Rebound Vacation Ch. 01


[Author’s Note: After a serious writing wall and some less than encouraging comments from the peanut gallery (interestingly enough, all the vitriolic and hateful stuff came from non-writing users) I’m abandoning my previous series. So here we go: fresh set of characters in a new multi-parter. Enjoy!]


Today was the day. Frank’s friend, Tom, had recently gotten out of a messy relationship via a messy break-up. Rather than let a pal mope around and get tangled in his own thoughts, Frank organized a relaxing getaway at an all-inclusive resort down in Mexico. He’d found a nice group rate for 4 people, so he and Tom were flying out this morning, and they’d meet their other mutual friends, Jake and Dawn, a day later at the resort.

Jake was an easy pick for the third person. He was a tall, well-built man of West African decent that could get along with anyone, anywhere. He, Frank, and Tom had been friends since high-school, so there was no way Tom could protest his presence.

Dawn was a little tougher to choose. She was a blast to be around; and an athletic, tight-body blonde with a cute face, and knock-out curves. Her personality was much more in-your-face than her 5’3″ frame, which made her a great party guest and drinking buddy. The problem was, she didn’t know Jake particularly well, and Frank didn’t want her to feel uncomfortable as the only woman in the group. To his surprise, Dawn responded to Frank’s invitation with enthusiasm, mentioning that Tom would probably get cheered up by hanging around with a cute girl in a bikini for a whole week.

With the tickets booked, and his bag packed, Frank was ready to head out the door. He did one last pass on his appearance in the mirror, to make sure he didn’t look like too much of a tourist. The first, most noticeable thing about Frank was his height. At 6’4″, he was only slightly shorter than Jake, but towered above most other people. He was an attractive 28 year-old professional that took his fitness seriously, and sported a year-round tan because of his family’s Greek and Italian back-ground. He had jet black hair, that he liked to keep short, and deep brown eyes. His outfit was a white, cotton T-shirt with khaki cargo shorts and flip-flops.

“Yep, I could not look like more of a tourist”, he commented to himself.

Rather than take the time to select a new outfit, Frank grabbed his bag, figuring he might as well look the part, and walked to his car. He shoved the bag in the trunk, double checked that he had his passport, wallet, phone, and tickets, and hit the road.

It was a short drive to Tom’s house, just one sub-division over in the suburb. When Frank arrived, Tom was waiting on the front porch, bouncing his legs rapidly, and grinning from ear to ear. He was 5’8″ and stocky. Where Frank preferred balanced exercise, Tom almost exclusively focused on strength training, and he’d blown off some steam from the break-up by bulking up some more at the gym. Tom was also paler than Frank, and had light-brown hair with bright-green eyes that made his whole appearance scream of Irish heritage. He wore a football jersey and shorts similar to Frank, with boat shoes.

“I feel like a little kid”, he said as Frank stepped out of the car, “I’ve been sitting here for 15 minutes, waiting for you to show up.”

Frank laughed, “It’s good to see you’re ready, man, because we’ve got to go!”

Tom hopped down the steps and chucked his bag in the backseat.

“Then, let’s roll!”

They sped off, exchanging small talk and making tentative plans on their way to the airport. They arrived at the long-term lot with 2 hours to spare, Frank reminding Tom that most of their time would be spent in security.

Frank was right. Between the pat-downs and passengers less familiar with air travel, it took the men a good hour to clear the scanners and head to the terminal. They found the gate and sat down with 30 minutes to spare before boarding.

The flight was uneventful, as was customs and the men stepped out into the heat of a late afternoon in Mexico, waiting for their shuttle to arrive.

“It’s hotter than ass out here,” Tom said, squinting in the light.

“I know, the water probably feels great though.”

“What water?”

Frank laughed, “Hopefully there’s a pool along with this little thing called the Gulf of Mexico that the hotel sits on the coast of.”

“Right, that water,” Tom said, laughing as well.

“At least we fit in with our group.”

Tom looked up and down the line of people waiting for the shuttle bus. It was a medium-sized group, mostly comprised of elderly or middle-aged people in Hawaiian shirts and straw hats.

“Please, if anything, we look the most Mexican out of all these folks,” Tom replied with a chuckle.

“True.” Was all Frank could get out as the shuttle pulled up and opened its folding doors right in front of them.

