Group Sex

Subject: Runaway boys life This is a young friends story with some adult youth sex as well. Chapter 1 I woke up from my sleep wrapped up in a beach towel under the west end pier once again. It was the only place I knew that I could go to and get a half way decent nights sleep. I folded up my towel and hid it in the space between the concrete and loose wall. I knew it would be safe there as that’s where I kept all my stuff. I pulled out my last clean tshirt and pulled it on. My nylon and polyester shorts were a bit grubby but since they were a dark blue it was hard to tell. I climbed up the fifteen feet of the side pier wall to get to the top side. Mr Porter had left my two buckets and trash picker outside for me. You see each morning Mr Porter would let me do a little work for him. So when he opened up, I’d get some food to eat. First thing in the morning was trash pick up. I’d walk the length of the pier and pick up any trash I saw. Then I’d empty the bucket in the last trash can. On the way back I’d pull out all the bottles and aluminum cans and put them in the empty buckets. I would then pull out and tie off all the trash bags. Then I’d put a new bag back in that were kept at the bottom of the cans. I’d double check on the way back for any missed trash and then dump my bucket in the last can before tying it off. I would leave my bottles and aluminum cans by the gate where the trash trolley with wheels was at. I’d pushed it all the way to the end of the pier where the first trash bag was at. This way it was empty and easier to push. Then I’d throw the first bag in as I came back, I’d toss the next bag in as I reached them. In the end I’d collect all ten trash bags. Since it was Monday morning, I was pretty sure that all the trash cans would be full. So I pushed the trash trolley out and down the pier ramp to the big green dumpster to throw away all the trash bags. I struggled some today as the container was pretty full. I spotted an old pallet and dragged it over to the container. Then I leaned it against the side. This way I was able to climb up it and reach the black plastic lid. It took some time but I finally got it opened. One by one I lifted the bags up the pallet and threw them in. I then had to drag the pallet to the back side in order to close the black containers lid. I was really tired by now but was still able to push the gray trash trolley back up the ramp to where it belonged. Next I took all my bottles and aluminum cans over to the water hose and rinsed them out. Mike at the Corner Store buys my bottles and aluminum cans from me but hes asked me to clean them out first. I sat down to wait for Mr. Porter to show up. I must have dosed off because I was awaken by a boy gently shaking me. I kinda freaked out. Temporarily forgetting where I was at. Through blurry eyed I looked up to see this very cute boy holding out a brown bag in front of him. My uncle Danny said to give this to you. I’m Gary by the way he said sticking out his hand for me to shake. I don’t know way but I shook his hand. That’s okay if you don’t want to tell me your name. Uncle Danny told me you don’t talk to much. I opened the bag and pulled out the first thing that I saw. It was an orange. I put it aside and next pulled out an English muffin with egg and cheese on it. I ate it in five bites. Slow down. You don’t want to eat that fast. You’ll get a tummy ache. I looked at him and grabbed my orange and put it on the other side of me. You don’t have to worry about me. I’m not going to take your food. I then saw a cupcake in a plastic bag. I took it out and opened the bag. I started to tear up in memory of my mommy giving me a cupcake for my last birthday. The boy Gary had now sat down next to me but not to close. You don’t have to cry. I turned to him and went to give him back the cupcake. But he pushed my hand back saying, I baked them just for you. After uncle Danny told me about you, I thought it would be a nice thing to do. With the cupcake still in my hand, I leaned over and hugged the boy as tears burst from my eyes. Mr Porter saw the homeless boy hugging his nephew as he cried. Gary as gently as he could, hugged the boy back. He didn’t know why the boy was crying. But he was soon crying as well. Mattie felt the boys arms wrapping around him. But was shocked when he heard him crying also. There there, it will all be okay. Mattie realized he was letting this boy get to close, so he quickly pulled out from the boys arms. Jumped up, grabbed his orange, paper bag and took off to the far end of the pier. But he left the cupcake sitting there. Gary wanted to go after the boy but his uncle saw what had happened and told him to let him go. What happened uncle Danny? That boys been through a lot. I don’t know his story or his name. I thought that maybe if you came with me this morning, he would feel more comfortable and open up some. Well I don’t think it worked. All I did was make him cry. No no Gary. You did a lot more than that. That’s the first time I’ve seen him get emotional. Plus he hugged you. That’s a major breakthrough. Why don’t you take him his cupcake and you also take one for yourself. So Gary went in to the pier bait and tackle general store and grabbed two new cupcakes from the dozen he made. Plus he grabbed the other one on the pier and put them all in a bag. Gary started walking towards the end of the pier but didn’t see the boy anywhere. He sat down and thought where could he have gone. Then it struck him. So Gary stood up and went half way back down the pier. Then he went over to the side and climbed out on to the catwalk. He went down the catwalks ladder to the hanging deck that was underneath the pier. Very quietly Gary approach and saw the boy curled up on the bench that was built into the deck railings. Gary sat there for about half an hour but the boy hadn’t moved. So Gary thought he might be asleep. Maybe he should head back. Gary got up and placed the bag with all three cupcakes down on the bench and turned to go back up to the catwalks ladder and up to the pier. Please don’t go. Gary heard the boy whisper to him. Okay