Sons Are so Hard Haeded

August Ames

Sons Are so Hard HaededChapter 1 – Piling on Straws”Brock!”Oh shit, I was busted again. My mother, Roseanna, stared at me with a fiery gaze, her eyeslike penetrating lasers.”How many times Brock! How many times do I have to tell you not to fist that, that, that bigfilthy prick in my living-room!” mother yelled.I sat completely still, silent and stunned with my mouth and eyes wide open. Mother must’vebeen really heated. I had heard her curse a few times already, but not regularly, and only oncebefore was it directed at me. Evidently I struck a nerve, a deep rooted nerve.This made the third time that she had caught me wanking and watching porn in the livingroom. I still didn’t think it called for her to go postal on me. I was on my Thanksgiving breakfrom college when she busted me the first two times. And this third time was over myChristmas break, only one month after the Thanksgiving break. How did I get caught jackingoffin the living-room three times? Here’s how it all happened and what transpired each timemother caught me.Caught for the 1st Time: WarningNormally I would go to my bedroom to jack my dick and I would always shut and lock thedoor. I mean who doesn’t want privacy while cranking out a good one? Plus with motherbeing old fashioned and prudish, I definitely kept my porn put away in a safe place. I alwaysmade sure to stay relatively quiet while jacking-off.However, during the holiday season, I’m home alone for most of the day and I can masturbatewithout worrying about privacy. My older sister, Jessica, graduated from college and landed abig time job out of state a few years ago. My older brother left home right before his senioryear of high school because he couldn’t stand living under mother’s strict rules. He calls fromtime to time, but he never visits the house. When I want to see him, I have to meet him on”neutral” territory. My parents were divorced when I was just a k**. Mother got to keep thehouse and collect a big alimony check from my father. So for the past few years, she and Ihave lived alone in this house that was built for a big family.Mother would spend so much time shopping and visiting friends and relatives during theholidays that it gave me the whole house to myself. I would finally get the chance to enjoywatching my porn DVDs on the big flat-screen television in the living-room. I preferred thecrisp clear picture of the flat-screen over the blurry details of the small screen TV in mybedroom. Particularly, I liked how I could actually see the clit in detail on a porn star.This setup had worked fine for a couple of years. I wanked to digitally sharp nipples andsurround sound moans and never had the slightest worry about privacy or getting caught.This year, however, was a different story. I did it one time, or should I say three times, toomany.Mother had a relatively calm reaction the first time that she caught me beating off. She bustedme as she returned home early from shopping and visiting my aunt’s house. I had expectedher to be gone all day therefore I wasn’t paying attention to hear her open the front door.When mother walked in on me, I swiftly snatched a couch pillow to cover my crotch. It wasquicker to cover my crotch than to try to stuff my dick back into my jeans. I franticallypressed buttons on the remote control to shut off the DVD player. Mother walked over to thecouch and stood directly in front of me with her hands on her hips and shaking her head indisapproval. I braced myself for a verbal lashing because she always gave me strict lectureswhen ever she disapproved of my actions.”Why would you do that out here?” mother asked.”Uh, I’m sorry. How long am I grounded for?” I asked with my head down.I had grown use to mother handing out punishments like a principal hands out detention slips.I wanted her to dish out the verdict and let me be on my way, but she surprised me withleniency.”I won’t ground you so long as you understand that you need to keep that,” mother said as shenodded toward my crotch, “in the privacy of your own room Brock.”In my state of shock I had done a half-assed job at covering my crotch. It wasn’t that easy toquickly cover ten inches of penis with a small couch pillow while fumbling with the remotecontrol at the same time. Now in an effort to save myself some shred of dignity, I moved thepillow over to cover my dick completely.Mother looked up into my face and snickered like a school girl teasing a class-mate. Feelingmy manhood threatened, even though only by my mother, I became defensive. Actually, thefact that it was my mother who was laughing at me made it even worse.”What are you laughing at? This is embarrassing enough,” I said.”Good. Maybe you will think twice before pulling a stunt like this again.””I will, for sure. But this isn’t funny.””I find it absolutely comical how a boy can develop so well physically yet still lack basiccommon sense,” mother said.”What are you, oh, you’re talking about my…””Bad judgment; I’ve taught you how to make better decisions than that,” mother interrupted.”What, you mean trying to cover myself with this pillow?””I mean this whole incident.””Yeah, I guess it was pretty stupid of me.””Why would you even do that out here in the first place?””Uh, I uh…””On second thought, I do not care to know. You may be excused to your room now,” mothersaid.I got up, pillow in front of my crotch and clutching my jeans, and hurried to my room beforemother changed her mind about not grounding me. As soon as I made it inside my room, Iflopped down on my bed. I stared up at the ceiling and let what had just happened sink in. Ithought the confrontation had actually gone pretty well considering how things could haveturned real ugly. Mother could be really strict at times. I guess the holiday season kept herfrom grounding me.Although mother had interrupted when I tried to ask what she meant by “how a boy candevelop so well physically,” I was pretty sure what she meant by the comment. In her ownconservative way, my mother had basically said that I have a big dick. I chuckled at thethought. I didn’t contemplate on it for too long though because I felt overjoyed that I was notgrounded for wanking in the living-room.Caught for the 2nd Time: Infamous Lecture.Later that week, I sat in my room thinking to myself how my porn DVDs looked so muchmore graphic on the flat-screen television than on the crappy regular screen in my room. Iknew then what I wanted to ask mother to buy me for Christmas, a big flat-screen televisionfor my room.For the mean time, however, I decided that if I were more careful about not getting caught, Icould keep jacking-off and watching porn in the living-room. I could do it when I knew forsure that mother would be away for a while. I would just have to listen out carefully for hercar pulling into the driveway in case she came back early. It sounded like a safe plan to myhorny college freshman mind.Evidently I was wrong. Maybe I wasn’t careful enough because I got so caught up in agripping triple-x feature. Or maybe I didn’t really care as much as I would have if she hadbeen stricter the first time she caught me. My carelessness probably stemmed from acombination of the two, but either way I got busted again.Before mother caught me for the second time, she told me that she wanted to visit a friendwhom she only got the chance to see during the holidays. I asked her how long she planned tobe out and found that she would be gone for several hours because she also had some otherstops to make. I felt sure that provided enough time to watch a hot flick or two on the big flatscreen.As soon as she was out the door, I grabbed my DVDs and my lube.Engrossed in a scorching movie while squeezing and slowly stroking the full length of myshaft , I thought for sure I had plenty of time to beat off as much as I wanted. However, fortyfiveminutes hadn’t passed when I looked up and saw mother standing in the doorway. Itlooked like she was staring right past me and off into space, as if dazed by some deepthought. I had no idea how long she had been standing there.”Mom!” I shouted.My reflex was to move quickly to cover my dick with a couch pillow and to grab the remoteto shut off the television. Mother jumped as if I had startled her. She regained her composureand walked into the room calmly, but her face appeared more troubled than it had been thefirst time she caught me. She looked somewhat flushed. It was cold outside, so for there to besweat on her brow she must have been inside our warm house for at least a little while.Because I was in the middle of watching an intense movie while jacking-off, my sex drivewas elevated. I had always thought mother had a pretty face, but for the first time, I realizedthat my mother would be nothing short of hot and sexy if she got rid of that bland sense ofstyle and fashion.Despite mother’s conservative manner and no matter what she wore to cover up her body, youcould still notice that her breasts were nice and plump. Her curves defied her attempts atcontainment. Her wardrobe of long sleeve sweaters and blouses always covered her skin, butat the same time they all fit her snuggly. Her curves did not go unnoticed in my heated stated.I didn’t see them in a desiring sexual way but it was more so like admiration. I broke my runawaytrain of thought along with the silent tension that permeated the air.”Mom, I’m sorry. How long have you been, uh, back from visiting your friend?”She ignored my question and shook her head slowly from side to side, signaling that shedisapproved of me beating off in the living room, again.”Did you forget our little talk?” mother asked.”No mother. I’m sorry, I thought I would be more careful,” I answered.She smirked and sarcastically remarked, “That worked out well, didn’t it.”I laughed believing that mother couldn’t be too upset or else she wouldn’t joke about it. Whenmother saw me taking the situation lightly, she wiped the smirk from her face and got serious.”Brock, you should keep this kind of behavior in the privacy of your room. This is the secondtime, I’m not going to warn you again,” she said sternly.”Yes mam,” I mumbled.I knew right then, however, that if I got a good enough opportunity to watch porn on the flatscreen,I would take it. After all, I had done it the prior two years and never gotten caught.Surely I couldn’t get caught for a third time this year. Plus mother was actually going light onme by not grounding me or giving me a long dull lecture. Shit, I enjoyed watching highquality porn and having intense wank sessions; it would take more than a simple warning tocurtail my actions.Mother must have perceived the indifference in my mumbled agreement and she probablysensed that I had intentions to jack-off in the living room again. Instead of dropping thesubject like I thought, she tightened her face, gave me a harsh look, and launched into herstrict preaching mode. She shouted with an angry and completely unsympathetic tone.”I am serious Brock! We will have guests for the holidays this year. I do not want you outhere watching those nasty videos and pulling on that fat nasty thing!””What!? Did you hear what you just …”Ignoring my attempt to ask a question, mother kept right on with her angry fussing.”My guests would be mortified if they saw you like that, with that, that obscene monster outin my living-room! I cannot allow it. I will not allow it. For my guests to think I run a loosehousehold all because you refuse to keep that, that, I won’t have it. Do you understand me?”Whoa, mother referred to my dick as both a “fat nasty thing” and a “monster.” She hademphasized the word monster like my dick was despicable or something. Seeing her go on aheated tirade didn’t really bother me; I had grown use to that over the years. It was her wordchoice that surprised and somewhat excited me.Not her fussing, but the thought of strangers ruining my peace and relaxation on my breakfrom school really annoyed me. My older sister coming back home would be enough, shecould be a bitch at times, but it was the thought of other company that really aggravated me.”Do I make myself clear!?” mother said sternly.”I guess so.””No, not ‘I guess so.’ You say ‘yes’ when answering me. What has gotten into you?””Yes mam, I understand. I apologize, I was distracted by, umm, did you call my penis a ‘fatthing’?”I caught mother off guard with the question. She stood silent for a few seconds then sat downon the edge of the couch and brushed the wrinkles out of her ankle-length skirt before shestarted to lecture me.”Yes, I said ‘thing’ instead of something inappropriate. I’m sure the promiscuous girls at yourschool use dirty words in reference to the male privates. But as your mother and as a lady, Ichose to say ‘thing.'”Mother gave her explanation with an air of sophistication and superiority, but it didn’t fullyanswer my question.”I know you’re conservative, so that’s why you called it a ‘thing.’ I was wondering why yousaid ‘fat’.””Well, uh, umm, I was extremely upset and that’s what came out. I’m sorry, I really didn’tmean it,” mother said.”Aw man, so it isn’t fat then?” I asked while lifting the pillow away from my crotch.Mother gasped and put her hand over her mouth. Upon her audible intake of breath, I snappedthe pillow back down to cover my crotch. Realizing I had shocked her, I hurriedly offered anexplanation before she could give me another verbal lashing.”I just wanted to be sure, you know. I guess it’s a guy thing, worrying about stuff like that alltime.” I said.I tried to make eye contact with mother but she was still shocked, staring at the pillow thatcovered my crotch. I continued to explain myself so as to curb any angry reaction she mayhave after recovering from the shock.”I hate being unsure of myself. I’m so confused about it, not knowing whether it’s, youknow… Ah forget it, you probably don’t wanna hear about this,” I said.”No, it’s understandable at your age. I hate that you are confused, it’s not healthy,” mothersaid.”See, you know exactly what I mean. So can you tell me for sure?”I slowly lifted the pillow away from crotch while mother gawked in surprise. She did not tellme to cover it back up, so I left my dick out in the open. Mother continued to stare at it whileshe offered an explanation.”Yes, I guess ‘big’ would also fit, but fat is an accurate description. I was angry, it slipped inthe heat of the moment.””So this girl at school, she really meant it when she said I had a big cock?” I asked excitedly.”Brock! You’ve been awfully bold as of late. What type of girls have you been meeting at theUniversity? I told you what could happen if you fool around with fast women. Whensomething bad happens, don’t say I didn’t warn you,” mother said sternly”Yes, I know, I figured she was only pulling my leg. I thought no girl would seriously saythat about me. I was right, she was just messing with my head huh?” I said despondently.”I guess the indecent ones would say something like that, yes. A common whore would referto it as a, a ‘big cock.’ But not decent women, we do not speak like that.”Mother had hesitated then altered her voice before she said the foul words ‘big cock.’ Shesnickered at her mockery of whores.”Really!? What else would they say?” I asked excitedly.”Something inappropriate most likely,” mother said as she shook her head showing herbefuddlement at how some women could talk and behave that way.Mother’s explanation of a “whore’s vocabulary” caused my dick to stir. I still had it uncoveredand mother kept her vision down at it more than as she looked up into my face. I was reallysurprised that she hadn’t berated me for leaving it exposed for this long. She had lectured mea couple of times before about the dangers and pitfalls of whores, but none of her lectures hadever been this stimulating.”I saw this one movie where a woman said her boyfriend had a ‘big juicy cock.” Would awoman say that about mine if she saw it?” I asked.”Brock! That is unruly. Those movies of yours are utter filth; they belong in the trash. ‘Bigjuicy cock!?’ What kind of woman speaks like that? A whore, a filthy whore!”Mother showed considerable disdain for promiscuous women. When I was in high school shehad caught me in the kitchen feeling up a girl’s skirt and that nearly blew mother’s top. Shehad called the girl all kinds of mean names after she rushed the girl out of our house. Thatwas a couple years ago, so her current admonitions came as no surprise to me. She continuedthe lecture.”Whores are dangerous, have I not warned you about them before? You’re thing is ratherlarge, so they may call it a, what was that, a ‘big juicy cock,’ but don’t you fall prey to thatfilth. Remember what I’ve taught you. Stay away from women who…”Mother gasped. I heard her intake the quick sharp breath and I followed her line of sight asshe stared wide-eyed at my crotch. All the talk about whores had caused my cock to stiffeneven more and it started to lift from my groin. Mother regained her composure to speakagain.”Stay away from women who use foul language. Brock, that thing is growing, make it stop.””Guys have no control over that, right? I can’t make it stop.””Well, put it away then. We’ve talked about this enough already.””I could better avoid those evil and dangerous women if I knew more about theirmannerisms. You said ‘that thing is growing,’ but what would one of those dangerous womensay if she saw my thing like this?””She would probably say something disgusting, now put it away,” mother said.”Like what?””Do you think I associate with that kind of women?””I know you don’t associate with them, but you’ve been in this world longer than me. Youshould know about these things.””My goodness, what am I going to do with you. I remember my days at the University, somegirls would say the most foul-mouthed things; I hate to even repeat it,” mother said.”Go on, it’s alright,” I encouraged.To mock the promiscuous girls, mother altered her voice when she spoke the sexual phrasesin her explanation.Mother explained, “They would make brash comments like ‘his bulge is swelling’ or ‘look, hehas a hard on.’ My roommate frequently used those kinds of filthy expletives, the degeneratehag.”Mother chuckled at her insulting imitation of her roommate.”What else would she say?” I asked eagerly.”One day she put a dirty magazine right in my face and said, ‘Rose, look at that big piece ofcock-meat. Doesn’t it look delicious?’ How disgraceful can one girl possibly be? I stillremember her persistence in trying to make me behave like her, like a good for nothingfloozy.””Wow, so this is a big piece of cock-meat,” I said while smiling and pointing at my dick.Mother was despondent and hung her chin down as she slowly nodded yes. However, shequickly changed her response once she fully realized what I had said.”No, no, no. Brock you shouldn’t talk like that. That is how they talk. I did not repeat thatstory for you to go using those foul words too,” mother said.”Oh, sorry, it slipped. So this isn’t a big piece of, you know, what your roommate said?””Well, I guess, I mean, I guess it’s like the one from the magazine she showed me, but that isnot the proper way to talk about it.””Yes mam,” I agreed.Mother huffed in frustration. She had admitted my dick was a ‘big piece of cock-meat’ whiletrying to maintain an air of superiority and saintliness at the same time. This was too good.”Did your roommate ever succeed in getting you to act like her?” I asked.”No!” mother said sharply.”Not even once? She must’ve been a source of temptation, always talking about men ingraphic detail.””She taunted me, but I ignored her for the most part. So you understand that you need to stayaway from fast women?”Yeah, I think I got it. Could you give me another example though?” I asked.I listened up eagerly and thought to myself that this could be the best lecture of my life.”No, that is more than enough for one day, maybe for a lifetime,” mother chuckled.”Aw, just one more, please? You always want me to listen to your advice, now I’m willing tolisten.””Well alright, but one more that is it. What would you like to know?””Ok, I have a question to end all questions about whores; this will let me know howdangerous they really are.””Uh oh, I have a horrible feeling about this,” mother said.”What is the most terrible, the nastiest, the down right filthiest,””Will you hurry it up, you will have graduated by the time you finish asking the question,”mother interrupted.”Ok, Ok, what is the filthiest, nastiest thing a whore would say about my thing?””Brock!””What!?””No, I can see you’re enjoying this way too much. This conversation is over.”Mother put her hands on the couch to push herself up. Before she could get up and leave, Igot an idea about how to make her tell me more of a “whore’s vocabulary.””Wait, would she say I had a ‘fat thing’ or something like that?” I asked in an innocent tone.”No, don’t be silly. That’s what I said earlier, remember?””Oh yeah. So what is the nastiest thing a whore would say about my thing? If ‘fat thing’ isappropriate, then what’s nasty?””A common whore would say something repulsive, way worse than calling it a fat thing,”mother said defensively.I had mother on the defensive now as she wanted to remain on her holier-than-thou pedestal.If I pushed, I could get her to talk about whores some more.”Something like what?” I said.”I will not repeat anything so horrendous,” mother said.”Awww come on, stop being such a prude. What’s the nastiest thing a whore would say aboutthis fat thing? Or would she call it just that, a fat thing?” I chided.Mother angrily responded, “I am not a prude! You have some nerve mister,””You are too a prude.””Fine! Since you want to know so bad, young man, I’ll tell you.””Go ahead, the nastiest thing she would say, I’m listening.”Mother snarled through her gritted teeth, “The nastiest thing a whore would say would besomething vulgar like, like, ‘that’s a big cock.’ There, I said it.””That’s not even nastier than saying fat thing, you really are a stuck up prude,” I chidedMother snapped back angrily, “Fine! She’d say ‘I wanna suck that big fat meaty cock.’ Youthink I don’t know about that type of stuff!? You think that’s the only fat cock I’ve everseen!?”Mother had a fiery look in her eyes like she wanted to slap my face as hard as she could. Iwas floored at the foul language of her outburst. I knew she had it in her, but I didn’t thinkshe would ever let it out, especially not in front of me. The shock must have registered on myface because she started to apologize for her tirade.”I shouldn’t have said that. My anger just got a hold of me, I’m sorry you had to hear that.”I gathered myself and attempted to make mother tell me more.”You don’t know about it. What do you, the prude of the century, know about sucking cock?Nothing, nothing at all, because you are too ‘conservative.’ Yeah right, that’s just a nice wayof saying you’re an up tight prude.””You, you, you arrogant bastard. You really believe I didn’t perform oral sex, I mean suckcocks, with my whore of a roommate.””What? There is no way I would believe that. You’re way too up tight, the very definition ofprude.””Oh yeah? Some nights that filthy çankırı rus escort hag would bring a random guy back to our dorm and startsucking him off right in front of me. I would leave the room when she first started to bringthem, but after several months, she wore me down. I gradually started staying longer andlonger – to watch. The guys always had fat things. She acted like they were so delicious withher head bobbing up and down, moaning around them, salivating like a mad woman. I canstill picture that no good roommate of mine sucking fat disgusting things, just like the onebetween your legs. Then she would take it from her sticky lips and say ‘Here Rose, you wantsome?’ I would always tell her no, but she would walk the guy closer to me and she wouldstart to really go to town on his thing right in my face.””Wow,” I remarked.”Yeah that’s right, she’d slurp and slobber on that filthy meat right under my nose. Then shewould put her hand behind my head while she was still sucking and she would slowly pullmy mouth down. She would take her mouth off just in time to pull mine onto it. That’s howshe used to make me suck nasty cocks with her. You want to know the most sickening thing awhore would say, well I’ll tell you. If that conniving witch was here, you know what shewould do? I know exactly what she’d do. She would push my head toward that repulsivething of yours and say ‘suck that cock Rose, suck his big fat meaty cock.’ Ha! You don’t lookso tough now, Brock.”Mother folded her arms while she huffed and puffed in anger. I sat with my eyes wide openand my mouth hung open in shock. I never imagined my mother could be nasty, not the Ms.Goodie Goodie I had known my entire life.”Who’s the prude now, you little brat. Bet that changes your rude and disrespectful tone.”I managed to string together a quick, albeit weak, comeback even though I was completelyshocked at her outburst.”Not quite, that does not discount your prudish ways. You’ve been the most self-righteousprude I’ve ever known.””That is a lie. Just because I don’t go around being a whore doesn’t make me a prude.”I asked in a sarcastic tone, “Well, what else would she say about my ‘fat thing’?” I tried tomask the excitement in my voice.”She would probably say all the disgusting things she used to say to me, ‘get it Rose, that’s it,get it, I wanna see you swallow that meat to the root. Make him feel real good.’ And do youknow what I’d do when she forced my head on a fat cock? I’d suck until it turned black andblue.”Mother stared past me, anger and contempt showing on her face. Her mind was lost in thememory of those occurrences.”Wow! That’s extremely nasty. You can go ahead and suck it if you want?””Huh? Most definitely not! How could you say such a thing? You pressed so adamantly toknow what a sick, sick woman would say, so I told you.””Yeah, you told me more than what was necessary though.””I wouldn’t have said any of that if you hadn’t pushed my buttons. I only said ‘fat thing.’That’s decent and respectful language, but you tried to make it out to be something awful.We’ve talked more than enough about this, go to your room and clean yourself up,” motherwhined.”I only asked you what a whore would say, but you went all into your sexual history withyour roommate and how you want to suck a fat cock. You had to mean some of that, I mean,it came out of no where and you sounded way too serious.”This was really turning me on; thinking about whores, my own mom lusting over dick andsaying those nasty things about mine. I could listen to this kind of lecture all day, but alasmother wanted to end this one prematurely unlike the dull lectures she usually gives me.”I’ve had enough of this. You practically begged to hear the gross things a whore would sayand now you’re trying to turn it around on me. I said those things to hush your arrogantdisrespectful attitude. I want to do no such thing and I don’t want you getting that nasty stuffon my couch, go to your room now!” mother said.I looked down and there was a strand of pre-cum dangling from the tip of my dick. I hadbecome that aroused from hearing my mother tell me how whores would speak about mydick. In my highly aroused state, I did not want this “lecture” about whores to end right away.”What would a whore say if she saw that nasty stuff coming from my fat thing?””Enough! Have you lost your mind? I said go to your room!””She’d tell me to go to my room? Sounds like something my prudish mother would say,” Ichided.”No! You rotten bastard! A filthy whore would be too busy licking it off instead!” mothersaid angrily.”Oh God, that’s hot.””You’ve lost all decency!” mother shouted.My dick twitched at the scandalous thought of a whore licking the pre-cum from my dickhead. The fact that my mother conjured up the image for me made it even more potent. I wason the verge of a hard orgasm without having any physical contact with my dick.”I can feel it coming. Fuck, I need to cum,” I said.”You pig!” mother yelled at me, but she did not take her eyes off my straining dick.I reached to grab hold of my dick and that caused mother to protest vehemently.”Don’t you dare touch that disgusting thing! If you ever won’t to sleep under my roof again…”mother shoutedI snapped my hand back up to my chest. Mother stared at my crotch angrily, she lookedabsolutely menacing. However, the meanness of her glare did nothing to discount the fact thatshe was looking at my cock when she could just look away. It also did nothing to stifle thesensations of my imminent climax. I could not shake the image of a whore with lips painteddeep red extending her tongue to flick at a strand of sperm dangling from my cock.”Oh God, what would a whore say if I made her suck me off?” I asked.”You sick bastard! She couldn’t say anything with her mouth stuffed, look at that hideousthing. Look at it! It’s fat and repulsive!” mother said angrily.”Oh shit, I can’t hold it. Ugh, fuck, I’m gonna shoot,” I groaned as I gripped my cock.”Not on my couch!” mother yelled.Mother swiftly cupped her hands right under my dick head in an effort to catch my spermbefore it stained her expensive couch. I squeezed once and that’s all it took.”Ugh, ugh, ah fuck! Yeah, that feels good,” I grunted.I shot off a load that had been building up in my balls all day. Cum shot up then came backdown all over mother’s hands and wrists. Some of it landed on my jeans and on the sleeves ofher blouse.”Make it stop you heathen! Disgusting, I’ve never seen one spew so much stuff in my life,”mother said angrily.I threw my head back against the couch in total relief. For a split second I blacked out to theworld, I became void of shape, body, and sensation. No feelings, no thoughts, just existencein calm and peace. In the next instant, I returned to the physical reality of what I had done.”Disgusting!” mother shouted. She looked down at her hands to see them coated with myslimy cum. “That’s gross, just gross!” she repeated.As mother said the word gross, she put her hands to her nose and sniffed the cum as if thatwould provide further proof that it was indeed gross. I always wondered why people do that,purposefully smell things that they think are unpleasant.Mother glared up into my face and shook her head in disgust.”I can’t believe you! Dammit, I hope you feel horrible for behaving like a heathen. Youshould be ashamed of yourself!””Whoa, you’ve never cursed me before.””You’ve never behaved like a complete bastard,” mother snapped back.”I really do feel awful. I promise I won’t, you know, do it again in the living room.””And you damn well better not or, or, or else!””Or else?””I’ll give you a punishment so severe you won’t have another nasty thought for the rest ofyour life.” mother said fiercely.”Yes mam. What’s my punishment this time?” I asked cautiously.”I shouldn’t have to ground you to get you to obey my rules. You’re too big, I mean, you’retoo old for that now. I’m need to clean this disgusting stuff off my hands. Look at it, look atall that stuff, that is just sick,” mother said.In order to show how big of a mess I had made, mother held out one of her palms with cum init and with the fingers of her other hand she stretched up the puddle of cum.”My God that is sick!” mother said.She bent her head to sniff the glob of cum that was stretched from her fingers to her palm.”Sickening! Don’t you dare bother me for the remainder of this evening, I can’t stand the sightof you,” mother shouted.Mother got up and stormed for the bathroom in her master bedroom. She slammed and lockedher bedroom door behind her. I walked slowly to my room, shocked and amazed that I hadshot cum all over my prudish mother’s hands. The events seemed like a dream even though ithad all happened minutes ago.Mother had not grounded me after catching me for the second time jacking-off in the livingroom. Her lecture was anything but boring. She had insisted that it was perfectly acceptableand decent for her to call my dick a ‘fat thing.’ I knew ‘fat thing’ didn’t exactly constitutevulgar language, but I had been able to lead her into saying other things in defense of her”dignity.” Ha, I definitely enjoyed this type of moral training.Caught for the 3rd Time: Punishment.I went back to college after Thanksgiving break then returned home about a month later formy Christmas break. We had many guests coming in and out of our house, Grand CentralStation. More people were ringing our doorbell for the holidays this year than for the priortwo holiday seasons combined.Of course I was expected to greet, hug, and usher them into the house. I had to suffer throughthe usual musings that a young man receives when an older person hasn’t seen him in a longwhile. “It’s been so long since we’ve seen you,” “Look at your boy Roseanna, he’s gotten sotall.” I cannot count the times that I heard the same lame conversation. It was too many timesfor sure, but at least the guests were polite and it wasn’t as annoying as I had anticipated.I did manage to sneak in a couple of wank sessions with porn on the flat-screen when thehouse was empty. I would just ignore the doorbell and keep right on wanking. Shoot, I knewthe door would be for my mother and she was out anyway. I figured no harm, no foul, letthem call or come back later. I made no attempt to keep a watch out for my mother becausethe previous time I got busted, she gave me a “lecture” that could really help a young man inlife. As a matter of fact, I kind of wanted to see how mother would react if she caught meagain.During one such wanking session, I experienced the meaning of the phrase “the straw thatbroke the camel’s back.” I was engrossed in watching porn on the big flat-screen television,and I didn’t realize mother had returned home from the mall. Right before she caught me forthe third time, she probably heard me mumbling filthy things to the sluts in the movie.”Swallow that dick,” I told the porn slut on the television screen as I whipped my hand upand down my own tool.”Brock!”When I heard the loud shout, I snapped my head around to see my furious mother. Shestormed across the living room to where I sat and slammed her shopping bags on the floorright at my feet. The loud thud put an end to the cavalier attitude I had about the situation.”How many times Brock!? How many times do I have to tell you not to fist that, that, that bigfilthy prick in my living room!?” mother yelled.Mother caught me completely off guard. Her language and countenance showed that theconsequences would not be pretty.”What’s it gonna take Brock! What am I going to have to do to make you stop fisting thatthing in my living-room! Look at it. Just look at it!” mother yelled.I became aware that I