Subject: The Ahn Boys XXVI I took Anteros to my bed, pulled him to me, and kissed the hell out of him. I held the young boy tightly as we kissed, my tongue probing into his sweet tasting mouth to mate with his tongue. Anteros moaned softly and kissed back with the same determination that I was giving him. I let a hand slide down his back onto the wonderfully bubbly cheeks of his smooth little butt. I gripped and kneaded the flesh, loving how it felt against my fingers then moved to tug behind his knee, encouraging the boy to move his leg so that it draped over mine. Anteros had snaked his hand down between us to find my hard cock and to stroke it, all the while continuing to kiss me heavily and to moan softly. When his leg was draped over mine, my hand went back up to fondle the top butt cheek and of course I found that his gluteal cleavage, his delicious little butt crack, was opened up much more so as I rubbed the cheek, my fingers moved inside to explore around. I didn’t’ go straight for his hole but tickled on his perineum causing the little boy to shiver and of course moan some more. I moved down onto the soft underside of his boy balls to tickle and rub the sensitive glands and generally explore them gently. After a thorough examination I rubbed back up his perineum until I came to his boy pussy. “Rub your finger on my hole Lucian, I love having my hole played with.” I would have done so in any case but having the request was always good. He went back to kissing me with as much determination as he had before. My finger worked all over the wrinkled flesh and I reveled in the texture while gently poking at the hole itself. “Put your finger in my cunt,” the boy said in a husky voice. I would need help for that but help was generally only a reach away. I moved my hand and slid it down in front of the mattress and quickly found the tube and a small hand towel. A boy scout should always be prepared although the term boy lover would be more apt. I got the top off and a finger smeared while Anteros and I continued to kiss. It took less than 30 seconds before my slippery digit was back in place and poking at his boy hole. Needless to say the finger slipped right inside the boy and caused him to gasp. “Oh yes Lucian. I love a finger in my cunt.” The boy actually tried to moved his top leg further up my body in order to open himself up to me. I began finger fuck his tight little asshole and the feelings that were rushing through his smooth young body were causing lots of moaning and groaning. When Anteros broke the kiss his head rested on the pillow which exposed his neck. Well, I’m not prone to leaving a neck like that untouched so moved my head, lowering it to his flesh and began to gently suck and nuzzle the warm skin. Of course Anteros wiggled and giggled and scrunched his head and neck because of the acute sensitivity. “Oh fuck I love that Lucian,” he moaned as he stretched his neck out for me so I continued to work on it all the while sliding my finger in and out of his tender little hole. “I think I need to get fucked Lucian. I’m hot to have a cock in me.” My believe was that when a boy said he was ready then he was. I kept my finger in Anteros’ asshole while I maneuvered the young boy onto his back, which wasn’t all that difficult. “Yeah Lucian, on my back like a little girl,” he groaned. “God I love your big cock,” he said in voice deepened by lust and he reached out and took hold of me to fondle and stroke. “Take that tube and get my cock slippery Anteros,” I told him. My finger was still inside of him, working his hole and grazing against his prostate, which caused a shiver from him each time I hit it. I moved my body so that Anteros had access to lube my cock, which he did quite handily from tip to root. I moved back between his spread legs and moved in close and at the same time gently managed to get a second finger up inside of the boy. “Ooohhhh,” Anteros groaned as the second finger spread his little pooter farther open. I reached down and played with his hairless little balls and stroked his raging boner while I slipped both fingers in his ass until they couldn’t go any further. From that point I began moving them in and out of him, wiggling the fingertips a little bit when they were all the way inside of him. I managed to work the boy for about a minute, getting plenty of moans and groans and oh god, before Anteros all but demanded that I fuck him. Without any warning I pulled my fingers out and shoved the end of my cock in. Of course I stopped dead. “Fucking hell shit,” Anteros gasped. “That hurts.” “I know baby boy,” I said soothingly, “it’ll go away soon.” I knew damned well that I didn’t need to console the boy, Anteros already knew that that the pain would go away. It wasn’t like the boy was a virgin, not that I knew that for an absolute fact. As a distraction I moved my hands behind the boys’ knees to get them held back. It took a minute but the boy finally gave me the go ahead. “But slow,” he added. I nodded my head to let the boy knew that I heard him and began to