I’ll stay but can you tell me your name. A moment later the boy whispered Mattie. I came back over and sat down next to the boy that I now knew as Mattie. Mattie sat up and just stared at him. I had been here for almost two months and hes the first person that I told my name to. He handed me a cupcake that he took out of the bag that he put on the bench. He also took one out for him and bit into it. The memory of my mommy came back again but I pushed it out of my mind and bit the cupcake. Mmmmmm this was a very good I thought. I watched a smile appear on Mattie’s face as he ate the cupcake that I baked. So Mattie, do you live close by? I wasn’t sure if I could trust this boy yet. I can’t tell you, it’s a secret. That’s okay, I understand. I live across the street from uncle Danny. You can come over there and we can play. I don’t know where Mr Porter lives. Tell you what, I’ll meet you at the bait and tackle general store Saturday morning and we can go back to my house and play. I don’t know. Saturday is a busy day for me. I have a lot of stops to make. Well I’ll be here anyway. I should be heading back now. Uncle Danny said I could do some fishing today. I hope I see you Saturday Mattie. Gary got up and went back to his uncle’s store and told him the boys name was Mattie. He then got a fishing rod and bait. He went out to his favorite spot and started fishing. I went back about thirty minutes after Gary had left. Mr Porter was busy in his store. I quietly asked him if I could use his wagon to take the bottles and aluminum cans that I collected to the store. My nephew told me your name is Mattie. Would you mind if I called you by your first name from now on. Okay Mattie said. Mattie you can use the wagon anytime that you want to. All I ask is that you clean it and put it back when your finished. Thanks Mr Porter. I went and got the wagon and loaded up all my bottles and aluminum cans. I also put my paper bag with my orange and cupcake in my wagon. As I headed over to Mike’s corner store three older boys started to tease me. Well really only two. The other one seemed to just be tagging along. They kept trying to grab the wagon away from me. Leave me alone I screamed at the boys. Come on guys, leave the boy alone. If your going to hang with us, you need to learn your place as well. I’m not doing anything Mattie said. Yes you are. Your walking down our sidewalk and you haven’t paid the toll to do so. I’m not paying you any thing, I told them. Then we will just take your bottles and cans as payment. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my whistle and started blowing it. Over and over again. Look guys the little kid thinks he can scare us away with a whistle. An undercover police officer on foot patrol was across the street when he heard a whistle blowing. He looked out the hardware stores window and saw the towns two trouble makers and a new boy harassing a little boy. He quickly went out the door and ran across the street just as one boy shoved the little boy to the ground. The lady in the bakery next to the hardware store also heard the whistle and stepped outside. She saw the boy that had been stopping by her stores back alleyway checking the trash for bottles and cans. I was shoved to the ground but still wouldn’t let go of the wagon handle. This man came running across the street and called out for the boys to stop what they were doing. The three boys saw the man and they took off running down the street in a hurry. He gave chase and yelled out after them that he would be calling the boys parents and that this isn’t over. One of the three boys stopped after hearing what the man had said. Unlike his so called friends he came back. The bakery lady had come across the street and helped me brushed off my clothes. The man asked me if I was okay. I told him that I was. He then asked me my name. I was taught that you don’t lie to the police Its Mattie sir. Well Mattie, that was pretty smart of you to use a whistle. Where did you learn something like that. But before I could tell him, one of the three boys came walking back. Well young man. What do you have to say for yourself. I’m sorry. I don’t know why I went along with what they did. I just moved here two weeks ago. I was just trying to fit in. Sir he didn’t do anything to me. He actually tried to help. Interesting that you’d stick up for him. Boy you must have felt guilty cause you ran away. I’m sorry sir. Well I’ve decided not to call your parents young man. It took a lot of courage for you to come back here and face up to what you did or didn’t do. Officer Miller, I’m going to take the boy over to my store. That’s a good idea Lisa. I got my wagon and pulled it across the street to the bakery following behind the lady. I pulled my wagon inside and stood there as I watched the lady go into the back. I was alittle scared to be around so many people. The nice lady came back and sat me down at a table. She took a rag and wiped my face and hands. I’ve seen you out back looking for cans and bottles. What’s your name. His name is Mattie officer Miller told Lisa. Well Mattie this young boy wishes to tell you something officer Miller said. Mattie, I’m sorry that I teased you and was involved with the other boys. I’m truly not like that and should’ve known better. I’d really like to be your friend. My name is Jimmy. It’s okay. I understand what it’s like being the new kid in town. Okay Jimmy. The other part of your punishment will be showing up every morning to the beach patrol office by the west end pier and help to pick up the beach trash. Be there at 7am sharp. Give this to your folks and have them call me. Don’t worry, I won’t tell them about the incident but will say that you’ve volunteered for part of the summer to help pick up trash. Thank you so much officer Miller. I promise you that I won’t let you down. Jimmy, I’m not worried about you letting me down. I’m worried about you letting yourselve down. You have your whole life ahead of you. Don’t let this one incident lead you to another and then another. That would be letting yourself down. I understand sir. I’ll walk the good