was actually gripping my dick out in the open. Mother had stunned mewith her rage filled outburst and in my shocked state, I hadn’t even thought about covering upmy dick. I hadn’t even considered shutting off the DVD. Audible moans emitted from the TV,but mother was focused totally on me with her furious reaction.”Mother, I’m sorry, please calm down. Shit, I shouldn’t have…”I shouldn’t have cursed, but it slipped out in frustration. I did not direct it at her. I cursed atmyself for causing her to get this pissed off and for putting myself in this position, but motherinterpreted it as an insult.”How dare you curse at me? You’re the one who sits in my living-room with your fist aroundthat nasty piece of prick meat, deliberately disobeying me,” mother said.”Whoa, whoa, mom, you keep calling my thing a prick,” I said.”Well you shouldn’t be in here holding it after I’ve told you time and time again not to. It’s ahuge filthy prick on a little immature boy. There, maybe that’ll teach you how to behave,”mother said.I thought my mother must’ve been delirious. This foul language sounded foreign comingfrom her, especially because it was directed towards me. She was more like a puritan thananyone else I knew.Mother had a menacing stare, her face contorted with anger. I followed her line of sight tofind that she was staring angrily at my dick. Instinctively I moved my hands in an effort tocover my semi-hard dick. It was only a reflex, but that blew her top even more.”Look at you! You’re doing it right in front of me! You have some nerve,” mother said.”No, no, I…” I tried to explain, but mother interrupted me.”You’re just going to fist that thing in front of me, like its nothing?”The angry glare in her eyes as she glanced back and forth from my face to my dick, mixedwith her heated language was actually turning me on, but I had to at least attempt to calm herdown.”I’m not, I swear I was not doing that,” I said.”You’re not doing that?””No, I swear.””Then why is it like that? Why is it so hard? Just look at it! Gripping that dirty meat right infront of me; I warned you, didn’t I? You want to beat off in front of me? Is that what it is!? I’llshow you!”Smack!My mother slapped my dick and I couldn’t believe it. As I sat there gripping my dick at thebase, scared to move my hand in any direction, she just slapped it really hard. It made a loudsmacking sound which seemed to make her pleased with the discipline.”See! You see!?” mother said.I reached for a couch pillow and tried to cover my dick, but she snatched the pillow out of myhands and threw it on the floor.”What is it going to take for you to stop fisting that nasty thing in here!?” she asked.Smack!She slapped my dick again.”Answer me!” mother yelled.Smack!She slapped my dick like it was her worst enemies face. I hoped she didn’t think this was adeterrent, because it definitely sent a twinge of pleasure through my dick along with the pain.Instead of going soft, my dick got rock solid hard.Smack!”Look at that disgusting thing; what do you have to say for yourself?”Smack!”It’s still hard, explain that! Why is that nasty thing still big and hard?!” mother said.Smack!”I asked you why does that thing still look all big and swollen? Make it go down now!”Smack!”Oh shit, I can’t, it has a mind of its own I guess,” I meekly replied.”What! I’ll, I’ll have to beat the nastiness out of it then won’t I,” mother said angrily.Smack!After that last smack, she didn’t draw her hand back away from my dick. Instead she leanedover and fiercely gripped my dick around the shaft. I couldn’t believe the sight before myeyes, let alone the feeling of my mother’s hand gripping me. Shoot, if this is the punishmentfor beating-off in the living-room, then I’d just have to do it more often.Mother did not stroke my dick, but she started to alternate her grip between tight and loose,like she was trying to squeeze the life out of it. She angrily stared at my dick and then up intoface.”You see! Do you see what happens when you disobey and repeatedly beat off such a fat disgustingthing where your mother can see,” mother said as she squeezed my shaft as hard as she could andshook it at me.She repetitively tightened and loosened her grip on my dick.”I bet this teaches you how not to behave!” she said.As she squeezed the shaft of my dick, the feeling became almost too much for me to bear and Ineeded to get some relief. I reached down to rub the head of my dick, but mother slapped my handaway.”You’re still trying to do it!? Haven’t you learned your lesson?” mother asked.”I’m sorry, I really need to release, umm, this built up pressure,” I said.”You pig, I’ll teach you some self-control right here and now!” mother said.Mother dropped to her knees while still gripping my dick tightly. She looked up from my dick andbrought her angry stare directly to my eyes and held it there. She crumpled up the end of her blouseand used it to wipe the remnants of lube from my dick. She had a mean, stern countenance with hereyes locked on mine as she lowered her head to my dick.Mother opened her mouth wide and kept her mean stare into my eyes as she slowly lowered hermouth over my dick. She did not close her mouth around my dick but held her mouth wide open,keeping the insides of her mouth and her lips from touching the skin as best she could. With half of itdisappearing into her mouth, she held her head still, her mouth hovering over my dick. Her angrystare into my eyes spoke of punishment but her wide open mouth spoke of pleasure.Mother showed her teeth, snarled at me, then bit into the shaft without closing her lips around it.She didn’t bite hard enough to cause damage, but it was no playful bite either. It was more painfulthan pleasurable. I had expected to feel hot wetness, but instead I felt cold enamel pressing into myshaft. At least her breath was warm over my cock and that added some pleasurable sensation,helping me to block out the pain. Although she had only closed her teeth around it and not her lips,the sight of my cock impaled in mother’s mouth also helped to block out the pain.She released her bite on my dick and slowly raised her head. I saw small marks of spit that her teethhad left around the shaft of my dick. She had bitten into it hard but not hard enough to break skin.Her angry stare went from my face back down to my dick and a menacing grin spread across herface.”Ha!” she said, “That will teach you not to fist-off in my living-room, waving that filthy piece of meatin my presence.”If she thought I was learning a lesson, she was right. I was learning that I needed to egg her on inorder to see what else she would do to discipline me. I quickly reached for my dick and gripped it. AsI started making an up stroke, mother tried to slap my hand away again, but I held a firm grip on it.”Take your hands off this thing right now!” mother said.She frantically clawed at my hand trying to pry my hand from my cock. After she succeeded insnatching my hand away from my dick, she gripped it tightly, with both her hands. Her fists werestacked one on top of the other as she squeezed hard.”Don’t you dare touch this nasty piece of meat in my living-room again. Do you understand? Can younot control yourself? Do I have to sit here and hold it so you won’t touch it,” mother asked as shesqueezed my dick even tighter.”I’m just so horny, I need to get off so bad,” I said.”This filthy prick needs discipline, that’s what it needs” she gritted between her teeth.Mother gave that menacing stare into my eyes as she removed her hands and lowered her wideopen mouth onto my dick again. When the head of my dick was almost to the back of her throat shebit down with her teeth. Again, she did not close her mouth around it; she only used her teeth tobite into it. I felt more pleasure than pain this time because I was prepared for her teeth. She hadcaught me off guard the first time, but now I was ready for her dental assault on my dick. I decided itwas time to use some foul language to push this stimulating “punishment” even further.”I can’t help that I need to fist my nasty cock so much,” I said.Mother was infuriated even more by my brash comment. She raised her mouth from over my dickand slapped it hard.Smack!”You disgusting pig!” mother said.”That’s what I need, slap that dick again,” I said.”Heathen!” mother replied.Smack!Smack!”Ahhh yea, slap that hard dick mom.”Smack!Smack!Smack!”Look at that huge cock!” my mother yelled.”Oh, so it’s okay to call it a cock now?” I chided.Mother said through gritted teeth, “It’s too fat to be called a thing. Look at that filthy man-sizedpiece of meat; it’s a nasty cock, that’s what it is.””Ah fuck yeah,” I said.I reached for my dick but mother slapped my hand away. Mother hovered her mouth over my dickand bit into the shaft, still not closing her mouth all the way. Although she did not allow the insidesof her mouth or her lips to fully close on my dick, she could not prevent her warm breath fromsurrounding it. Saliva formed on her oral glands because she was stretching her mouth open and shecouldn’t stop the drool from falling onto dick. It felt amazing when the hot spit landed on my cock.She dropped her stare from my face, closed her eyes and made low guttural grunts as she bit intomy shaft.After biting on it for almost a minute, she raised her head. My dick came out coated with a thinsheen of her saliva although she had only used her teeth to make contact. The site of my tool shiningwith mother’s spit almost sent me over the edge.”Slap that wet nasty cock!” I snapped at her.Smack!Smack!”I’m going to teach that big fat juicy cock a lesson,” mother said through her gritted teeth, her lipscurling apart.I didn’t know what had gotten into my mother. She was definitely delirious; she was delirious withlust but her face and vocal tone pointed more toward anger. I was completely turned on and I knewmother also felt the thick sexual tension in the air. She couldn’t think this was just discipline orpunishment, yet I had never seen her look so angry. She was gripping the base of my dick tightly andstaring at it like a mad woman.Smack!Mother slapped it again. She wiped her index finger against the underside of my dickhead. Shebrought her finger up to her eyes and smeared pre-cum between her index and thumb finger.”What is this!? You’re sick enough leak that nasty stuff right in front of me?” she said angrily.”No mam, that’s only saliva,” I said.Mother brought her fingers to her nose and sniffed. She kept the attitude of disciplinarian while shesniffed my pre-cum. She rubbed her fingers together and pulled them apart watching the pre-cumstretch between her thumb and index fingers. She took another sniff of my pre-cum on her fingers.”That smells like sperm.” she said in a cold tone.”It’s not,” I lied.She stared angrily at my dick while she used the tip of her tongue to flick at the pre-cum that was onher index finger.”Liar! You’re leaking right here in front of your own mother!” she said looking sternly into my face.Smack!Mother slapped my cock. She again wiped her index finger over the pre-cum on the underside of mydickhead.She said through gritted teeth, “Look at that big nasty piece of meat, it’s disgusting. How sick, leakingsperm right in front of your own mother!”Mother had a serious countenance and the tone of an angry disciplinarian, but this was turning meon more than anything had ever excited me in my life.”Explain why that stuff is coming out hot.” mother said.Smack!Mother çankırı rus escort bayan slapped my dick again as she continued to grip the base of it.”Right here in front of your mother!”Smack!Mother