionless waiting for a command. “Suck my cock.” The boy master pulled the father prisoner’s mouth over his prick head. “Oh yeah. You’re nice and supple. Get as much in your mouth as you can. Ahh, you suck good. You’re not just a fuck hole.” “No, Master. I suck every cock they put on me. I love sucking cock. You are all I wish for now. All I need.” Tim bobbed his father’s mouth over his glans. “Oh, yeah. Push your cock in deeper, Daddy. Fuck me some.” He wiggled his ass on the beautiful cock inside him. “Master, please. If I move any more inside you I will come.” Brady looked up from the huge glans in his mouth into soft dreamy eyes. “I’m not trained for this, Master. I must serve you with my mouth and ass.” Tim pulled his father’s lips to his. “I said, Fuck me. You’re mine, my prisoner, mine. And I’m your master. And I say, Fuck me.” He wrapped his arms and legs around the strong special forces marine. Brady couldn’t kiss his son, couldn’t look into his eyes. He breathed against his ear, panting, as his shaft, as thick as his son’s but only eight inches, began pumping. The testicles slammed against Tim’s ass back. “That’s it. Fuck like the man you are.” The boy rolled his body to meet his father’s lunges. “Show me how a marine can fuck when he has to.” Brady turned into a wild man. Like the dogs that had taken him in the desert he rammed hard and fast, his only desire to spend his seed in the fuck hole. Tim held him tight as his ass was heated from friction. He’d never been so excited. “Oh, yeah.” He cried out when his father’s balls tightened. “Fuck my ass, you cock sucking, ass licking marine. Oh, fuck me hard.” Tim jerked and panted. For the first time he felt the animal in his father. “That’s it. Make me come with your cock like they made you come. Didn’t they?” “Yes.” And Brady became even more ferocious. He fucked as hard as the huge dog the enemy liked to watch dominate him. An animal whose strength and size terrified him until the day its pounding gave him a wild orgasm as it shot into him. He fucked like that, full shafting his son’s worthless anus. Tim knew exactly when his father was about to come. He cried out, “Oh, fuck, Daddy. I’m coming. Daddy, you’re making me come.” And sperm erupted from his horse cock, splattering all over his face and chest. With he first ankara olgun escort contraction of his son’s anus Brady lost his grasp of reality. His own cock exploded. Like another animal he pumped streams of seed into his master’s ass hole. Sweat dripped from his whole body as he slammed his fuck hole over and over. Like a blinding sand storm the orgasm swept over him, more violent than any man or beast had ever put him through. He felt no love, no mercy. Just fucking sperm. He rammed and slammed and panted into the grass. His whole muscled body worked to seed the inferior fuck hole he held in is power. Over and over he pumped until his balls were spent and still he fucked the loose hole. Like a flashlight in total darkness he saw only what his cock felt, and he rammed it into the light. Finally his eyes opened to all the sperm on his son’s face and chest, and his eyes widened in fear. “Timmy. Oh, Timmy. Are you all right?” He buried his face expecting punishment. “Da –, Daddy.” Tim panted too. “Wow.” The shaft inside him was pure strength and love. “Timmy. What happened?” He looked at his son again. “Did I hurt you?” He couldn’t stop his cock. As the animal calmed down his hands stretched the cheeks apart, and he slammed the gaping anus. “Shall I continue, Master.” He felt his son’s anus throb as he continued pumping it. “I can fuck longer.” “Shhh. Shush.” Tim wrapped himself around his magnificent marine father and felt the sperm swim in his body. His anus continued to fill with cock and cum. “It was the most wonderful thing I’ve ever felt.” He could feel his father still pumping sperm into him. “It was heaven.” Brady looked down at his son drenched in his own sperm and began licking it off his face, his hair, neck and chest. Like a mother dog he licked the boy as clean as he could reach, even as his cock still dribbled into his master. Then he looked into his son’s eyes. “Timmy. Master. I –, I shouldn’t have.” Tim rolled them ono their sides, still locked together. “Daddy, it’s just us now. Remember? No bad guys.” Tim pulled Brady’s lips to his. “And that was the best fuck I’ve ever had.” “But you came already. I need your cock, your cum in me.” He held his son tenderly. “I need you so much.” “Then stay in my ass. Don’t take it out.” Tim closed his eyes to feel the throbbing daddy shaft. “Now I know how you like it. I can fuck you harder.” “Yes, Master. My body is yours. I will accept what you put on me. I’ve been trained to like it, and I do. You are master.” Without letting his father’s cock out of his ass Tim crawled on top of his beloved slave daddy and squeezed his anal ring to pull the last few drops of cum out of the softening beauty. “It seemed like forever waiting for you, Daddy. I thought you’d never come back, and now you’re all mine. Including your cock.” “You are good to your captive, Master. I am yours, my ass, my mouth, my whole body. Command and I will serve. Did I fuck well?” “Wow.” Jake slow pumped Eddie’s ass in the afterglow of their orgasm. They both had watched Brady fuck his boy like a wild man. “Hey, Brady.” Eddie rolled his ass provocatively. “Will you fuck me like that tomorrow, or whenever you’re up to it again? I want to learn how to do that to Jake.” “Me, too.” Jake grinned at the muscle marine. “I don’t know.” Brady looked frightened at his son. “It just happened. I’m not trained for that.” “Don’t be scared, Daddy.” Tim reaches behind and squeezed the shaft up his ass to keep it hard. “And keep your cock hard.” “Yes, Sir. I’ll try, Sir.” He pumped his son gently. “Oh, Timmy. This is so different now. I want to obey.” “Then you must remember how you just fucked me, and be able to release the animal and fuck like that again when I command it.” “Yes, Sir. I will try. You may have to punish me if I cannot obey.” “How?” “I do not know. We must learn.” “Push your cock deeper up my ass.” He let spit drool into his father’s mouth. “Thank you, Sir. I get thirsty sometimes.” He pulled is son’s ass cheeks apart and stirred his sperm with his cock. “I can drink sperm too.” “That’s good You can drink your cum out of my ass if you want.” “Yes, Sir. Whatever Master wants. I was kept alive on camel semen and urine for many days.” Watching Brady’s cock stir the cum in Tim’s ass Jake slid out of Eddie’s hole. “Wait a minute. I can help you there.” He crawled over to father and son and licked the ass cock joint. Then he licked all the sperm that had leaked out and spread over Brady’s huge testicles. “I love your balls, man.” “If you like the taste you can have some more.” Tim raised his ass enough to expose his father’s prick head. As the cock head came out the ass gaped, and a drool of semen strung out. The sticky, salty nectar oozed down the cock shaft thrilling Jake. “Yeah, wow.” He licked up Brady’s cock and then planted his mouth on the gaping anus. It was the first time he’d ever sucked cum from an ass, or Tim let it leak out. They stayed in their anal kiss until the flow stopped. Then Jake popped Brady’s cock head back into the loose hole, licking and kissing both father and son before crawling back to Eddie. “Next time you fuck me, big Jake, you can suck your cum out if you want.” He kissed his perfect lover. “Anything you want, Eddie.” He smeared his ass slicked face over Eddie’s. “After all these years I want to make you happy. I don’t want you to ever leave. I need you, Eddie.” “I love you too.” “That’s what I meant. I want to sleep with you every night.” PLEASE EVERYONE, DONATE TO NIFTY. YOU KNOW WHAT A GOOD CAUSE IT IS.

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