walk as my dad calls it. That’s a good boy. Mattie got up and grabbed his wagon bursa escort handle and turned for the door. Leaving already young man. Yes sir. I need to turn in my bottles and aluminum cans at Mike’s before noon. Whys that Mattie. It will be high tide and the fish will be biting. Go on and get out of here. Bye Just a moment Mattie. Here’s my card. Call me if you ever need anything. I left and headed for Mike’s. Hello there young man. I see you washed your bottles and aluminum cans for me. Yes sir. Well in that case, I can give you two extra cent per bottle and can. Thank you sir. How about you call me Mr Mike. Okay, Mr Mike. What can I call you? Heck I’ve already told two people and three other people found out from them. Sticking out my hand I said Mr Mike, I’m Mattie. Well Mattie, heres eighteen dollars and forty seven cents. Mr Mike, do you think I can set up an account with my can and bottle money? You sure can Mattie. Put the cans and bottles in the containers in the back room. I finished and when I came back out, Mr. Mike gave me a bag with a couple of premade bologna and cheese sandwiches with a can of juice. This is on the house Mattie. They would have expired tomorrow and been sent to the food bank. You don’t have to do that Mr. Mike. I can pay my way. Please Mattie, it will make this old man happy. Okay I said. Lisa was serving her customers and saw a paper bag on the floor by where that boy Mattie had his wagon. She went over and picked it up and looked inside. Their she saw an orange and a plastic bag which she pulled out. Lisa immediately knew it was one of the cupcakes her son had baked. She helped him with the icing and these were them. Lisa made a mental note to ask her son about Mattie when she got home later today. Officer Miller stopped by the station to fill out a few reports. There were several new bulletins that he looked through. He read each one and saw the one about the three families that were murdered up in Canada alittle over three months ago. An all points bulletin had been issued across all of the United States and Canada for any information into the murders of three families. Connected with this was a tip line for anyone who may have any information about the murder. He walked by the missing person board and saw a new poster posted on it. It was of a long blond haired short and skinny ten year old boy. He could only hope that the boy was safe wherever he was. Gary honey are you home? Yes mommy, I’m in the kitchen breading the fish I caught at the pier today. Okay honey, your dad had to stay late but will be home as soon as he can. Okay mommy. I have enough fish for all of us. I also have sweet potatoes baking and I have a black berry tart chilling in the refrigerator. Your such a good boy honey. What smells so good in here. Hello honey. It’s our own personal chef baking the catch of the day. Aw mom. Hey Gary, how’s my favorite son. Dad, I’m your only son. Gary I found this bag on the floor of my bakery. Gary looked at the bag and immediately saw that it was the one that he gave to Mattie that morning. It’s my new friend, Matties. Well I hope he is my new friend. How did you get it. He was bullied by three boys today and I cleaned him up in my shop. Do you know where he lives honey. I believe uncle Danny said he sleeps under the pier. Hold on a second . Phone ringing Hey sis, what’s up? What do you know about a boy named Mattie. I guess Gary mentioned him today. Yes but I met him today after he was bullied. And before you ask, hes okay. Well I’ve known him for about two months now. He does little jobs for me each morning and I give him breakfast and something to eat during the day. Where are his parents. Honestly until today, I didn’t even know his name. It was Gary who got him to open up and tell him. I believe he may have runaway or something like that. Well we need to get him help. He can’t be more then ten years old Lisa said. Mattie caught four spanish mackerels and Mr Porter who taught him how to clean and fillet the fish had just done so. He was getting pretty good at it. He was under the pier in his spot, cooking his fish. He had found an old hibachi grill and was using drift wood for his fire source. With the fish cooked, Mattie dug in and pigged out. He had finished eating and put his stuff up. He pulled out his beach towel and laid down to go to sleep. Around two in the morning it started raining really hard and lightening was striking really close to where Mattie was trying to sleep. He woke up when he felt the oceans water wash up and soak him. Mattie got up an saw that the ocean was at high tide and with the storms fury it pushed the water all the way up to where he was sleeping at. Mattie wrapped his wet towel around himself and sought shelter elsewhere. He was walking up front street as the rain came pouring down and the winds gust blew him off his feet several times. He finally got some relief when he came to the back alleyway of the hardware store and bakery shop. The wind gusts were temporarily reduced by the closeness of the buildings. The rain came down even harder if you could imagine that. The rain felt like needles hitting against my rain soaked body. By now the towel was useless. I was able to get somewhat out of the direct rain by curling up on the back loading dock of the bakery. I eventually was able crawl back and under the cardboard pile next to the big bay door. It was still pouring down rain as night began to turn to the morning. A tropical storm had stalled over the area as wind gusts up to sixty miles per hour were blowing down trees and ripping up metal roofs. Power had gone out in several parts of the town. School was canceled for the area so David drove his wife Lisa to her bakery to check on things there. Gary decided to go with them as he didnt want to be left alone at home during a storm like this. As they drove to the bakery, everywhere they looked were downed trees, power outages and property damage. They arrived at the bakery and went inside to check the power. Lisa checked everything and located her backup generators. They were all ready to