Tell it to My Heart Ch. 02


Author’s notes:

FIRST: If you’re looking for a quick roll in the hay story, this is NOT it. If you’re looking for a loving romantic story that takes its time, then, this is it.

Although you may get some enjoyment out of this as a stand alone story. I strongly recommend you read chapter one first. If nothing more than for context.

I’d be remiss in my duties as new author if I didn’t thank the people that got me here. First and foremost, my dear friend Alison. Her very generous help and constant encouragement kept me writing, even when I strongly doubted my own ability. Without her, Andi and Lilly would have never made it to this site. I am eternally grateful to you, Dearest Alison.

I would also like to thank my editor Des. I appreciate all the time you put into helping me.

I would like to thank all the great authors on this site. Many of whom inspired me to expand my own imagination to write this story.

Lastly, I love, love, love feedback. Especially positive feedback. If you have something to say that you didn’t like about the story, please be nice about it. I’m always willing to hear constructive feedback.

Please enjoy Chapter two of Tell It To My Heart. Lilly’s past. (chapter three is in the works)

The legal stuff: All characters in this story are completely fictional. Any resemblance to anyone living or dead is completely coincidental.

All characters engaging in sex are at least 18 years old.

Tell It To My Heart

Chapter 2

Lilly Explains Her Past

Hi, I’m Lilly…….but you already knew that. Since I’m the talkative one anyway, Andi thought it best if I told you directly about my painful past relationship. Below is the same story I told Andi, that night of our first kiss.

That wonderful first kiss.

When my whole body tingled from head to toe from just kissing Andi. (which hadn’t happened since I kissed Wendy almost ten years before). The same night Andi let it slip and called me her girlfriend. The same night I let myself feel love for another woman for only the second time in my life.

That wonderful first kiss.

I did a lot of soul searching as of late. I wasn’t sure if I was ready for a relationship with a woman again. I was certainly done with guys and their stupid mind games….. making me do stuff I really didn’t want to do. But I also didn’t feel ready to be with a woman again either. Because my relationship with Wendy ended so badly.

Then someone, a special someone, a beautiful someone, a someone I adored, convinced me to try again…… with Andi. Which of course, led to…

That Wonderful first kiss.


Once I hit a certain age I started to question things about who I was actually attracted to. But I didn’t want to think too much about it at the time because I might not have liked the answer.

I knew Wendy for years. She was more than an acquaintance. Yet, someone I wouldn’t really call a friend. Not that I didn’t like her, it’s just that we traveled in different circles. She was a senior, like me, but she was 19 years old. She started school late due to some early childhood health issues. She was 6’2″and captain of the basketball team. She mostly hung around with other athletic types, often talking about sports. Wendy liked to lead by example and kept herself in incredibly great shape. Easily the most athletic girl on the team, maybe the entire school. She had engaging brown eyes, long shiny black hair, which was almost always in a ponytail. Pouty pink lips, a tan, and shapely body, with soft rounded curves that betrayed her athletic build.

I, on the other hand, just turned 18 and was a bit of a bookworm, but not completely. I had lots of friends, and I dated…. but only now and then. I wasn’t nearly as athletic as Wendy, but I ran a few miles every morning to keep in shape. I was only 5’2″. My growth spurt to 5’4″ (haha) wouldn’t happen for another year. I kept my natural blonde hair, straight, long and usually in a high up ponytail. I think my running gave my hips and butt a flattering curve. And my breasts with puffy nipples would fit perfectly inside a martini glass. I have sky blue colored eyes that many people say sparkle when I’m happy.

Wendy was always nice to me. When we would catch each others’ eyes in passing, she would smile, and I always smiled back. I thought she was pretty, I just didn’t think we had much in common. When we did talk, mostly about our teachers, or gym class. Which were about the only things we had in common. She would stand really close to me. Making eye contact often and smiling a lot. Wendy also was a touchy feely person. At least with me. Always touching my arm, shoulder or back while she talked. Sometimes she would slowly and softly slide her hand up and down my bare arm as she spoke. This always caused huge goosebumps on my arm. Which, I know she felt. It took me a kocaeli escort bayan while, but I finally realized that this was her way of flirting. At first it felt a little uncomfortable, but after a while, I found myself looking forward to her attention. But Why? I thought.