slapped it again. She rubbed her index finger around the underside of my dickhead again.She brought her fingers up to her eyes and again she smeared pre-cum between her index andthumb finger. She stared at me angrily as she put the fingers under her nose and sniffed. With hereyes locked on mine and that stern, angry look on her face, she again flicked her tongue on her indexfinger.”Disgusting! That is fresh sperm. It’s even fresher than when I checked a second ago. You think Idon’t know what it’s called? That filthy piece of meat is leaking hot cum, you arrogant bastard!”mother said while looking at me angrily.”Fuck, I’m gonna lose it,” I said.”You think I was born yesterday? You think I don’t know a big fat juicy cock when I see it!? Justbecause I don’t talk like that? I know what it is. No mother deserves to see her son leaking sperm infront of her. You think I’m a prude, that I’m clueless. I know fresh sperm when I smell it.”That did it; I couldn’t hold it any longer. Her foul choice of words was definitely betraying her guiseof disciplinarian. I saw through to her sexual attraction toward my dick and it was way too much formy young nineteen year-old mind to handle.”Ah, Yeah! I’m gonna cum!” I said.Mother had been gripping my cock tightly at the base, but when I yelled out, it shocked her and shereleased her grip. It didn’t matter, I was too far gone and my cum started to shoot freely. I grabbedmy dick and directed it towards mother’s face, unleashing all the cum that had built up from notbeing able to finish jacking-off.”Brock! Not on my fa…”Splat. Cum landed right on her lips as she tried to protest. The next rope landed on her chin then therest hit her blouse. My dick jerked from the hardest orgasm I had ever experienced. After my bodycalmed down, I noticed the look of shock on mother’s face.”I’m sorry mom, I lost control and couldn’t take it any…””You pig! Look at all this disgusting stuff. How does that make you feel? I hope you feel ashamed forbehaving like a filthy degenerate,” she said while she wiped cum from her lips.She smeared cum between her thumb and index finger. She examined the slippery cum between herfingers and then sniffed it.”Disgusting, absolutely disgusting! I hope this taught you a lesson,” mother said.”I think I learned my lesson. This makes me feel awful,” I lied.”Well it should! And if I catch you touching that thing in my living room again, I’ll give you an evenworse punishment,” she said sternly.”Yes mam, I know better now,” I said.”I’m going to my room to lie down, don’t you dare disturb me!” mother said.”Aren’t you gonna clean that cum off your face first?” I asked.”Yes! Of course I am going to clean it off, its disgusting.” mother shot back angrily as she sniffed thecum on her fingers again.”Does it smell good?” I asked.”You sick little pervert, leave me be. Now!” mother said.I was glad I got caught for the third time. As good as that punishment felt, I thought that I needed toget “caught” jacking-off in the living-room again as soon as possible.Chapter 2 – If the 3rd time was a charm…When I awoke the next day, I was full of energy despite tossing and turning in bed the night before. Icould not get a good night’s sleep because I kept visualizing how mother had “punished” me. Yet Istill felt energized because of thoughts of how she might do it again.Mother was already dressed to go out shopping when I saw her in the kitchen. I entered with myhead down, not wanting to look her in the face.”Good morning,” she said.”Good morning mother,” I said.She tried to make eye contact with me, but I tried even harder to avoid looking her in the eyes. Istared down at the floor and started to count the tiles.”Look at me,” mother said. “We can put your disobedience behind us. I hope you’ve learned yourlesson and I want have to be so hard on you again,” mother said.”Oh yes. I definitely learned a lesson mother,” I said.I chuckled under my breath knowing that mother was going to have to beat the life out of my dick tostop me from jacking-off in the living room.”I’m going to the grocery store and over to Sears to pick up a few things, do you need anything,”mother asked.”Yes, umm, I need some lotion. My skin has been a bit dry lately,” I lied.Actually my tube of lube was almost empty and I needed the lotion for jacking-off.”I’ll be back in about an hour or so,” mother said.The anticipation of what was to come was almost too much for me and I had to be careful not tojack-off too hard. I didn’t want to cum before mother returned home. I watched the door-way andslowly stroked my hard dick, waiting for mother to walk into the living-room. She had come homeearly to bust me those three times. Now that I wanted her to catch me, she was taking forever to getback.Over an hour passed before mother returned home. She appeared in the door to the living-roomand her face turned cold stone when she saw what I was up to. She placed her hands on her hips andberated me.”You just aren’t going to listen! I warned you that I would punish you even harder. Did I not?”mother chastised me.I shrugged my shoulders as if I didn’t give two shits.”Did I not warn you!” mother asked. “Answer me Brock!”I didn’t answer her. I continued watching the porno on the big flat-screen television and I started tojack-off even faster and harder. I know she could hear the wet sound of my hand going up and downmy greasy dick and slapping into my balls.”Take your hands off that nasty looking cock!” mother yelled. She marched over to the couch andsnatched my hand off of my dick.”Disgusting,” mother said with contempt in her voice.Smack!Mother slapped my dick hard.”I warned you!” she yelled angrily. “I warned you I would beat the nastiness out of this cock if I evercaught you doing this in my living-room again.”Smack!Smack!Mother slapped my dick and stared at it like it was the scum of the earth, like it was the filthiestpiece of meat she had ever seen.”Yeah, slap that filthy dick,” I encouraged mother to continue dishing out this very pleasurablepunishment.Smack!”I’ll do even worse than that!” mother said after slapping my dick again.She fell to her knees, snatched my dick into her hand, and tried to squeeze the life out of it. Shelooked mean as she glared directly into my eyes.”You need to be taught a lesson for behaving like a filthy b**st,” mother said.She lowered her head onto my dick and continued to stare angrily into my eyes. She bit into theshaft of my dick with her teeth, not allowing the inside of her mouth or her lips to close around it.Her angry stare bore into me; she had the meanest grimace I’ve ever seen on a woman. Motherstarted to raise her mouth from around my dick, but instead of taking it completely off she paused atthe head. She snarled wickedly, staring into my eyes, and then placed her teeth on the head of mydick. She didn’t bite the head nearly as hard as she had bitten the shaft. Her teeth firmly pressed intoit, but I could tell that she was using much less force. She took her mouth completely off of my dicknow and started to verbally chastise me.”See what happens to when you insist on fisting this fat thing in the family room? Do you see whathappens? You get punished!” mother said.Smack!Mother had released her grip on my dick and slapped it. This was the first time she slapped my dickwithout holding on it. The way it flailed from side to side was more painful than the actual slap.Mother drew back her hand to slap my cock again and I gripped the base of my dick to keep it fromsnapping wildly from side to side. She thought I was trying to stroke it and she slapped at my hand. Iwrapped my hand around the base of my dick and refused to let go. Mother frantically tried to prymy fingers from the base of my dick, but I held on tightly. She realized her attempts were futile andshe became even more infuriated. She went into an angry rage.”I will not have this in my house! You insist on fisting that thing out here in my living-room. Look atit. Look how fat and nasty it is. It’s disgusting! It doesn’t fit your body. Mothers’ sons are notsupposed to have cocks,” mother said as she shook her head.”What? What are you talking about, all males have ’em,” I said.”No. Sons have penises, not cocks. Look at that disgusting thing. I will not have this wretchedbehavior in my home. I’m going to punish it, I will teach you to behave!”Mother snapped her mouth over my dick again and bit into the shaft. She continued to glare up intomy eyes, a mean and disgusted look on her face. Again, the inside of her mouth did not makecontact with my dick, only her teeth. Her tongue slightly brushed against the underside of mydickhead again. I couldn’t tell if it was accidental or intentional; either way it felt great to me.”Oh yeah, bite my shaft,” I said, “Punish that big juicy cock with your hot mouth.”Mother shook her head ravishingly from side to side as she bit into my shaft, my words egging heron. She stopped staring at me and closed her eyes. Her hair flailed wildly and she looked like a madwoman.Up until then, she had kept the insides of her mouth from touching my dick. As she shook her headwildly, my dick banged into the sides of her mouth. I loved the feelings of warmth and wetness. Imade up my mind that in order to get more, I needed to verbally instigate.”Shake that big hard cock in your mouth. How’s it feel to have a nice fat cock in your mouth,” I said.Mother started to moan around my dick and her teeth pressed into it. She shook her head wildlyfrom side to side. I felt some saliva drip from the roof of her mouth onto my dick. The feeling wasincredible and I knew I had to continue to egg her on.”Your hot spit is running down my cock. Can you taste that nasty cock?” I chided.Mother had been careful not to close her mouth completely on my dick. I guess she figuredtechnically she wasn’t sucking me off and that she could act like she was punishing me by biting it. Byasking her if she liked the taste of my dick, I threatened to expose her pleasure in this. She was takenaback by the comment and raised her mouth from around my dick. Her mouth felt too good though,and I knew exactly what I had to do.I placed my hands on her head and pulled her back down onto my dick. It shocked her and shegagged a little as my dick teased her throat. She pulled her head back up and off of my dick. Shelooked shocked and couldn’t believe that I had pulled her head down onto my dick.”I have never seen such sick perverted behavior in my life,” mother said.She still had a look of total shock on her face. Her mouth was wide open in disbelief. I placed myhands on the side of her head and pulled her head back down on my dick again. She didn’t close hermouth to prevent me from putting my dick inside, but she still wouldn’t suck me off like I wanted. Iinstigated even more, trying to get her to suck me off.”That cock needs to learn how to behave. Biting it won’t teach it a lesson, you’ve got to suck themeat off the bone to make it listen,” I chided.Mother stared up at me and her facial expression went from a look of shock right back to angry andmean. She looked horribly mad as she closed her mouth completely on my dick and started to suck. Itried to guide her head up and down on my dick, but she slapped my hand away and started doing itherself. She applied some serious suction as she stared angrily into my eyes. Mother looked at mewith the meanest stare, like she wanted to slap my face, but at the same time she was sucking mydick extremely hard.”Yeah, punish that dick. Suck the meat off that bone and teach it a lesson,” I chided.Smack!Mother had taken her mouth off of my