slowly insert my cock into his small body. I pushed his legs back a little further, raising his butt off the bed a tad and continued to push my cock, gently and slowly, into his tender little boy butt. I watched Anteros’ face for any telltale signs of intense pain, a small amount of pain certainly being expected. I was after all pushing a large object into a small hole. I saw a slight wince but that was about it. The rest was a softening of the boys’ facial features which indicated that he was doing just fine. It took about a minute but I finally had my pubic hair against the preteen’s perineum and my balls resting against his butt. Anteros opened his eyes, sort of, and gave me a slight grin. “I did it didn’t I Lucian?” “Yes you did Anteros,” Mathias said as he stepped up alongside the bed, his cocklet in full repose. I didn’t even hear the boy come into the room. “How does it feel to you? Lucian’s cock really fills up your butt doesn’t it?” “Hell yes it does. It feels like his cock is in my stomach. But it feels good; real good.” Mathias sat at the edge of the bed and gently stroked Anteros’ head. “When Lucian gets to fucking you it will feel real good, I promise.” That said I leaned forward and put my hands on the bed and started to fuck the boy. It was a little strange in that Anteros was the same age as Matty and Frankie but he was smaller physically so I really had the sense that I was fucking a child. I started out slowly, pulling out a couple of inches then sliding back into him. The boy was tight as a tic. Sure, all boys that age are tight but it seemed as though he was tighter than most. “Can I suck on your cock a little bit Mathias,” Anteros asked. I was hoping you would say that,” my precocious little blonde said with a grin. Matty climbed on the bed then leaned over Anteros’ head and dropped his cock into the boy’s open mouth. It rather resembled a baby bird eating a worm which quickly turned into a dried stiff worm. I didn’t take long for Anteros to start moaning softly. He reached around and played with Matty’s tight little butt and encouraging my boy to fuck his mouth. I started to pull out of him farther before sliding back inside of him and I started to speed the cycle up a little bit. Looking down on his smooth beautiful face was helping to get my heat level up there where we both needed it to be. It was Anteros that broke away from Matty. “Fuck me hard now Lucian. I need to be fucked really hard.” I moved my hands farther up the bed which also lowered my body closer to his. The boy immediately wrapped them around my waist and I could tell that he hooked them at the ankles. “God, like that Lucian, now you and really fuck me hard.” I proceeded to acquiesce to his request and began pounding his ass. Anteros threw his arms around my neck and pulled his head up in order to kiss me while I fucked him. Still I could hear his grunt each time I bottomed out inside of him. My balls were whacking against his butt quite hard and not for the first time did I wonder why that didn’t hurt, although I knew the answer but still. “So good Lucian,” Anteros groaned, “so, so good. You’re going to make me cum really soon Lucian.” I changed out what I was doing and instead of just using my hips and ass I started rocking my entire body when I drove into him. The started grunting even louder. “God what a delicious fuck you are Anteros,” I groaned. “Your asshole is so tight. I love fucking my cock into you. I’m getting close Anteros, I’m getting close to shooting my sperm into you.” I actually was getting close and I seemed to be able to step up the power of my thrusts. “So close I’m gonna cum Lucian, I’mgonnacumohh shit.” I swear that the little boy screamed out in his orgasm. His asshole gripped my cock like a vise and bursa escort a moment later I was pumping his bowels with thick man cream. I slammed into him, ground my ass a little bit then went back to fucking him in a round the clock fashion, changing the angle slightly with his thrust. “Oh fuck Lucian oh fuck of fuck,” he cried out. I could feel his little body vibrating as he came and I could that my own body was doing the same thing. I kept on hammering him for another 20 seconds or so then began to slow down. I moved to a slow pace but before I got there Anteros dropped his legs and let his arms fall to the bed. I glance to my left where Matty was sitting and gently stroking his cock. My little blonde hellion gave me a shit eating grin and a wink. I finally stopped all together and just stayed in place, panting like a racehorse. Anteros finally opened his eyes, sort of, and shot me a lop sized fresh fucked smile. “That was really fucking intense Lucian. Oh my god. My poor little asshole is gonna be sore for a week.” Then he laughed. “Okay; 3 days tops. I think that your sperm is going to flood out my butt when you come out of me Lucian. “If you hold on I’ll pull you up onto my lap Anteros.” He did, and I did, and a moment later the boy was hugged up to me, impaled on 9 thick inches of cock. “Oh my this is quite nice Lucian,” he cooed