Spoiled Heiress Gets Kidnapped Ch. 04

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INTRODUCTION & DISCLAIMER – Having already failed to take into account that Harriet would need to use the toilet and have her panties changed, her stupid kidnappers Rod, Nick and Dwayne get a nasty surprise when Harriet gets her period. And if they thought spoiled princess Harriet was difficult before, she’s much worse when she is menstruating.

This story series contains female bodily functions including urination, scat and menstruation, so if these themes aren’t your thing this story may not be for you. Otherwise, please enjoy and rate and comment. All characters and situations are fictional with any similarity to real persons living or dead coincidental and unintentional.


The weekend passed and soon it was Tuesday, a week since I had been kidnapped although it seemed far longer. I spent the time tied up watching inane television shows with my captors, and having my digestive system assaulted by the poor-quality food they fed me.

At least now I was getting my knickers changed and my fanny and my bum washed daily, but this exercise was a massive blow to my dignity. My legs would be held by Rod and Nick to prevent me kicking or escaping, while Dwayne applied the washcloth to first my vagina and then my anus, then put new knickers on me to wear. And of course, every time I needed to pee or take a shit, Dwayne would have to pull down my jeans and knickers and sit me on the toilet, then get toilet paper to wipe my vulva and my anus.

News coverage of my disappearance continued, but there was no mention of any ransom by the police or by my father at the press conferences. This was probably procedural, and they would want to keep the details of this away from the media in case my kidnappers got spooked.

During Wednesday and Thursday, I presented my kidnappers with a mystery that none of the three of them were able to explain.

“Harriet’s in a real bad mood today,” Dwayne said to his brothers on Thursday, still chastened after I snapped his head off for pulling my panties too far up between my bum cheeks after I had been to the toilet.

“What’s fucking new?” Rod grumbled. “Although yeah, come to think of it, she’s been a bit worse these last two days.”

“Yeah, I’d noticed it, thought it was just me,” said Nick.

None of them speculated any further on why I was in a bad mood, and I wasn’t about to explain it to them as I sat there with my hormones racing through my body, estrogen levels surging. I was in a shitty mood all through Wednesday and Thursday, and when I woke before dawn on Friday morning, I could feel the first cramps in my abdomen.

I lay on the bed feeling the urgency grow in my back passage, and first my fanny and then my knickers getting wet and damp. “Dwayne!” I called out.

Dwayne entered a few minutes later, clearly half asleep. “What is it, Harriet?”

“I need to go to the toilet, you idiot.”

“Yeah okay, I’ll take you,” said Dwayne, walking beside me as I shuffled down the hallway on my bare feet.

“Do you like surprises, Dwayne?” I asked teasingly, ignoring the menstrual cramps going through my abdomen.

“Yeah, I mean no, I dunno,” said Dwayne, looking confused as usual. “Depends if it is a good or bad surprise. Why?”

“Oh, I think you and your brothers might be in for a bit of a surprise today,” I remarked casually.

Dwayne looked worried. “A good surprise or a bad surprise?”

“You’ll find out soon enough,” I said, standing in front of the toilet, Dwayne putting down the seat, then pulling down my jeans followed by my knickers, the white ones with different colored stars stolen from a washing line the other day.

I looked down at my knickers as I sat down on the toilet. The white fabric of the double-cotton crotch was covered in dark red blood stains as I expected. Moving my bare bum around on the toilet seat I opened my legs wide and looked at my vagina, seeing more period blood around my fanny flaps courtesy of my heavy menstrual flow.

Dwayne was looking at the ceiling as I started to pee. Considering what a bitch I had been the past two days he was a bit scared to look at me as I urinated in case I got mad at him.

“Dwayne, would you like that really big surprise I told you about?” I teased as I stopped peeing.

“Uh, I guess,” said Dwayne.

“Well just look at me and you’ll get it,” I said.

Dwayne looked at my face blankly and shrugged. “Don’t get it.”

“Look down at my knickers and you sure will.”

Dwayne looked down at the floor and my bare feet, lowered jeans and underpants, and he went rigid, horror filling his face at the blood on my panties. I smirked. “Now look at my vagina.”

Dwayne looked between my wide open legs at my genitals, and he looked even more horrified at all the period blood seeping out of my fanny. As white as a ghost, he asked me, “Harriet, what’s going on?”

I gave him a smug smile, as blood continued to drip from my vulva. “Oh, I’ve got my period, that’s all.”

Dwayne again stared at my crotch and blood soaked underwear. “I um, think, I’d um, kırıkkale escort better you know, get some help,” he stammered, before running for the open door of the bathroom.