She came up with a nickname for me too. ‘Little one’. Because Wendy was an entire foot taller than me. At first, I wasn’t really happy with this new nickname, but I would soon grow to love it every time she said it. Again I thought, why?

Ever since middle school, Wendy and I always had gym class together. I don’t know how it worked out that way, but it did. That year, our senior year, was no different. But this time, as luck would have it, her gym locker was right next to mine. It was the last class of the day for us too.

Wendy was also that girl. You know the one. The one who didn’t mind walking around with her towel wrapped around her waist instead of her chest. Or sometimes just flung over her shoulder. Wendy was never shy about showing off her impressive physique, her breasts particularly drawing the eye. Wendy also had a certain…. I don’t know…. presence about her. I mean, you could just feel whenever she was in the room. I know I stole more glances than I should have.

After her shower. Wendy usually stood right next to me at her locker, then undo her towel and stand there naked. She would put one hand on her hip, the other pushing one finger on her bottom lip. Looking into her locker like she didn’t know what to do next. She occasionally would try to carry on a mundane conversation with me while pretending to get ready. I couldn’t help but look as she would often turn towards me. Showing me everything at an excitingly close distance.

Since I was only 5’2″, guess where my gaze took me most of the time? Yep, right into those gorgeous, perfectly round, voluptuous breasts. She had light brown areolas and her nipples seemed to be constantly erect. Wendy would half-smile when she caught me staring at her. That funny little grin that said ‘look as much as you want sweetie.’ I started thinking to myself, I know she doesn’t mind, but why am I staring at her? Why can’t I look away? She has me completely mesmerized….. I think…..I think I’m attracted to her.

Wendy took long looks at me as well. And for some reason, I didn’t mind. In fact, I liked it when she looked at me. It made me feel sexy. I got really excited watching her eyes follow the curves of my body. She had a huge smile on her face while I would turn one way then the next. Making sure she got a good look at all of me. What’s wrong with me? Flashed in my head. I’m actually putting on a little show for her. I want her to look at my naked body! What’s wrong with me? Why do I find this so exciting? I had no answers.

Although very athletic, Wendy was all girl. She looked tough with her Game Face on while competing. But after the game, her feminine side shone through. Her hair and makeup were applied perfectly. Yes, she always wore a plain white sports bra and panties when playing basketball or in gym class. But, after gym class, her street clothes always included a decidedly sexy matching bra and panty set. Like something straight out of Victoria Secrets.

On occasion, Wendy would ‘accidentally’ bump into me while she was getting ready. Sometimes, she was completely naked! At first, I was a little surprised. It took me a few times before I realized…. She’s definitely flirting with me! Why….. Why is she flirting with me, I thought. Does she like girls? Does she like me?

I didn’t want to admit it to myself. But I enjoyed the attention. And, after a while, I thought. Why not return the flirtatious, naked bumping? Maybe this will give me some of the answers I’ve been looking for.

It made me feel so teasingly naughty and highly aroused. I liked letting my soft, round butt, bump into her long beautiful athletic legs. Her saying “oops” accompanied by a twinkle and a smile. Me looking back at her, letting my award winning smile and sparkling eyes do all the talking.

It became an exciting game of who could bump into each other more often or more brazen without arousing suspicion from the other girls. The answer to the question of ‘who am I attracted to?’ Started to become clear.

It was thrilling, and the possibility of getting caught…..well, it made my heart beat out of my chest. I felt so alive, I didn’t want it to stop. I think we both had a budding exhibitionist streak growing in us.

I really didn’t think of Wendy, or any girl for that matter, as girlfriend material. Until our playful and flirty ‘naked bumping into each other’ situation started. I couldn’t escape the thought that Wendy stirred a deep sexual passion in me. I also couldn’t deny the profound emotion and warmth I felt for her in my heart.