dick and slapped it.”You filthy pig!” she said. “I will suck the nastiness right out of that prick! I’ll show you what happensto boys who have big juicy cocks and beat-off in front of their mothers,” she said angrily.I grabbed my dick and guided it back into her mouth as she stared into my eyes with a cold grimace.”That’s it. Suck the nastiness out of that cock. Keep sucking that dick and teach me a lesson forbehaving like a dirty boy. It’s going to make me feel so guilty and ashamed if I shoot hot cum downmy own mother’s throat,” I said.That provoked mother even more. She stopped looking at me in the face with that mean stare andlooked down at my dick. She started to bob her head up and down in rapid motion as she appliedmore suction. Saliva ran down the sides of my dick, onto my balls and formed a puddle on the couch.Her jaws hollowed in as she fiercely tried to draw the cum out of my balls. With the way her jawscaved in, it looked as if she had gotten plastic surgery to enhance her dimples. My own mother wasvigorously sucking me off under the guise of punishment.”Eat your son’s big cock. You wanted to suck this cock ever since you first saw it. You know this hasnothing to do with discipline,” I instigated.Mother quickly drew her mouth off my dick with a loud popping sound and protested.”You liar! I have no desire to suck this disgusting cock. It is absolutely revolting. See, your cock evensmells disgusting.”Mother brought my cock to her nose and took a big whiff.”I smelled that filthy musk the last time I caught you beating off in here. It’s disgusting, see…”She took another audible whiff of my cock and kept it pressed up against her nostrils as shecontinued to breathe deeply through her nose.”Why would I want to suck such a disgusting piece of meat that smells so….”Mother stopped mid-sentence to take another deep whiff of my cock. With my cock pressed firmlyagainst her nostrils, she continued to inhale deep breaths.”You see, it is repulsive and needs to be bathed. Maybe you need assistance in your daily bathing.Do I have to teach you how to properly clean this nasty piece of meat,” mother chided.”Why don’t you clean the nastiness off of it right now?” I said.I gripped my dick and guided it back into mother’s mouth.”Suck that nasty dick good. Teach your son how to clean his cock,” I said.She went right back to sucking my dick with all earnest. She started to get into it really good again,bobbing her head rapidly and slobbering all over my dick.”Yeah mother, that fat cock excites you doesn’t it? I know those slaps and bites weren’t for disciplineor punishment,” I said in hopes of enticing her even more.She just shook head and mumbled a barely discernible, “No,” as she continued to inhale my meat.”Admit it mother!” I said.Mother shook her head again harder this time, signaling that she would not admit it. She mumbled”It doesn’t” around my cock shaft and her words were barely audible because my dick was all theway in her mouth. She pulled her mouth from my dick her lips making a loud smacking sound.”It does not excite me! I refuse to return home everyday to see my own son in the living-room withhis fist racing up and down such a huge disgusting cock. You need to be disciplined and punished.You need to be taught what happens when a boy insists on jacking-off such a, such a big hard cock infront of his mother! Any mother in her right mind would do the same.”Mother lowered her mouth back over my dick while angrily staring into my eyes. She kept that meangrimace and maintained eye contact with me as she started to suck my dick harder.”Oh yes, teach that big hard cock how to behave!” I said. Mother picked up the pace and startedsucking my dick like crazy, making loud slurping sounds.”Suck my balls mother. That’ll make me cum so hard that I feel even more ashamed and dirty. Go on,suck those balls into your mouth and punish your son for being so nasty in your living-room,” I said.Mother stared into my face with that same “meanest woman on the planet” look. She used her handto firmly mash my dick against my stomach and she held it there. As she continued to look in myeyes with her angry ice grill stare, she lowered her mouth to my balls. Mother sucked one of my ballsinto her mouth like it was fresh fruit. She used some serious suction on my ball before letting it popout of her mouth. She flicked her tongue over my nuts. She glared at me the whole time, staring intomy eyes with a look of total anger and contempt. She flattened her tongue and started to bathe myballs with it. She firmly pressed my cock against my stomach with the palm of her hand while lappingat my balls with her tongue. It was just too much for a young man to take, and I was about to feedmy mother a hot load for the holidays.”I’m gonna cum. That’s it, I’m gonna shoot it,” I said.Mother spoke up, “Shoot that nasty sperm! You dirty heathen. You should be ashamed for havingyour own mother swallow your hot sperm.”She started to jack my dick with fervor and desperate abandon. She aimed the head of my dickdirectly at her open mouth. Mother’s wide open mouth, her relentless pounding on my dick, and herfierce angry stare into my eyes sent me over the edge.”Ahhh, yeah! Take that, hot cum, down your throat,” I yelled in broken speech as cum spurted frommy dick and into mother’s mouth.I grunted and tensed up as my dick shot string after string into mother’s accepting mouth. She tookevery blast squarely in the gullet. I continued to look down at mother to see if she was going toswallow. She bent her head forward, squinted, and gulped the load down. She smacked her lipstogether and then glared back up at me.”You see what becomes of nastiness,” mother said sternly.”Yes mam, I see, I definitely see.””Good. Now let this be the last time I catch you with that filthy thing out in my living-room.””Yes mother, I promise,” I lied. Mother had to know I was lying too.”If not, I will have to find a stricter punishment to teach you the consequences of doing such vilethings as stroking such a fat thing in your own mother’s face.””Yes mam, I understand. But you’ve been using words that you told me only whores use. And youdid things that you said only they would do,” I said.”Well, you crossed the line by blatantly refusing to obey me. I had to shock you in order to show youhow disgusting your behavior has been. Any mother would have done the same. If Melba’s sonrefused to keep such a huge thing out of her face, she’d, she’d probably…. Let it suffice to say thatit’s a mother’s duty to make sure her son behaves properly,” mother said.”If you say so, whatever” I remarked nonchalantly.”I do say so! Now go to your room. And don’t you dare bother me for the remainder of the day,”mother said.”I’m going over to Mike’s for a bit,” I said.”Fine,” mother said.”You mean you’re not gonna make me stay in my room or ground me?” I said.”No, I told you, you’ve gotten too big for me to send you to your room like a little c***d,” mothersaid.”Yeah, I have gotten kinda big, huh?” I said while grabbing my dick.”Get out of my sight, now!”Chapter 3 – Oh, How the Tables in the Living Room Have TurnedThe day started off normal enough. I woke up, got dressed, ate breakfast in the kitchen, and wentback to my room to call a few buddies from college. I had not watched porn on the flat screentelevision in the living-room for several days because we constantly had guests coming in and out ofthe house. Besides, my dick was sore from all the punishing slaps and bites mother had given it just afew days earlier.Christmas was coming up in a couple of days and after that we would not have as many guests in ourhouse. My sister had come back home. She would be in town until the day after New Year’s, but shewould be out for most of her time here visiting old high school and college friends. Therefore, Iwould have a few opportunities to let mother catch me wanking in the living-room before theholiday season was over.Shoot, the punishment felt so good, I questioned whether I should even go back to school the nextsemester. I contemplated transferring to the college in my hometown and living at home wheremother could “punish” me all year long.Mother interrupted my thoughts when she stuck her head in my room and told me to meet her inthe kitchen. I rushed to the kitchen because I knew how upset she gets when she has to wait for me.We both sat down at the kitchen table and mother pulled out her purse.”I have done all this shopping, but I haven’t asked you what you wanted for Christmas,” mother said.”Wow, you’re still going to get me a present?” I asked.”Even though you have been acting unruly, I still want to get you something. What would you likeMs. Santa to get you for Christmas,” mother asked while smiling from ear to ear.”Ah jeez, I don’t know. I did want a big flat-screen television for my room, but I don’t need oneanymore,” I said.I snickered to myself because I knew exactly why I didn’t want a better television for my room. Theone in the living-room is just fine I thought with a big smile.”Why did you change your mind about a new TV?” mother asked.I wanted to say, “Because I can watch porn in the living-room, knowing that my punishment willmake me bust a major nut.” I didn’t say it though.”The one in my room is just fine. There’s nothing good on television anyways,” I said.”Well you’re big enough now to go out and buy your own present. You can drive my car to the mall ifyou want,” mother said.Mother reached in her purse and handed me two one-hundred dollar bills along with the keys to hercar.”Wow! Thanks momma,” I said.Mother giggled hysterically.”What’s so funny,” I asked.”You hardly ever refer to me as ‘momma’.””Well you forbade Jessica and I to call you that when we were growing up. You told us to call youmother.””I did that to help you learn how to speak properly. You’re big enough now, so it’s ok to call methat,” mother said.”Ok, if you say so momma,” I said.We both laughed.”You think Jessica wants to go to the mall?” I asked.”Your sister is out on a date with her new boyfriend,” mother said.”This early in the day?” I asked.”Yes, they went shopping out of town and won’t be back until late this evening,” mother said. “Youshould find you a nice wholesome girl to date.””First of all, shopping is not a date, at least not to him. And I don’t like wholesome girls,” I joked.Mother didn’t like the joke at all; she really was a prude.”What do you mean you don’t like wholesome girls? You want to shack up with some slut?” motherasked.”So what if I do,” I fired back, angry at my mother’s pompous self-righteousness.”Brock! You’d choose some filthy whore over a good respectable girl? I raised you better than that. Ididn’t raise my son to desire some whore who can’t control herself,” mother said.I wanted to remind mother how well she controlled herself when she sucked me off good the lasttime she “punished” me for jacking-off in the living-room. However, I refrained from taking theargument further into hostile territory and tried to keep the peace.”Mother, I was only joking. Calm down, will you.””That wasn’t a funny joke, Brock,” mother said.”Most people would find it funny,” I said.”Well, don’t blame me because I’m not like some hussy who lets her cun-, I mean, her privates tellher what to do,” mother said.”Momma please, can we not rus escort çankırı go there today,” I said.”Don’t call me momma,” mother said.”You just said I could call you that a few minutes ago,” I said.”That was before I knew you’d rather stick your, your, fat nasty thing in some whore’s cunt thanmeet a dignified classy lady,” mother said.”Whores can