The bus was air conditioned and moved quickly from the airport, providing a pleasant, short kurtköy escort drive to their destination. When they stepped off, they were both taken aback at how grandiose the whole resort was. Massive white pillars held up the terra-cotta collared awning that matched the resorts rough exterior walls. The place was immense, with window-dotted walls stretching for hundreds of feet in either direction from the main door.

Inside the rotating doors was a huge marble lobby with a large fountain and several carpeted sitting areas. The front desk covered an entire length of wall, all leading up to a large archway that offered a view of windowed doors to the pool deck on one side, an large, carpeted stairs leading away to the rooms on the other.

The very attractive young lady that checked them in handed them 4 card keys, 2 for one room and 2 for the other; as well as 4 coupons for free massages. Tom was taken aback, but Frank had intentionally withheld the massage passes as a treat for Tom.

“Well, I found out what we’re doing this afternoon,” Tom said, smiling.

“It’ll be relaxing, but they’re all for you,” Frank replied, handing over the coupons.

“O come on, take one,” Tom said, handing back the ticket, “I’ll hog all the rest, promise.”

“If you’re sure,” Frank replied, “Let’s go put our stuff up in the room, and we’ll head down to the spa.”

They found the rooms with the help of the bellhop. Frank tipped the kid with American money, figuring it was just as good as pesos, especially around a resort area. They checked both rooms, conveniently right next door to each other, to pick which they wanted.

The rooms were identical. Each opened to a spacious living room, decked out in a tan leather couch that sat behind a coffee table, facing a large flat screen TV mounted on the wall. There was a kitchenette with a microwave and fully-stocked mini bar off to one side. Through a set of double-doors was a bedroom with a queen-sized mattress that connected to a big, marble tiled bathroom. The bathroom came with a full Jacuzzi tub big enough for 3 or 4 people and a stand-alone shower stall with no door and an over-head faucet.

They selected on the view, taking the room with the better view of the pool, and set their bags down.

“Dawn might be kind of pissed with the one bed.” Tom remarked.

“Easy fix,” Frank replied, “Either she or Jake will sleep on the couch, unless you want to room with her.” His last comment was accompanied with a subtle smile.

Tom considered it, “We’ll ask her who she wants to room with,” was his final conclusion.

After a short pause, Tom began, “Hey, do you think these massages end with…”

He trailed off, giving a knowing smile.

Frank caught on quickly, “I doubt it, but you’re welcome to ask,” he chuckled.

“Before we go for a rub down, let’s get some drinks in us,” Tom said, “After all, it’s vacation.”

The clock on the wall read 3, but Frank relented, figuring this was Tom’s way of declaring his new freedom. The drinks weren’t but Frank wasn’t sparing any expense on this trip, so they both imbibed enough to feel buzzed before they finally decided to head down to the spa.

They walked into the double wood doors and were greeted by a very lovely girl behind the desk in the otherwise empty waiting room. Her hair was jet-black and her eyes were a sparkling hazel. Frank’s drunken state lowered inhibitions, and he stared for a good 5 seconds at the sexy cleavage her large breasts provided through the deep v-neck of her spa uniform. Her English was great, and the small Spanish accent she did have added an extra layer of exotic to her beautiful features. Frank’s eyes came back to her plump, shimmering lips as she spoke.

“How can I help you sirs?”

“We’re here for messages,” Tom said, quickly. “No, wait, we’re here for MASSAGES,” he corrected himself with a smile.

“Here’s our tickets, sorry about my friend, he’s had a few,” Frank said, not acknowledging his own intoxication.

“Okay, follow me right this way,” she said and stood.

Her uniform was a sky-blue dress that hugged her body and ended around mid-thigh. The fabric showed off her curvaceous hips and plump, jiggly buttocks that the men couldn’t take their eyes off of. Her shiny heels clicked on the stone floor as she led them through another set of doors into the back area. They stared agape at the determined sway of her hips with each step, and the light bounce walking gave to her ass.

“Here is where you can get changed, and I will see you when you’re done,” she said as she ushered them into a locker room.

They changed quickly, not looking at each other until they were wrapped in the soft white bath robes the resort provided. Frank and Tom walked back out the door after leaving their stuff in lockers, to be greeted by the girl from the desk waiting in the hall.

“Good to go?” she asked, smiling and showing her gleaming white teeth.

“Not until I know your beşiktaş escort name,” Tom said, with a lazy wink.

Her giggle rang down the stone hallway, the sound was melodic and bubbly, “I’m so sorry, I’m Angelina.”

