Snowed In with My Warm Mom

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*Everyone in this story is 18 or older*

My mother raised me all alone for her the entire 20 years I’ve been alive. She had a one-night stand with a married CEO when she was 18 and ended up having me. I’ve never met my father or even seen a picture of him. I’ve been told that he lives across the country and has three daughters and his wife just accepts that he “has his fun” on business trips. My mother never demanded that my father be in my life or even provide any kind of financial support. She takes pride in the fact that she raised me all by herself even if it derailed her life entirely. She had to drop out of college and pick up whatever work she could find. The relationship with her parents crumbled when they found out she was pregnant and had no intentions of getting child support from the father. We see her parents once a year at most. I never call them “grandparents” because they’ve never been there. I always refer to them as “her parents.”

I feel bad for my mom. I feel like my existence ruined her life but she has always said that I’m her greatest gift and blessing. She is 5’2 and 38 years old. She has pale white skin and long dark black hair. Her breasts are small but her butt is round and perky. I always find my eyes wandering when she walks by. She always wears dark red lipstick on her full plump lips. I understand why my father took her back to his hotel all those years ago. I’m 6’2 and share my mother’s dark hair. I used to be a scrawny kid but ever since I’ve been unloading trucks and stocking shelves at the grocery store. I’ve gotten pretty tone.

There’s supposed to be some crazy snowstorm happening tonight and half of the employees called off. So the store is offering extra money to anyone who will work through the snowstorm because that’s capitalism for you. The rent is due in a few days so I could use the extra cash and so I regret it. It’s much worse than I could have ever expected. The snowplows are plowing the streets constantly but the snow just keeps piling on. But I have to stay until my shift ends at 9 PM. If I leave even a minute early I won’t get the extra pay. I’m stocking soup cans on the shelf and feel my phone vibrating.

“Steven, are you at work!?” My mom says so loud that it hurts my ears.

“Yeah,” I answer trying to diffuse the situation. “I need the money, mom.”

“It’s so bad outside, hun, I don’t want you driving far in this weather.”

“Okay, I’ll go to your place after work instead of mine.”

My apartment is a 25-minute drive in good weather from the store. My mom’s condo is just across the street. I’ll just leave my car in the parking lot and walk across the street.

“I hope you brought a coat!” She says anxiously.

“I did,” I answer. “And gloves and boots as well.”

“I’ll have chicken noodle soup ready by the time you’re here.” She explains. “I love you, Steven, please be safe.” She says hanging up the phone.

After an extremely cold and windy walk through knee-high snow. I make it to my mother’s condo entrance. I raise my hand to knock on the door but before I can complete the motion. The door opens and my mother is standing there looking stunning as usual. She’s wearing dark blue pajama pants and a tight tank top. She still has on her dark red lipstick. Even in older pictures she still has it on. I think it’s just part of her identity now.

“Come on in and warm up, baby,” She says backing up so I can walk in.

I take my soaked boots off and let them rest on the doormat. My mom helps me take off my thick winter jacket. She hangs it up in the closet by the door and gives me a big long hug. I feel her breasts pressing against my chest. She kisses me on the cheek which makes my body tingle.

“Dinner’s ready, baby,” She says walking to the kitchen. “I’ll get us some bowls.”

“You haven’t eaten yet?” I ask because it’s after 9 PM.

“I was waiting for you,” She says scooping soup from a pot into two bowls.

“You should have eaten earlier, mom,” I say taking a seat.

“But I wanted to eat with my favorite son.” She says putting a bowl of soup and a plate with bread on it down in front of me.

“Who’s the competition? I’m your only son.”

“So my favorite by default.”

We eat warm soup in her warm kitchen. There isn’t a dining room so there’s just a table in the kitchen. It’s quaint and cozy. I’ve always had an innocent crush on her. Growing up my friends would always talk about how hot my mom was. I would say things like “ew gross” or “dude, she’s my mom” but secretly I thought the same things. I would think about kissing her dark red lips and squeezing her fantastic ass. Even right now she looks incredible sitting across istanbul escort from me in her pajamas. I can see her nipples poking through her tank top. Her skin looks so smooth and her green eyes always pull me in.