Both feelings izmit escort bayan seemed to overwhelm me at times. An internal conflict was waging in my head. Was this just an infatuation? Was this sexual attraction? Did I really have feelings for her?…. Was this love I was feeling?…. I needed answers…..Let’s see, every time she’s around I can’t take my eyes off of her. I can’t stop smiling. My heart beats so loud I feel like anyone within ten feet can hear it. My entire body feels warm and I feel highly aroused. I want to touch every part of her. I want to feel her arms around me as mine wrap around her. I want to kiss her. I want to feel her soft, pouty lips against mine. Oh God, what is going on with me? If push came to shove, could I actually kiss Wendy? Could I actually have sex with Wendy?

These thoughts both terrified and excited me at the same time. I just told myself to relax, to just see where this goes. I told myself not to start anything. But if Wendy does, fine. And if I respond, then I have my answers.

And how did she feel about me? ‘Did she feel the same way?’, I often asked myself.

She certainly smiled a lot when I was around. I know she liked looking at me while we were in the locker room. Her lovely brown eyes, always sparkling at me. Even in the hallways, she always stood really close to me. Often, her arm would make contact with mine and I could feel the goosebumps on her. She must have some feelings for me, I thought.


One day, after gym class, Wendy and I just happened to finish our shower at the same time. Me with my towel around my chest, hers draped over her shoulder. She had a swagger and an air of confidence about her. Wendy always seemed remarkably comfortable being naked. We both pretended we weren’t highly excited. When we got to our lockers, we noticed that the two or three other girls that were usually in our locker aisle were absent that day. It was just Wendy and I.

And, of course, fifteen other girls in the next two isles over, chatting, laughing, and making a lot of noise. We walked up to our lockers, opened them, dropped our towels on the bench behind us. We turned and looked at each other from a dangerously close distance. We locked onto each other’s eyes. Wendy had beautiful brown eyes with tiny gold flecks that sparkled even in the harsh light of the locker room. Her long eyelashes were still wet from the shower and she had slightly rosy cheeks from the warm water.

Her long black hair was tangled and begging for a brush. But still had that sexy wet look. A few strands of hair were hanging down both sides of her face. Flowing down far enough to seemingly tickle her nipples.

A tingle ran through me as we drank in each other’s naked beauty. We stood there for what felt like an hour. Letting each other’s gaze glide up and down our young bodies. I found myself unconsciously licking my lips at the sight of her flawless breasts.

Her nipples were wonderfully long and hard, which made my mouth water. Then I lowered my gaze….. past her washboard stomach, to the pretty little tuft of hair, just above the cleft of her sex.. Her inner lips pushed out just a little, which made her pussy look so delectable.

As difficult as it was. I kept moving my eyes down, admiring her long athletic legs. Those legs that I’d hoped someday would be wrapped around me. Finally, my eyes stopped at her cute little toes, with red polish on them.

After I got a good look at the front of her, Wendy turned away from me and bent over slightly, letting me get a good look at her firm behind. God…… her body is something to be worshiped,’ I thought.

I turned and bent over to return the favor. Then looking over my shoulder. I looked at Wendy watching me over her shoulder. I smiled and gave my bottom a little wiggle. Her eyes went wide. Then she bent over completely, showing me everything, but from a whole new perspective. I was getting excited and aroused. I did the same thing back to her. Then, I felt Wendy’s ass press against mine. No “oops” or “sorry” today. Just a light moaning as she wiggled her ass across mine.’This is soooo weird….I thought……and where is this going?

There are at least a dozen girls on the other side of our lockers, and I worried about getting caught. It caused a tingling throughout my body, and I could feel my pulse quicken. I kept doing it, because any excuse to make skin-to-skin contact with Wendy was worth it.

Off in the distance, I heard less chatter and fewer noises. Wendy stopped what she was doing, stood back up, and faced me. I, of course, followed suit. We’re standing again, naked, facing each other. Eyes glued to each other. I was dying to touch her, or at least, have her touch me. I was so nervous, Wendy was too because I could see her bottom lip trembling. OK, I thought, there’s no doubt about gebze escort it. I’m attracted to girls….. or at least Wendy.

Her beautiful brown eyes turned seductive and locked onto mine. She started slowly moving her left hand toward me. My poor young heart was beating so loud I’m sure Wendy could hear it. And I was starting to sweat. I didn’t have to look at my nipples to know they were rock hard. The answer to the question, ‘if push came to shove, could I kiss Wendy was a resounding YES! I let my imagination run wild.