Frank had heard the name a thousand times back home, but her accent made it sound so sexy and unique.

“I’m Tom, this is Frank,” Tom replied, lightly elbowing his friend.

“I’m Frank,” was all Frank could think to say.

Angelina giggled again and asked them to follow her as she walked down the hallway. Frank followed the bouncy form of her voluptuous ass until she stopped suddenly and opened a door.

“Tom, you’ll be in here with Marta.” She said, gesturing into the small room with a massage table and comely masseuse.

Tom seemed disappointed to leave Angelina, but he walked in the room just the same, with the door closing behind him. Angelina then led Frank next door.

“And you, Frank, will be in here with me.”

Frank smiled at her, too hypnotized for words, and walked in. He could feel his cock grow semi-hard under his robe, and he quickly sat down, praying it wouldn’t show. Angelina crossed to the other side of the table and grabbed a soft towel off the shelf it sat on next to the oils.

“Please drop your robe and lie face down.”

A still mute Frank stood quickly and let his robe fall to the floor. He was now nude, facing away from this Mexican beauty, and his penis was steadily growing towards full mast with all the excitement. He lay down as quickly as he could, careful not to stab his boner into the table, and felt Angelina drape the towel over his butt.

Frank heard her hands as she rubbed them vigorously together to warm the oil, and felt the soft, soothing touch of her hands as she began to rub his shoulders.

“You and your friend are much more muscular than the usual clients,” she said casually.

Frank could tell she was buttering him up for a bigger tip, but he played along, “Oh yeah?”

“Si, papi,” she said, “Usually, we get the older guests in the spa, and the younger guys just try and pick us up after work.”

“Oh, they must not know what they’re missing,” Frank said, “Speaking of which, where is everyone?”

“You’re the last two of the day I guess, we close at 5 and you came it at 4:30.”

“Are we still getting hour long massages?” Frank asked, trying to not sound like the typical whiny tourist.

“Oh si, yes,” she replied, quickly, “We usually give the last client an extra long rub.”

Frank could almost hear her smile as she spoke, and the way she dragged out the first syllable in “extra” gave him a warm feeling in his gut and his crotch. The massage continued with small talk about life, work, and the resort. The relaxing nature of the rub-down somehow made Frank feel more drunk than when he’d come in.

Angelina had finished on his back and had worked her way from his feet up his legs. She was on his thighs when Frank began to wonder how long he had left, so he asked.

“You have about 20 minutes left on your hour,” she replied, “But I can clock out even later if you want.”

“That’d be nice,” he said, his head almost fuzzy.

Her hands were at the tops of his thighs, and each rub sent a tingling sensation of excitement through his balls and up his shaft. His penis began leaking precum onto the table as it urged against the soft covering. Frank’s pulse was faster than usual, despite the relaxing massage, and he almost didn’t hear Angelina when she spoke again.

“Should I get your front?” She asked.

“Yes please,” Frank responded, rolling over without a second thought.

The silence was heavy in the room after he’d turned. The towel had slipped off, and his long, thick, veiny erection was laying proudly up his crotch, pointing towards his chest. His balls were taught and ready for action, and a small drip of clear fluid fell from the head of his hard-on. Angelina stared at it, her face frozen in shock. She quickly stooped and grabbed the towel, carefully draping it over Franks exposed privates.

“Sorry,” he said, sheepishly.

“Oh, no, don’t be papi,” she said, recovering nicely, “It’s perfectly natural when a lady is touching you, happens all the time.”

“I just don’t want to make you uncomfortable.”

“It’s okay, nothing I haven’t seen before.” She replied, smile widening as her eyes twinkled.

The massage continued on his chest, Angelina’s heavy, round breasts just inches from his face as she rubbed his body slowly. His buzz was giving him a little more courage, so he openly gawked at the mounds of flesh just barely contained in the dress. His mind was rapidly drawing speculative pictures of Angelina naked, how she’d look oiled up and getting pounded by Frank’s massive erection.

“So, a lot of your clients get huge boners when you rub them down?” He blurted out, surprised at his own brash conversation.

Angelina froze for a moment, then continued the conversation şişli escort as if it were natural, “Maybe not as big as that, but a lot of the men get excited.”

“Well, I can understand, you’re very beautiful.”

“Gracias papi.”