“You’re my favorite person,” She says putting her spoon down in her empty bowl. “You know that right?”

“I’m well aware, mom,” I answer smiling.

“You’ve grown into such a handsome young man. You’re going to have a future full of opportunities. The sky is the limit. When I was 20 I was trying to make enough to feed you.”

“I’m sorry that you had to give up so much to raise me. I always wonder what you’d be doing now if I weren’t born or if you had me later.”

“Don’t talk like that, Steven. I had you when I was supposed to have you. My purpose in life is to make sure you’re happy and taken care of. It doesn’t matter that you’re on your own and supporting yourself. My job never ends.”

We decided to watch a movie. My mom wanted to stream Pride & Prejudice. I’ve seen this movie many times with her and we can both quote it. She always quotes “You have bewitched me, body and soul.” She’s sitting next to me on the couch. We have a blanket over our laps. She’s very close to me and I feel her thigh pressing against mine. The room is dark and only the light from the TV shines on her. She somehow looks even more beautiful in this light. The tank top strap on her left shoulder has fallen and is resting on her arm. So whenever she leans forward I can catch glimpses of her dark nipple. She looks so relaxed and content sitting next to me.

“Hey,” I say during a quiet part of the movie. “I’ll shovel the snow out front tomorrow before I leave.”

“Nonsense,” She answers. “The condo has a full-time lawn maintenance crew that handles that. Besides, you do enough lifting at work.”

“That’s nice.”

“Have you been seeing any girls lately? I know Anne at your job has a thing for you.”

“I haven’t had time to date with college and working full time. And how do you know she has a thing for me?”

“You’re a handsome catch and I know these things. She wants to jump your bones and I don’t blame her.”

Did she really just say that? My mother has never been too shy to talk about sex or make a sex joke. But this is the first time she’s mentioned a scenario where I’m the one having sex. It caught me off guard and I know I shouldn’t be thinking like this. A normal son should just move on from that statement but it’s turning me on.

“Have you been seeing anyone?” I ask genuinely curious.

“I have dated here and there but nothing long term.” She answers honestly. “The last date I went on was with this woman I met at the convenience store.”

“You date women?” I ask shocked. “Are you like…you know.”

“Am I gay? No, I’m not gay. I like men, I had to like at least one man for you to exist. I like both. Get with the times, Steven.”

“I have no problems with it. I just never knew you were into girls. It’s kind of cool.”

“Women are beautiful, hun. Why do you think I watch Pride & Prejudice so much.”

“Looks like we’re both looking at Keira Knightley.”

“The things I’d do for a night with her.”

Now she’s mentioning a scenario where she is the one having sex. This is new territory for us as far as conversations go. My mind can’t help but wander to think about her with a woman. The same lips that kiss me on the cheek have pleased another woman.

“Ew, stop,” I say faking disgust.

“Sex is natural. I’m sure there are no virgins in this room.” She says leaning on my shoulder.

“Yeah, definitely no virgins here…”

“You’re kidding, are you a virgin, hun?”

“Can we not talk about this?”

“Awh, my sweet little virgin son. That’s a shame. If I were your age I’d take you for a spin.”

We spend the rest of the movie talking quietly. We’ve seen this so many times so it’s not something we really need to focus on. It’s fine to talk because we know what is coming next. Her head has been on my shoulder and her hand has been in my lap the whole movie. If her hand went a couple of inches higher she would feel how hard I am. I’m praying she doesn’t accidentally move her hand up any higher. I can’t stop thinking about her “taking me for a spin.” My heart is pounding and I hope she can’t feel or hear it. My body feels all tingly. This isn’t right. I need to push these thoughts away. She’s my mother, my flesh and blood. The woman who gave birth to me. But for some reason that only makes it more exciting. It gets me more excited to think about putting my dick inside the place I was born from. The idea of her creation fucking her drives istanbul escort bayan me crazy inside. But it’s more than that. I genuinely think she is an amazing and beautiful woman. It isn’t just some deranged incest fetish. I think she’s perfect. Anne may have a thing for me but my mother loves me unconditionally. There is no question to her love and nothing I could ever do that would cause her to stop loving me.

