Stag 2 Cuck – the Challenge


Continuation of the story Stag 2 Cuck or both, Stag 2 Cuck the next step, Stag 2 Cuck another step, and Stag 2 Cuck The Path is Laid Out, Stag 2 Cuck a twisted path.

After six months of our new play I am getting used to the idea of not being able to get hard and my wife having control over that. It has become rather exciting play for us. I get to play with Gwen when I can also. But still the primary thing is my wife being fucked by other men while I am unable to perform.

A typical day until we are lying in bed together and my wife begins sucking me hard. She is dripping wet as she climbs up on me and slides me into her pussy. As she slowly works my cock in and out of her pussy she tells me the club called and made her an offer.

“The club called, they said I can have a slow train if I like.” she said.

“What’s a slow train?” I replied.

“I am visited for a week by 2 or 3 different men each day for a week at different times. What do you think?” she asked.

I got noticeably harder when she told me that.

“Did you just get harder?” She asked.

“Of course, that is an incredibly exciting idea.” I answered.

She kept slowly grinding on me and bringing me close to cumming. Then I felt a familiar little prick as she put the needle into my arm. She looked at me and grinned as she injected me. Within a few seconds I could feel my erection disappear while I was still inside her. In a few seconds I was soft and barely still inside her.

“One of the rules is you have to be on the drug the whole time and for a week afterward too. It starts tomorrow. Don’t worry, I am just as horny right now and I have to wait til tomorrow for satisfaction also.” She said.

“How much did you give me?” I asked her.

“Enough for a week, I will give you a booster for the extra week.” she added.

We slept for the night and I got up in the morning and went to work. I couldn’t wait til I got home and saw her fucking the other men. It was lunch time when I got a picture and text from my wife. It was a picture of a messy pussy. Hers. She said the first guy was just leaving and she is full of his cum.

“I didn’t know the train meant you were going to fuck without me.” I said.

“Every day there will be different men coming by for me whether you are here or not.” she replied.

I was so aroused at that. My wife was going to be filled for 7 days. The rest of the day all I could think about was her used pussy and I kept looking at the pic she sent. I couldn’t wait to get home. Finally at the end of the day I raced home. I saw a strange car in the driveway. I walked in quietly and could hear my wife in the guest room being fucked by somebody. I slowly made my way to the room and there she was with a very dark black man fucking her. She was wrapped around him and cumming on his cock over and over. I stood at the door and watched as they fucked. I figured this is what it would be like for the next 6 days.

After about 30 minutes I could hear him start to grunt as he began cumming in my wife. He filled her pussy as I felt like if I could get hard I would cum spontaneously. However I did notice I was dripping some precum yet still soft as a wet noodle. He immediately got dressed and left, leaving my wife on the bed dripping his cum.

“That was the 2nd guy today. He arrived a little over an hour ago. The guys do not give me their name, they just come over, fuck me and leave me leaking cum.” she said.

“So you don’t know who the guys are?” I asked.

“Nope, totally anonymous and the only way I know they are there for me is they say what a nice day when they are greeted at the door.” she said.

“Then I reply it’s nicer inside. Then they know they have the right person and they take me to a room and fuck me.” she added.

“Are you just going to stand there? I want to cum some more with your tongue please.” she said.

I immediately got on the bed and began eating her well fucked pussy. While I ate her she told me more.

“Just so you know, every guy that comes over for this is black. It is an exclusive thing, I will be fucked by about 20 different black men all week. If you answer the door and a black guy is there and says the magic words make sure you reply correctly then lead him to me.” she said.

“I will.” I replied as I stopped eating her for just a second to say it.

I ate her for about 10 minutes and she stopped me and we went to the kitchen to finish making dinner.

“The club does these little events or challenges from time to time. They pick women that may be interested and let them earn a little merit badge for completing it.” she told me.

“That is awesome and exciting. Enjoy your week.” I said.

We ate dinner and settled in for a little TV together when the doorbell rang. I went to answer the door and found a black man there that said “It’s a nice day today.”.

I replied, “It’s nicer inside.”, as I let him in.