He was in such a hurry to get out that he tripped and went sprawling, before getting back on his feet and running up the hallway, before bellowing loud enough to be heard in Scotland, “Rod, Nick help! Harriet’s started her period, and I don’t know what to do!”

“For fuck’s sake Dwayne!” yelled Rod, he and Nick clearly pissed off about being awoken so early, the cranky pair of criminals entering the bathroom.

“Guys, she really has got her period and I don’t know what to do,” the traumatized Dwayne said.

“I think you’re imagining things …” Nick began, but both he and Rod stopped short as they saw my knickers, period blood all over them.

“Whoa!” said Rod, he and his brothers staring at my blood-stained underpants and at my pussy, dark red blood all over it.

“Dwayne is right, boys,” I said. “I have my period.”

“Are you sure?” the disbelieving Rod asked.

“You can see my knickers and my cunt for yourselves,” I said. “I’ve got my period, I’m menstruating, I’m on my rags, it’s my time of the month, I have the painters in, I’m surfing the crimson tide, I’ve got the curse, Aunt Flo has come to stay and my monthly friend is paying me a visit.”

Rod, Nick and Dwayne still seemed too traumatized to do anything, just continued to stare at me as I sat menstruating into the toilet. I looked between my open legs, the yellow pee that I had released from my bladder earlier now turning the color of tropical juice as it mixed with my menses.

I winced as a menstrual cramp went through my reproductive system and curled my bare toes against the bathroom floor. Rod paced up and down, getting more and more worked up. “You silly bitch, why did you have to go and get your period?”

I glowered at him. “Girls don’t get any choice on that, Rod.”

Nick looked at me. “Can’t you hold it in?”

I regarded him with contempt. “Of course I can’t.”

“Yeah, you can, you’re just not bloody trying hard enough,” said Rod. “You can hold on when you need to take a piss or a shit, you can hold in your period too.”

“No, I cannot. No girl can hold in her period.”

Dwayne was staring at my vagina. “Rod, Nick, I’m confused. I thought girls’ periods came out of their bums, but the blood is coming out of Harriet’s fanny.”

I sighed deeply. “The next time one of you goes out, buy a book on menstruation. For the moment, you have to help me.”

“How are we supposed to help you out with this shit?” Nick asked.

“Go and get my bag, I have some tampons in there,” I said.

“I’ll um, get you your bag Harriet,” said Dwayne, looking very worried as he left the room and even more worried when he returned with my bag.

“Now get the tampons out,” I commanded him.

Dwayne’s nervous hands rummaged through my bag and finally he came out with the pink tampon box, but as he extricated one of the white cylindrical objects, I thought to myself about how much I did not want Dwayne shoving tampons up my fanny, then pulling them out again when I had filled them. I would probably end up with toxic shock syndrome, have a tampon break up my pussy or get one stuffed up my anus and into my rectum given Dwayne’s incompetence and lack of knowledge about how girls’ bodies worked. Plus I would need to wear a pad overnight and there weren’t enough tampons in the box for my current cycle, my periods lasting five days with light spotting on the sixth. This was never going to work.

“No!” I snapped.

Dwayne stopped short. “What do you mean no?”

I sighed deeply. “There is no way I am letting you or those other two twits insert tampons into my vagina. You’re going to have to get me some pads. And I need some painkillers too.”

Dwayne looked at me blankly. “Why do you need painkillers?”

“Because I have period pain, you idiot!” I spat. “My cramps are really bad, so I need to take special tablets for menstrual cramps. Get it?”

“Okay, don’t get mad, I was just asking,” Dwayne protested.

“Seriously, how am I not supposed to feel anything but mad in this situation?” I asked, glowering at my captives.

Nick appeared to be lamenting his misfortune at me starting a period. “What are the fucking odds of her getting her rags when we kidnap her?”

“About one in four,” I said. “Just think, if you’d sent your ransom in earlier then I’d be back home tucked up in bed with a nice comfortable pad in my knickers and a hot water bottle on my tummy, and you’d be in some exotic location with your twelve million quid and never having to hear the word period, much less deal with mine. But you knew best.”

“We’ll send dickhead Dwayne to get you some pads, so don’t worry too much darling,” said Rod, staring at my menstruating pussy. “But fuck Harriet, your crack looks nasty. So this like, happens every month?”

“Of course,” I said. “But you know what’s even nastier about having kırıkkale escort bayan blood coming out of your front bottom when you’re on your period? When you have to take a shit on your period, like this!”