be classy too,” I joked.It was hilarious to me, but mother was extremely pissed off. I saw the anger in her face so I hurriedto apologize.”I’m sorry mother, they’re just jokes. We were getting along so good, let’s not mess it up, ok? I’ll goahead to the mall so we can cool our heads, deal?””Alright Brock, but you’re sense of humor puzzles me. I’ll see you when you get back.””Later!” I said as I headed out of the house.After shopping around for about forty minutes and not seeing anything I wanted, I decided to driveback home. I don’t see how people can shop for hours during the holiday season when the placesare so crowded. Having only been out of the house for the total of an hour, I knew mother would askwhy I came back from the mall so soon.I stomped the snow from my shoes, unlocked the door, and walked into the house. As soon as Iturned the corner to go into the living-room, I saw her. I couldn’t believe it. With all the signs I saw ofher being desperate and mad with lust, I still would have never guessed it.Mother was laid back on the sofa chair with her legs spread eagle and she was rubbing her pussyfrantically. She was fully clothed in navy blue skirt and white blouse, but her pussy was naked as theday she was born. Never in a million years would I have guessed that she shaved her pussy hair. Herskirt was hiked up almost to her waist and her panties were dangling from her ankle. She squeezedher plump natural breast through the blouse with one hand and frigged her clit with the other hand.Sweat dripped down her body. I saw her biting her bottom lip and I heard her moaning. I also heardlouder grunts and shouts coming from the television so I looked up at the screen.I don’t know exactly where my mother found it, but I had caught her masturbating to one of my pornDVDs. I recognized the movie from my collection right away; it was titled “Big Whores Need BigCocks.” It featured women with big breasts and nice asses taking on the biggest dicks of the pornindustry.Needless to say, I thought it was really hypocritical for mother to do the same thing that she had”disciplined” me for doing. Mother needed the same type of punishment I had received and I wasmore than glad to help tame her.Not wanting mother to jump up in shock and ruin the beautiful display of her wide open legs, Islowly crept up beside the sofa. When I was close enough, I quickly placed a hand on each leg.Mother screamed and tried to close her legs just as I suspected she would. I forced them to stayspread wide apart by placing the weight of my torso on her thighs and that freed up my hands tohold her down.”Brock!” mother shouted.”Mother, mother, mother, what have we here,” I said with a wicked smirk on my face.”It isn’t what you think Brock. I swear it’s not what it looks like. Let me go!””It’s not what it looks like? Looked like you had your legs spread from the Atlantic to the Pacific,rubbing an awfully hot pussy. Convince me otherwise and I’ll let you up,” I said.I looked down at her pussy and she tried again to close her legs but I held them open.”I was only going to clean up your room, but I found your…and I…” mother stumbled through herexplanation.”What is it mother? You need to speak up because from the looks of things you’re a regular slut wholikes rubbing her hot pussy and looking at her son’s porn stash,” I said.”No, No. I found it by mistake. Then I just wanted to see what you have been feeding your mind. So Iput in and pressed play,” mother stammered.She was visibly shaken and in an uncomfortable position, emotionally that is. Physically, mother’sbody appeared very comfortable. With her son holding her legs spread eagle, she couldn’t take herusual pompous position of moral authority. Finally she was the one getting judged.”It says right there on the cover, ‘Big Whores Need Big Cocks.’ That should tell you what’s on theDVD. You just wanted to make sure though, right?””Yes, I, uh, uh, was just curious as to what, what was on it. Let me up now Brock, I gave you anexplanation,” mother said.”It says in bold letters, ‘Big Whores Need Big Cocks.’ So, what is there to be curious about?”I loved making her squirm. I had caught my puritan like mother rubbing her clit good to one of thenastiest porn movies in my collection. I wanted to milk this situation for all it was worth. She poutedand tried to get free without answering my question. I firmly held her in place.”You’re not going anywhere until you give me a good explanation for your, as you would put it, filthyand disgusting behavior. Rubbing that nasty wet pussy while looking at a disgusting movie; is thathow ladies behave,” I said.She frowned at my sarcastic remarks. Her overly conservative mannerisms were coming back to biteher in the ass.”Mother, if it says right there on the cover ‘Big Whores Need Big Cock,’ what is there to be curiousabout,” I asked her again.”I, uh, I was curious to see if, if…”Mother couldn’t come up with a good explanation so I decided to help her along.”You were curious to see if there really were Big Whores in this movie?””Yes, I guess so,” mother replied.”And you were curious to see if they really needed Big Cock?” I asked.”Yes, I mean no, I was just looking to make sure you didn’t damage your mind with trashy images,”she said.”Oh, and I guess rubbing your pussy helped you to know if the movie was harmful for me?” I asked.She didn’t answer.”So you really did want to see if big whores needed big cock?””No, I was just curious to see what was on it. Now let me go!””I’ll let you go as soon as I teach you a lesson for this vile and wicked behavior,” I said.”What are you talking about? Stop mocking me Brock!” mother said.Mother started to get more antsy, trying to twist her legs free and sit up. I placed more of my weighton her legs to make sure they stayed spread apart.”Laid back in the living-room, rubbing that hard little clit while you watched a nasty video, that’swhat I’m talking about. Go on look at the screen, it’s still playing,” I said.We both looked toward the TV. Some slut was deep throating a big dick and slobbering all over it.”She’s definitely a big whore. Does she look like she needs big cock, mother?”Mother didn’t answer me.”Huh? I asked you if she looks like she needs that big cock. Answer me or we can stay here all day.””You filthy pig! Of course that slut needs it, she’s a whore,” mother replied.”Oh I see. She needs that big cock because she’s a whore? Well, what she’s doing looks an awful lotlike the punishment you gave me two days ago,” I said.”Liar!” mother spat out.”Oh yeah, that’s exactly how you looked when you were punishing my dick. Slobber running out ofyour mouth, cheeks hallowed in, hair flailing wild as you bobbed your head up and down as fast asyou could. You sucked my big cock like you needed it too and if you try to get up I swear I’ll turn youin for sexual abuse,” I said.”Please no, I couldn’t have looked like that. No, no, no, I only did it to teach you a lesson; I wasupset. I thought I could shock you into obeying. It was for your own good,” mother reasoned.”Well if that’s the case mother, then this is for your own good too.”I smashed my mouth down into her pussy and started sucking hard while I angrily stared into hereyes. With her legs spread eagled, I had complete access to her juicy cunt. I was very glad it wasshaven, although I had expected my right wing conservative mother to be a bush woman, if youknow what I mean.”No! No!” mother protested.She looked down at me and her facial expression seemed like she was pleading for me to stop. I feltkind of sorry for her. I was actually going to stop until I noticed how long and hard her clit hadbecome and how she intently stared directly at my every lick and slurp of her pussy. My forearm washolding down her waist, but if she fought hard enough she could have pushed herself up. I unlockedmy suctioning mouth from her pussy and grinned up at her before I started to lick her clit hard,getting it good and wet. I stared right into her face, grinning wickedly from ear to ear as I licked andsucked on her clit.”Oh shit! Stop that right now!” mother yelled at me.I dove into mother’s pussy, trying to clasp my mouth over it entirely. I slurped and sucked as hard asI could. Her juices started pouring out and her hips moved involuntarily, rubbing her pussy over mymouth and chin. That only increased my fervor to suck my mother’s sweet pussy until she came. Itried to get every inch of my tongue inside of her as I sucked on her cunt.”I can’t believe you’re, you’re doing this, to your, own mother. Oh God! No, stop this, this isdisgusting,” mother said between ragged breaths.Eventually mother stopped yelling at me and resigned to watch me feast on her cunt like an a****l.She started breathing hard, staring wide eyed at my mouth clamped over her pussy. Next Iconcentrated solely on her clit again. I sucked it hard; puckering my lips around it like it was a pieceof sweet-n-sour candy. Wet smacking sounds filled the room as I tried to suck her clit even furtherinto my mouth but it kept popping out. Once her clit was drawn into my mouth securely, I pressedmy tongue into it. Her hips were rocking now, gyrating her pussy on my chin.”Stop it Brock! You’re not supposed to, oh God, you shouldn’t make your mother, ugh, orgasm,”mother said.I brought my face up from her pussy before she completely lost it, juices dripping off my chin.”You aren’t supposed to finger yourself while watching your son’s porn either. I think this pussyneeds to be taught a lesson,” I said.Smack!I slapped mother’s pussy after releasing one of her legs. She didn’t make the slightest effort to closeher legs. On the contrary, her reflex was to raise her hips off the sofa in response to the slap as if herpussy was begging for more punishment.”You’ve been a very naughty mother. Your hot wet cunt needs to be disciplined.”Smack!I slapped her pussy again and this time she let out a low guttural howl.”Doesn’t it mother? Doesn’t your hot cunt need to be taught a lesson?”Smack!I made sure that slap landed near her clit.”Oh God Brock!” she said.Smack!”Yes mother, say it. Admit you’ve been a vile woman for watching your son’s dirty movies whilerubbing your filthy cunt.”Smack!”Oh God yes! Mother has been very naughty, but you mustn’t…”Smack!I interrupted her protest with another slap near her clit. I brought my face back to her pussy andstarted to feast on it some more. Her hips were now moving uncontrollably and she was basicallyshoving her cunt into my mouth. I knew she was on the verge of cumming so I removed my mouthfrom her pussy and started rubbing her clit.”Ah, it feels so, please stop it Brock!”Mother’s scream for me to stop meant little in comparison to the way she was gyrating her pussy allover my hand. I released her other leg yet she still lay there with both legs spread wide apart as Irubbed her clit. I used my free hand to release my hard dick from my pants. I started stroking mydick while I massaged mother’s clit.Smack!I slapped her pussy again.”That’s a hot filthy cunt, isn’t it,” I asked.Smack!”I asked you a question mother. Isn’t this a hot filthy cunt that needs to be spanked?”Smack!”Yes, damn you! Spank that depraved cunt!” mother said.She stared wildly down at her pussy, at her legs spread wide open.Smack!”Look mother, my fat cock got rock hard because of your naughty dripping pussy.”Mother glanced over at my dick and then up into my eyes. That expression of lustful helplessnessfaded from her face and she sneered at me.”You’re a filthy pig!” she shouted at me.I massaged mother’s spit coated clit harder and she banged her pussy into