then proceeded to kiss me hard on the mouth. And when he was done he wiggled his tender little ass. My cock was already beginning to soften so I asked Mathias to get a hand towel, quickly. A moment later he held it underneath Anteros and just in time because my cock fell out of the boys’ ass causing him to moan at the loss. I moved off the bed with Anteros in my arms and the 3 of us went into my shower where we went about the cleaning process. Both boys were hard as rocks and I remained mostly soft. “Well perhaps you can fuck me Mathias,” Anteros suggested, “that is if you want to.” Of course Matty was more than happy to oblige the adorable blonde boy. Back in my bed I watched the boys go through a heavy make out session that included deep throated kissing and plenty of fondling. At one point Anteros rolled Mathias onto his back and was kissing him deeply. I elected to peel the delicious globes his tender boy butt open and work his asshole with my tongue. I detected a slight taste of sperm as I worked his hole over, digging at it with the tip of my tongue. For his part the boy raised his butt up a little and pushed back into me but didn’t break the kiss with Matty. When Anteros backed away he immediately turned around and lay back down with his face in Matty’s crotch and likewise, Matty’s face in Anteros’ crotch. The boy didn’t waste a second but took hold of Mathias’ raging boner and began sucking him off. There wasn’t much time delay before Mathias was doing the same thing to Anteros so I just lay back and watched to very cute boys engage in a centuries old boyhood past time. I was close enough that I could and did rub, first one boys’ delicious little butt, and then the other. “You can use some and finger me Lucian,” Anteros suggest which was seconded by Mathias. So, I did just that, managing to somehow stretch my arms out far enough to do them both at the same time. Of course the boys helped out by moving their bodies to give me better access. It didn’t take long before Anteros asked Matty to plug his tender little asshole. “Can I suck on your cock some Lucian while Mathias fucks me?” There was much chance that I would ever refuse a boy who wanted to suck my cock. Anteros elected to be on his hands and knees with Matty behind him so I lay in front of the boy. He waited until Mathias was inserted into his ass before lowering his upper body. I already was holding my cock upright for the boy so he latched right on and got to sucking. It was an interesting configuration only in that it was one that I hadn’t been in before, that is with Matty dog fucking another boy while said boy suckled me. I enjoyed watching my little blonde hellion’s face as he slid his cock in and out of the beautiful young Anteros’ ass. As I’ve stated, Mathias was a very precocious boy but when he was actually engaged in sex he was calm, determined and, fully attentive both to the situation and to his partner’s needs. “Can you sperm on my face Lucian,” Anteros asked. “I can but I’ll need to jack off,” I told him. I then elected to have Matty stop while I turned around and moved underneath Anteros then gave the go ahead to continue. Matty started to fuck him again while I pulled his cock down and began sucking him off while stroking my raging hard cock. Anteros kept his head above me and let his tongue poke at my cock head or my foreskin, whichever happened to be available in the moment. I worked hard to get me close to cumming to be able to squirt just as Anteros was having his own orgasm. Above me, Mathias was hammering Anteros’ asshole for all he was worth and I could see it all. I felt my body begin the buildup to orgasm so focused a moment on Anteros’ sweet mouth sucking my cock, even though he wasn’t actually doing it. “I’m gonna cum pretty soon Mathias so fuck me harder if you can.” “Tell me when baby,” I said then went back to sucking. It wasn’t long after that the boy cried out, “Now.” I saw him raise his face so that he wasn’t touching my cock. I flexed and stroked and constricted bringing myself to the edge and when his cock thickened against my lips and he groaned out loud I let myself go. I couldn’t see myself shoot because I was busy on Anteros’ cock. I did however keep my foreskin retracted so as not to block anything. I felt the boy jerk slightly so I knew that he’d achieved his wish. “I can feel him cumming Lucian, I’m cumming too,” Mathias cried out. I could see Matty hold tightly to the boys’ hips, grind his tiny butt around in circles then go back to fucking Anteros. I felt a good 5 or 6 jets of cum let loose then the warmth of Anteros’ mouth as he covered my cock head and ate or licked up the rest of it. We all continued to do our business but of course things slowed down and finally stopped. I let go of Anteros” cock as soon as he started to wiggle and giggle then started to get out from underneath him but Matty pulled his cock out of the boys’ ass and Anteros just rolled onto his back. I have to say that giving a boy a facial is almost always fun and rather stimulating but seeing Anteros’ beautiful face covered in my sperm was pretty amazing. He had a big grin on his face and I watched as his tongue snaked out and licked his lips, cleaning them off. “Oh man Lucian that looks so hot,” Mathias said. “Don’t you love it Anteros, Lucian spraying your face with his sperm?” The boy nodded his head. “Yeah, I never had this much sperm on my face before,” he said. We got him up and into the bathroom where we climbed into the shower stall and cleaned up. Naturally we took turns to wash and explore each other. “Gosh your cock is so big Lucian. I wish you were around so you could fuck me all the time.” “Not like we haven’t heard that before,” Matty mumbled under his breath. We went back into bed and I fucked Anteros again. We started with him riding me while I lay back and let the boy do what he needed to do. He suckled on Matty’s cock a little bit then my little blondie straddled my face so I could lick his hole while the two kissed. We ended up putting Anteros on his back and I fucked the shit out of him again, this time lasting almost 20 minutes during which he had at least 3 orgasms. By the time I finally dumped my sperm into him the boy had tears running down his face. Afterwards he declared it, “The best goddamn fuck I ever had.” We finally fell asleep around midnight, all snuggled together like puppies. I woke the next morning to find the boys huggled up together still sound asleep. I left my suite and wandered down to AJ’s to find him dressed so we headed to Gregory’s suite to find him going through a stretching routine and invited him to join us, which he did. A stop by Jenkins and Darius’ suite found them already gone shopping. I knocked on Jay’s door and was happy to see him answer it, already decked out in a suit which I would discover was his typical mode of dress. Downstairs over coffee and breakfast we continued the discussion of the night before. Jay was a font of knowledge about the entire Midwest and over the next few hours and a dozen cups of coffee, except for Gregory who drank water, Jay provided a myriad of amazing and entirely doable ideas and when we finished we had a solid working outline that would include aforementioned mineral, gas, and oil rights purchases along with ideas for the purchase of land in every major city to begin Aero fields. We talked more about how Kwiana would fit into our organization and Jay seemed to think that he could train him to do any bursa escort bayan number of things. It would depend on the kids’ intellect and his desires. We’d find out. I gave Jay some contact information and then I sent a telegram to Kwiana informing him of the situation. The rest of the day and that evening were uneventful with the exception of Eros having spent the night with me. I initially stated that the boy was possibly the most sultry, sensual, and sexual boy I’d ever met and his time with me did not belie that opinion. Had he been female he would have been called a siren. In fact the name Siren would have applied to Eros as equally as his given name did. That boy dripped sexuality and I swear he could have tempted a statue. I won’t go into detail but will say that I fucked the kid 3 times before falling into an exhausted sleep while he roamed our floor in search of more human butt plugs. By all accounts he found it in AJ and Willy who also plowed the preteen sex pot. I heard that at one point they had Eros on his side with AJ behind him, power fucking him while Will did the same to his mouth. By all accounts Xiou Chen got into the picture and sucked the boys’ cock while the others worked their magic on his respective orifices. We left Oklahoma City the next morning and headed toward the Badlands for a 2 day guided horseback ride and campout which was pretty amazing. The boys were totally enthralled with the bizarre land formations, as was I. It was suggested that we consider attending the Pine Ridge Pow Wow and since we would head that way it seemed like a good idea. It remains one of the highlights of a trip that provided a plethora of highlights. The Oglala Sioux were certainly different than the Comanche’s that we met. Of course it being a Pow Wow many were dressed in their incredibly intricate and beautiful native finery which impressed all of us immensely. As it turned out Edward S. Curtis was there pursuing his art and so all of us had pictures taken with some of the natives that were decked out in full regalia which I discovered was never ever referred to as a costume. Curtis shipped the photographs shipped to my home while we continued on the journey and went on the wall of my library where they remain. I must say that I did have an SLR camera and so was taking pictures during the entire trip but they still didn’t compare to what Curtis provided. From there we headed to West Yellowstone where we detrained and hired a tour guide to drive our bus to get us about. We stayed at the Old Faithful Inn which at the time was the largest log building in the world. We spent 2 days at the park and every minute provided exciting views and experiences. The