go if the power went out. Mattie was now shivering and had a very high fever. He had been exposed to the rain for more then ten hours now. David went to check the loading dock out back to see if everything was okay back there. Gary followed his dad out back. He leaned against the bay door to stay out of the pouring rain. Suddenly he thought he heard a moaning noise coming from somewhere near by. Daddy come over here. I think I heard someone moan. David came over and after a couple of minutes of hearing nothing, they both heard a soft moaning sound. Bending down together they began moving the soaking wet cardboard out of the way. It was Gary who saw the unmistakable torn up tennis shoe of the boy he met yesterday named Mattie. Daddy its him. Its Mattie. David turned and bent down and removed the rest of the cardboard off the boy. He picked him up and the two of them rushed him back inside to where Lisa was standing waiting for them to return. Lisa gasped when she saw the soaking wet boy. She felt his forehead and knew he was with high fever. The poor boy was shivering and couldn’t stop shaking. Rushing out to the car, they all got in and headed straight for the hospital. A large tree had fallen across the road cutting off their only route. They had no choice but to turn around and head back home. They pulled in the driveway and parked in the garage. As the door closed David got out and took the boy from his wife Lisa who was holding him in the back seat. He immediately took him inside to their master bathroom where he removed all the boys clothes. David removed his clothes down to his boxers and picked the boy up. He turned on the shower to a comfortable temperature and got in still holding the boy in his arms. Gary get in here and help me wash the boy. Hes names Mattie, daddy. Hurrying, Gary removed all his clothes till he was naked and then got in. Take the puffy and get it wet then add body wash to it. As carefully as you can wash Mattie’s body. Gary did as his daddy had told him and began to wash his friend Mattie’s legs then feet and belly and chest then his back and shoulders. This was all new to Gary and even though he knew Mattie was sick, his little dick started to get hard. Gary worked fast and washed Mattie’s dick and butt. David took the shower wand and rinsed Mattie off. You might as well shower also Gary. Hand me the shampoo. Gary handed his daddy the shampoo and started washing his own body. Lisa meanwhile had taken the boys clothes and checked his pockets which produced a whistle, officer Miller’s business card, one dollar and sixteen cents and a picture of a lady that Lisa knew had to be the boys mother. She put the clothes in with her sons things and started the washer. Gary finished washing his hair and got out of the shower. David was drying off Mattie and now got a closer look at the boys body. He was appalled by the marks he saw on this boy back and butt. They were healed mostly but Mattie had definitely been abused and whipped with a thin belt or switch. At that moment Lisa came back in and saw what David was looking at. She gasped at the sight. Gary looked up at that moment and also saw the Mark’s on Mattie’s body. Honey, go to your room and get two diapers and supplies out. I think it wise that we put your friend in a diaper also. Okay mommy. Gary left to go to his room and get everything ready. David how can some people be so abusive to little kids. Lisa I don’t know but Mattie’s safe for the moment. Let’s get him into a nice soft and absorbent diaper and give him some children’s tylenol pm to get his fever down. Wheres he going to sleep David? I think it’s best that he sleeps with Gary in his bed. It’s a queen size bed and the two of them are small enough that they will be very comfortable together. Lisa and David carried the boy into the room and laid him down on the towel next to the towel Gary was lying on. David and Lisa diapered the boys lovingly and soon the two boys were under covers of the sheets. Lisa came back with children’s tylenol pm and gave it to both boys. Just in case it was contagious Gary was given one also. Ten minutes later the boys were sound asleep. Mattie’s was crying in his sleep as he relived that terrible night three months ago. No no no don’t do that he shouted. One by one he watched his friends and family members killed and thrown to there deaths. Mattie was out by the pool when it began. He knew what the sound of gun fire was as he went hunting with his daddy and their friends. Mattie had ran for the outside panic room as he had been drilled to do. He made it there and through the monitoring system he watched the horrors and deaths from the safety of the room. He dialed 911 as soon as he secured the rooms hatch. But all lines were dead. Next he tried the hand held walkie talkie but only got static. The last thing he did was push the GPS global tracking beacon. It sent out a low frequency signal that couldn’t be jammed but could only be picked up by the coast guard or survival force. Mattie watched in horror as all his friends and family members were killed. They lived on the cliff side on the Olympic mountains in BC. After they were killed, the men threw them off the cliff. I was in an old granny cellar that my daddy had converted into a panic room. This particular one wasn’t on any set of plans or drawings of any type. So I knew my safety was assured. I spent two days awake watching the men searching the house. They opened all three safes. I thought that odd cause only four people knew the combinations and three of them were killed. They had been calling out my name as I was nowhere to be found but soon sleep over came me. I woke up from my nightmare by the sights of our estate grounds being searched by police officers and Canadian coast guardsmen along with other law enforcement agencies. I heard it first, the sound of digging. Then a hissing sound. Then suddenly sparks shot throught the metal hatch. I was terrified. I grabbed the 9mm hand gun from the safe and aimed it at the hatch. The hissing and sparks stopped and the hatch opened up. This flexible metal tube came into sight. It