Summer of ’76 pt2

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Summer of ’76 pt2I felt Frank’s hand gently stroking my behind as he watched the scene in the van, Dave continued to click away with his camera as Rob ceased kissing Chelsea and unzipped his fly revealing a very stiff and impressive nine inch cock, uncut with a bellend that almost glowed an angry red. Chelsea’s eyes widened as he pushed the bulbous end towards her petite mouth, “Dave! No please I can’t!” The girl’s pleas were batted away by the man she thought she could trust,” It’s OK Chels, just do what you did to me last week, he won’t eat you!” Rob smiled as he replied, “Well I cannot guarantee that Dave!” | stiffened as I felt Frank’s calloused fingers explored under my knickers searching for my secret place. Rob’s ever growing dick violated Chelsea’s mouth inch by inch he pushed his cock deep into her mouth, she gagged then gulped for air making the mistake of opening her mouth wide as Brian pulled her blue knickers down past her knees. Giving a laugh Rob began to quickly face-fuck the girl as Brian forced two fingers into her. I felt Frank’s hand stop at my puckered arse as he tried to push his pinky finger into my anus, I clenched my buttocks together and felt him adjust and slid two fingers round and into my pussy.He played with my lips and clit as he watched intently as Rob face-fucked Chelsea as Brian continued to work on her bald cunt, pretty much mirroring Frank’s work on my pussy.”Fuck me Bro the bitch is good, come on switch with me gümüşhane escort I have to taste that sweet pussy,” the younger man moved swiftly between Chelsea’s legs as Brian moved to her head. Immediately Rob drove his thick cock straight into the teen’s cunt. Chelsea opened her mouth to cry out in pain, but the cry was instantly stifled as Brian’s cock began to drive deep into her throat. Frank’s fingers worked in and out of my pussy as he stood transfixed by the action before him.” Great stuff eh Derek,” he spoke to one of the other guys who had moved to my right, as if to answer Frank’s observation he placed his hardening seven inches into my right hand, Dave’s camera clicked away furiously as I took over wanking his cock , the other guy, Tommy moved to my left and copied his friend as he encouraged me to wank his five inch long and very thick prick. ” Fucking great guys!” Dave couldn’t contain his enthusiasm, the video camera carried on filming the frenzied violation of poor Chelsea.” There we go the boys are back in town ” Frank laughed as he observed the action. He fingered my engorged clit, “shit boys I reckon this bitch wants some cock in her!” He stopped playing and I felt his coarse hands pull my knickers down my legs,” reckon the grass’ll have to do babe,” Dave motioned to Tommy to spread the rug on the floor and Frank instantly pushed me down onto my back, his rough hands unceremoniously mauling gümüşhane escort bayan my 40C boobs as he did. ” Right baby here we go “| caught sight of his bent prick, circumcised with a huge glans on what must have been ten or eleven inches. Suddenly I felt it nudge my pussy flaps then with one hard push it was in.I heard Chelsea cry out again as Rob continued to fuck her, Frank slowly pushed in more of his cock. Whether it was his earlier playing and fingering or just his size and girth, I cannot say but in an instant I was cumming big time! My arse bounced and bucked beneath the old man meeting his every thrust. A low, guttural growl escaped my lips as I came. Tommy took the opportunity to stick is cock into my open mouth and between growls I sucked and licked him eagerly. Too well I think as after around ten thrusts he shot a huge plume of spunk across my face and hair.Dave continued to click away for posterity as Derek quickly took his place between my spunk splattered lipsas Frank fucked me into delirium. Derek built up a regular beat as his engorged cock fucked my cum splattered face as I greedily sucked and nibbled at his dick as Frank continued to pound away. From above I heard a cry. I presumed that Rob had just climaxed in Chelsea’s cunt, a thought that was reinforced by the sound of Chelsea reaching a massive orgasm of her own. My thought was confirmed by Dave,” Nice one Rob you filled her escort gümüşhane up well! And you made the bitch cum big time!” Rob clambered down from the van his spent cock still semi-erect, glistening as spunk, Chelsea’s juices and a small trace of blood slowly dripped from the end. Suddenly Derek’s cock jerked in my mouth and I almost gagged as a thick was of spunk hit the back of my throat. At the same moment my pussy clenched around Frank’s huge cock as it spasmed and shot what felt like gallons of hot, creamy spunk deep into my young womb. Dave gave an admiring whistle,” Nice job Frank…not bad for your age!” “I’ll give you fucking age! Reckon that’s the best fuck she’s ever had…for sure better than anything like your limp dick shags!” The old man had a wide grin on his face as he dished out his criticisms to Dave. I felt his shrivelling dick slip out of my spunky cunt, a small rivulet of our combined juices trickling down my thighs.”For fuck’s sake Brian! You not cum yet?” Frank bawled at the man as he face-fucked Chelsea, she was almost on autopilot as she fellated him as she lay motionless in the obvious afterglow of Rob’s rough fucking. I got to my feet just as Brian gave an almost anguished cry and pulled his erratically jerking co k from Chelsea’s mouth covering her face and shirt in watery spunk. “Fucking hell Brian!” Dave called out as he stopped the video camera,” that’s another fucking white shirt I’ll have to replace! Good job this stuff goes for a small fortune!” I looked at Chelsea who still lay motionless, her milky, white thighs streaked with spunky, blood trails. Her face splattered with spunk, slowly sliding down her chin onto her neck. She had tears in her eyes, I wondered what she’d thought of her first experience of Dave’s days out. tbc.

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