boys were amazed at the wildlife as well as the diverse and often unusual ecosystem of the park and I can’t say which was more thrilling to them. On the one hand it was seeing animals they had never and likely would have never seen otherwise, the kind you read about in stories. Big animals. On the other hand, they would never have experienced geyser’s and bubbling mud either so there you go. Looking back on it I think even the boy’s opinion on that topic vacillated daily. I half wished that my boy train crew could have gone with us but they did have work to do and too there was a matter of room on the bus. As it was we met the train in Northern Idaho then stopped in Salt Lake City to take on supplies. From there it was on to the City by the Bay and almost 4 weeks to the day that we left Philadelphia we detrained in San Francisco a little after lunch. Like every other town or city that we stopped in the Zephyr garnered a great deal of attention and comments. As I stated some time back, it’s new aerodynamic design completely floored everyone in the railroad community as well as everybody else. Numerous photos were taken by local newspapers for reporting to their readers. Once again, Gerald had made arrangements for us to be transported. I had expected to be met by the man who managed the Ahn (and now my) affairs on the west coast but instead was given a hand written note stating that he had gone into the hospital late the night before and that the sender, his son John Chang, would meet us at the residence as soon as possible. Said destination was Auntie Ahn’s private residence on the top floor of a building she owned just outside of Chinatown. The building was a mid-level hotel for businessmen many of whom did business in Chinatown but were often uncomfortable staying inside the boundaries of the district proper. I had expected her residence to be somewhat garishly done in a style commensurate with her culture so was pleasantly surprised. For the most part it was decorated in a typical turn of the century style, heavy on wood but dotted throughout the residence were pieces of Chinese furniture done in the typical ornate style of Asia. There was also some very nice porcelain vases and statuary, some of it hundreds of years old. The residence took up the entire top floor and Auntie Ahn had converted half of it into a private living area complete with an expansive living room, office, dining room, kitchen and pantry. She combined some rooms to make 4 large well-appointed bedrooms, one of which was the master suite. The rest of the rooms she left alone so there were an additional 6 medium sized bedrooms each with their own full bathroom. All in all it was perfect for our group. I called Gerald and he verified that information regarding Lin Chang, the man who managed all of the Ahn businesses in San Francisco, going into the hospital. “As I’ve said before, both men can be trusted completely Lucian,” Gerald told me. “John is one of us by the way and he’s been groomed since puberty to take over his father’s many businesses. He’s also a graduate of Harvard, MBA class of ’25. I would suggest that you consider following the same formula that we used here and divest of most of the businesses. John is likely to be interested in taking much of it off your hands and what he doesn’t want, he’ll know someone who will. Keep the real estate though. You can never go wrong with land.” We chatted a little more then hung up. An hour later John announced himself at the front desk and was ushered up to the residence. I had Jenkins answer the door and bring him in as was proper for my station in life and which would be expected. John was dressed in a white linen suit that was obvious custom made. His shirt was white and he sported a blood red tie. A handsome man, lean and fit, he bestowed me with a slight bow, an open smile and a light handshake. I introduced him to AJ and then to Xiou Chen who greeted the man in Mandarin and in the manner that one would show an elder and a person of station. The way he did also let John know that the boy was not a servant but a valued member of the household with status. After the required pleasantries we got down to business. I shan’t bore you with the details but in the course of the next few hours we managed to negotiate the transfer of all of the Ahn loan business, both large and small, as well as more than a dozen of the smaller businesses that she had owned. There were some large outstanding debts owed to her but the payments and interest had been paid on time. As for any debt owed by Auntie Ahn, there was none. As Gerald had said before, she was a cagey old chink. “There are a group of investors that who are interested in the property holdings as well Lucian,” John had said but perhaps we can address that tomorrow when I take you on a tour of Chinatown. Meanwhile it is almost the dinner hour. If you have no plans perhaps you and your entourage would join me.” I asked him what he had in mind. “I took the liberty of making reservations at Tadich Grill, the oldest restaurant