Subject: Sexual Adventures 3 & 4 TRUE SEXUAL ADVENTURES By Rev. Jesse Penfield Gibson, MDiv, DMin DISCLAINER: The following is based on true experiences. It consists of consensual sexual experiences between consenting adults, including barebacking and other unsafe practices. All episodes are homosexual between gay men. None involve romance of any sort. If this offends you, stop reading. If you find homosexuality erotic, I hope you enjoy. THREE POCKET GAY Island House, Key West There was a Bone Island Bare It All party, no clothing permitted, at La Te Da, restaurant, bar and hotel. I went with my new friend Bert. He wore a long shirt that hung down below his ass, a pair of shoes and nothing else. I had on shorts and a shirt but went commando. It’s about 9 blocks down Fleming to Duval and then probably another 9 blocks to La Te Da. We were on Duval when I noticed them. Two boys in the crowd crossing at Truman Ave with the light, moving fast, going in our general direction. Both were in their early 20’s. The taller one, not bad looking, was a bit chubby. It was the other one that caught my eye. I guess you could describe him as a pocket gay, short and thin and cute as a button. I hoped but didn’t expect that they were going where we were going. As it happened, they were. The chubby one was packing some heat. He had a hell of a piece of meat. I think he must have been deaf. They communicated by sign language. The other boy I took for having normal hearing. It may not have been true but it was my notion. The pocket gay wasn’t buffed or ripped or anything, but he didn’t have an ounce of fat on him. He was skin, muscle and bone. And a nice ass. I was happy to look at him naked. We didn’t make contact that night. They were a fair bit younger than me and I don’t want to be the creepy old man even if I don’t mind looking. As my new friend Bert says, “eye candy doesn’t give you diabetes.” The music was loud and no one was dancing. After a while, I left and went back and got laid. The next day, those two were hanging around the pool. Naked, of course. The little one was sweet. I doubt he broke 5’4″ and couldn’t have been a hundred pounds. But he was a man, All the equipment in the right place and fortunately not shaved down completely. He trimmed but that was all. I tried not to get hard thinking about him bouncing up and down on my dick. That was a nice fantasy image. But I was pretty sure nothing was going to happen. After a while, I drifted up to the sundeck, a cocktail in my hand. It was hot and it was humid and the place was crowded with naked men. How am I to complain but places to lay down were at a premium. I found one in the back corner, read my book, drank my cool fruity fag drink and occassionally gave the merchandise a quick once over. Finally, hot and sweaty, I went back to my room, just a few steps from the sundeck. It was cool inside and I was sticky all over. The TV was playing porn, of course, the channel on from before. I thought I would just walk down to the video lounge and see what was up before I took a shower. I smeared some lube on my hands, gathered a towel around my waist, barely covering my semihard dick and headed out for the walk of shame to the video lounge. Of course, almost every guy here goes sometime, so it isn’t that much of a shame. There was an orgy going on in the dark space outside the video lounge. I ankara escort was attracted my movement and by sound, not by sight. It is a black space. This is anonymous sex. It’s like a moth to the flame. I go in. I am being groped. Hands are on my ass. Someone pulls on my dick, steadily stiffening. I don’t even know what happened to my towel. I am naked, hard and surrounded by men, horny and immoral. God, it’s great, Fuck the towel. I’ll get another. A wet mouth on my dick. I can’t see who it is. I am kissing someone. He has a beard. I am stroking a dick. I don’t know if it’s the guy I am kissing or not. Then I feel a body pressed up against me from the back. His hard dick slides up between my ass cheeks. I don’t stop him but I don’t encourage it either. The person sucking my dick stops. He stands up and is facing me. My eyes have accomodated to the darkness some. I can see a bit. There are about a dozen guys all jammed in together. The one in front of me is short. I am six one but he is short, and I mean short. He leans over, his ass toward me. I grab my dick, maneuver and slide it into his greased hole. All the way in. As far as I know, I am using another man’s cum as lube. Who can say? Who fucking