The whole time I had been sitting on the toilet with blood-stained panties having an inane conversation about menstruation with my kidnappers, I could feel the feces and wind in my back passage building up, my poo pressing against my anal sphincter.

I didn’t hold it back, I farted hard into the loo, my wind echoing loudly in the toilet bowl. My anus stayed open, and from my bowels came a tsunami of messy, runny diarrhea that went everywhere in the toilet with a series of embarrassing noises and a terrible stench that filled the entire bathroom within seconds, my farts adding to the horrible smell.

Rod, Nick and Dwayne stood looking horrified and gagging as I regarded them with smug satisfaction from the toilet. “See, I told you it would be bad,” I said, feeling the hot residual shit around my rear opening.

“Fuck Princess, that is absolutely disgusting,” said Rod.

“Try having it every 28 days,” I said.

“Again, why did we have to abduct a girl who was going to get her period?” Nick lamented.

Once more, I put my most superior look on my face and most smart-arse tone in my voice. “If you were going to go around abducting a young woman, it should have at least crossed your minds that she might get her period. But you didn’t even think that I would need to go to the toilet, so I can’t be that amazed you’re so dumb. Next time you want to kidnap somebody, don’t choose a person who gets periods. Or better still, don’t kidnap people at all.”

“Yeah okay sweetheart, you made your point,” said Rod. “So um, what happens next?”

“You and Nick go and get me some clean knickers while Dwayne wipes my arse,” I said. “Then you change me and wash me and rinse out these knickers covered in blood stains.”

Nick looked puzzled. “Yeah, but won’t you just bleed into these knickers too until Dwayne gets you some pads?”

“You’ll need to stuff toilet paper down my knickers to catch my blood until then,” I said.

Dwayne looked hopeful. “Can’t you just use toilet paper the whole time? Then you wouldn’t need pads.”

I glared at him. “No because it’s unhygienic. Just like it’s unhygienic for me to sit on the toilet with an unwiped arse after I’ve just had diarrhea.”

Dwayne reached for some toilet paper and I leaned forward on the loo, presenting my arse to be wiped. Over the past 10 days I had noticed Dwayne’s discomfort at wiping yellow urine from my urethra and smelly brown feces from my anal area, but now there was a new type of bodily function to be cleaned from between my legs. Red, smelly and sticky menstrual blood from my fanny.

Rod and Nick looked at my toilet paper as their younger brother wiped my bottom, seeing the pink toilet tissue covered in my menses and poo. “Oh that’s so disgusting!” said Rod.

“Well don’t look at me when I’m having my bottom wiped,” I snapped.

Rod and Nick came back into the bathroom with some clean knickers for me to wear, these the same white knickers with pink flowers I had been wearing the day I was kidnapped, now washed and clear of pussy stains and skid marks.

After a short delay on the toilet after I farted and more shit came out of my anus, Dwayne had finally wiped my bottom clean and I stood up, Dwayne and I looking into the toilet bowl which was filled with my dirty toilet paper, poop, piss and period blood. Among my menses were several large clots of dark red blood.

“Bet you’re glad you weren’t born a girl now you’ve seen what comes out of our vaginas one week a month,” I said teasingly.

“Um yeah,” Dwayne agreed, keen to flush the toilet and get rid of my bodily wastes and soiled toilet paper.

However, the nightmare wasn’t over for him yet as he had to change my knickers, wash my pussy and bum and put a new pair of knickers on me, stuffed with toilet paper until I had some pads to wear. I was cooperative as Rod and Nick held my legs as my legs were unbound and my jeans and knickers were taken off, and Dwayne washed my fanny, blood getting all over the cloth. Some blood also ran down one of my legs courtesy of my heavy flow, and Dwayne mopped up my menses, before washing my bottom to get rid of any lingering poo smells.

“Make sure you put lots of toilet paper down there,” I said, as my new knickers were put on and Dwayne stuffed them with loo paper, moving it into position between my legs to absorb my period. It wasn’t comfortable, but at least he hadn’t tried to insert a tampon into me. And at least it wasn’t that awful toilet paper last week, I would have bled right through that flimsy nightmare and stained my knickers in less than five minutes.

“Geez, I’m glad that’s all over with for now,” said Rod, as my jeans were put on and the binds to my ankles were bound again. “Fucking hell Princess, how does your period smell so bad? It stinks like off tuna.”

“Yeah, escort kırıkkale felt I was at a fish store down at the markets,” said Nick.

I glared at them. “All girls’ periods smell like that, not just mine, thank you very much. Dwayne, you need to wash those knickers that got my blood on them.”

“Yeah Harriet,” said Dwayne, taking my blood stained panties and going to the tap.