I was hoping she would grab my arm. Pull me forcefully against her gorgeous naked body. I was hoping she would kiss me. Kiss me with reckless abandon. I was hoping she would take me, right there, on the bench next to us. I was hoping she would ravage me. Make me do things that I’ve never done before.

With all these thoughts were racing through my mind as I felt Wendy’s fingers reach my upper arm and gently slide behind it. I no longer hear any noises coming from anywhere in the locker room…..I think we’re alone. Wetness was building between my legs. She could have me now. I would do anything she asked. Inside my head, I was screaming’ Take me, Wendy! Take me now!

I started to feel her pull me towards her as she leaned into me….. her eyes looking into mine with that ‘I’m going to kiss you’ look…… Oh God, this is it…. She’s going to kiss me!….. She’s actually going to kiss me!…… I can’t hear anything or even feel myself breathing….. I’m shaking all over…..And so is Wendy….. My heart is beating out of my chest….. This is the first time we’re going to kiss….. Completely naked no less…… This is every fantasy I ever had about Wendy finally coming true….. Our lips are only an inch apart….. I can feel her hot breath on my cheek…… I watched her eyes close slowly as I closed mine…… Her lips were about to touch mine……. SLAM! BANG! Goes a locker door a few doors behind me. I jumped out of my skin, and so did Wendy. “OK, girls, break it up…… It’s time to get going….. I don’t have all day ya know” said Miss Evans the gym teacher, in that loud voice all gym teachers have. “Come on….you two are the last ones left. I gotta lock up soon.”

Miss Evans quickly walked past us…… Two girls completely naked, wide-eyed, and staring at each other…… Two girls that should have been dressed 20 minutes ago…… Two girls that were just about to experience their first earth-shattering lesbian kiss.

Miss Evens took a few more steps past us, turned back partway, looked over her shoulder, and looked right into my eyes. She winked at me! Then she smiled a huge knowing smile and winked again. That was an ‘ I know what you were doing, and your secret’s safe with me’ wink. As she reached her office door, her loud gym teacher voice bellowed again ” ya got two minutes to get out of here girls……move it.”

Well, we got partially dressed as fast as we could, finishing as we ran out the locker room door. When we finally got outside a few minutes later, neither one of us said a word to each other. We were still in shock as to what just happened….. or….. what started to happen. I couldn’t figure out how to start a conversation. I guess neither could Wendy.

We walked a few more blocks in total silence. We reached the corner where we each went our separate way home. A friendly…. “Bye Wendy”…. “Bye Lilly”…. was all that was said.


That night, as I lied in bed, a thousand thoughts ran through my head. ( I didn’t mean that to rhyme ) I was thinking about Wendy of course. As I’ve done every night for many weeks now. I thought about how I loved that she was so tall, how I loved that she was so confident. I thought about our naked almost kiss. I was replaying that part where I wanted her to take me right there on the bench next to us. How that made me so highly aroused. I thought about how my lips were so close to hers, begging to kiss her. I thought about how my heart was beating out of my chest…. how I was so excited, and so completely……… gay. Yeah, ok, I guess I am.

I really didn’t need the label “gay” but I needed the feeling, the understanding, the confidence to be who I am with Wendy. Confidence that would help push me to tell Wendy, to show Wendy, the feelings I have for her. I felt a new excitement for myself, and for Wendy.

I let my new thoughts wander wherever they wanted to now, without guilt. I could now think of Wendy as much as I wanted to without thinking there was something wrong with me. I could now let my heart admit that I have strong feelings for her. I could now fully appreciate how beautiful and sexy she is. I could now let myself embrace the hunger I have for her.

A familiar feeling washed over me. The same feeling I felt for many nights now. My dream girl, my fantasy girl is coming to me. I closed my eyes and thought of her. I would slowly rub my hands lightly over my entire nude body. Especially my neck. I would imagine my hands were Wendy’s hands. My fingertips were her fingertips. Sliding over my neck, my arms, my breasts. Just slowly gliding everywhere….. giving me goosebumps.

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