Taken to Dinner

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Taken to DinnerWe met at his place. I’ll refer to him as Mr. X. We’ve met a few times.This time he asked me to dress as a man. Typically he’ll take me out someplace fancy and I’ll be totally passable which makes him super horny. Then we go back to his place where I typically find myself tied up with his evil cock in my mouth then him perving on my feet until he eventually blows his huge load onto them. Which i fucking love.I went as “Troy” his assistant which was our generally agreed-on cover story when I wasn’t dressed as Valerie and as usual under my suit i wore garters, fully fashioned stockings and a vibrating cock ring/ butt plug which he controlled wirelessly through an app on his phone.We sit down at a very nice restaurant at a large table near the back with little traffic. We are joined by another man who sits across from me and is introduced as Mr. Tillerman, a business partner. A silver-haired older gentleman in an expensive suit, he looked like a politician. I am somewhat taken aback not having been told beforehand that someone else was joining us.X and Tillerman talk for some time about business and sports and put down a few drinks before Mr Tillerman turns to me and says “So, tell me something about yourself, canlı bahis Troy.” I begin to recite the standard response, about how I’ve worked for many years for Mr. X in a secretarial capacity, when X stops me mid-sentence and says,“Why don’t you tell Mr Tillerman who you really are.”“I… I’m… I…”“Tell the man your real name and what it is that you do.” He takes out his phone, looks me squarely in the eye and turns on the vibrator that istarts pulsing along the length of my cock and deep into my plug-stuffed ass. I know what I have to do.I clear my now completely dry throat.“My name is…Valerie.” I look pleadingly at X and he nods approvingly. He wants me to continue. “Valerie Foote. I’m a… a crossdresser. I travel with Mr. X and he… we… we do things together” I stammer, totally flustered.I can feel my face burning with embarrassment.“Ha, yes that is correct. You wouldn’t know by looking at her now but when she’s all dolled-up Valerie here is quite a piece of ass. And she has a little fetish that makes her girl cock all hard. Tell Mr. Tillerman what you’re wearing under your clothes right now.” He casually dials up the vibrator another notch.“Nylon stockings.” I’m sick with humiliation. “Full fashioned nylon bahis siteleri stockings, a garter belt and a cock ring and butt plug which Mr X controls.” I can feel that vibrator massaging my prostate.“You know, Valerie, my friend here has always had a thing for pretty feet and stockings, isn’t that right?” Tillerman quickly agrees, chuckling.“Why don’t you show my good friend one of your best skills?” I can’t believe what he is suggesting. Giving his friend a foot job. Right here and now in this restaurant. When I hesitate X says sharply “Take off your fucking shoes and get to work” while he dials the app up again which makes me utter a low moan as I realize my cock is now completely stiff.I reach down, pull off my shoes and peel off the socks from my sweaty stocking feet which now feel cold and exposed. I stretch my legs out and Tillerman reaches under the tablecloth and lifts my feet into his lap. He caresses and massages them, gently running his fingertips along the wrinkly nylon soles, holds my ankles tightly and sc****s a fingernail along the seam to watch me flinch which they both clearly seem to enjoy, laughing like perverted hyenas. Suddenly I feel his stiff, warm cock rubbing against them. It feels extremely bahis şirketleri large. I press my toes gently against the firm shaft, and lightly into his balls. Tillerman looks down into his lap, grinning fiendishly, gripping my ankles with his angry cock between my nyloned arches.Mr X reaches over and feels my erection through my pants, laughing at my total humiliation. Whispering into my ear X says “You know its possible Tillerman is an even bigger foot perv than me. We spent years in the army together and our favorite pastime was devising elaborate, diabolical foot tortures and trying them out on Vietnamese hookers. Tonight we’re going to make you scream like a little bitch. Tillerson will torture your feet and shove his huge cock up your ass while I torture your cock and fuck your dirty slut mouth. Neither of us has come in weeks because we’ve been looking forward to a long, long night of fun. You are SO fucked.”Giggling like a madman, X manipulates my aching stiff cock through my pants while his friend thrusts his giant hard-on between my stiffly outstretched feet.After a minute I feel Tillerman’s cock pulse and spasmodically ejaculate a warm load of cum onto my stockings.Tillerman grunts his dark approval as he and X laugh and practically high-five each other with gleeful sadism.I am ordered to put my shoes back on which I do without socks so I can feel the hot jizz turn cold on my feet. Then they pay the bill and usher me out.TBC

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