“Cold water, not hot!” I snapped angrily as Dwayne went to turn on the hot tap.

Dwayne looked at me blankly. “Huh? Won’t hot water clean them quicker?”

“No, the blood stains will set. Use cold water.”

Dwayne did as I told him, me watching him wash my menstrual blood out my knickers at the sink, the water turning red, and redder still as he also rinsed the cloth used to wash my fanny and my arsehole. I went out of the bathroom, still smelly courtesy of me suffering from the period shits, and into the living room. We sat watching early morning television, until it was time for the shops to open.

“Dwayne, go out and get her some period pads or we’ll never hear the end of her posh bitch voice whining about it,” said Rod.

Dwayne got up to do as he was told, but I cut in. “Dwayne, I get quite heavy periods as you saw while I was on the loo this morning, so I need super pads. Buy a packet of 24 period pads, so I have plenty to wear. And don’t forget my pain-killers for period pain, they’re in a white box with pink writing, ‘For fast relief of period pain’ on it. Think you can remember that?”

“Yeah, 24 super period pads, and period pain tablets, got it,” said Dwayne. He looked absolutely terrified at the thought of buying feminine hygiene products.

“Be a big brave boy Dwayne,” I teased him as he went out the door, looking very worried.

We heard the van start up and Dwayne drive off, but unlike on Saturday when I needed clean knickers, Dwayne didn’t come back straight away. We waited and waited and waited, soon it was mid-morning, and Dwayne still was not back.

“Oh where the fuck is he?” Nick snapped angrily. “If he’s gone and got himself arrested …”

It was worse for me as I sat on the couch, bleeding into the toilet paper stuffed down my knickers and my uterus sent cramps through my tummy as it shed its lining. I could feel how wet my toilet paper was and I would need it changed soon.

Finally though, we heard the van pull in and Dwayne entered the house. He was carrying a packet of 24 super absorbent panty pads, and a packet of period pain tablets.

“Harriet, I’ve got your period pads for you to wear!” Dwayne called out.

I smiled thinly. “Thank you.”

“Where the bleeding hell have you been?” Rod asked. “We thought the cops had fucking arrested you.”

“No, I didn’t get arrested or nothing,” Dwayne said.

“Well where were you?” asked Nick. “How can it take over three hours to get a spoiled brat some period pads?”

“I thought I should go to a different shop where I didn’t think I’d meet anyone I knew, or they might get suspicious,” said Dwayne. “So I went to a supermarket in Enfield.”

“Enfield?” Rod looked disbelieving. “What the fuck did you go all the way up there for?” He sighed. “Oh never mind, just give me the fucking change from her pads and tablets.”

“I ain’t got none, had to buy petrol to put in the van on the way back,” said Dwayne.

“Well if you drive all the way to fucking Enfield, that’s what’s going to happen,” said Nick. “I hope you didn’t draw attention to yourself buying these things.” He indicated my feminine hygiene products.

“Well, that’s what I was worried about,” said Dwayne. “Even up in Enfield, when I was in the feminine hygiene products section of the shop, I thought that if I bought period pads and period pain tablets, the women on the checkouts might think I was a weirdo like a stalker or a pedophile, or that I might have kidnapped a girl or something and call the filth. So I shoplifted them instead.”

“Shoplifted them?” Rod was disbelieving. “After you stole that girl’s knickers off the washing line the other day? Fucking Jesus Christ, we’ve got twelve million fucking pounds at stake, and you go and put it all at risk by stealing sanitary pads from the shop!”

“Oh no, Rod, you got it all wrong,” said Dwayne. “I didn’t steal them.”

“What the fuck do you mean you didn’t steal them?” Rod stormed. “You said …”

“I shoplifted them, like what I told you,” said Dwayne. “Like when we pinched the van from that old hippie guy, that’s stealing. When you and Nick robbed that shop last year, that’s stealing. When people go out thieving things and selling them to our sister Michelle to flog out of her flat, that’s stealing. Last Saturday when I climbed over that girl’s fence and took her knickers off the line for Harriet to wear, that’s stealing. But I didn’t steal these pads, I shoplifted them.”

Years of exasperation from Rod and Nick, and hormonal imbalances from me led to all three of us yelling in unison, “Dwayne, shoplifting is stealing!”

Dwayne looked puzzled. “Is it?”

“Yes!” All three of us yelled it together to make sure he got it.

“We could stand here all day arguing about whether shoplifting is stealing, but we have more pressing things to worry about,” I said. “I have really bad menstrual cramps, and I really need some of those tablets. And I need a pad. Now.”

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