Suddenly my mother’s hand slides up for a second and brushes against my hard dick. My worst fear came true. She’s going to think I’m some kind of weird freak that’s getting excited by a mother’s touch. But surprisingly, she doesn’t do anything or even scoot away. She just moved her hand back to where it was on my lap and kisses me on the cheek. My whole body shivers when she does this. She kisses me again on the cheek and I think I’m going to pass out from the excitement. Everything about this situation is thrilling to me. Her hair hanging over my shoulder. Her face resting against me. Feeling her body move slightly as she breathes.

“Alright, I’ll just grab some blankets and sleep on the couch,” I say as the movie ends. “Goodnight, mom.”

“Awh, honey, I’d feel so bad if you slept on the couch.” She says standing up and stretching. “There’s enough room on my bed, I’ll be the big spoon.”

“Are you sure about that, mom?” I ask. “I don’t want you to be uncomfortable.”

“What’s uncomfortable to me is the thought of you sleeping on this uncomfortable couch when I have a big warm cozy bed with room for two.”

When we get to her room she pulls down her pajama pants and I try my best to keep my eyes up. She’s wearing a black thong that barely covers anything up. I can see the edges of her pussy lips and her entire ass. I can feel myself getting hard all over again. She gets in bed and scoots over to give me room. I pull off my shirt and jeans and get in bed with just a white undershirt and boxers. I lay down on my side facing away from her because I don’t want my hard-on to be seen. Immediately she scoots closer to me and spoons me. Her arms wrap around me and I feel several small kisses on my cheek. I feel so warm and safe during times like these. Her hand is sliding up and down my side and it feels tingly all over when she does this. I feel like I could cum in my boxers just from her doing this. Suddenly her hand slides lower and bumps into my hard dick. She giggles and slides her hand back up.

“I’m sorry, hun,” She says giggling. “I didn’t know it was still so hard. You’re quite gifted, babe.”

“Mom!” I say in my best attempt to fake disgust. “Please don’t talk about that part of me.”

“We’re adults, it’s okay. You have a penis and I have a vagina. Don’t feel ashamed.”

“Mom, I’m going to sleep.”

I’m going to go crazy if she keeps talking to me like this. Now she is mentioning her vagina? This is too much. Is she flirting with me or is she just a very open person? I don’t want to test the waters with this. It’s not like when a female friend is being flirty with you and you can gauge the situation. This is my mother and if I cross a line I can’t go back from there.

“How can you sleep with such a boner?” She asks softly. “You can do what you need to do to take care of that. Pretend I’m not here if you need to or don’t pretend.”

“Mom,” I say. “What are you saying?”

“I’m saying you can masturbate.”

“You want me to go to the bathroom and masturbate?”

“No, I want you to masturbate right here. I don’t mind.”

“You want me to masturbate?”


“Okay, because that was a little wei-.”

Suddenly I feel her hand reach into my boxers and wrap around my cock. I must be dreaming right now because this is too good to be true. Her hand is so warm and soft. She starts to slowly stroke it which causes me to moan loud.

“Does this feel good, baby?” She whispers into my ear pressing her body into mine. “I just want you to feel good, you deserve to feel good, baby.”

“It feels fantastic, mom,” I say gasping as she strokes me faster. “Are you okay with this? Is this okay?”

“You’re so sweet. Of course, it’s okay. I’m the one grabbing your dick.”

She licks my neck and kisses it gently while she strokes. Her hand is moving at the perfect pace. It’s like she knows exactly what I like and how I want to be touched.

“Rollover and face me.” My mother whispers. “I want to see how good you feel.”