looked like something from a James bursa escort bayan Bond movie. Then a loud speaker voice told me to lower my gun. That I was safe now. Police were here. I didn’t move or drop the gun. I sat there immobile pointing my gun at the hatch. They had gotten ahold of someone they thought I could trust. Mr Henry’s. My daddies and his partners business accountant. He along with my daddy and his two best friends had grown up together. Mattie it’s me. Mr Henry’s. Your safe come on out. I fired off a round aimed at the floor while screaming at the top of my lungs. It was you. After that, they had no choice and threw a canister of sleeping gas into through the hatch. Ten minutes later I was lifted out and strapped to a stretcher in the care the Canadian Children Protection Agency. I was taken to a psychiatric hospital for children. I spent seven days there in a catatonic state. Finally I came out of it. I was disoriented and over the next few days with the help of the police and doctors I was released and put into a foster home. The doctors told the police that the terror was so great that my mind as a protection suppressed the memories. That I might never be able to recall the events. Gary was awaken by my crying and screaming. He pulled me into a hug and held me as he comforted me as best he could. I awoke several times delirious and screaming. The doctor had come and given me a shot. Gary also was given a shot as well. I vaguely remember having a diaper changed several times. Mr Porter stopped by a couple of times before I slipped back into my nightmare. The foster father I had was a drunk who drove a tractor trailer from Vancouver to Seattle four days a week. He was home on weekends. My foster mother was a kind caring person who did her best for me. But every night I would cry in my sleep. It got so bad and to the point my foster dad in a drunken rage beat me with his thin cane. This went on every night for the three nights he was home. I had enough, so on the morning that he would be leaving on his one of many cross border runs. I grabbed my few shirts and shorts and one pair of jeans that I put on. I snuck out and got in the back of his tractor trailer. I hid inside the trucks small storage room where he kept his snow chains. It was a tight fit but I made it inside with my back pack. I took my moms picture, her whistle, a box of energy bars and a bottle of water. I had ten dollars on me that I got from my foster mom. I left her a note to thank her but I couldn’t stay where I was being beaten by her husband. It was a cold journey and I thought I’d be caught at the border but the storage door hatch was never opened. We passed through a town and I opened the hatch as we slowed down. I saw off in the distance a sign board that said Wake Up Seattle 99.3 FM I knew it was time to get off. So after he stopped and got out. I quickly and quietly got out with my backpack and took off. I kept to the woods mostly to stay out of sight when I came across an empty box car with its door chained but barely opened. I managed to crawl inside after a very very tight squeeze. I actually had to remove everything from my backpack and push the items through before I myself squeezed through. I repacked my backpack and looked around. I saw that one side had several boxes and crates stacked up to the ceiling. On the other end was a bench. But after looking closer I saw that underneath you could slid the panel sideways to reveal an opened space underneath. So I crawled inside and slid the panel back. I must have fallen asleep cause when I woke up the box car was moving. By the sound of it, we were moving pretty fast. I saw day turn to night and back to day and then night again. I wished now that I had taken my watch but that was still back in Canada. The train finally stopped and it was unhooked and then the doors were opened up. All the cargo was unloaded. Soon it was dark again and I decided it was time to see where I was at. I was starving and down to my last energy bar. I got out alot easier this time and walked until I came to an all night store. I went inside and bought the special. Two hot dogs and drink for a dollar ninety nine. I paid and then ate my last energy bar. I saw a sign that said west end pier and a big arrow pointing down the gravel road I was at. I walked another thirty minutes or so when the ocean began to come into view. There I was standing on the wooden planks of the ramp that lead up to the pier. I walked out to the end of pier and just sat there looking at the nights sky. I opened my bag and ate one of the hot dogs with everything on it but after the first bite and my mouth lighting on fire. I drank some water then hastily removed those green sliced peppers that were so hot. I also took them off the other one as well. After I finished eating I picked up my trash and threw it away. As I walked back, seeing all the discarded trash on the pier upset me. So I began picking it up and when I came to a trash can I dumped it. I felt good about what I did. I never noticed the black round plastic shields with a red light coming out from them on the post above the pier. I was getting sleepy and needed a place to lay down. With the beach entrance fence closed at night, I climbed down the side of the pier with ease. I was an excellent climber as I did an awful lot of rock climbing back home. I found the perfect spot under the pier all the way in the back. The light from the street post shined in giving me enough light to see. It was also very easy to cover if I wanted to block it out. Looking around a bright color caught my eye. I crawled back into the corner and found that someone had left a beach towel and it was behind this loose panel against the wall. I was able to remove the panel and discovered a beach towel, some sun screen and a pair of flip flops. I used a rock and knocked the panel back in but made it so I could swing it out to get back inside. I laid out the towel and used my backpack as a pillow and went to sleep. The next morning I woke up and stashed all my things including my backpack. But first I took out my whistle and my mommy’s