Smoking Paradise Island


This long read (sorry) smoking fetish story came about from reading ‘Smokers Island’ by Smokesingdance that is found for free elsewhere on the net. It has not resemblance to their story, but it was the source for the idea.

What happens when you set up a tropical island inhabited by only people who smoke, and they want to smoke a lot!

Feedback would be appreciated, but of course not expected. There is more to this world, if people are interested.

Smoking Paradise Island– A Breathless New World

Chapter 1- “Twixmas”

Mike Stephenson walked over from his study to the kitchen table ducking his dark brown hair from the red tinsel hanging down from the door frame singing a Christmas song to himself and then moved the ashtray on the kitchen table with half a dozen stubbed out butts in it slightly to the side with his finger and placed his tablet down in front of his slim blonde wife, Carrie-Ann to show he had been researching ideas for their 10th anniversary holiday.

“Darling, how about this as an adult holiday destination for you, I mean us darling?” he mused.

She raised her blonde plucked eyebrow and studied the screen for a second and licked her lips, then drew on her Marlboro red, exhaled a cone out the side of her mouth, licked her lips from side to side then flicked her ash and then looked down and focused on the screen.

Carrie-Ann smiled and chuckled, as she read the page, and then again drew on her cigarette and as she exhaled, she scrolled further down.

A tropical island setting, 30 years in the building, come for a weeks unrestricted smoking holiday, want to stay for a lifetime, enjoy our dedicated freedom without boundaries*-

*except for NO under 18’s

She smiled “Darling, this all very nice, but I don’t want to go on a drunken hedonistic 18-30 weekend with you, I know we are not that far past 30, we are no longer teenagers? And I am certainly not old enough for a midlife crisis, unless you are buying me a soft top car for my birthday?” she happily grinned, and puppy dog eyed him “Plus I certainly don’t want to be getting sand in places I shouldn’t!” She cheekily stuck her tongue out at Mike and then paused to draw on her cigarette, “and I actually darling, I still very much love you!” Carrie-Ann exclaimed as she exhaled with a smile as the smoke tumbling out of her mouth and then out of her nose, her voice an octave lower than you would anticipate coming from her from a distance, young-looking face. If you got close, you would see the years of smoking aging her skin.

Mike smiled and then blew her a kiss; his shoulders sank a little “I thought it might mean you are actually happy with the idea of being away? You know nobody telling you where you can and can’t smoke? No clothing, no heating, and darling just think of all over suntan!”

Carrie pulled another cigarette out of the pack and chain lit it with two powerful drags, and after exhaling again she sipped her now cold coffee and winced “As long as smoking is all that it is about, we can think about it!” and held her head high and drew deeply, her cheeks collapsing again around her cigarette locked between her pink lips and then exhaled a gentle cloud of smoke, she looked down at the tablet continued reading.

“Oh darling, there are no really long flights involved, just a smoke friendly cruise! That is a bonus!” Carrie-Ann mused as she re-tucked a stray blonde hair behind her right ear, her little gold and diamond stud earing glistening under the spot ceiling lights as she looked down at the tablet.

Enjoy the exclusive way to the island, a one-night, two-day smoke-filled cruise!

Mike tentatively asked raising an eyebrow “Shall I continue to research it hon?”

Carrie-Ann rubbed her lips together and grinned “Yes you can email them, and whilst you are at it tell them I could do a better job with their logos and website!” she grinned and then exhaled her large cloud of smoke. Mike leaned forwards and picked up her coffee cup and sipped it, and then smiled. “Excellent, I will see how much it costs. But I won’t be quite so forward on your job hunting…”

“Thanks darling, also when you have finished and get a second can you also go out the back and chat to Arnold… we have just had our Christmas turkey soup, it must be bloody freezing out there and look,” she said pointing with her cigarette through their bi-fold doors on to their secluded garden “he is out there pruning the bloody boundary hedge again. There were no bloody leaves on it before Christmas!”

Mike laughed “Gracie must be out sales shopping” he smiled and kissed his wife neck “He can look, but I can touch!” he grinned and slowly cupped her small breasts squishing and rubbing her erect nipples between his index and middle fingers as he kissed her neck again.

She moaned and wiggled “That is lovely darling” she moaned happily again, “but, you should go and look up that holiday darling, I want to have warm summer thoughts for the next six months!” kaynarca escort she tilted her held back and pulled again on her cigarette.