in the city, some say one of the oldest continuously run restaurants in the country. It is of course American cuisine and has the best fish and steaks in the city.” I said that would be fine and John asked to be excused for a moment. He then stepped out into the vestibule and returned a moment later. “I’m having my man fetch another car.” At that point Mathias came roaring into the room in typical Matty fashion; naked and hard. He didn’t notice John until he was standing almost in front of the man at which point he stopped dead in his tracks. He didn’t bother to cover himself up. The boy was totally unselfconscious about his body and since I hadn’t reprimanded him he seemed even more so. “He is without a doubt my most precocious little boy. Mathias, please say hello to John.” Matty stepped forward and extended a hand which John took, a huge smile on his face. And why not, Matty’s hard young cock was practically in his face, said face clearly indicating desire. “It is a distinct pleasure sir,” John said. “How old are you Mathias?” The boy responded with 8 to which escort bursa John said, “the most perfect age for a boy. Especially one so adorably cute. I would love to have you sit next to me at dinner and tell me all about yourself.” Mathias looked to me and since I had no opinion he looked back at John and said yes to which the man clapped his hands. “Delightful, simply delightful.” Mathias forgot why he’d come into the room so I told him to round the crew up to go out for dinner. He left the room in the same manner that he had entered, John watching his terrific little tail as he left. “I’ll bet he is a ball of fire,” John said to me and I responded by saying that was an understatement. “It is quite refreshing to me Lucian. He is so unlike Asian boys who are typically very quiet and reserved. Well, at least until you get them in bed.” I had no response to that and none was required. John then carried on a short conversation with Xiou Chen but my phone rang so I moved away. I came back a moment later to inform John that the car had arrived. Ten minutes later we were out on the street and climbing into a pair of Rolls Royce Phantom II limousines except for Darius and Jenkins who elected to stay back, have dinner next door to the hotel then get to bed early. John asked Mathias if he would like to ride with us and the boy nodded his head vigorously so it was those two with me and AJ on the plush leather back seat with Xiou and Tobias in the jump seats. Gregory took the rest of the crew in the second car. We talked about the journey thus far and John engaged Matty in the conversation as much as he could and Mathias responded with plenty of interest and enthusiasm. At dinner Matty sat next to John and while the man engaged actively with everyone at the table his focus was clearly on Mathias. My precocious boy seemed equally interested in John and had in fact initiated body contact by lightly tapping the man on the arm or should when making a point. I noticed more than once that John put his hand on Matty’s leg for a gentle pat or squeeze. I wondered if John would ask for Matty’s company for the evening and decided that I would leave the decision up to Mathias if it came down to that. Gerald had given me quite a bit of detailed information about all of those associated with the Ahn businesses and business partners. I had nothing to fear from John. The meal was excellent as promised and 2 hours later we were piling back in the Rolls for the 15 minute drive back to the apartment. We stopped in front of the building and AJ was already out the door on his side, Tobias right behind him. “Well my young friend, John said to Mathias, “it has been a delightful evening, thank you. I wish I could spend more time with you.” “Me too John,” Matty replied with sincerity. “Hey, Maybe I can come to your house for the night.” Mathias turned to me, “would that be okay Lucian?” I gently reminded him that he hadn’t been invited. “Well of course you’re invited Mathias, if Lucian says it’s okay.” “It’s his decision to make John.” Matty agreed immediately. John asked if he’d like one of the other boys, to keep him company and Matty said so but he would like to run up and change his clothes and tell the other boys where he was going. “I have something for you Lucian,” John said as Matthias left, “a gift of sorts. Please,” he said and stepped out of the car. Another car had been parked in front of us and he walked toward it. Gerard had already told me that gifting is a Chinese cultural cornerstone and that to refuse a gift is considered an insult because it insinuates that the gift isn’t good enough. I hoped to hell it wasn’t the car. That would have posed a problem. I needn’t have worried. John tapped on the door, which then opened and out stepped a pair of boys, identical twins as a matter of fact. I got the impression that they weren’t Chinese however. Regardless, they were gorgeous boys, large dark eyes framed by eyelashes that stretched all the way into tomorrow. Full and very kissable lips with engaging