Subject: Sex Merit Badges Chapter 10 All the usual disclaimers apply. If this material is illegal where you live, stop reading now ! Hey guys. Think about all the young Boy Scouts reading and jacking off to these posts on Nifty. They are getting some hot ideas about the sexy things they can do with other Scouts and their Scoutmaster. Donate for those young and horny studs. http : // donate . . org / donate . html. Please send me constructive comments to hoo. Thanks. Guys! Sex Merit Badges 10 I finally finished my service project to get to Eagle. I organized donated building materials and a work crew of dads and Scouts to build a library and teen hangout Area at the local Boys and Girl’s Club. We knocked it out over one weekend and had a good time. The Club Director was ecstatic. My Eagle Court of Honor was very well attended and pretty cool. At 16, I was the youngest Eagle ever in our Troop. Beside being Senior Patrol Leader, I had my God and Country Award and was Vigil, the top level in Order of the Arrow. I wore a merit badge sash covered in colorful patches. But I was most proud of the merit badges that had no patches and were never spoken of outside our Troop. I earned then taught younger Scouts every one: Sex Merit Badges. I was most proud of those. Jacking Off distance & volume / Killer Blow Jobs: Getting & Giving / Cum Eating / Cum Nutrition and Butt Stuff that consists of Hygiene, Prostate Massage / Hands Free Cum Shots and Basic Buttfucking: Giving @ Receiving. We also taught the Scouts Condom Awareness for pregnancy and disease prevention. My parents were up front by Buck our Scoutmaster. And Mr. P. His assistant. The entire troop attended As did quite a few OA guys. I even spotted Cubmaster Joe karabük escort and his son Ben sitting next to Webelos Dad Dave and his 10 year old boy, Jerry. The boys smiled and waved at me as I walked on the stage. There were Color Guards, flags and awards and speeches, standing ovations and photos. Once it was over, my parents and I stood in a receiving line to receive congrats and handshakes from Scouts and others. And then it was finally over. My mom and dad drove home and I drove my little pickup out to Buck’s farm for the Invitation Only After Party he told me about this afternoon. I was curious and excited. My Scoutmaster showed me around his barn before the guests arrived. Two horses and a couple of calves stood in their stalls and square bales of hay were stacked all over. Many were covered with Horse blankets. Several wooden paddles and leather masks were there. And many plastic bottles of lube seemed to be all over the place. Buck pointed out soft rings for ring toss and corn hole boxes with bean bags. He showed me a plywood gloryhole box he made. 6 padded holes. Max capacity inside of 3 cocksuckers. Next he pointed out three low chair things with toilet Seats. He called them Rim Seats. Oh. Ok. I get it. Fuck yeah. Gotta try that ! There was a small platform, stage area and next to that, a leather sling was suspended in a sturdy metal frame. Oh wow. I’ve heard of Sex slings but had never seen one in real life. This party could get wild ! I wondered who was on the guest list ? Buck wouldn’t tell me but he did say I should wait in the feed room until he came to get me. I sat on an overturned bucket and waited for the guests to arrive. After about half an hour, Buck led me from karaman escort the feed room to the small stage. I looked out over a good crowd friendly men and boys of Scouting. These were My Guys. And I was horny to take off my Scout uniform up here in front of these hot dads and their sons. After I stripped completely, I put my folded uniform in a black trash big and raised my arms up and flexed. Then I started dabbing to the supportive laughs and cheers of the guys. My 6.5 inches of cock, were rock hard and leaking sweet precum like a mother fucker. “Guys, I really appreciate you coming to my Eagle Scout Court of Honor. And I’m gonna really appreciate you cumming all over this Eagle Scout Tonight ! Now, get naked so we can get our Suck and Fuck on. GO !” Upon entering the barn, each guy was given a plastic trash bag to store his clothes. Soon, scores of hot, fit men, teens and boys were completely naked and boned to the max. Let the Games Begin ! A loud and steady drumbeat filled the barn. War cries, Whoops and shouts broke the night air as three members of our Troop’s Plains Indian Dance Team danced naked in a tight circle. Senior Scouts and my fellow Sex Merit Badge Counselors, Jerry, Dennis and Kent worked up a sweat, their big cocks and balls flopping wildly as the guys danced in the center of the big barn. Jose had his younger bro Miguel bent over a bale of hay, as he used a wooden frat boy paddle to warm up his hairy brown ass. The Cubs, Ben and Jerry were lying on their backs on a horse blanket, their hard little dicks pointing up. They laughed as their dads tossed soft rings at their spikes. I was excited a hot Explorer Scout, Nick P. challenged me to a game of Corn Hole. This guy kars escort was hot. Just my type. Age 20 to me 16. 6.2. 150 pounds. Cool, big black hair. Best part. 8 inches of. Cut cock. Nick told me the Winner of Corn Hole gets to pick Rimmer or Rimmee. I think I win either way. Luke and Andy were on the Rim Chairs getting their tight young asses eaten out energetically by two dads under the chairs. Hot. Buck and 5 dads pressed their bodies up against the Gloryhole Box with big, shit eating grins on their father faces. Cubs Ben and Jerry and 12 year old Scout Cimarron entered the suck box giggling and ready to get their suck on. Fuck yeah, little dudes ! All around us, frisky naked guys, men and boys, many fathers and sons, were going at it, having horny fun. A few guys were making out but it was mostly sucking and rubbing, spanking and wanking. Nick and I gave that Rim Chair a real work out, licking and tongue fucking each other’s tight young and tasty assholes. Our loud grunts and moans attracted a crowd. I fuckin’ love to have an audience when I’m naked, boned up and doing sex. It’s the best. Every guy must try it. Younger the better. Fuck yeah ! They tried but the rim chairs beside Nick and me did not work for them. So the Cubmaster and Webelos dad put their cute sons up on a bale of hay. Side by side. Their cute little Cub Scout asses up and their backs arched. It was so fuckin’ wild to watch the naked dads chow down on hot boy butthole, eating their boys’ tender flesh like starving wild animals. The boys squealed with lusty pleasure. Almost every guy in the barn watched this profane father / son incest scene. After the wild Rimming, dads Dave and Joe made a big show of lubing up their fingers and penetrating and stretching those two tight boy holes. Oh my god. Were the dads gonna fuck their sons in the sling while all of us watched and stroked our cocks and pinched our nipples ? I hope so ! Please send constructive comments to me at hoo. Thanks, guys !

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