“You ever…” his hesitation let him feel a hint of the nerves his buzz was hiding. Franks pulse was rapid and pounding, he felt butterflies he hadn’t felt since high school before his first time having sex, and his palms were slick with sweat. He took a half breath and finished the sentence, “…touched one?”

“A few times, on accident,” she said, calmly, “one man actually popped the moment my hand nudged his huevos.”


“Oh, sorry, balls.”

“So you’ve never…” he hesitated again, almost shivering in his nerves, “given a ‘Happy Ending’?”

“What’s that?”

“Oh, you know, it’s when the masseuse, gives EVERY part of the client some special attention.”

“You mean…” it was her turn to hesitate. Frank couldn’t tell if her professionalism was covering for how uncomfortable she was, or if she was just as excited and nervous as he. She continued, “…like jacking him off?”


“No, papi, but they’ve offered me extra tips to do it.”

“So you don’t, or you won’t?”

“No, I won’t, but I’m flattered that you’d ask.”


“You must find me, so…. What’s the word? Attractive?”

“That I do.”

Her bubbly, magical giggle bounced out of her throat again, “Gracias papi, maybe you can find me outside of work and we can hang out.”

“Really? You aren’t just being nice to the tourist that came here with his guy friend?”

“Really. But you have to find me; I won’t make it easy papi.”

Her playful wink sealed his affections forever. He was hers, as far as Frank was concerned. He wanted her bad, wanted to rip that tight dress off and pound her senseless, filling her with his seed. Her body language let on that she was a little turned on too, but Frank didn’t push the issue.

Angelina was apprehensive to rub his thighs again, but, without the continued advances of Frank, she quickly relaxed and resumed her usual massage. She finished up after an hour and a half total time, and Frank reached for his wallet, remembering he’d left it in the locker room. He opened his mouth to tell her he’d bring her the tip.

“No, no, no,” she said, smiling and lightly resting her hand on his wrist, “You can say my tip is seeing you later. How long are you staying?”

“A week, maybe a little more.” He said, sharing her smile.

“Good. I like to hang out by the pool or in the dance club when I’m not working. Keep your eyes open for me.”

“I will.”

Frank left the room and changed, his foolish grin never leaving his face. Tom entered a short while after, looking relaxed, but not nearly as excited as Frank. They both changed in silence and walked back to the front desk. Angelina was waiting to say good-bye.

“Hope to see you again, sirs,” she said, standing and shaking Tom’s hand before turning to Frank.

She took a quick step forward and planted a kiss on Frank’s cheek, “Hasta luego, Frank.”

All he could do was smile as he gazed into her eyes. They stood like that for a moment before he and Tom walked out, Frank waving back to her like a school boy.

“What was that all about?” Tom asked, giving Frank a grin, “You get a little tug with your rub?”

“Nope, just a little keyed up with an invitation to meet her again; outside of work.” Frank said.

“You dog!” Tom replied, a little too loudly, “I’ve got some blue balls too, let’s hit the bar again and try to get some ass.”

“Where ever you want to go.” Frank replied, his mind still on Angelina.

The drinks were pouring and the girls were sexy, but most of them were taken, or not wanting to leave their group for two strange men at the bar. By 10, they’d decided to call it a bust and go to bed, even hornier than when they started. They found their room, their intoxication just below the “knee walking” level, still chatting about anything and everything that came to mind.

“Geez I’m ready to go,” Tom said, chuckling at the sizeable lump in his shorts.

“Me too,” Frank replied, completely ignoring how personal the conversation was.

“That chick in the blue skirt totally wanted it,” Tom said, referencing one of the many attractive women who’d declined to talk for longer than a few minutes.

“I know, maybe tomorrow,” Frank said pulling off his shirt and plopping onto the couch.

Tom took a seat at the other end and grabbed the remote. The TV clicked on to the resort menu, advertising amenities and specials during the week. Tom scrolled through the options, flicking past ‘Cable TV’, ‘Games’, ‘Sports’, ‘News’, ‘Weather’, and finally stopping on ‘Adult’. While the cursor hovered on the ‘Adult’ option, the background faded into a couple under some sheets in a passionate embrace. Tom had no second thought as he clicked on the option and a warning popped up. He didn’t pause to read it.

“I assume we’re both over 18?” Tom asked, not waiting for a reply.

Frank was busy reading the adult titles, full of raunchy, suggestive movie names. Tom clicked down to one and read the info, which described group, male-female, and girl-on-girl scenes held within a good 2 hours worth of skin flick.

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