Mike let go, mid inhale and squeezed her shoulders affectionately “we’ve got the heating up full, how much warm thoughts do you need?” he asked jokingly.

“Ha bloody Ha, okay, I want to tell the office I am fucking off for two weeks.”

Mike laughed to himself “Caz, you only go in once a week?” he joshed and then turned pottered back to the study leaving Carrie-Ann with her head leaning on palm of her hand with her cigarettes, cold coffee, naked at the kitchen table in a cloud of her own exhaled smoke.


“Caz, darling?” Mike shouted out from the study.

“Yeeahh?” Carrie-Ann slowly growled back and then loudly coughed and naturally again drew on her cigarette.

“They have got availability for that week in June! It’s also not too expensive!”

“Are you sure it’s not a con, it’s a lot money to lose?” Carrie-Ann asked as she groaned slightly as she exhaled and uncross her legs and levered herself off the sofa where she had recently settled with a cigarette and another coffee, her small frame padded around towards the study, her green opal belly button pendant swinging side to side against her flat, untoned soft stomach as she walked.

She hovered behind and inhaled on her cigarette as Mike continued scrolling on the computer.

“Darling, I’ve checked Twitter and Facebook! There are several of great reviews; no mobile phones, no Wi-Fi, complete bliss, according to this many have bought houses there, as they don’t want to leave!”

“Wow, you don’t need to shout, I’m here!” she deeply growled as the dangled cigarette bounced as she placed her hands on his firm muscular shoulders.

“Look at the photos, each cabin has access to the beach, and rather than exciting and expensive watersports of windsurfing, scuba diving or sailing, they just offer free cigarettes and alcohol instead, they say here you are more than welcome to sit on the beach for the two weeks though!”

Carrie-Ann snorted “scuba?” she giggled “I don’t think my poor lungs would be in any condition to do that now, I did enjoy it a few years ago mind you…” she frowned and sniffed at the memory of her younger years “…however I can expertly do just sitting naked in the sun on the beach.” She smiled at that thought and then dragged hard on the cigarette securely fastened between her lips.

Mike rolled his eyes and squeezed his wife’s hand “You would look gorgeous doing so darling!” he smiled and tensed his shoulders where her hand was as he continued scrolling through several professional high-definition pictures of the tropical island.

“If you are sure Mike?”

Mike looked at his wallet, and back at the screen, “Yes, you will, let’s do it Darling!” as hovered the mouse over the green book icon.

Chapter 2- A Saturday Morning Six Months Later

“I wonder which one of these is ours?” Carrie-Ann mused out loud as they slowly walked side by side along the modern concrete quayside looking at the large white cruise ships and boats in dock, Carrie was wearing a short white floaty summer dress with large red flowers, with brown leather sandals on her feet, whilst Mike was in his red checked shirt and blue tailored shorts and brown loafers both dragging their ‘his and hers’ matching suitcases which were bouncing along on the rough floor behind them.

“Err, it won’t be one of these huge ones!” Mike said looking at the large monstrosity of a cruise ship towering above them, trying to bring a sense of scale to the holiday.

Carrie-Ann looked on slightly crestfallen, “Are you sure those do look like a lot of fun, a proper cruise!”

“We are looking for quay G8! This is G4, so it must be around the corner.” He said with confidence.

“I hope it is not too far, as you said Darling that there wouldn’t be any need for any strenuous exercise. We parked miles away.” Carrie-Ann said glancing back from where they walked from, before pausing to rearrange her dress which the gusts of wind funnelling down between the vast hulls of the larger cruise liners had started to lift and flash her naked butt cheeks as she walked along. As she was stationary, she opened her purse and retrieved a cigarette and lighter and sheltered the cigarette between her hands and lit it. “Ah, that’s better!” she said smiling and then exhaling.

Mike smiled back at her as she inhaled again, “Come on you, we don’t want to be late.” He stated as his gorgeous wife as she focused on the cigarette between her lips as the smoke billowed out her nose on the strong sea breeze.

She sighed she flicked the ash from the cigarette, and she then followed Mike as lead her like the pied piper around the quay and eventually after counting the berths stood there looking at what looked like a small Tupperware box compared to the large ocean-going cruise liners, surrounding them.