smiles, smooth complexions, the whole works. They each had a large diamond earing, one boy wearing his on the left the other boy on the right side. I figured them for anywhere between 12 and 15. John spoke to them in Chinese, I assume Mandarin and they looked me in the eyes and smiled. He introduced them to me as Ping and Pong. He then asked Xiou to translate to the boys as he explained the situation to me. “The boys have been trained as courtesans. They have learned and practiced the art of love making except for that final act. They are both virgins. They have not penetrated anyone nor have they been penetrated by anyone or anything. They have been saved, as it were, for someone important, someone of power and standing. It brings them much honor for you, an important person of standing, to be their first actual lover. For them, as twins, having the same first lover and at the same time adds even more honor for it portrays you to be a very virile man, a powerful man. If they were girls of the same age they would want to carry your child. In western culture this might seem like victimization, a bad thing. For them it is the last and most important step toward their life purpose and they are very excited about it. I hope you understand Lucian and can accept them into your bed.” It would have been difficult to refuse the slightly brown skinned gods regardless of the cultural aspects. I asked Xiou to translate. “It is my honor to bring honor to you both. I am a very lucky man to be in your exalted presence and to be allowed to be the first to make clouds and rain with you.” That pleased them greatly and it seemed that even John was impressed. Xiou translated the following. “It is indeed our honor lord that you will choose our humble persons to share your bed when you have so many other fine boys to choose from.” He stopped to allow his twin to speak. “We worthless boys will do our best to bring you to clouds and rain many times before the sun rises lord. That, we promise.” Their voices were high pitched and melodic and almost sing song, which I know is a stereotype but none the less, I was thrilled. As John had said about Matty, they seemed to me to be the perfect age. They had kept their eyes on me while they spoke but then one turned to Xiou and spoke. John translated to me. “Will you accompany us elder brother and guide us so we do not make some horrible mistake and bring shame upon our worthless selves and our family and cause the lord to banish us from his magnificent presence.” Xiou thanked them for asking, and replied that if it was there wish then he would most certainly be there to guide them. In unison they said “sheh sheh” which is thank you. I found it interesting that they refereed to Xiou as elder brother because in my opinion he couldn’t be much older than they were, if at all. Mathias came bounding out the door and trotted to us and of course asked who the twins were. While I explained that they were to be my guests for the evening Xiou introduced them to Mathias and further explained to them that Matty would be staying the evening with John which caused them both to nod their heads and grin. One of them returned to the car and brought out a small suitcase. “Is 10am a good time for us to meet again Lucian,” John asked. “I think that would be fine.” “Have you ever eaten dim sum?” I shook my head. “Not to my recollection but that doesn’t mean anything really.” “In mandarin it translates to “little eats” and is similar to hors d’oeuvres in that they are 1-2 bites. There are dozens of different types. I think you would find it interesting and quite tasty. How about if come by around 10 and pick you up and we’ll start our tour afterwards?” “That’s fine, I will look forward to it.” We shook hands, Mathias kissed me and hugged me goodnight, thanking me quietly for letting him go with John. The four of us stood on the sidewalk until the two remaining cars pulled away then made our way into the hotel. The twins were talking softly with Xiou as we walked. My interpreter didn’t offer any explanations or comments to me due to the presence of the elevator operator. As the door to the elevator closed and we headed toward my room Xiou spoke. “The boys are very happy to be with you Lucian. This is something that they have waited almost a year for but being with a person such as you makes the wait worth it.” “Please tell them that I am happy to be with them as well.” Xiou spoke to them as we went through the door to my suite. I was curious as to how this was going to play as I took my suit jacket off and said as much to Xiou who translated then listened. “They respectfully request that you trust them and allow them to direct how things go. I have to tell you Lucian that is how I too was trained as AJ may have told you. I think that for you to have the best experience possible, that is the way it should go.” I nodded my head. “Please tell them that I said that they are beautiful and adorable boys and I shall let them have their way with me.”

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