I led him to my wife at the TV and said. “I think you have a guest.”

she looked at him, got up and took his hand leading him to the guest room. I followed. çankaya escort I was so horny knowing this was the 3rd man that will fuck my wife today. Her pussy was wet and she was eager to earn her merit badge for this. He just took her in his arms and kissed her, then laid her on the bed, took her clothes off and got undressed. He wasted no time and sunk a rather large black cock into my wife. I watched as he just hammered her pussy for 20 minutes and came in her pussy. He pulled out slowly and got dressed thanked us and left.

“I think you have a messy pussy to take care of dear.” she said to me.

I again wasted no time and went to eating her full pussy. I spent another 20 minutes eating her to several orgasms each one causing her to thrust her cum filled pussy to my mouth taking my tongue deep inside her creamy cunt. We went back to the TV after I was done and she caught her breath.

We watched TV and then went to bed with me holding a well fucked wife. I got up in the morning again and went to work. Sure enough 2 hours after I left I get a text that another well endowed black man is there for her. I wished her luck and told her to enjoy. It was difficult to keep my mind on work knowing she was being fucked by yet another man. I much prefer to see her fuck but it looks like I will miss most of them if they are fucking her during the day. But I know she is loving this. All these strangers just there to fuck her. It is something she always fantasized about. I am giving that to her but it means me not there most of the time.

End of the day finally and I rush home. No strange cars this time but when I walk in my wife is in a short tight dress. She has no panties on, I can tell because she has cum slowly dripping down her leg. She leads me to the guest bedroom where she lays back exposing her used pussy.

“Please lick me.” She said.

I began licking a very full dripping pussy. Enjoying it imagining the guy that fucked her this morning.

“You are licking me after 3 men have fucked me already today. Two more men came by together shortly after the first one left. They took turns fucking me and cumming in me until about an hour ago.” she told me.

I was super turned on hearing that and wished I could get hard. The only thing I was capable of doing was eating her used pussy which I did until no more cum leaked out of her. It was then the doorbell rang. Another black man with the magic words so I lead him to my wife still sprawled out on the bed after I ate her.

He undressed and climbed on my wife and slipped his cock in her. I watched them as they not only fucked but intimately made love together in front of me. My poor dick tried so hard to get hard but nothing. I watched them kiss and fuck for an hour before he came in her too. He got dressed and left leaving my wife once again leaking cum.

“Looks like he undid your clean up.” she said.

I went to eat her pussy but she stopped me and just got up. We went to the kitchen to make dinner the whole time this guy’s cum was leaking down her leg and I could see it. I don’t know why but I was so turned on seeing her this way but there was nothing I could do. I was going nuts and the horny madness began to set in.

“This is only the 2nd day and I have already been fucked by 7 black guys and I don’t know even one of their names. I am so turned on and glad I took advantage of this challenge. Thank you for letting me do this. How are you feeling about it all?” my wife asked.

“I am suffering that horny madness not being able to get it up and you are enjoying all these men. You have many more to go. I am so worked up and turned on I love it. Please keep going and enjoy.” I replied.

“I am just doing things around the house and I get interrupted by men coming over to fuck me. Total strangers like my fantasy and I am super charged from it.” she said.

We ate dinner and watched TV until bedtime. As we are heading to bed the doorbell rings and another black man is there with the magic words. I responded properly and led him to the bedroom where my wife was waiting.

“Looks like a late surprise my love. I hope you enjoy him.” I told her.

She just smiled and fucked him while I sat and watched. I was enjoying seeing my wife fucked thoroughly by another man just before bed. I find that I can’t get enough of this. When I feel her put that needle in me I know I am going to have a very hot and kinky time for a while. I actually get excited feeling that needle. I love that I can’t get in her and she is enjoying so many men. I had all these thoughts going in my head while watching them together. Only interrupted when I heard him cumming in her. And just like the others he put his clothes on, thanked us and left.

“That makes eight. Come here my love. Lay down and let me curl up on you. I am so tired I just want to go to sleep on your chest holding you while his cum leaks out all night.” my wife said.