Carrie-Ann came to stop and with a concerning deep sigh, leaned against the black plastic handle orhanlı escort of the suitcase and paused eyes wide open with fear, “Darling, you said cruise to the island? I was expecting one of these!” She said pointing with her cigarette to the large, towering white hull on the quay beside them before bringing the filter to her lips for another drag.

“It will be fine, come on!” Mike said with a nervous laugh and continued trundling his bag towards the small boat. Carrie-Ann sighed, shook her head in disbelief, and followed.

As they got closer it was obvious that there were two members of staff either side of the gang plank, one female and one male, both in dark aviator sunglasses in crisp white shirts and trousers with golden stripes on his shoulder, they both had a pack of Marlboro Reds clearly showing through the thin white cotton of the breast pocket.

“Welcome aboard your Smokers Paradise Cruise, I am Mathew the purser, and this is Michelle, please feel very welcome! Sorry to be annoying, but before going aboard we just need to do a quick temperature check of yourselves.” As Mathew and Michelle both produced an ear probe from their pockets and respectively stuck it in Mikes and Carrie-Ann’s ear, it beeped once, Mathew studied his and Michelle glanced at hers and nodded across. “Great both of you carry on; we don’t want anyone with the flu or infectious diseases on the island, as it will be rather detrimental to everyone!”

Mike and Carrie-Ann nodded at each other in agreement.

“Anyway, once everyone is aboard, we will show you to your rooms, please take a free drink in the atrium, you will also find free cigarettes, convenient lighters and plenty of ashtrays are located throughout the ship.” Mathew continued and pointed them in the direction of the gangway, Mike and Carrie-Ann looked at each other, nervously shrugged their shoulders and Carrie placed the half smoked cigarette between her lips as she need her spare hand to hold the rail as they tentatively headed up the gangplank dragging their luggage behind them, the two members of staff turned to watch them safely aboard, flipped out their own packs of cigarettes from the breast pocket and smiled at each other and he shared his lighter as they lit up.


“Darling this is a bit strange?” Carrie-Ann giggled looking at the vase, which you would expect flowers in, but had an arrangement of cigarettes and their packs and several glass ashtrays as they paused as they entered the small atrium of their small, but luxury cruiser. Carrie-Ann leaned over and stubbed her cigarette out in an ashtray next to a smouldering butt already there.

The walls were covered floor to ceiling in old prints and tin plates advertising different cigarette brands. The half a dozen or so other guests were equally milling around the atrium waiting and smoking.

“Impressive art, I must say!” Mike suggested as he gripped his wife’s slim waist tightly to his body as they looked around.

“Darling, those adverts with these women smoking is very enticing, they knew what they were doing back then, you know what, it is making me want another cigarette! What time did they say they would show us to our rooms” Carrie-Ann asked as she opened up her red pleather handbag.

“I just heard someone muttering in ten minutes….” Mike suggested as Carrie-Ann nodded.

She grinned at him, “Plenty of time.” As she opened her purse as Mike released his grip as she placed the next cigarette between her lips.


Mathew subtly coughed to clear his throat and loudly and clearly “Welcome aboard the Smoking Paradise Cruise on MV Phillip Morris, named after one of our wonderful sponsors, as they see your custom as such importance to themselves, by booking with us, they feel they are giving a little something back. So, congratulations with that on booking with us!

“Let me introduce myself, I am Mathew, the chief purser here to look after you I am in charge of your safety, and this is my wife Michelle she is also hear for your safety, but predominantly in charge of fun, she will be your tobacconist and bar maid for this short cruise, as stated my gorgeous Michelle is solely here for your pleasure, if you cannot find the cigarette or drink or newspaper you are after, or if there is anything else required please do let her know.

“As this cruise is under 48 hours, we do not need to do the full emergency drills; however, we are all fully compliant, if our excellent captain Gordon or any of his brilliant crew single the emergency siren, please all report to the top deck muster station next to beside the ships bell and await for further instructions.” He pointed above his head.

“Also, one major health and safety issue we do state, whether inside or outside we only recommend a maximum of your wear flip flops or shoes, the outer deck can get wet and slippery very quickly,” the group stifled a giggle “but apart from that, this is your only restriction. We are due to depart in the next half an hour or so; either Michelle or I will personally show you to your room. tepeören escort Light up, relax and most importantly be happy. Thanks again!”

For no reason at all the dozen other guests all spontaneously clapped and then once it died down, everyone looked around and then one by one they lit up to wait to be shown to their room.