picture. I climbed back up the wall to get on the topside. A man appeared and asked me why I picked up the trash on the pier. I pointed to myself and shrugged my shoulders. He pointed up and said cameras. So did you sleep under the pier. I only nodded my head yes. Are you hungry. Again I nodded yes. I guess your not going to tell me your name? This time I shook my head side to side. Okay tell you what. If you look at this list, you’ll see that every morning I do a different job as well as pick up the piers trash. Okay I whispered looking at the man suspiciously. Well I’ll leave the items you need to do the job inside the gate. If you do the job then I’ll give you breakfast and something to snack on during the day. He stuck out his hand and I shook it. My name is Mr Porter. I half smiled The he said I owe you breakfast for what you did last night. The man shared his breakfast with me and then gave me an orange and a juice bottle along with a couple of snacks for the day. I would suggest that you go by the soup kitchen at the park at two this afternoon. They will feed you and not get to personal. Thank you, Mr Porter I said this time. Oh so you can talk. Anytime. Try to get the work finished before 8am. As I tend to get here by then. But on weekends I’m here at 630am. Okay I said as I waved goodbye. I awoke again screaming and sat straight up in the bed. Gary calmed me down as he hugged me. The lady from the bakery came rushing in after hearing me cry out. I sat there and for the first time realized I was in a really comfortable bed. I turned my head and saw this boy. Gary that’s his name. Lisa ask me how I felt. I looked into her eyes and saw nothing but warmth. It reminded me of my mommy. Tears started to drop from my eyes. The lady sat on the edge of the bed and took a tissue to wipe my tears away. I couldn’t take it anymore. I opened my arms and hugged the lady while burying my head into her chest. I cried and cried. I couldn’t stop myself. The tears flowed from me. I felt Gary slid in behind me and he hugged me as he well as cried. David came home from his teaching job at the local middle school. He peeked in to see that I had awaken and was crying my eyes out. He also sat down and wrapped his arms around us all and hugged us. Let it out Mattie. Cry out your pain. Don’t ever be embarrassed to cry. I don’t know how long I cried but it must have been along time cause I was back asleep again. The doctor came back again with good news and bad news. The good news was I had broken my fever and was on the mend. The bad news was that because of the beatings I took, my bladder had been damaged. I would be required to continue to wear diapers at night and maybe just a liner during the day. Honey we got back our approval today. Lets go ask Gary if he wouldn’t mind having a brother. Mattie was hugging Gary while asleep when David and Lisa came back in. Honey. Yes mommy. Is Mattie still asleep. Yes mommy. Lisa came over and lightly shook Mattie awake. Groggy eyes fluttered opened. Mattie honey. Can you wake up. David and I want to ask you boys something. Today we got approved to be foster parents. Gary what would you say if we asked Mattie to let us be his foster parents. Gary threw back the sheets and jumped up into his daddy’s arms yelling yippie. I heard what they had just said but it didnt really sink in. Lisa looked down at the fragile tear stained face boy. What do you say Mattie, would you let us become part of your life. To love you, help you up when you fall, to always be there to listen to what you have to say, to teach you and show you many wonderful things. Mattie listened as a new batch of tears flowed down his face. He got up out of bed and ran the two steps to Lisa who held opened arms for her new son Mattie. After a few minutes Mattie stopped and looked up at them. What do I call you. Well nothing would please me more than for you to call my mommy and David daddy but from your nightmares and all your talking you did in your sleep. We know the horrors that you lived through. So you can call me Lisa and this man David. I’m sorry but I can’t do that. My mommy as I said that tears appeared but I finished the sentence. My mommy wouldn’t approve or my daddy either. What’s your last name. Boyd Then for now, I’ll call you Mr. Boyd and Mrs. Boyd What about me Gary said. I’ll call you Gary or my brother as I never had one. Mattie hugged Gary and kissed him on the cheek. This caused Gary to blush red. Okay Mattie, do you feel up to eating breakfast at the table with your new family. Yes Mrs. Boyd Okay how are the two of your diapers holding up. Oh were good mommy. That true Mattie. You heard my brother Mrs. Boyd. He speaks the truth. Never doubted it for a moment. So Lisa and David went into the kitchen to cook the family breakfast. I’m sure the boys are hungry after only eating broth and toast the last few days. Let’s do scrambled eggs, pancakes, sausage and bacon with toast. I’ll get out OJ and milk. Gary can I ask you a question? Sure Mattie. Do you know all of what your mommy and daddy heard me say? Well Mattie, I know some of it but I also know that daddy recorded most of everything you said except for the first part where you talked about the shootings. He got some of that. Mattie, I’m really sorry that you lost your whole family and friends the way you did. I promise to be the bestest friend and brother that I can ever be. I’ll never tell your secrets or betray you in anyway. Thank you Gary, Mattie said as he kissed him this time right on the lips. Gary was taken back by this momentarily but then pressed his lips back against Mattie’s. The two boys walked to the kitchen holding hands which didn’t go unnoticed by the parents. With the table set Lisa told everyone at the table her happiness that Mattie had been bought to them. Mattie squeezed Gary’s hand. Everyone dug in to the food on the table. Gary was full after one plate as was his mommy. David had a plate and a half. Now with all of them full, they sat back and watched Mattie eat and eat and eat. This boy ate all the rest of the bacon and sausage. escort bursa The four pancakes