cares? I have my pole crammed all the way in him, his ass muscles twitching around it. I put my hands on his hips and slide nearly the fuck out and stab him again all the way in. He is bony. He is very skinny and short and I knew who he is. My little pocket gay getting fucked by the mean old man. Skin on skin, I pulled his tight little body next to mine, more muscular and fair bit hairer, wrapping him totally up in my arms as I sodomize him with short stabbing strokes. I wonder where his boyfriend is, the deaf one. Maybe he was the one dry humping me. He’s around here though. I sense that pocket gay is the adventurous type and he isn’t going to be with someone who can’t play. It’s too bad I can’t see the boyfriend as I fuck this nice little ass. That would be perfect. Pocket gay doesn’t say anything. There is groaning and moaning and grunting all round me, maybe from him but maybe not. It doesn’t matter. I am horned up and fucking hard. I am enjoying it. I wanted this boy, at least in a vague way, and now I got him. He pushes back against me as I fuck him. He likes to get fucked hard. Trust me, this ass has been fucked before. Of course, I’ve seen the tool the boyfriend has, so I’m a good sized but not as big as he is used to. Then, all to soon, I feel it stirring in me. I could slow down but I don’t want to. I just fuck him harder. It’s building and I don’t want it to stop. Then, it’s too late. There is nothing I can do except to fucking go to town. I bang the shit out of him, hard and strong strokes as the cum builds up, the horniness overwhelms me. He is like a fucking rag doll as I do him. Then, in a blinding flash, it happens. I explode inside him, spewing my cream up in his ass. Finished, I leave. It took 10 minutes, maybe, all told. But it was a fucking great 10 minutes. That is an efficient way to get off. As it happened, I never saw pocket gay or his boyfriend again, not even at Saloon One that night for the no clothing permitted party. Which is too bad. But, I got his ass one time and that was cool. FOUR DRUNK BOYS Island House, Key West This happened during Bone Island Bare It All too. It was after the first çankaya escort night, the “Greet the Meat” party. poolside at Island House. I was horny, of course I was horny, but not bad. I know that I had all ready gotten laid once that day, maybe twice, so it wasn’t like I has desperate or anything. But it was one am, only 10 degrees cooler than during the day but just as humid. I wasn’t particularly sleepy and, honestly, I thought a good fuck might make me tired. I wandered around the pool, there was a quartet making out in the shallow end. On the sundeck, dark and still, there was a threesome going at it. So, everybody is getting fucking laid around here. If you’re up, you’re at it, it seems. I wanted my piece too. I took the towel off from around my waist. What the fuck am I hiding anyway? On the second floor, I am standing outside. Two options: through the red door to the video lounge or down the stairs to the indoor jacuzzi and the saunas. Back in November, on my first trip, those were happening spots. My week long friends from then, Chris and Don, fucked me silly in the dry sauna on the sole chilly day back then. And I sat in the jacuzzi with them and a couple they were friends with that were staying at another place, just visiting. The younger of the two of that couple was a beefy, muscular guy with a full beard that was sex on wheels. Chris and Don hinted at my availability and lack of sexual morality. They ended up back in my room, the younger one fucking me missionary while his older lover masturbated, watching us until he came in my mouth and on my face. Now, that’s a good memory. But now it is July and hot as fuck. Who needs a fucking sauna when the whole place is a sauna? I open the red door. The change in air pressure sucks the heavy plastic slats outward, making a rustling noise. That’s how you know in the video room that someone is coming in. If you are alone, the sounds gives the hope for company. If you are engaged, maybe a spectaor to watch or a new person to join in. I walked up the hall, naked and hard. Just as I turned the corner, two boys fell out of the video lounge. through the plastic slats, nearly hitting the wall opposite. They were drunk. They were also naked. Twenty somethings, no more than 25 though. Broad shouldered, narrow hip, flat bellies with a 6 pack, hairless, both brown haired, neither with facial hair. “Damn,” one of them said, punching the other in the arm, “that’s a