Test: how gay are you?

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Test: how gay are you?Test: how gay are you?All bi, gay and curious about XHamster can copy / paste this test into their profile by answering the questions:1. Do you like pornography involving transsexuals? Yes2. When watching straight porn, do you prefer masturbation, blowjob or penetration videos? Fucking pussy, ass, blowjob giving and receiving, Jack off is nice every once in a while. Nothing like a stray hand.3. Have you ever wondered what semen tastes like? I know what it tastes like. Mine and others.4. When watching porn, have you ever caught yourself staring insistently at a guy’s cock despite the presence of a horny girl? Sure5. Are you disappointed when you watch a porn video and there is no cum shot at the end? I like to see a cock pulsating and spasm in a pussy or ass, while pumping loads of cum, deep inside.If you answered YES to at least two of these questions, you could be bisexual and you can continue the test. Very Bi Sexual.2nd step=======1. Have you ever saved a photo or video of a transsexual for later viewing? All of the time.2. Have you ever visited the “gay” category of a porn site just to see what is there? Always looking for a good ass pounding and cum pumping.3. Have izmir escort you ever come in the palm of your hand with the intention of tasting your cum but in the end you got scared and didn’t? No fear. I eat cum.4. Have you ever watched a bisexual video involving two men and a woman, even though the guys weren’t doing anything together? Yes and very disappointing when the guys don’t touch each other.5. Do you like to watch cum shot compilation? Sometimes, but prefer for cum to be pumped deep into whatever is being fucked.If you answered YES to at least two of these questions, you are probably bisexual and you can continue the test.Step 3=======1. Have you ever masturbated to gay porn? Until orgasm? Yes2. You used to watch a lot of straight porn but it doesn’t turn you on like it used to. Now you love porn involving trannies and bi’s. I still watch all types of porn, including many you have not mentioned and get hard whenever I need to.3. Have you ever tasted your sperm? Yes. Straight from the shaft, off of women and men and off of my desk. Maybe some more I haven’t thought of.4. Have you ever logged into a gay dating site just to see what you could find escort izmir in your neighborhood? Yes and very disappointed for Craig’s List stopping their personal adds.5. Does seeing a cock spit out its juice turn you on? Yes. AlwaysIf you answered YES to at least two of these questions, you are at least bisexual and you can continue the testStep 4=======1. Do you masturbate to gay porn more than to other forms of porn? No, I mix it up pretty much all of the time.2. Do you like educational videos where a woman humiliates a man by calling him gay or a fag? No. Not into humiliation.3. Have you ever had a gay experience with a man on the phone? Not since I was 13, when talking to my suck and fuck buddies. We would talk about what we did last night or what we were going to do when we saw each other the next time.4. Do you often lick your cum out of the palm of your hand or do you happen to cum in your mouth? When I have privacy I like to cum in my mouth. Most of the time it is in a cloth at my desk.5. Have you ever worn women’s underwear? Only once but not my bag.If you answered YES to at least two of these questions, you may be gay and you can continue the test.Step izmir escort bayan 5=======1. Does a tail affect you more than a naked girl? Love women but will not pass up a cock.2. Have you ever held another guy’s cock in your hand or in your mouth? Yes, Both.3. Have you ever put something in your ass (finger, dildo, object, etc.) while masturbating and it made you cum super hard? Yes. Very very Hard climax. tons of cum.4. Do you want to kiss a guy and feel his naked body against yours? I’ve had many friends lay on me after a good fucking. Don’t care for kissing guys. Just want their ass or cock.5. Would you turn on if your girlfriend refused to have sex with you, brought another guy home and made you suck him? Dream night to have the wife bring home a lover for me.6. If a guy pulled his cock out in front of you, right now, would you suck it? Yes and swallow his cum,7. Is your ultimate fantasy to be on all fours with one cock in your mouth and another in your ass? Not ultimate but a good spit roast is nice every once in a while. Prefer to get fucked and finished off on my back and feet in the air like a whore. Spraying cum all over my chest and face.8. Would you be ready to give up women for men? NoIf you answered YES to at least two of these questions, you are completely gay, a real fag. Admit it and start looking for a cock to suck. Just Bi and enjoy sex. No labels.Bonus question: did this test make you hard to death? Not hard but leaking ans wanting to get fucked.

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