were next followed by the rest of the scambled eggs. Then Mattie spread the strawberry preserves on the last three slices of toast and ate them. He next finished off his OJ and milk and had one more full glass of milk. Finally finished Mattie let out a loud long lasting burp. David laughed. I don’t know where you put all that food at but it’s a good thing we both work. Mattie looked up and said he was sorry that he ate all the food. That he was very hungry. David went around the table and kneeled down next to Mattie. Mattie you can eat all the food you want to eat. I was just joking with you. I didn’t intend in hurting your feelings son. Mattie leaned forward and hugged Mr. Boyd. Okay. Now the two of you go and shower. Then Gary let Mattie put on some of your clothes. Were all going over to sign the paperwork to officially become Mattie’s foster parents. Then we will go do some clothes shopping and pick up some groceries. The boys walked a little slowly back to their shared bedroom while holding hands. They stripped out of their diapers and put them in to the diaper pail. Mattie adjusted the water to be on the cooler side and got in. Gary stepped in and instantly jumped out. That’s to cold Mattie. Here let me turn it up just a little. The two boys compromised and soon both were in the shower together. They washed their own bodies but kept sneaking looks at each others private areas. Gary was the first to finally look and stare down at Mattie’s dick. He noticed that Matties dick wasn’t the same as his. What’s that skin at the end of your dick Gary asked. My daddy, Trying to hold back tears. I’m sorry Mattie, forget about it No it’s okay. I just really really miss them. My daddy told me it’s my foreskin. But most people get it cut off at birth. That must have been what my parents did to me. The boys finished washing their body and hair. They rinsed off and got out. Once dried they combed their hair. Gary loaned Mattie his toothbrush so he could brush his teeth. Gary got the diapers and supplies out and called his daddy to tell him they were ready to get diapered. David came in and found the two boys laying naked on a towel each ready for him to diaper them. I want you two to pay attention. I’m going to teach you how to diaper each other. But daddy I like it when you diaper me. I’m sure that Mattie also likes it too. I’ll still diaper you boys if you want me to. I just think it’s a good idea that you both know how it’s done. Gary get down here and watch me. So Gary got up and helped his daddy. Wipe, oil, slide diaper under his new brothers butt. Then he powdered Mattie everywhere that the diaper would touch skin. Okay Gary, when you go to pull the diaper through your brothers legs to tape up. Make sure to point his dick down like this. Then pull the tabs over snuggly attaching the tabs to the front of the diaper. After all tabs are secure. Your all done. If the diaper still feels loose. Just untab and pull tighter until it’s a nice snug fit. Okay you two. Get dressed and come downstairs when your ready. Honey how are the boys doing? Good, I just showed them how to diaper each other. You think that they are old enough David. Yes I do and I think they are getting to the age that they might want to do it themselves. Lisa went and packed the diaper bag for the boys just in case. Up in the room Gary gave Mattie one of his gymnastic leotards to wear over his diaper. He explained that it helps keep your diaper hidden and unnoticeable by others. Okay Mattie said but I wouldn’t care if someone knew. It’s something that I can’t help according to the doctor They then put on baggie shorts and a tye dye t-shirt. Gary’s shoes were to big for Mattie so he put on his old ripped ones. The boys were ready to come downstairs but Mattie was freaking out as he couldn’t find his mommy’s picture. Gary called down from the top of the stairs. Mommy where’s Mattie’s picture. Lisa came up and showed Mattie where she put it. Mrs Boyd. Do you think I can get a frame for her picture today. Of course sweetie. Everyone loaded up into the Subaru SUV and headed out. First stop was Foot Locker to get Mattie new shoes. Mattie was told to get any pair he wanted. Gary grabbed Mattie’s hand and headed towards the kids section. Thirty minutes later Mattie came back with two boxes of shoes. David paid and noticed that Mattie had gotten two pairs for the price of one. Next they went across the street to the Mall. They stopped at several kids clothing stores to get Mattie outfits. Mattie kept picking out all the deals on clothes. Mattie if there’s anything that you want. Just get it. You don’t need to keep buying the lowest price clothes. In the end. Mattie got cartoon underwear, colored tshirts, pants, jeans, shorts, a couple of swim suits, a rain coat. Gary wanted to go to the gymnastics store to get Mattie his own leotards to wear over his diapers. While looking around, Gary’s gymnastics Coach Mr Buttons came over to say hello. How’s our little star doing this summer. You staying in shape over the summer Gary. Hi coach. I’ve been kind of busy helping my new brother get settled in. Oh new brother. Hi David. Hi Lisa. Hi Paul. I’d like you to meet Mattie. He’s our foster son. Good to meet you Mattie. Are you going to be joining Gary for tryouts next month. I looked at the man and skirted over behind Me Boyd. Did I say something wrong? No Paul, Mattie’s still getting settled in. But we will see about that possibility. Daddy can we go to the arcade for a while. Sure boys. Here’s $10 Come on Mattie, Gary said grabbing his hand and running off towards the arcade. Is there anything that I can do to help out Coach Buttons asked. No Paul. Matties just going through a difficult time in his young life. I appreciate your concern. We will see if he’s interested in trying out for the team. I think it’s best if we leave it to Gary’s judgement. Good seeing you all again. Gary got tokens from the machine and gave half to Mattie. They each played the same games trying to outscore the other one. Then Mattie saw a shooting game. He went over to it and watched others play it. He waited patiently for