fucking dick, Daddy” I nod and shrug but don’t respond verbally. Once upon a time, I worried I had a small dick. Every guy does. The first few to tell me back in the day, I thought they were just trying to make me feel better. Now I know I am above average. I’m not the biggest guy in the world, not even close. But I have enough to fill an ass up. “Suck him” the second says to the first. He falls to his knees and takes me in. A blowjob from a hot twink right there in the middle of the hall. What’s so fucking bad about being gay, I wonder? The boyfriend has his hands all over my ass as his lover services my pole. Somebody pushes past us, wrapped in a towel, stopping to look for a second at the action. It doesn’t stop the boys, they are well lit, and I like the attention. The one on his knees stands up. “Fuck him, Daddy. Stick that big dick in his ass.” says the other The boyfriend stumbles to the wall, presses up against kızılay escort it and sticks his ass out. I don’t grease up or anything, deciding to use the spit as lube. Turns out, though, he’s well greased. Who knows how many loads he’s all ready taken but he going to have one more. I bend at the knees, angle my dick and shove it. All the way. It feels fucking amazing. I grab ahold of his chest and pull myself closer, feeling his perfect young skin and tight, lean body. He bounces back against my dick, wanting me to drive in him. His partner slaps me on the ass and falls backwards, landing on his ass and cackling loudly. They are fucking wasted, both of them. “Fuck him hard, Daddy. Fuck him with that big dick. He likes it hard” the one on his ass calls out. He is hard, stroking it as his boyfriend gets plowed. “You like it hard?” I say to the one. He struggles away though, pulling away and stumbling down the hall toward his boyfriend. “Come to the room,” he slurs. “You can fuck us both, fuck us hard” I shrug. Why not? I know I am taking advantage of it but it doesn’t stop me. But they only made it half way down the hall to the door before both of them fall on their ass. They are so drunk they can’t even stand up. But one of them just spreads his legs a little and pats his ass. He is on his stomach, ass in the air, and I mount him right there in the hallway, red light beaming down. Bareback I go into his ass, his boyfriend sitting down on the ground, cackling with laughter. Someone had to step over us to get out as I fucked him and another guy did to come in. Neither stopped us. He stirred to life below me. “I gotta puke” he said, getting up and rushing out. I don’t know if it was rape or not. I guess it was. Neither of them was sober enough to give consent, not really. But nobody stopped me and I don’t regret it. You can’t claim to be an innocent at the Island House. They knew what the risks were. I didn’t help them get back to their room either. I went back into the video lounge, sucked a little dick but ended up leaving frustrated. I was almost to the door when the one boy, not the one I fucked that had to puke but the other, came in. He didn’t say a word. He put his hand on my chest, pushed me backwards and then led me into the dark area. He got in the middle of the floor, on all fours, ass up and I mounted him without a word. He was drunk but he came back to get it. Maybe poor judgement, certainly poor poor judgment fueled by alcohol and pot, but he’s grown. He’s not a virgin and he is not pure as the driven snow. He wants to get fucked and he will. I push it past his sphincter into the soft bed of his rectum, wiggle it, put some motion, enjoy the sensation of tight ass squeezing my cock. He is sober enough to keep moving, to maximize his own pleasure. I don’t know how two bottom boys survive together but this one definitely wants it. I pound him. Hard. Fast. He likes it. He wants. I hold him close to me and just go at it. He is grunting, louder, telling me harder and harder. I see motion in the semi-darkness. His cries have attracted other predators. The grunts turn to whimpers as he gets what he wants. I feel it too. It feels good. Nasty, dirty, immoral and wonderful. I just fuck him for all I am worth. I feel hands on me. I make out guys jacking themselves. Go for it. I am. I fuck him hard and then, in a blaze of glory, I unload in his little twink ass. When I was done, there was another man to take my place. I stuck around, though. Six more men gave him a load before I got a second chance. I left after that but he was going strong, taking all comers.

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