She lets go of my dick and I rollover. I’m looking directly into the eyes of my mother. The most beautiful woman in the world. She is smiling so big and looks the happiest I’ve ever seen her. She kisses escort istanbul me directly on the lips. I’ve kissed girls before but I’ve never felt lips this soft. I can feel the love from these lips. As she’s kissing me I feel her hand wrap around my dick and begin to stroke me again. The kiss and the handjob are almost too much to handle. She is stroking my dick so perfectly. I feel her thumb rubbing the tip of my cock and as she pulls back I feel my cock rubbing against her soft stomach through the boxers. My own mother’s hands. I can’t believe this is happening. I also can’t believe I’m lasting this long. It’s as if my body wants to prolong this experience because who knows if this will happen again. We might regret this when we aren’t horny and are thinking clearer. She’s kissing me so hard. Her tongue pushes past my lips and into my mouth. She moans loudly into my mouth as she strokes my dick fast and then suddenly she stops stroking. An extreme sense of worry comes over me because what if she is disgusted? What if she hates this and regrets it? What if she thinks she’s done something horrible?

“I want to suck your cock, Steven.” My mom asks bluntly. “Is that okay?”

“Yeah,” I answer quickly. “Umm, is that okay with you?”

“I’m the one who asked to suck your cock so, of course, it’s okay with me.”

I lay flat on my back and she pulls my boxers down to my knees. She kisses my inner thigh and goes up to kiss my stomach. Her chin bumps into my dick in the process. Then I feel her hand wrap around the base of my cock. I’m panting and can hardly take the excitement. I’ve never been this hard in my life. I look up at the ceiling and then feel warm smooth wetness engulf my cock. I let out a loud moan and raise my hips into the air. She doesn’t struggle at all taking my full manhood in her mouth. She doesn’t even move her head back as I raise my hips. I feel it touch the back of her throat and I feel saliva go down my cock and onto my pubes. My mother’s head bobs up and down and gradually picks up speed. The room is quiet and all I can hear is the heater rattling and wet sucking and popping sounds. My mother is making loud moaning noises as she sucks me off. I’m grabbing onto the bedsheets and shaking. With a loud pop, she stops sucking my cock and looks up at me. She sits up and pulls her tank top off completely. Exposing her pale breasts. They are small but perky and perfect. She smiles big and her red lipstick looks smeared and smudged. I look down at my cock and see it’s covered in her dark red lipstick. I’ve fantasized about this very thing so many times. Seeing her in the morning putting makeup on in the mirror. Imagining her delicious mouth pleasing my hard cock.

“You can cum in my mouth when you feel the need,” She says slowly stroking my dick. “I want my mouth full of my son’s cum.”

“You really want that?” I ask excitedly.

“Yes,” She answers in a breathy moan. “What’s the point of a blowjob if you don’t get to finish in a mouth. You’re my favorite person and I want to please you in every way. It broke my heart to hear that you’re a virgin. Every man deserves some relief.”

Before I can even respond her mouth is wrapped around my cock again. She’s sucking intensely than ever before. I moan loudly and raise my hips in the air again but this time she presses her face down further. I am all the way in her mouth. Her tongue can touch my balls and her nose is pressed against my pubes. Saliva is dripping down all over my balls. I put my hand on her head and push her down even further and she takes it with no problem.

“I’m gonna cum!” I moan. “I’m gonna cum in your mouth, mom!”

My cock erupts fluid into her mouth but she doesn’t move her head back or even struggle. She closes her mouth tighter and works her tongue, even more, to coax all the cum out. She’s moaning just as much as me. Cum just keeps shooting out of me and she accepts it all. This is the most pleasure I’ve ever felt. Not just physically but also emotionally. I can feel that she means this as an act of love and not just something she’s doing because she’s horny. She truly wants to bring me pleasure in the best way she knows how. She’s not even gagging or choking. I finally stop cumming so she bobs her head up and down a few more times. Getting a few more sucks in. With a loud slurp and pop, she takes me out of her mouth. She looks at me and does a big gulp to prove she swallowed it all. She’s really good at this because there is no cum on her lips or face. She managed to keep a tight vacuum seal around my cock the entire time and not miss a drop. She gets back on her side of the bed and faces me. We kiss passionately for a few moments.

“So how was that, baby?” She asks while caressing my face.

“It was amazing, mom!” I answer. “Are you sure you’re okay with this? This isn’t a weird thing to you?”

“No, baby,” She says and then kisses me again gently. “I’m giving pleasure to the person I love the most. What could possibly be wrong with that?”

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