his turn but the older kids kept cutting in front of him. This man with two boys was watching his kids play the car racing game besides the shooting game. He saw that every time the game ended that the boy was pushed aside. The man was finally fed up with this treatment. So after the next person lost he stepped forward and stopped a boy from cutting off the little kid. What are you doing old man? The boy said. I’m letting this little boy play the game that all of you have been cutting him off from playing. Now all of you are going to let him shoot. And your going to stop all of us. What seems to be the trouble here Mr Boyd asked. Hi David. It seems that these older boys aren’t wanting to let this younger boy play the shooting game. So I stepped in to give the little boy a try. Then they challenged me by asking who was I to think that I could stop them. Grinning Mr Boyd turned and looked at the boys. Guys I think you should know, that Mr Stevens here was Golden Gloves Boxing Champion four years straight. He was also the lightweight champion for six years before retiring three years ago. And if I understand correctly both his sons are ranked one and two in the 13 and younger age group. They are nine and ten. The boys eyes got big thinking about what damage this man could’ve done if he needed to. Okay son. Go for it. Mattie turned to the kind man. Thank you very much sir for your help but I would have waited. You didn’t need to step in. I would have been okay. Such a sweet boy. Where’s your parents by the way. I turned away as I teared up. But the older boys saw me start to cry. Look he’s a cry baby. Mr Boyd stepped up and hugged me. It’s okay Mattie. Cry if you want to. They don’t know the pain that your suffering. If they had any idea they’d also feel your pain. Did I say something wrong David? No Paul, you didn’t know. It’s okay. Come on Mattie let’s see you shoot. Mattie used his shirt to wipe away his tears. He put in the two tokens needed to play. I bet he doesn’t even get a target. Yes the little kid probably can’t even pass the first level. Mattie picked up the gun and saw the site meter come up to let him sight in the gun. His first shot was upper left. He adjusted the sight. His second shot was slight up right above the target. He adjusted once more and hit a bullseye on his third shot. The alarm sounded and 1000 points were awarded. Hey, how did he get points for that? Yes none of us have ever gotten points for the first three shots. Mattie just smiled. A new screen came up with moving targets. The counter said eight. Ding went the first target. Then the next and next and soon the counter was down to one with one target left. Ding the last target went down. The score was now 17,900. A new high school. The screen went blank and a skeet shot came up. The gun changed to shotgun. Ten clay targets one at a time. Mattie easily got the first four moving clay targets. Then the screen flipped over two double clay targets launched. Mattie fired off two shots and bought both down. Four more shots and all clay targets were gone. New score was now 38,590. The older boys were stunned by the fact that this kid was killing this game. The screen blinked and the next screen came up. None of the boys had ever scene any of these screens this boy was now shooting at. Gary had come up and noticed a crowd had formed around the shooting game but couldn’t get close enough to see who was playing it The next screen was five really small targets. The counter was on five. Ding, ding, ding, ding and ding. New score was 57,480 Screen didn’t blink but five more targets came up. These were mere dots on the screen. About the size of a pencil. Ding, ding, ding, ding and ding. New score 73,635. The screen blinked and flashed then numbers one through ten started flashing and moving around the screen. The counter said ten. One was hit. Two was hit. Three was hit. Four was hit. Five was hit. Six was hit. Seven was hit. Eight was hit. Nine was hit. The score was 99,990. Mattie fired the last shot and heard the ding. He turned and put the gun back in the holster cause he knew this would reset the sight back to being off. The games siren went off and the lights started flashing. The final score was 00000. You Won was flashing across the screen. Mattie was crying his eyes out. No one understood why. No one teased him about it or said anything cause everyone was still stunned from his shooting didplay. He put his arms out for Mr Boyd who picked him up. Mattie buried his head in his chest and asked if they could go home. The crowd parted as the man carried the boy out. Gary saw his daddy appear from the crowd carrying Mattie in his arms. What’s the matter daddy. I’m not sure son. But we need to get Mattie home. Mr Boyd along with Gary met up with Lisa at the front entrance where she was sitting down talking with a couple of her friends. Honey we need to head home. Lisa is that your foster son? Yes Mary. Call me if there’s anything I can do. Same here Lisa, Anna said. I was put in the back seat next to Gary. Mr Boyd loaded the back of the SUV as Lisa got in the passenger seat. I closed my eyes and from all the stress I have had the past few days totally exhausted me. I fell asleep in the SUV. We got home and I was carried into the house and laid down on the couch. Someone changed my diaper and bought me upstairs to put me in bed. Gary had his mommy change his diaper for him before heading up to his room. He folded all the clothes and put them in the dresser. Then he hung up the other clothes that needed to be. Gary came back down stairs and sat at the kitchen counter where his mommy had fixed him a hit coco. Daddy why was Mattie crying in your arms? Gary I truly don’t know why. He was playing that shooting game and half way through he started crying. After he shot the last target and the lights and sirens sounded, he holstered the gun. Then he reached his arms up for me to carry him. You mean it was Mattie that best the game? Yes baby. Well that ends chapter one. I’ll be sticking to this story as I continue two others. 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