“Mr and Mrs Stevenson, please you are Room 2, it’s down this way.” The long dark curly haired Michelle called out and then she walked them down the short hallway, Mike couldn’t help look at her curvy bottom in her tight white jeans which her thighs swished together as she strode the short distance down the hallway, the smoke from cigarette between her own fingers trailing out behind her mixing with her potent, but enjoyable perfume, she came to stop and paused, and paused for Mike and Carrie-Ann to join her, and as she waited she dragged on her cigarette, before exhaling a cone out the corner of her mouth up against the low ceiling, before she stepped to the side and pushed open the walnut wood effect door and let them walk in. “Please you first.”

“Wow”, Carrie-Ann exclaimed as she walked in the room. “The room is so much bigger than I anticipated!”

“I am glad you approve; as do we aim to please!” Michelle said as she nodded and watched as Mike and Carrie-Ann looked around the room. “Shower, toilet to the side, TV, ashtrays, and of course some cigarettes, plus coffee making facilities, just to let you know if you haven’t been with us before dinner is served at 7pm, breakfast at 730am, or 8 at your door, and lunch will be before our arrival at 1230pm again in the dining room. Dress code is definitely not formal; I like to call it-‘relaxed to if you can be bothered’.” She smiled at her attempt of humour “Later, often after drink or two I am not be bothered too!” she cackled and gently coughed, and she raised her hand to apologise as she leaned across and flicked her ash into the spotless glass ashtray evidently glued to the table “Anyway as soon as we set off I will open the free bar which will only close when you go choose to go to bed, so please do enjoy the short cruise and Smoking Paradises evening entertainment. I can certainly promise that there be more fun ashore! For your information, with the weather set fair, we are due to arrive by four tomorrow afternoon. Please, if you have the unfortunate issue of needing more cigarettes, please don’t stress I am at the bar and of course willing to help! So please relax on the sundeck or at the bar and most importantly have fun!”

“Oh, one thing” Mike piped up as Michelle finished and turned to leave, “Err when does err, everyone err…?” he beamed as he looked at Carrie-Ann and then back to Michelle stuttering slightly shyly.

Michelle turned back smiled warmly at the couple, her weather tanned face deeply wrinkling around her hazel eyes and bright red lips, “We recommend that this happens once we are past the break water, our captain Gordon will announce it.” She smiled wisely and with that she drew on her cigarette and turned and headed off as she exhaled her smoke closing the door as she went.

With the door closed, Mike announced “Darling I guess we can unpack and undress later, shall we get up on to the deck and watch us leave?” as he watched Carrie-Ann potter nosily around the small room with a cigarette dangled in the corner of her mouth.

“Darling this must be costing us a fortune!” Carrie-Ann said as she poked her head into the bathroom. “I can’t think of anyone needing more cigarettes?” she stated as she came back into the bedroom ran her fingers along the dozen packs on the writing table.

“I promise, it wasn’t any more expensive than other ‘adult only’ unrestricted fun holidays, I guess because it’s sponsored, I definitely double checked, however Darling, I will now admit to upgrading to the all-inclusive option, as it’s our anniversary holiday, I didn’t fancy doing the cooking!” Mike said almost trying to convince himself as he thought about his credit card screaming in his back pocket.

Carrie-Ann turned around with a pursed lips smile and stubbed her cigarette out, and instantly picked up one of the two packs of Marlboro Reds with a lighter that was next to the kettle and coffee sachets and smiled; she opened it and took a cigarette out balancing it between her fingers. “So, what are we going to do next?” Carrie-Ann tilted her head slightly and asked before flicking the lighter.

“Head up to the sun deck and look down on the quay and watch us leave and then head to the bar to get a free drink or two?” Mike suggested as Carrie-Ann dragged hard on her cigarette and nodded as they both heard the grumble and rumble of engines deep below decks turning in to life.


After watching the ship leave the quay from the stern of the ship just under the large flapping flag, and then slowly as the wash from the propellers behind the boat got whiter and whiter as the captain increased the speed past the breakwater, Mike and Carrie-Ann kissed and hugged each other with Carrie-Ann getting slightly annoyed of continually holding her dress down from the gusts of wind, she only had to apologise to one couple who got a good look of her naked buttocks as she was focusing on inhaling on her cigarette at the time and holding on to her hat.

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