my hand as she beratedme for stroking my hard cock. I slipped two fingers into her sopping wet pussy and watched herintake a deep breath. She tore her stare away from dick to watch my two fingers slide in and out ofher pussy. She brought her gaze back to my hard on again.”You filthy bastard!” mother said and she snatched my dick into her hand.”How dare you stick your fingers in my hot cunt!” mother said.Smack!She slapped my dick and sneered at me.”How dare you spread your pussy juice all over my hand?” I said.Smack!I slapped her pussy in lustful retaliation.”I’m going to teach this hard cock a lesson,” mother said.Smack!Mother slapped my hard dick again. This smack fest felt wonderful, but I had other things in mind,namely getting my hard on inside her steaming wet pussy.”I’m gonna suck the nastiness right out of this hot wet cunt,” I said in imitation of mother’s wordsfrom two days ago.I snapped my mouth over her cunt and looked her squarely in the eyes with an angry stare. I suckedhard, trying to draw all of her pussy flesh into my mouth.”Oh God!” mother yelped because she was both surprised and excited by my no holds barred oralattack on her pussy.”Not before I suck the disgusting stench off this filthy cock,” mother said.She twisted her body so that her mouth could reach my cock. I adjusted myself to help her reach itbetter. She gripped my hard dick by the base and shoved her mouth over it.”That’s it, suck my hard cock,” I said.”Suck that nasty pussy, you pig!” mother said.On the living-room sofa, we orally attacked each other like savages. Mother humped her cunt intomy face. I could tell she was close to cumming, so I withdrew my mouth again. She kept humping herpussy in the air, searching for my mouth. I forcefully pulled my cock from her mouth with a loud pop.I moved around and positioned my cock at the opening of her pussy, and started to rub her clit withmy fingers again. Mother had that desperate look in her eyes again as we stared at one another. Icouldn’t judge from her facial expression whether she was desperate for an orgasm or if shedesperately wanted me to stop. However, the way her pussy moved around as I massaged her clittold me all I needed to know.”This is the best way to tame my fat nasty cock and your dripping wet pussy at the same time,” Isaid.I placed my hard dick on her clit. Her pussy humped up and down even more now. I massaged heraroused clit with my stiff dick. My saliva coated dickhead glided smoothly over her spit and pussyjuice coated clit.”Oh, you dirty, dirty boy with a man-sized cock,” mother said.She stared at my dick as it slowly entered her pussy and her legs began to tremble.”Oh God, I can’t take it!” she yelled as she grabbed my ass, pulling me hard into her pussy.My dick was inside mother to the hilt and she started to grind her pussy all over it. I didn’t evenstroke in and out once and she was already about to cum. I had lit her pussy on fire with my mouthand hands and now she was about to completely lose it all over my dick.”Mother can’t take it baby!” she pleaded with me.”Yes mother, let it go. Cum all over my cock,” I said.She grabbed the back of my neck and looked down at her cunt grinding all over my cock.”God, help me. I will not cum, I will not cum, I will not cum all over my own son’s cock, all over his bigfat swollen cock! Ugh!” mother screamed.Her pussy contracted wildly and she bucked on my dick. She pulled downward on my neck as thefierce orgasm racked her body. I held still until mother’s orgasm subsided, my cock resting deepinside her. As soon as she calmed down from the orgasm, I started fucking her good. I leered downat her, staring meanly into her eyes.”Yea mother, it was good wasn’t it,” I chided.”No! You disgusting pig. Take that fat nasty cock out of my cunt right now!”Mother’s words said one thing but the way her pussy continued to hump up at my dick told adifferent story.”Or what mother?” I asked.I picked up the rhythm and started to pound my dick into her wet sloppy pussy.”What are you going to do mother? Cum on my cock again?” I said in a sarcastic tone.”You heathen, I will not cum on that,” she looked down at me pounding into her, “on that, that bigpiece of cock meat. Oh God, look at it. Look at that nasty piece of meat fill my hole.””Yeah, look at it sawing into your pussy,” I said.She gritted her teeth and grimaced.”You little boy with a man-sized cock, you’re filling my hole. Oh my God! That is some good cock!”When she finally admitted plainly that my dick was good to her, it fueled me and I started to reallypound into her cunt. Mother curled her lips and angrily watched my dick piston in and out of hertight wet cunt.I smirked at her. “That’s some good cock mother?””Damn you! You filthy pig! You see that huge swollen cock stretching my hole! What do you think,”mother replied.Her hips were meeting my thrusts dead on.”Oh yea mother, I think that cock is good to you, that’s what I think. I think you need this big cockdon’t you?””Dammit look at my hungry cunt swallow that big piece of meat,” mother said.She looked like she wanted to kill someone with that angry expression on her face. She was glaringdown at my cock like it was the most hateful thing in the world.”You need big cock just like the title of that movie said, huh? Is that why you watched it and rubbedyour clit, because you needed a nice big hard cock?” I asked.”I saw the picture of a nasty cock on the cover of that disgusting movie,” mother admitted.”And you wanted to see it getting sucked off?” I asked.”Yes,” mother snarled, her countenance showing anger. “I watched those whores slobbering all overthose big nasty cocks and it made my clit throb!” mother said angrily.”Ah yes mother. So you admit big cock’s make you horny,” I said..”You dirty heathen! You want me to say it. Fine, yes they make me horny!” mother angrily admittedas she continued to stare at my dick sliding in and out of her pussy.”Yeah, I could tell you were in need of some good dick. You haven’t had a good fucking in years,” Isaid.Mother gritted her teeth. She brought her angry stare up from watching her pussy getting fucked toglare into my eyes with the meanest look.She angrily snapped back, “Well you’re fucking me good now, you filthy degenerate. You’re givingme that big juicy cock that’s been burning in my mind since the first time I saw you jacking off in theliving-room.””Oh mother,” I moaned.Mother’s admission that she had been lusting for my cock the whole time caused me to drive mycock into her even harder.”That’s it, that’s it. Fuck it hard you bastard. You jack-off in the living-room and tempt your ownmother with such a huge cock. Well then you better use it, you disgusting little bastard, you betterkeep slamming that cock in my hungry cunt,” mother commanded.Mother’s dirty confession turned me on such. I wanted to hear more about the filthy desires she hadtried to mask. I kept prodding her with questions as I fucked her hard.”When you were ‘punishing’ me you enjoyed sucking me off didn’t you?” I asked.”You snotty little fuck! I tried to swallow that fat cock whole,” mother angrily admitted.”Oh God yes, I knew it. You tried to act like it was just punishment,” I said.”I didn’t mean to see that fat cock-meat between your legs the first time. But the second time, Icould smell that delicious piece of man-meat as soon as I came in the house. I stood at the door-wayand watched you stroke that huge cock for a long time before you saw me,” mother admittedangrily.”Oh God yes, tell me more mother,” I said.”You little piece of shit, you want more?” mother asked in a mean tone.”Yes, please,” I said.”I slapped your hard cock for jacking-off in the living-room because that’s the only way I could touchit without looking like a cheap whore,” mother angrily admitted.Her filthy confessions were driving me wild and I continued to slam my cock furiously into her cunt.”Oh yes mother,” I moaned.”That’s right wicked son of mine. I only slapped that nasty cock but I was jacking it off in my mind thewhole time. I imagined fisting that big juicy cock up and down until cum sprayed out of your cock.Yes! That’s it, fuck it harder! Your mother is turning you on isn’t she? Well fuck me like the filthya****l you are.””Ah yea! Can’t take it much longer,” I said.Mother slapped my ass hard and angrily said, “You’re a fucking brat, you know why? When I beggedyou not to suck my pussy, you did it anyway. You devoured your own mother’s nasty wet pussy. Youeven sucked my clit. Then right when I was about to fill your mouth with my hot cunt juice, youstopped sucking and put that fat cock in my pussy. You tricked your own mother into cumming allover your big fat delicious cock.””You’re starting to act like a cock whore, mother,” I said. Mother glared up at me.She said angrily, “Yes! What do you expect to happen when a woman goes without cock for yearsthen finds her son in the living-room fisting a big hard delicious looking cock up and down, refusingto put it away even in her presence!”I pounded away at her cunt. “Yeah, tell me how much you lusted for that big dick mother,” I said..Mother coldly stared at me and said angrily, “You filthy, disgusting pig! It excites you doesn’t it! Youthink your mother would allow her own son to fuck her if he didn’t have a big fat hard cock. If youhad a little cock you wouldn’t have gotten anywhere near your mother’s pussy. I would have justsent you to your room and grounded you for jacking-off. But I didn’t send you to your room, did I?That cock was a big fat hard cock so I punished you right there in the living room. I slapped andsqueezed and bit down on that hard cock to punish you.””Ahhh yes, take it.” I fucked her hard, trying to knock the dust off that desperate cunt.”Give it to me son. That huge fuck tool between your legs is what got you a ticket into your ownmother’s cunt. That’s right, it had to be a big fat hard cock or I wouldn’t have fucked you! Oh God,look at my pussy stretch around that huge cock. That’s so fucking good. Yes! Keep slammingmother’s pussy hard baby,” mother said.”You lusted after my fat cock. You filthy whore, do you think good mothers lust after there son’scocks,” I said as I pounded into mother’s cunt.”Yes,” mother hissed through her gritted teeth. “You degenerate son! When I saw you jacking-off,that big nasty hard cock was sticking straight up in the air and glistening with lube and pre-cum. Iwished it weren’t my son attached to that cock, but its fatness made it an exception to rules. Allmothers should do a penis check on their sons and if a mother finds a piece of fat cock-meat hangingbetween her son’s legs, then she should fuck the living shit out it! I mean just look at it, look at thathuge cock stretching my hole.””Oh shit, mother. I’m gonna cum. Your dirty fucking mouth is gonna make me cum!””Flood that pussy you nasty motherfucker. Look at my hungry hole eat up that fat cock. Whatmother doesn’t deserve to be satisfied? How does it feel to feed your mother that swollen fat cock?””It feels, good, too good. Ahhhh! Fuck Yeah!” My body clinched up and I came hard in mother’s cunt.Cum leaked out of her pussy onto the living-room couch.I flopped down on the couch completely exhausted. Mother hugged my body tightly. We just laidsilent on the couch for a while, trying to get a grasp on what had just happened.I spoke up first. “Well, this is definitely the best Christmas of my life,” I said.Mother replied, “I’m just glad you learned your lesson about jacking-off in the living-room.”We laughed and dozed off on the couch.The End

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