I laid down and let her rest on me and go to sleep. It took her only a few minutes to pass out, me I stayed awake thinking cebeci escort about everything going on this week. I was so worked up and excited I couldn’t sleep right away. But after an hour of running it all through my head I finally passed out for the night holding my well fucked wife.

In the morning once again I woke up and left for work. She just got out of the shower while I was about to leave for work. She kissed me and the doorbell rang.

“It’s a nice day today.” this very muscular black man said.

“It’s much nicer inside.” I replied and led him and my wife to the guest room.

“You two enjoy yourselves, I have to get to work.” I said as I left.

I would have been hard driving to work if it was possible. Guess it is good I am unable. It drives me wild not knowing how many men are fucking my wife while I am at work. I only find out when I get home. I like that though. Thinking about her being fucked so much is exciting me.

I heard nothing from my wife all day when I got home I had another strange car, different from this morning in the driveway. As I expected I walked in and heard the sounds of my wife fucking. The door to the guest room was closed and locked. I guess they want privacy. I sat outside the door listening in, I couldn’t pull myself away. I was so close but couldn’t see her fucking. Only hear it. I could hear her cumming over and over. For almost 2 hours I heard this sitting outside the door the entire time. It finally got quiet and a moment later the door opened and another black guy was walking out having left my wife a quivering leaking mess.

I walked in and kissed her. “Would you eat me please?” she asked as I did.

I went down and began eating a very well used pussy. Lots of cum leaking out of her.

“He was the 3rd guy today, he came in me twice so I am very messy. I hope that is ok.” my wife said.

“I love that you are getting so much dick, 11 guys so far.” as I kept eating that pussy. She was cumming fast and often from it.

All I could think of was how much cum was put in her all day and here I am unable to get hard and eating her creamy pussy. It is so frustrating being unable to do more than eat but the excitement just keeps building. I just want her to enjoy and get her merit badge too.

I lost track of time eating her and lost track of how much she came. I had cum flowing into my mouth as I ate her until she could take no more. That meant time to get dinner together.

We ate and watched TV and talked about how it is going so far. However no new men arrived that night.

“I am only about halfway through the week now and 11 men. My pussy is tingling from so much use. It’s a good thing I am keeping you soft for a week after this, I doubt I could handle you after all this. I’ll need that week to recover.” My wife told me.

“Don’t think bad of me but I love it. I want you to enjoy all of the men this week. I want your pussy well used.” I said.

“I am being fucked by three or more men each day, I think I may feel different when you finally get in me.” she added.

“You’ll have a week off, I bet you feel the same after the rest. But I hope you feel different from now on.” I said in a horny madness.

It was getting late as we continued to talk and finally we went to bed with me holding her close. In the morning I left for work again. Once again no contact from her all day. This had me so wild I could not pay attention at work. All I could do was think about her used pussy with more black cock in it. As the end of the day neared I wondered how many more men she fucked.

When I got home she was in a robe and waiting for me with dinner. I could see cum dripping down her leg.

“How many today?” I asked.

“Four men had me today.” she replied.

With that, the doorbell rang and another large black man was there for my wife. She took his hand and led him to the guest room.

“You eat dinner my love. Come to the guest room when you are done eating and I will have a creamy dessert for you.” she told me.

I did as told and ate dinner that she made. Ok well I ate quickly because I wanted to see her. Just as I finished dinner the doorbell rang again.

“It’s a nice day today.” the man said as I opened the door.

“It’s much nicer inside.” I replied.

I led him to the guest room and we both watched as my wife fucked the previous guy. Had a good show for half an hour and he came in her, got dressed and left.

“Aren’t you going to clean her up for me?” he said.

I went to my wife and began eating her pussy. Knowing 5 men came in her already today she had one very creamy treat. I only ate her for about 10 minutes, then she pushed me away and motioned for the next guy to come over.

I sat and watched as he got undressed, slid into my wife and fucked her hard for about 15 minutes and he came in her pussy. He got up, got dressed and left like the others. I went to go down and eat her again but she stopped me.

“Not this time. I need a break. Besides, I get turned on feeling cum leak out of çubuk escort my pussy and down my leg. I notice you seem to like it too.” she told me.

“Yes I do.” I replied

So I spent the rest of the evening talking with her while watching TV. Six men today for a total of 17 so far. This club is great for this kind of thing I was thinking. We went to bed early because she needed the rest.

I had the next few days off which is great because I really want to be there while she fucks. We woke up and she took a shower as I made breakfast. We finished and the doorbell rang. Another black man for her.

I led him to the guest room where he was joined by my wife. They started off kissing and stripping each other.

“Come here my love. Get under me I want you to eat me while he fucks me please.” my wife said.

I got under her and began eating her pussy. She sucked on my limp dick. It felt amazing but no life there. As I ate her he got over my head and slid into my wife while I licked her clit. She began cumming fast and in just a few minutes I could feel and taste how wet she was while he fucked her. They went on fucking while I continued licking her pussy. I could see very close up and was mesmerized by it. Sometimes I could feel his balls on the bridge of my nose as he buried himself deep in her pussy. Finally he stopped pumping her and was just balls deep in her while I licked her clit, she was screaming in orgasm.

After a couple minutes that way he slid out of her. His cock brushed the side of my face leaving a wet streak on my cheek. My wife sat up a little and stopped sucking my limp cock. As she did I was still eating her and cum began to leak out of her. He got dressed and left while she was riding my face getting my tongue deep in her creamy pussy.

“Thank you my love. That was incredible.” she said.

“You know I love to make you feel good.” I replied.

“I am getting a bit worn out and still have 2 more days to go. Is it ok if I have them alone and maybe just let you lick me at the end of the day so I can save some energy?” she asked.

“As you wish.” I said.

I have no problem with this. I was hoping to let her enjoy over and over without me then have her in the end. For some reason this thought was incredibly exciting to me.

After lunch we had another visitor which she took private in the guest room and only let me listen in. she came out half an hour later with cum beginning to leak down her leg.

We spent the rest of the day together getting a nice dinner together and watching some TV. No other visitors came that day. I was disappointed because she was so busy the other days and I wanted to see it.

She had me eat her pussy just before bed. I saw 2 more men have her today. That puts her at 19 with 2 more days to go.

We woke up in the morning, almost a routine now. Eat breakfast and she gets fucked the rest of the day randomly by strangers coming to the house. One of her biggest fantasies is all the strangers. Of course my wife is taking all the strangers as black. Our day started well with another visitor just before lunch.

He came over and took my wife in the guest room. I was watching the whole thing and I could see she was becoming used to all the action. She was not looking tired any longer and was just spreading and letting these men fuck her all they like. This one was the first of the day and he had her on the bed with her legs wrapped around him while he pumped her pussy for quite a while. During the heat of them fucking I heard the doorbell. Another large black man for my wife. So I led him to the bedroom as the first guy was fucking her. He got undressed and fed his cock to my wife. She eagerly took him into her mouth and began sucking on that large cock. Seeing this the 1st guy came in her.

He got dressed while our new guy took his cock out of her mouth and slid it in her used pussy. They began a rhythm and my wife was cumming from that over and over.

I just watched as the 21st man of the week was in my wife. She was no longer sore or tired. She was loving it and got used to so much sex. I watched as he came in her, got dressed and left. My wife got up and put on a robe. She walked out to the kitchen with me for something to eat.

“I am so horny. I love feeling cum leak down my leg. How many men have I had?” she asked.

“If you told me about all the men you had when I wasn’t here you just had number twenty-one.” I replied.

“Holy shit. That many already?” She stated.

We sat and rested and she had something to eat. The doorbell rang again and when she got up to answer it, I noticed a small puddle of cum leaked out onto the kitchen chair. She came back with another large black man to fuck. This guy was 6’5 about 300 lb and dwarfed her. But she led him to the guest room and I followed to watch this huge guy with my wife. She undressed him and he was very well endowed. About 10 inches and very thick. He was larger than anybody else she has had. She had no problem taking him as she was still leaking from the previous 2 lovers. He fucked her missionary and I could barely see her with him on her but I could hear her cumming over and over. It seemed she enjoyed something large like that. He finally came in her leaving quite a mess in her pussy, but as he was leaving another car was pulling up with another handsome black man.

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